Now big tech goes after Signal.

Writing a daily blog piece appears to have something in common with commenting on blogs – as soon as you hit publish, an interesting news item comes along. I’d barely published Friday’s piece about Facebook stabbing WhatsApp users in the back by changing the terms of agreement to allow them to harvest all your personal data you’ve put on WhatsApp, and along it came. As of Saturday, 40 million users worldwide had closed their account with them, but Lord knows what it’s risen to by now.

Ordinary people appear to be wising up to big tech, though that savage number of people actually quitting the platform I think reflects not only the broken promise of Facebook not to rape your data on WhatsApp, but also the backlash against big tech’s part in installing the Biden regime in DC.

Since WhatsApp was such a handy app and used by so many people, all those dissidents must have found an alternative. A quick look at the top ten downloads in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store shows Signal as number one in the hit parade, with Telegram close on its heels at number two. I’ve never used Telegram but I’ve heard good things about it as a messaging app. Well, that consumer backlash should take another big chunk out of Monday’s big tech sector when the market opens. Last week, fifty billion dollars had already been wiped off their market capitalisation.

Not even the tech oligarchs can ignore the arterial spray of that amount of capital loss, so what’re they going to do about it? Their first move appears to be the usual propaganda smear that’s suddenly everywhere on the internet. According to the hit job narrative, Signal was actually created by the CIA and is operated by them, so there. That should be enough to stampede the faint-hearted millions back onto the WhatsApp plantation. Why, there are even helpful tips for people like myself who’re already on Signal about how to turn off the message that pops up when anyone on their contact list joins Signal.

Personally, that discreet notification cheers me up. It just shows people’s good sense in getting off the thing and at the same time taking a swipe at big tech. Pretty soon, being on any big tech platform will not only be seen as undemocratic but nearly an unpatriotic act of collaboration with the regime’s puppet masters.

Since the CIA yarn has already bounced off 40 million users, what’ll they do next? Answer, they’ll follow the routine they used to shut down Parler. Fake news, using their usual anonymous intelligence community sources, will come up with lots of scoops about Signal being used to organise various acts of murder and mayhem. The more it’s repeated by them, the truer it’ll become, so reluctantly the app will no longer be available for download via Play Store and App store, so downloading it right now is probably a good idea. Even then, there are relatively easy ways to put it on your phone without using either store.

Don’t these Google and Apple owned stores remind you of the company stores in the bad old days for the working man? The only store in the mining town. You can get everything you need but it’ll be at their price and if you can’t afford it, they’ll let you run a tab and subtract the interest every week from your company paycheck.

After that, they’ll follow through by attacking whoever is hosting the app and squeezing all their service suppliers. One day, you’ll get an Android or Apple update to your phone that detects it’s using a forbidden app, and you’ll find it mysteriously doesn’t work any more, though miraculously WhatsApp will be fine. Turning off automatic updates of your phone might be a prudent move, though whether that switch will actually work is up to big tech.

Welcome to the great reset.


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9 Responses to “Now big tech goes after Signal.”
  1. John Garrett says:

    There are several reasons I don’t own a cellphone.

    As hard as it might be to believe, there was a day when mobile phones weren’t ubiquitous (and it really wasn’t all that long ago). Guess what? The world got along just fine without them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hunterson7 says:

    Brilliant reminder: The company store was how the oligarchs of the guilded age kept the workers crushed and under control.


  3. Andrew says:

    Useful security comparisons of various platforms: Signal is in big tech’s cross-hairs


  4. Jonathan says:

    I got Signal, but now I find that Gab is not available in the Apple Store.


  5. Druid144 says:

    Gab are to release their own phone.

    I wonder if that will just push the censorship downstream, with carriers refusing to connect to the phone?


    • Pointman says:

      If their phone works like their site, that’s to say down half the time, I can’t see it catching on.



      • NoFixedAddress says:

        Surprised at that Pointman (Gab being down half the time).

        Mind you, I am finding anomalies occurring in all sorts of sites over the last few weeks with server locations in America.

        Maybe Uganda is the place to set-up a data farm!


      • Pointman says:

        I’ve found the same problems accessing conservative sites. What seems to work most of the time is accessing them cloaked using TOR. The reason is big tech can’t sabotage the internet addressing infrastructure to get to the site because the TOR network is independent of them. That’s why they hate you using it.



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