A day of no news.

An interesting Wednesday. It’s usually my day to deal with bills, turnaround letters and emails and generally do some office paperwork and filing. On a good one, but only after a leisurely sleep in to avoid the boring mundaneness of it, I’ve usually cleared my workload by lunchtime and the afternoon is mine to do with what I wish. In the ordinary way of things, I get to listen to music for an hour or two depending on whichever way my musical whim du jour inclines me. After that, it’s a click around the web new news sites to catch up on the great events of the day and then settle down to do some writing. I will finish that damn novel I haven’t touched since last July.

As all too frequently happens, my novel went the Spanish camino de mañana but not for the usual reason of wilfing. Wilfing as a figure of speech you might not know, but it derives from the web acronym WILF which stands for What Was I Looking For. You know the sort of stuff – one interesting article has a link to another equally intriguing article and so on. Before you know it, hours have passed without you ever doing a damn thing except chasing down and reading various links. And at the end of it, you can’t even remember what you were looking for in the first place. We’ve all got the T-shirt on that one.

Not a paragraph, never mind a word got added to the book. I can’t blame wilfing this time around though, unless there’s now a subtler shade of meaning denoting spending hours on disparate sites none of which you reached by following an interesting link from one of the others. As is my habit of keeping in touch with what way things are being spun by the state organs of news, I started with the usual fake news outfits – the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Fox and the BBC.

Nothing unexpected there but perhaps showing my age, their coverage of the coup reminded me inescapably of the coverage by Pravda and Izvestia of the tanks rolling into the old Czechoslovakia in ’68 to bring an end to the Dubček Spring. Nothing to worry about comrades, we’re just putting down an outbreak of revanchist anti-revolutionary disruption led by a catspaw of the hated western capitalist system we all despise. How sad it is to think that if a latter day Jan Palach gave his only remaining but ultimate human protest against the snuffing out of freedom, any footage would never be allowed on youtube.

Tiring of the holier than thou lecturing, I went looking for some real news about what’s happening. Parler, as I expected, was still down. Danny Boy Bongino over there should have listened to the wise advice of old Broadsword. Never forget the rule of the 6P’s – proper preparation prevents piss poor performance. You didn’t really think the members of the comfortable monopoly weren’t going to use the opportunity to nip a jumped up little business competitor like you in the bud while at the same time seeming so righteous? They just needed an excuse to come at you with everything but the kitchen sink and you simply weren’t tooled up. It’s game over Dude.

Gab wasn’t much better, though to its credit, it did manage to come up for a few minutes here and there. They’re obviously struggling with a day on day 1000% increase in new registrations but taking a hard look at some of the error messages I was getting, they’re just as obviously under a mass sustained digital attack via the DNS servers. DNS stands for Domain Name Servers which conceptually are signposts to a site. A small army of the same digital saboteurs who brought you 3rd November are obviously at work twisting around sign posts.

Mainland Europe news outlets like the Times, FAZ, le Monde and the others were all on song doing the same fake news collaborator cancan as far as I could make out, which only left points east, the old USSR vassal states. Poland seemed to be raising a fist at the coup but as my Polish is non-existent, they weren’t of much help. But after running a few of the articles through a robo translator, they were showing some never say die spirit.

I’m beginning to see why so many scions of my extended clan have married Polish girls and are busy building up non-woke happy families. I suppose the hard lesson of being invaded from either side by Germany and Russia as a prelude to WWII and followed by 70 years of Soviet servitude left some lasting attitudes about being occupied. I’ve got a couple of standing invites to come and visit, which I think I’ll be taking up.

My journey eastwards had to stop in Russia of all places, because otherwise I’d be crossing the Bering Straits into soon to be occupied Alaska. Courtest of RT (Russia Today) and a few other outlets, I got some sort impression of what was going on in the soon to be declared Peoples Democratic Republic of Amerika. On balance and sad to say, even ignoring the spin, there was freer reporting coming from foreign shores than the fake news being manufactured at home.

Let’s hope Thursday is better.


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6 Responses to “A day of no news.”
  1. nessimmersion says:

    General comment on the action / reaction to Woke central controls on the Interwebs.
    Have you looked at Inrupt with the concept of pods
    Old article here:
    Inrupt: https://inrupt.com/solid/


  2. JohnTyler says:

    There is little difference betwixt banning speech and political points of view from social media, and banning books.
    The actions of Facebook, et. al., is the equivalent of the book burnings conducted by the Nazis or the news/book banning that was/is typical of communist nations.
    I personally cannot think of an instance where free speech was repressed (wartime being the exception) that did not co-exist with repression of individual rights and the imposition/existence of a totalitarian state.

    While we hear talk of “healing” the divisions here in the USA, it really is all bullshit. Pelosi and the demokrats are out to DESTROY not only what remains of Trump, but also all his supporters; we are looking at about 70 million of them.
    As usual, it is the moronic, incompetent and really stupid dumbpublicans that are urging “healing,” while the demonkrat’s version of healing is eviscerating anything and everything and anybody associated with Trump.
    Now that the totalitarians are in power, they will mobilize their allies in the pseudo-private sector e.g., big tech, Wall Street, investment banks, hedge funds – which, by the way are some of the largest supporters, via donations, to the demokrats – the media, academia; as well as Federal agencies the IRS, DOJ, FBI, NSA, etc., to find and destroy anybody they believe is an “enemy of the state.”
    They will destroy them financially by filing endless lawsuits and/or seeing them jailed, and by “black balling” them from employment no matter where they seek employment.

    Note that using Federal agencies to destroy your enemy was first pioneered by FDR and later on, and much more effectively by Obama (the latter also perfected law-making by “executive order,” to bypass Congress, which is totally unconstitutional, but went unopposed by the lame and stupid dumbpublicans).

    As for Bidet Jr. taking payoffs for influence and its investigation, well, that will disappear and so will the Huber Trump/Russia investigation into the seditious and treasonous activities of the DOJ, FBI and several members of Congress.
    Rest assured the dumbpublican will be bending over touching their toes while the demokrats have their way.

    That Bidet was installed as president, not voted in, is no secret; one does not need a PhD in statistics to see this. But this fraud exposed the incompetence and corruption of many state legislatures and by Congress ; entities that are Constitutionally required to ensure fair elections (by approving / not approving electors, as the case may be). Those charged with carrying out the law simply refused to do so.

    So, pray tell, when those legally required to carry out laws refuse to do so or enact laws that are blatantly unconstitutional, what recourse do the citizenry have??

    Perhaps we need here in the USA to have an American version of Blexit.

    Lastly, note that the Speaker of the House in Congress is from San Francisco and the Senate Majority Leader is from Manhattan. Take a guess which entities send these two enormous amounts of campaign contributions.


  3. NoFixedAddress says:

    A day of no news merely means that The Orchs have shut everything down.

    Who was that Trump bloke?

    Never heard of him.


  4. PaleoSapiens says:

    “…proper preparation prevents piss poor performance.”

    “Proper *PRIOR* preparation prevents piss poor performance.” – Similar quote from a U.S. Navy CPO(Chief Petty Officer).

    Memory’s a tricky thing though. It could have been picked up from a number of blue-collar (working class / physical labor) or written sources.


  5. Peter Shaw says:

    Just finished watching TVNZ TV1 6pm news here in NZ. Regarding PDJT, they’re singing from the same songbook as the rest of the US MSM. It’s quite sickening, and so obviously fake. I can hardly stand them anymore.
    @JohnTyler, I think it’s a *lot* more than 70 million supporters in the USA, but who really knows? I’ve heard upwards of 85M.
    Just repeating my comment from Pointman’s previous post, check out http://www.social.quodverum.com. I’ve found a group there whose common interest is respect for conservative values and support of the agenda of the Trump administration. Many believe it’s not over yet. We’ll see.


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