Will Mr Fox’s standing invitation into the chicken coop be withdrawn?

Today looks to have been better than yesterday in terms of news censorship. Gab appears to be up and working, albeit with a few wobbles. Parler looks to be Resting in Peace, but you never know these days. The implications of a couple of items caught my eye. The first was the Uganda government’s decision to ban Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and all the other social media platforms from any access to their country during the election they’re currently having. As I expected, they’re all having a good whinge about it, especially the arch-propagandist Twitter, which is currently issuing indignant official statements about the incumbent government interfering with the free democratic process.

That was your larf for the day, by the way.

The second was Google being caught filtering out Australian news sites that didn’t suit the current political narrative there, though they did some damage limitation of the curiously underreported scandal of being discovered by saying it was only an experiment. If you believe that, I’ve still got first dibs on the options for that bridge I want to unload. A lot of Aussies tend to drop into the Bar & Grill here and the impression I get from them is that If you thought the Washington Swamp was bad, the current Australian political scene makes it look like that little damp patch under the tree in that far corner your garden.

These are merely two modest snippets of news but if you read them clearly, they’re indicative of the coming geo-political reaction to what happened in America. If big tech, via the vector of social media, can completely deplatform the President of the United States while at the same time giving a completely unrestricted platform to his political opponents, do you really want them given the continued free rein in your country that they currently enjoy? Knowing the head honcho mentality just as well as you, the answer to that one will vary country to country from a hard no to more subtle means of restricting them.

Ignoring the tiddlers like Uganda and concentrating on the three main blocks, Russia, in the form or Putin, will simply ban them totally in the end. There’s about 150M Russians who might appreciate a home-grown version of Facebook or whatever and anyway, there’s no shortage of hungry entrepreneurs there more than willing to plug the consumer gap created, just as long as they know their place in the greater scheme of things that is Mother Russia. They will also be more than aware of what happened to the first wave of Russian oligarchs who started having ruling aspirations well above their money-grubbing stations.

Big tech’s reach into China will stay as is and indeed grow, since they long ago came to an equitable accommodation with the powers that be over there. They already restrict or rat out any government opposition on their platforms and censor totally any untoward events like China’s recent brutal annexation of Hong Kong. Business is business after all, and a potential customer base of 1.5B people does tend to obviate any nationalistic or moral scruples. To seal the deal, Facebook recently purged at least 50 groups from their platform who were perceived as not friendly to the CCP.

America is lost, but the insatiable appetite of big tech for growth has nowhere to turn to but abroad, but walls will be going up to keep them out. China has for years ran what’s euphemistically known as the second Great Wall of China – which is just a gigantic firewall to keep out all foreign devils and their democratic ideas of how China is actually being run. In passing, it’s manned by what’s called the 50c army, called so because for every offending foreign site they find which can be added to the ban list, they get 50c. If China can do it, anyone can and let’s face it, it’ll be a steady source of wages for local people who would otherwise be without a job.

A noted saying about the early weeks of WWI was that all across Europe the lights were going out. With a little bit of a brush up and makeover, it’s still pertinent in this day as – all across the world, the walls are going up.


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5 Responses to “Will Mr Fox’s standing invitation into the chicken coop be withdrawn?”
  1. NoFixedAddress says:


    The Aussie situation is a double twist with pike.

    The Australian communist gub’mint’ will impose a tax on Google, whomever, for their use of hardworking MSM items and the communist Australian gub’mint’ will pass that tax onto starving News Limited, and whomever, whores.

    It is only rutting communist Oligarchs at 50 paces!

    refer Sinclair Davidson’ s 2 posts,




  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    And Pointman

    you have to watch The Australian Lamb advertisement!



  3. NoFixedAddress says:

    Make Lambs, Not Walls.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. NoFixedAddress says:


    Every single Australian State and Commonwealth ‘Constitution’ was passed by the British Parliament.

    The Premier of Victoria has signed that State, Victoria, to the Chinese Belt and Road.

    I believe that means Britain is signed to it and you are nothing but a Satrap to China.

    Hong Kong agreement!


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