A Tale of Two Davids.

I’m a people person, who likes talking with people, because each one is a new voyage of discovery. When it comes to media people, the one-way direction of the relationship is a bit too passive for my taste. They talk at me and I listen to them talking and although I take in the words … Continue reading

Some direct questions for the BBC that it’ll never answer.

The revelations of the last couple of weeks, have shone a bright light into some dark corners of the BBC and what’s been exposed, while very disturbing and quite frankly seamy, comes as no surprise to those of us who’ve long entertained doubts on its supposed impartiality, integrity and even its basic journalistic competence. There’s for too … Continue reading

The BBC : Aunty Beeb or Mummy knows best?

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was set up in the early 1920s, in order to establish a radio service for both the UK and its empire. Its first Director General was a fiery Scot called John Reith, who despite saying that he’d little idea of what broadcasting actually was, set a commendable corporate ethos, which … Continue reading