From the ashes of Fox News will rise the hen house Fox

It’s been an extraordinary few days. Watching all platforms of dissenting news being taken down one by one or struggling to cope with a huge influx of people fleeing fake news and looking for somewhere they could find some true reporting and at the same time give vent to their feelings for which there was no place allowed to them in the woke media. On any mass scale, Gab was the last man standing or should I say limping along like the walking wounded, but still in the fight. They’re all we’ve got left at the moment, so be patient with the downtimes and unresponsiveness of the site.

Two items on it caught my eye. The first was a comment by a user giving the ratings position of Fox News over the last week. In all the demographics the advertisers love, it had come last in every category. Not one, but all. Talk about a fall from grace since the 3rd of November last but it’s understandable. Betrayal is rarely forgiven, but what they did was simply unconscionable and they’re being punished by their former viewers who now viscerally hate the channel despite a few standouts like Carlsen, who’s increasingly in danger of looking like a Quisling making excuses for his paymasters.

The second item was an indirect comment on the ratings saying in effect something must be done to save the channel. “Yeah, it will be” thought the cynic in me, who’s never surprised at how naïve some people can be in refusing to take in what’s happened. For the fanatics of the coup, there’s no going back, especially so close to ruling America, there’s only going forward. Without ever on forward momentum, the coup might fail. Press harder, always harder and never stop is always their battle cry.

There would indeed be a shake up at Fox, but instead of some extremist staffers getting the boot, they’d be promoted at the expense of anyone moderate or considered not to be whole-hearted in their support of the great reset. And lo, it did come to pass, and just so. It’ll hand over minute control of the channel to the subversives, but it won’t save it. The owners know that and aren’t bothered. Fox is just a brand in their portfolio and will eventually be closed and its final utility will be to become a convenient tax loss to offset a particular oligarch’s capital gains.They’ll simply start a new news brand fronted by presentation RINOs.

Think of all the big brand washing powders and the various aggressive campaigns fought between the hordes of them to convince you which one is the best, and then consider that every one of those brands is owned by either Proctor & Gamble or by Unilever, who’re both routinely slapped on the wrist for price fixing but hey – that’s just a business cost to be absorbed, which in reality means passed on to the consumer. And all of those brands have fierce adherents who’ll defend to the death the efficacy of one over the other. It’s all just a game.

Don’t you worry though, a plucky new upstart brand will come in a timely fashion and be marketed as despising and scorning the hated turncoat Fox and will hoover up all those disgruntled viewers back into the maw of the money grubbing Mammon machine. Thank God they’ll all shout in joy, some old-fashioned Fox spunkiness is back on the air. But it won’t be, not really.

Even the first comment will probably be the last of its kind simply because it was based on a person’s reaction to some measurement of who is or isn’t watching which channel. You see, those numbers can be “curated” in this new world where any particular truth on the internet, which is strictly enforced, has become a very malleable concept in terms of content allowed to be fed to you.

That’s the future of mainstream news. A nonstop bombardment of unimportant, trivial events all being fought over so vehemently that’ll it’ll keep the bulk of the population busy having anxiety attacks over the equivalent of which is best – Ariel or Surf – while their fundamental rights are being quietly subtracted piece by inoffensive piece behind a blaring riot of bread and circuses.


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2 Responses to “From the ashes of Fox News will rise the hen house Fox”
  1. hilton33 says:

    Once you see the strings, you can’t unsee them. The intelligence agencies have people embedded into the media. The State department and Defence department. Primarily operate through CNN. CIA through the Washington post FBI through the NYT. Politico carries a blend. Fox News is the controlled opposition. People don’t even realize how controlled the information that they’re being fed.


  2. Peter Shaw says:

    I recently joined Social Quodverum because I became frustrated by Gab, and I’m glad I did. For those following Pointman here, I commend it as worthy of your time.There you will find many of the big hitters who have either been kicked off or abandoned other social media entities. It’s a hive of activity with a lot of informed opinion to be found. The site caters for all those of a conservative bent, and it is well policed to keep the trolls and disrupters out.


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