Direct action – Put some pressure on your representatives.

My father, a man of a very even temperament, once said to me after somebody he knew had let him and themselves down, “I’ll never forget a good turn, but by Christ, I’ll remember a bad one twenty years”. At the back of all that even temperament was still an elemental country boy who still lived by some simple truths, and they weren’t negotiable. When he died, a number of people we barely knew went to some trouble to get to his wake, some of whom even my mother didn’t know. My feeling about them was that way back, when they’d really needed a friend, he’d been the one.

Let’s think about making use of the latter part of his pearl of wisdom in our struggle to Stop the Steal, the bit about remembering a bad turn twenty years. All through his first term, Trump has had to contend with various proxy forces trying to bring down his presidency, not least of which was determined treachery within his own party by individuals, who while pretending to virtuously serve some higher cause like Comey, were actually just mouthpieces at the end of various butt chains controlled by shadowy figures. They’re doing whatever their owner tells them to do.

An insult repeatedly hurled at Trump by the propaganda machine is that he’s stupid and he has no problem with that because after the constant repetition of it, he knows they actually start to believe it and act accordingly. That gives him an opening to be used. He’s actually very clever, or should I say cunning – pick whichever you prefer. It makes them underestimate exactly how subtle some of his moves are, so they don’t look to hard at what the hidden intent behind them is.

One he commonly uses is Zugzwang, a term used in chess, which means making a move that forces your opponent into a dilemma. It places them into a position where they’re faced with a board on which there are no good moves for them, just a choice of the least injurious ones. He used this technique via a simple tweet to open up the whole can of worms on the Obama regime’s illegal surveillance activities.

Let’s use it.

A lot of people like Kemp and others are being forced to show their true anti-democratic colours by the Steal. The classical response to such betrayal is to pen an angry letter of complaint to them, letting your displeasure be known and that you’ll never vote for them again. The classic response on their part to such a letter is to ignore the little man squawking. Always works.

Well, let’s pen a small but probably more polite letter with a not too well hidden but dangerous payload. One whose consequences they simply can’t ignore. You’re going to put them in Zugzwang. Here’s a draft you’re free to use,

Dear Gov/Sen/Rep

I’d like to know your position on whether the election was stolen or not. There are only two positions really. You’re against it or you’re for it. A simple three word reply is all that’s acceptable. “Against the Steal” or “For the Steal”, anything else would just be you avoiding answering my direct question. Given the urgency of this issue, I think it not unreasonable to expect your answer by Tuesday 15th December, that being a week to the day since this email was sent to you.

No reply I will take to mean a definite “For the Steal”.

Depending on your reply, I shall be amending my social media name on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc by appending to it your name and whether you’re for or against the Steal.

Yours faithfully

Whatever they do, they’ll be forced to pick a side. Who to send it to? Ignore the Dems of course since they’re a lost cause anyway and standup fighters in the GOP like Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz, and instead aim it directly at your silent Republican elected officials busy sitting on the fence and waiting to continue business with whichever side wins. Most especially, choose the Senators and Representatives of the big swing states like Pennsylvania and Georgia where the big recount and certification battles are going on.

It’ll take nothing more than a two minute crafting of an email, looking up their official email address, and hey Presto! in a week you’ll know which side they’re on and will punish or reward accordingly. Follow through though – remember to amend your social media name. Here’s a query to get you started on finding their email addresses.

There you have it. A combination of five minutes of your time, Zugzwanq, a few small emails and using big tech’s own technology against them, and you’re in the fight with a vengeance. If you and enough other people do it, it’ll become a big pressure factor. Gowon, do it.

Nice being able to fight back for a change, isn’t it?


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6 Responses to “Direct action – Put some pressure on your representatives.”
  1. NoFixedAddress says:

    Good article.

    I wish more people did play chess.

    Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Mag also has a good article titled “President Trump is Defending the People, Democrats are Attacking Them”.


  2. oldmarine says:

    I love visiting your site because I walk away with a fresh magazine to use. I’ve emailed my gov, senators and reps in 20 minutes flat and can’t wait for the week deadline to arrive. I’m out of ammo gunny so I’m thinking of doing some out of state emailing. oldmarine – ATS.


  3. Pointman says:

    Easy Contact Lists of State Legislatures in Six Key States – Just Copy to an Email, Draft Your Message and Let Them Know How You Feel About the BIDEN STEAL


  4. Janice says:

    Just did my emails. Can’t wait for the result.


  5. zzmartens says:

    Used your email template exactly. Better worded than my attempts.5 min job.


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