Reading the entrails.

Like most Trump supporters, I long ago stopped listening to fake news and the social media platforms, because I just lumped them all together into one great huge steaming glob of dinosaur shite, like a BC big job miraculously preserved from the age when lizards ruled the Earth. Something to be ignored while occasionally being careful not to get any of it on my boots. The only thing you could get from them was a good inkling of what they all thought “woke” people should be thinking.

That’s actually useful information.

The person speaking the words isn’t expressing his opinion or analysis of the news item, he’s reading from a teleprompter or from a script handed to him five minutes ago. In a long and varied life, I’ve never met a single normal person who’s always so immaculately dressed and absolutely killing themselves trying to be charming and trusted by you. It’s best if you look at them the way I do and literally imagine them in a certain way, because it shatters every illusion of authority they have, though I warn you the image is pretty grizzly, so look away now from the next bit if you don’t want it in your head.

Someone somewhere higher up has forced apart their arse crack and pushed their hand deep inside their anus, pushed on up through the descending colon, across the transverse, wiggled their hand through the twists and turns of the long intestine, finally broken through to the esophagus, up it, and finally into their mouth. Once there, the thumb snags onto a handily installed ring behind the perfectly capped and brilliant white teeth of the lower mandible while the fingers get a comfy grip on similar rings installed all along the inside of their top row of choppers. A few flexes of the hand, and you’ve got yourself the perfect mouthpiece.

I did warn you, but that image of them works perfectly for me. The question is whose arm is it? Whose opinions is the meat puppet spouting? Mebbe the studio director, production, marketing, sales or some other greyman corporate department? Naw, I’d say not. They’ve all got a hand up their butts too. One way or another, it’ll be some board level big shot at the top in charge of the network or corporation. He dictates the spin, wiggles his hand, and an uncomfortable tremor works its way down the butt chain until it arrives at the final arsehole, who speaks the words. If you actually believe a word he’s saying, then he’s not the final arsehole in the chain – you are.

It doesn’t stop there though. The people at the top of the various butt chains are mere errand boys at the beck and call of powerful and influential forces. That’s to say unimaginably wealthy. They own piffling things like whole news networks and even small countries, and that being the case, see no reason not to exercise that control. It’s best to clump these fabulously rich corporations into a single image of an old arrogant man who barks orders all day long to a small army of personal assistants for transmission down the various butt chains. Evenings, he spends alone in the basement, in his counting chamber, forever running handfuls of gold coins scooped at random from his various treasure chests, through his fingers.

All that matters to him are those coins, that they should not decrease in value, and that there should be more of them. Pure greed can never be truly satiated. Protecting his wealth and increasing it are his only concerns. That’s the start of it, and the end of it – nothing else matters. Knowing that, you can start to read their intentions from the small variations, the preludes to policy changes coming down the butt chains.

Before and after the 2016 election, and especially the 2020 one, Trump was seen as a danger to that steady increase in coins because that’s exactly what he’d proven himself to be. Before November, every mouth at the end of every butt chain screamed he was going to lose and be burned as a pariah in the hellfires of history. That was the message coming down the chain, but unfortunately it bounced off Trump and his supporters who ignored it and instead won. Refusing to accept such insolence, the message became ignore this democracy crap and just steal it.

After what they thought was a successful piece of skulduggery, the working parts of the fix started coming to light. In response, the message became let’s just keep insisting he won anyway and anyone who doesn’t accept that is just a sore loser, because we’re all taking the line that it was a fair election. But, and there’s always a but, even for the rich old fart in his counting chamber, what happens if the deplorables, all 73 million and counting upwards as I write, simply refuse to swallow that and God forbid, start fighting back? They can buy and sell city hall out of spare change, but not over half the population of America.

The prudent financial move is to start hedging your bet. Ease your foot off the Biden is president gas pedal, cool things off a bit. That’s the subtle change in message I’m reading coming down the butt chain in the last few days in response to popular sentiment. People are quietly backing off, taking the bullshit rhetoric down a notch and starting to watch and wait, to see which way the awoken giant will flail in rage. Will it run out of steam and settle down or will it keep smashing all about it? The ferocity of the backlash surprised him and it’s starting to hurt the only thing he cares about.

That’s my reading of what’s been changing in the last few days. The old man is getting scared for his money. One million people, perhaps even two, turning up in Washington to protest the theft of their election, and looking like they’ll accept nothing less than a Trump president, will send one helluva message back up the chain that’ll keep proctologists across the length and breath of America busy for years. I was going to say with their hands full, but resisted.

If you’ve every wondered at the depth and intensity of the visceral hatred of Trump, I’ll tell you. Everyone in a chain hates him because they know he’d never submit to the degradation the have to suffer for nothing more than a few coins swept grudgingly off the old man’s table. The old man truly hates him because he’s known all along that Trump’s ultimate objective is to totally destroy him and all his lovingly constructed chains.

Trump is not in any chain and he’s your gladiator who fights only for you, the people of America.


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7 Responses to “Reading the entrails.”
  1. philjourdan says:

    You touched on it. The old man hates Trump because he cannot get his hand up his butt. Trump cannot be bought. Biden is already paid for. He has so many hands up his butt, they had to create a second butt to accommodate him.

    That is why they hated Trump with a visceral hate. He could not be bought. Of all the politicians, he is the only one that did not need any hands up his butt. And that galled them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hunterson7 says:

    You nailed it.
    The “Great Reset” is a billionaire oligarch scam, entrenching them in power at our expense.

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  3. Peter Shaw says:

    What a great analogy. Works for me too.


  4. nb says:

    Dr.SHIVA LIVE: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems. (1hr, 10mins)

    *Summary shown at 41 minutes:*
    a) Algorithm moves Trump votes to Biden
    b) The more the precinct was Republican, the more % of Trump votes are transferred to Biden in that precinct.
    c) The slope of the discount to Trump’s votes is the same for each county.
    The discount slope indicates application of an algorithm using the *weighted race allocation method*.
    Weighted race is a documented feature in election systems dating back to 2001.
    The linear decline indicates a computer algorithm was in place to lower Trump’s vote as a function of % of Republicans in a precinct. The linear decline is consistent from one precinct count to another and is predictable. Hundreds of precincts are involved. By contrast, in Wayne County had no algorithm is detected.
    Hand written ballots are imaged and the computer reads the image to determine the vote. Ballot images are being deleted and this makes it more difficult to verify results.
    56:00 – National Association of State Election Directors (NASED). Nonprofit funded by Murdoch company and Rockefeller brothers. This organization sought to have Twitter ban Shiva.
    [Disclaimer: Dr Shiva is not a proctologist, and reads only the maths.]


  5. NoFixedAddress says:

    A Pointman ‘tour de force’.

    Cross posted at


  6. Almost Iowa says:

    There are two types of conspiracies:

    1) The Cabal. This is when the powerful actually meet face to face to control events. It happens but it is exceedingly rare because no one knows how to shut up.

    2) The Flock of Birds. After first witnessing a thousand black birds suddenly shift direction without any perceptible direction, leadership or cue, you instantly understand how the media works.


  7. NoFixedAddress says:


    If you don’t mind doing so I’d like to direct you and your readers to a post I just made.


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