Direct action – Support the witnesses.

If like me you’ve been watching the various witnesses come forward to testify in front of hearings about the criminal activities they saw on election night, you can’t but be struck at how brave yet how ordinary they are. They’re all public spirited enough to have came forward, make sworn affidavits and then appear in front of formal tribunals to give testimony to what they both experienced and saw.

They can’t have expected the avalanche of sheer hate that was suddenly going to drop on top of their lives, but that was an expectation based on the old America, not the one fuelled by liberal hate and determined to stamp on any dissent brutally. They’ve been vilified, smeared, forced to move home, physically attacked, families threatened, lost jobs, lost friends and generally worked over with the personalised venom that only the socialists excel in delivering to any lone person who dares to defy them. Indeed, in one or two cases, you can gauge the pressure they’ve been put under from how upset and close to tears they were giving testimony.

And yet they still turned up and stuck by their testimonies.

Witness intimidation, which is what it is, is against the law but in this instance not a thing appears to be being done to track down the cowardly scum doing it. The people who should be doing that job are conspicuous by their absence. Too many of those agencies have gone full on Swamp and like the FBI have become active members of the big Steal. Just ask any USPS witnesses.

One woman, under hostile cross examination by a partisan bench, had the guts to give back as good as she got from them, and it was bloody good to watch. Such fighting spirit is to be admired, especially after she outlined what it had cost her personally for her refusal to be intimidated. And she still wouldn’t give in. Strong lady.

They’re all alone except for what support I hope the various Stop the Steal organisations are giving them. And don’t be mistaken, it’s not a few crazy extremists targetting them, it’s all paid for and organised. All of it. From the personal intimidation to the not so public blacklisting of them. These are the sort of plucky individuals America used to, and still should, take inordinate pride in producing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some real civil liberties lawyer with some real balls contacted her and pro bono started a nice big, fat, horrendously complex and sprawling class action on her behalf against all the employment agencies and employers with some outrageously big payout at the end of it? Wouldn’t it be even nicer if another 49 lawyers in all the remaining 49 states started similar suits on behalf of all the witnesses?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you’d some rental properties that came with good security you could offer her. Her children have been threatened. Wouldn’t it be even nicer if the offer came with a rent holiday until she’s allowed to work for a living again? She doesn’t look like a freeloader to me. Wouldn’t it be nice if schools which allowed her children to be isolated and stigmatised ended up fighting a discrimination suit? Lots of publicity, lots of damages, lots of names being named.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some retired cop, PI or internet savvy denizen of the web tracked down her anonymous tormentors and exposed their activities?

Wouldn’t it be nice to come to the aid of the witnesses and not just leave them hanging in the wind?

Wouldn’t it be really nice to get off the passive defense and for once finally go on the offensive?


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2 Responses to “Direct action – Support the witnesses.”
  1. JohnTyler says:

    It is plainly obvious that the courts and state governors and state’s secretary of state have no inclination at all to address the obvious and in your race fraud that was this election.

    How many witnesses to a murder must come forward – assuming that “the body” has not been found- before the cops decide to launch a murder investigation??
    True, the election fraud video evidence certainly raises all sorts of questions, but the real evidence it that republican party observers were prevented or otherwise blocked from viewing the vote tally .
    Why would this happen if everything was on the up and up??
    And how is it that EVERY vote tally that was “abnormal” ALWAYS favored Bidet??
    This would be like always getting heads on a coin toss but only when you place your bet on heads!!

    Unless the state legislatures of the states in question – Pa , GA, Wi, Az – act to declare the vote a fraud, Bidet will be sworn in (much to the delight of China, Putin , Iran and Venezuela).
    IMHO, Bidet knows damn well he prevailed because his party cheated. You will note that he has said ZERO about all the legal challenges to the election.


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