Trump moving in for the kill.

I study chess games and have a little corner of my library room containing several books documenting every single move in all the elegant games. The first thing I ever bought apart from some sweeties courtesy of my paper round earnings was a wooden chess set. Hand carved. It was beautiful and I had to have it right now, so I bought it on what was termed the never never at the time. It meant on credit and because I was a minor at the time, my father had to sign as a guarantor but we’re not talking a vast amount of money in this case. Just four rows of chess pieces. Realistically, a pretty modest outlay. I still lay out chess problems using that same set decades later because the challenge is that it’s checkmate in three moves, and there’s no way to stop it. All you gorra do is find that sequenced triptych of moves.

There’s a lot of literature about what’s called opening gambits, the first piece you decide to move forward from your side of the board towards your opponent. Quite frankly, most of it is drivel. Anyone silly enough to fall for a fool’s mate really shouldn’t be on the other side of the chess board anyway. Chess is war, after all, so don’t be an elective innocent bystander. The middle game literature is of more interest. Trenchant, more considered, you’re looking at a steady grinding strategy. The middle ground of the board is actually the decisive area. Win that and you’ve got them on the back foot, gradually beating them backwards to the rear of the board.

Having won that battle, you have to close in for the kill. Never hesitate. Not for one single second. Having a killer endgame is what’s actually decisive.

The overwhelmingly far-left media seem to think that they can say whatever they like about someone else they’ve decided to dislike, but that’s not actually true. A number of years back, the British paper called the Daily Mail published an article intimating not too subtly that Melania Trump had once been a prostitute. She, not the Trumpie monster, immediately sued them personally for 50 million dollars. She’d already had a very successful career as a professional model, is highly educated and by repute apparently speaks five languages.

From the silence and sneaky retraction on page 47 of the rag, they caved big time, which is why a nominally right wing paper is determinedly anti-Trump these days. They had a very expensive encounter with his Missus but really didn’t learn the lesson. It all got settled out of court with NDAs all around, but I suspect when you’re being sued aggressively by the wife of the President of the USA, it was an extremely expensive and bruising experience. She’s determined and classy in her own right, and after all they were just the usual trash journalists.

People tend to confuse the difference between slander and libel. The former is spoken, whispers behind closed bogroom doors in the women’s toilets, whispers and sniggers in the pub amongst the lads and stuff like that, it’s verbal, almost impossible to prove in a court of law, but libel is what you just printed in a newspaper, and there’s no taking that back. Having published it, you’re definitely in the hurty zone unless you can prove it to be true. You’re suddenly being sued for libelous allegations that are injurious to the reputation of another person, and guess what? Legally, you have to prove those allegations are true or you get to pay all the ruinous fines and costs.

The Trump 2020 campaign has just filed defamation lawsuits about articles written in 2019 by both the Washington Post and the New York Times about Trump supposedly being Putin’s puppet and therefore calling into question his loyalty and patriotism to his country. We’re talking serious money damages, millions. You printed it, so all you’ve got to do now is prove it’s true in a court of law. Making sly and knowing wink-wink of the  eye inferences simply won’t cut it. You better be able to prove it.

If Mueller’s two years and 42 million dollars worth of investigation into the possibility of the Trumpy Monster being some sort of puppet of Putin and then followed by that impeachment fiasco, didn’t work, they’ll settle out of court, but the irony is that they’re not being sued by the big dog himself, but his campaign. In essence, when they settle out of court, they’ll be adding money to his 2020 campaign coffers.

Make no mistake, he’s behind this unexpected move. It’s so him, endgame stuff where the dagger gets inserted between the ribs. They’re termites he’s decided to tread on one by one. If they couldn’t eventually see that coming at them because they were blinded by their hatred of him, they deserve it.

Being arrogant, lying, unprincipled and stupid suddenly has a very expensive price tag on it.


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5 Responses to “Trump moving in for the kill.”
  1. TomO says:

    The Covington kids & CNN ++++ ( a doozy right there – since CNN settled and that $$$$ went into the war chest to go after other MSM assholes)

    Rachael Maddow

    Devin Nunes

    Svetlana Lokhova

    – and others –

    I expect some squealing from the mendacious malicious media.

    Partisan hack judges will learn they can’t run a separate justice system for their mates.

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  2. A G Foster says:

    ‘Course we know Putin loves Trump ‘cuz, 1) Trump thinks climate change is a crock and favors more pipes and fracking to keep the price of natural gas low; 2) Trump opposes Germany replacing its nuclear power with Russian gas (and brown coal); 3) Trump provided Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles (which Obama didn’t); 4) Trump killed more Russians than all previous U.S. presidents combined:…/american-commandos-russian…

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  3. Matteo says:

    Great article pointman, don’t post this comment but there’s a bit of extra writing at the word middle ground in the article. Cheers, Matt

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  4. Another Ian says:

    Brings to mind a good stock working dog – circles out wide to mob them up and then can move the mob where needed


  5. gallopingcamel says:

    It bothers me that people can make outrageous false allegations about Donald Trump without consequences.

    It bothers me that people can make outrageous false allegations about justice Kavanaugh without consequences.

    It bothers me that people can make outrageous false allegations about Nicholas Sandmann without consequences.

    Dare I hope that the people who bore false witness against Trump, Sandmann and Kavanaugh will suffer financial consequences? These perjurers deserve serious jail time but failing that we need to bankrupt them.


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