Some thoughts about Trump’s Rio Rancho, New Mexico rally.

I watched the speech Trump gave at his recent rally on 16th September in New Mexico. The overall format was as I expected. After he’d warmed them up, he went through all the economic numbers, which attested to the American economy being in the best shape it’s been in decades. The brute numbers speak for themselves, as did the rest of his accomplishments he listed over the last three years.

Six million jobs created and a bigger number of Americans now off food stamp support. Real economic growth is over an unheard of for decades 3%, with the prospect of better to come, if he can pressure the Federal Reserve to make the long overdue cut in base rates, but I guess they report to a higher swampy power than Trump, namely their higher liberal loyalties, à la James Comey.

Not only is unemployment dropping down to historically low levels, but a closer analysis of the numbers reveals both Blacks and Hispanics are on lows never seen before, with the latter showing a true growth of 8% in wages because of the tightening up on illegal immigration. Female unemployment has just passed a seventy-one year low, while native American unemployment is at a two decade low. Across the board, wherever you look, it’s all good news, especially for those at the bottom of the wages heap.

With every month, his numbers get stronger and stronger, despite a mean and petty initiative a few weeks back by various obscure Marxist economic professors skulking in academia trying to talk down the economy and predicting an imminent recession with jowl-shaking certitude. They, like the Fed, are yesterday’s men, ignored and in the end doomed to get run over by the Trump juggernaut.

Since he was speaking in New Mexico, which like Texas, has a long-established Hispanic population predating by a few centuries the White liberals who’re pretending to speak for them and have never done a damn thing for them. Part of the  speech was directed at them. Not only the unemployment numbers, but the fact that median income for Hispanics has risen to over $50,000 for the first time ever, while poverty has dropped to historic lows. Add in that Hispanic Americans, like all Americans, have had a tax cut of about $3,000, and they’re very happy with the way the el jefe Trumpo, Trump the Boss, is running things in their direction for a change. For once, they’re starting to get a fair shot at the American dream.

He touched on the progress made on building the wall, which was greeted with a chant of build the wall, and understandably so. It’s the Hispanics and other working class people who’re really impacted by illegal immigration from the south. Their jobs are taken by illegals prepared to work for cash wages well below decent livable minimum wage standards, never mind the neighbourhood invasions of crime and drug peddling by foreigners which is eating the heart out of their communities.

He reminded them that he’d killed off inheritance tax, otherwise known as death taxes, that forced the sons and daughters to sell a business that had been built up over decades by their hard-working parents and which they had to sell to foot the bill. In the midst of grief, a true insult added to a personal loss. Any hope they might have had of taking up their parent’s baton and keeping the business, the shop or the ranch died with one cheque to the IRS. That job-killing federal tax tradition that probably snuffed out more businesses that might have grown and prospered, is gone now.

He also touched on the so-called trade war with China who’d imposed a few token tariffs in return, because they had to save face, even if they’re desperate to come to some sort of tariff agreement with Trump who they know is hard assed enough to insist on a deal that’s equitable to America. The days of trade agreements that were a license to bilk America are well and truly over. With the billions he’s making on punitive import tariffs from China, he’s disbursed $18 billion in relief to American farmers, who were the main people being hit by Chinese tariffs.

You might have noticed that in all the Dem primary debates so far, not a word was said about the economy. It’s become the E-word that cannot speak its name because the numbers are coming from federal departments and can’t be gainsaid, hence rolling on stage the economic soothsayers with their vague warning of a bogeyman on the economic horizon. If one number couldn’t be backed up by an officially released statistic, the wolves of fake news would be all over it, as would the candidates, but Trump won’t throw them a single frickin’ bone.

It was all good stuff, and as I said, pretty much what I was expecting. What I was actually looking for though was how he’d use what was coming out of the Dem debates as political ammo, and he didn’t disappoint. It should be noted that he doesn’t indulge in the usual brand of negative political attacks one step up from a screaming match between drunks in a seedy bar, but is rather more subtle in his approach, and it pays off with an audience. In essence, his pattern is that he imperiously ignores the opposition, and as a result they slowly become enraged and make more and more outrageous statements just to get a reaction out of him, and as they escalate their invective, he keeps on ignoring them.

The ludicrous number of Dem candidates, all trying to outdo each other by making more and more extreme statements, are playing into that tactic beautifully. I suppose you’d call it giving them enough rope to hang themselves, but it’s more like him holding a dagger out in front of him and letting them run themselves onto it.

That plastic Paddy or make-believe Mexican or what ever he’s currently self-identifying as, “Beto” O’Rourke, gifted Trump every gun owner in America with his now infamous statement “hell yes, we’re going to take away your AR15” and compounded the mistake the next day by saying gun confiscation would be mandatory. Let’s remember O’Rourke, just last year, said gun confiscation was out of the question, so you know where you are with a conviction free politician like him. It shouldn’t come as a surprise coming from a “reformed” drunk driver and house burglar. They all rightly suspect that the AR15 would be the first step in confiscating all guns. So much for the second amendment of The Bill of Rights.

The Dem climate town hall also produced rich pickings. In a seven hour telethon of excruciating sanctimoniousness, they all produced boxes and boxes of ammunition for Trump to fire at them. People would be “encouraged” not to eat red meat, people would be “encouraged” to use eco light bulbs containing a toxic mix of chemicals that made Agent Orange look as harmless as Eau de Cologne, cars must be loaded down with so much eco junk that they became even bigger gas guzzlers and even the humble straw used to accompany your coke, burger and fries would be banned.

The mealy mouthed use of words like “encouraged” can only be read by anyone over 12 years old as give me power, and I’ll ban the lot. Another amendment needs to be added to the Bill of Rights – the right of every citizen to bear and use straws. Trump had a great old time taking the piss out of their loony ideas to rapturous applause. Humour is the one weapon the far-left don’t have and the one they have absolutely no defense against, simply because when they take upon themselves the mantle of saving the very planet, it’s no joking matter.

But the internet never forgets, and their lies and hypocrisy in years past come back to haunt them, if you’re smart enough to save old links like them eating red meat and sucking in a coke using a straw. All the dirt is there and you’d be wise to not just save such links as they occur, but the whole thing to your hard drive, because it won’t take the censors of Big Tech long to disappear the evidence off the internet – even faster than Hillary can delete 30,000 emails.

His big push was that he represented traditional American values, whereas all the Dems were offering was a descent into extreme socialism. It’s a simple choice, and when economic times are so good for the average person, taking a risk for no good compelling reason on assorted nutters like angry Bernie, Faucahontas Warren and a spoilt brat like AOC, never mind radical socialism, it’s a no brainer.

His summary line was to the effect that they’re trying to destroy our history, destroy our religion, indoctrinate our children with left-wing ideology and confiscate our guns. Notice the repeated use of the inclusive “our” to the audience. That addressed every fear his voting base of down home America had of an increasingly extreme Democrat party, and it’s all he’ll need to keep repeating up until November of next year to once again sweep to power.

The Dems have managed to end up pushing policies that attack every basic human need; security, home, family, prosperity and religion, never mind fundamental American values which have never gone away.


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8 Responses to “Some thoughts about Trump’s Rio Rancho, New Mexico rally.”
  1. Maria Holm says:

    Thank you for the resume of President Trump’s N.M. rally. I try to hear as many speeches as possible.


  2. Margaret Smith says:

    Thank you Pointy for another uplifting essay – enjoyable.
    We need Trump here in the UK to stop these treacherous MPs. We can now fully understand Cromwell’s anger. Boris must show he is made of the same stern stuff as his hero Churchill. We are all watching……


  3. Timbotoo says:

    The only thing that concerns me is that there doesn’t seem to be too much being done about potential voter fraud. Time to grasp this knettle is running out.


  4. Power Grab says:

    I saw a comment recently where the writer said that POTUS should create an EO and sign it to require mandatory proof of identity in order to vote.


  5. hoppers says:

    Hillary to declare right on the deadline.

    You’re welcome.


  6. JohnTyler says:

    What is it about the human psyche that quantifiable facts (e.g., unemployment, GDP growth, etc) simply do not register to the anti-Trumpers (i.e., demokrats AND many “republicans” ) ?
    Even if Trump solved all the Mideast and the N.Korea problems, reduced unemployment to zero, finalized a trade deal with China and every other nation, etc. etc., the hate-Trumpers would still hate him.

    Frankly there is no level of success Trump could attain that would change the mind of the hate Trumpers.
    This is irrespective that the real beneficiaries of “his” success are really the citizens of the USA.
    None of this matters to the demokrats and anti-Trumpers of any political persuasion.

    One can only assume that the anti-Trumpers in reality hate the average American citizen; they, the hate-Trumpers, must be besides themselves that ordinary citizens are better off now (as compared with Obama’s presidency) without having to implement socialist/totalitarian, hate-America-first policies of the left.
    As for “republican” Trump haters, I can only surmise they are royally pissed off that they have been sidelined, rendered useless by the upstart, that despicable parvenu, Trump; he has no need of their “guidance” or advice.
    He is his own man and he makes his own decisions (see John Bolton).

    Uncle Joe Stalin – a favorite of the US left – passed by some starving peasants and he commented that nobody should feel sorry for them because they were opposed to implementing his policies; they were the enemy.
    This mindset is literally no different than that of today’s demokrat party in the USA. They literally do not care about the well being of the citizenry. All the matters to them is the attainment of absolute power and imposing their world view upon the citizenry.
    And this is why they are so dangerous; for if they attained the presidency and the US Congress, the USA will be destroyed; economically, socially and politically. As I have said before, when the people are allowed to vote, nothing is stopping them from voting for a national suicide (see Venezuela).

    As an aside, the Mexican-American, union organizer of California agricultural workers, Cesar Chavez (he died in 1993) coined the term “wet backs.” He saw (but who didn’t?) that illegals crossing into Calif., took jobs at lower wages than those workers well established in the USA. Chavez was totally opposed to illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America.
    During his time, he was considered a hero by the left.
    Not anymore!

    And another aside, La RAZA (the “race”) , a US based extreme left wing group of Mexican-Americans (whose goal is to reclaim those lands lost by Mexico to the USA as a result of the Mexican-America War in 1848), like all left wing groups adore Che Guevara.

    And what did Che think of Mexicans?
    “Mexicans are mostly a rabble of illiterate Indians.”
    Of course, Che’s negative regard of Mexicans is ignored by leftists, Mexican or otherwise.

    Are leftists and/or hate Trumpers simply delusional? mentally ill? perpetually angry?
    What the hell is their problem?

    The better the average Joe/Jane is doing, the greater the hate, vitriol, anger and slanders aimed at Trump.


  7. Another Ian says:


    A couple of things:-

    “jim2 says:
    21 September 2019 at 2:22 am

    We need to clue in the millennials that socialism and communism were created by old white men.”

    And Willis waxes critical here

    “The Regional Climate Protection Authority”


    • Brains In Chains says:

      Enough with this “old white men” tripe. Do a little research and find that the old white men you speak of in the majority of respects were/are/have always been old ((( ))) men like Jeffy Ep, far more tribal than your average white Christian man. Not that I should have to qualify this but obviously that doesn’t make the entire tribe a problem but if you have no problem pointing the finger at Mr. and Mrs. Muslim or Mr. and Mrs. Mexican, when in reality it’s the ((( ))) elites that push all the narratives you cannot see through via their control of everything these days.. They claim to be white when there’s a benefit to them but when there isn’t you will repeatedly see them tell you how not white they really are. They continue to be the main purveyor of the myth of lol white supremacy lol. In a country with a white majority it would make sense to come across some of the mythical white supremacists and NAZIs we constantly hear so much about in their ((( ))) media.


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