Some thoughts about Trump’s Cincinnati Ohio rally.

I watched the speech Trump gave at his recent rally on Thursday 1st August 2019. I learnt the lesson early that it’s a futile exercise in the main to read summaries or highlights of his speeches by fake news simply because of all the lies, both of omission and commission, but also the partisan spin that would be imparted to most reports. I’m afraid the only way to get a fair impression is to watch his speeches in full.

I don’t watch all of his speeches, but some things came across in that particular speech. The first is that compared to the 2016 candidate, he’s much more polished as an orator. He knows how to work a crowd of thousands. His manner of expressing himself was and never will be Lincolnesque, it’ll always be Trump. I’ve no problem with that since the oratorical gifts Lincoln had are given to precious few human beings. Churchill, no slouch himself in that area, knew all of Lincoln’s major speeches by heart. If you want to get good at something, you study those who’re the best at it.

There were 17,000 people in the packed stadium with a few more thousand outside who couldn’t get in, and what was patently visible was that he made a direct connection to them. He knows who his bedrock supporters are, and it’s to those he addressed his remarks, not fake news who’d distort whatever he said. Some of them had queued for over 24 hours in sweltering heat to get in. Joe Biden ran a rally in a school hall and less than 500 people bothered to turn up. So much for the great white hope of the Dem establishment.

A few pan shots of the crowd showed they were not the usual knee-jerk party faithful, but a vast diversity of ordinary Americans and workers – some guys who’d made a point of wearing their miner’s helmet to it, a black caucus there to support, men and women of all ages and if you had to place a demographic on them, I think heartland America covers it. There are a lot more of them than there are virtue signalling SJWs. The banners behind him had three simple words on them – jobs, jobs, jobs. They’re the people who’ve been ill-served for decades by the political establishment of either persuasion, and that’s what they really want, and that’s what he’s delivered for them.

Before moving onto the messages he was driving home, a few incidents showing how he deported himself that quite frankly endeared him to those present. On two occasions, various loons who’d snuck inside the auditorium tried to interrupt him and succeeded. He simply stopped talking and he and the crowd waited in relative silence while they were removed by law enforcement. After each one, there was rapturous applause and he went straight back to what he was saying. Whatever point they were intending to make, it backfired. It was like watching a badly behaved drunk being removed from a bar.

At another point, he spotted somebody having a medical problem in the crowd and stopped talking and pointed at them, with a request for a doctor to attend them. Apparently, the heat was brutal. He waited patiently until the first responders got to the person in distress and when they’d been attended to, there was a huge wave of applause for them. I suppose he could have ignored that person and just kept on talking, but he didn’t. He did the decent thing that anybody in the auditorium would have done.

He really cares about people. One time, a kid living on the West coast needed specialist medical treatment that could only be had on the East coast, but because of all the bulk of medical support equipment the kid needed while being transported, no commercial airline could move him. He heard of the problem and sent his personal jet with seats ripped out to get the kid transported. No bill and I wish you luck with the treatment.

Moving to the policy issues, he hammered home the numbers which by any economic metric you choose to pick, puts the economy in better shape than it’s been in nearly 50 years. Growth, jobs, investment and the Dow Jones index at an all time record high. New factories being built and near dead industries that had DNR stamped on their foreheads coming back from a near death experience caused by deliberate over regulation. It’s almost like Trump has been wielding a magic wand.

On the domestic politics front, he firmly welded AOC’s “squad” as being the leadership of the Dems, with the attendant taint that all they were offering was socialism, which because that’s virtually equivalent to communism in America, makes them practically unelectable. Trust me, that’s a nail he’ll keep hammering home over the next eighteen months. Poor Nancy, she didn’t get control of that small wild child fraction of her party which has been massively over publicised by a liberal MSM who love their extreme policies. The extremist squad have become the common perception of what the Dem party is all about, so wave goodbye to the middle ground voter.

All the other talking points were just gravy on the steaks he was serving up. Stronger armed forces, a muscular foreign policy, no late term abortion or post birth infanticide, shafting countries like China who’d been dumping cheap shoddy goods that were destroying American industrial infrastructure and of course building the wall to keep out illegal immigration.

Throw in a few items like vets getting needed treatment immediately, an end to generous federal financing of sanctuary cities that were imploding, a war on the opioid crisis that’s currently killing more Americans in a year than died in the whole of the Vietnam war and mentioning the forbidden God word more than once – it’s a formidable mix of achievements and promises, and his track record is he delivers on his promises.

Just looking at the attendance numbers clapping and cheering him on, and the pure energy of the event, the Dems, especially after the dismal showing of their candidates in the debates, have a huge mountain to climb.


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8 Responses to “Some thoughts about Trump’s Cincinnati Ohio rally.”
  1. Tina says:

    THIS: “At another point, he spotted somebody having a medical problem in the crowd and stopped talking and pointed at them, with a request for a doctor to attend them. Apparently, the heat was brutal. He waited patiently until the first responders got to the person in distress and when they’d been attended to, there was a huge wave of applause for them. I suppose he could have ignored them and just kept on talking, but he didn’t. He did the decent thing that anybody in the auditorium would have done. … He really cares about people. ”

    Trump notices people, all the people around him. From stopping to help the guy getting mugged years ago to picking up the cover for the saluting marine at AF1 whose hat kept blowing off, to sick people in a crowd of thousands, he notices *and he acts to help them*. He never thinks what he is doing is “too important to interrupt”.

    When the video of Merkel convulsing made the rounds, the first thing I noticed was that the President of whereever standing next to her pretended to be completely unaware of her distress.
    He was either an absolute jerk or else had been told in advance to ignore her crisis.

    Either way, OUR President Trump would not have ignored her, he would have helped or comforted or stopped everything until her seizure passed. Trump would have done the HUMAN thing.

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  2. rapscallion says:

    When one looks at the two examples you’ve given; the person in distress in the crowd and the kid living on the West coast needing specialist medical support, what stands out is his humanity and decency. They may only be relatively little items in the general scheme of things, but they resonate with ordinary, decent people. As i said before, a couple of years ago, people will run through brick walls and if need be follow you into hell and back because they know deep down that you are on their side. How many jobs has Trump created? 5, million?, 6 million? How many families has he saved?, and if each family has say 3 people, that 20-24 million he’s has positively impacted on.

    The real biggie for heartland America is that not only has he given them back jobs that Obummer said were never coming back, or that Hilary was going to take away, but that he has given them back their pride and self respect. That matters, it matters more than the Dems will ever know or more importantly, understand. Trump will win in 2020.

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    • audremyers says:

      Beautifully written. Like a child, I’m afraid to look ahead to 2020 – I want President Trump re-elected so badly that I’m afraid I’ll ‘jinx’ it if I think about it.

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  3. Auralay says:

    There is still the perennial worry. Trump will win the votes but the Dems will win the counting.


  4. NoFixedAddress says:


    Excellent summation.

    I watch most of his rallies, speeches and press conferences as detailed on

    I stand in awe of the bloke whom I think of, positively, as The Greatest Showman on Earth.

    What really impresses me is the caliber of the American financial patriots he has around him let alone some of the others in the background.

    To me it is watching History being created in real time.


  5. NoFixedAddress says:

    And they wonder why Americans love him!


  6. gallopingcamel says:

    I thought of Bush (the Younger) as the second coming of Ronald Reagan so I manned the phone banks, put up signs and went “Door to Door”. The year 2000 was one of the best for the GOP’s “Ground Game”.

    Within two years I was totally disillusioned, so I
    resigned from the Republican party and gave up on politics. Why vote Republican when “Voter Betrayal” is their brand? Republicans sound great on the campaign trail but when they win they rule like Democrats.

    In the 2004, 2008 and 2012 elections my “Write In” candidate was Boris Johnson. He was born in New York and IMHO he would have made a great POTUS.

    Donald Trump has convinced me that things can change. It won’t be pretty given the opposition from the “Deep State”, most members of Congress in both parties, academia, big business, the banks and many more. It may not be pretty but it will be fun. The more the Lefties whine and complain the more I get in their face.

    This morning I had to visit a medical center and was waiting around for hours. Instead of sitting silent I decided to engage with perfect strangers thinking I would be the only Trump supporter. It was highly gratifying to find that several people were even more pro-Trump than I am.


  7. Hari Seldon says:

    Just returned from St Augustine in Florida for the 24th July fireworks. Whilst there I wandered into an art gallery and the owner engaged me in conversation. When she realised I was a Brit she said ‘What do you think about Trump? My eldest went rigid. I said ‘As an artist you are happy when you work’ ‘Yes’ came the breathless answer. I returned ‘Trump has brought back work to America’. ‘Yes’, she said sceptically. Then ‘Trump makes people happy’ I rejoined. She stopped dead in her tracks and my eldest went over and they had a conversation about how bad Trump was. I walked out smiling.

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