Parliament vs The People.

If like me, you’ve been keeping an eye on the non-progress of the UK’s exit from the EU, namely Brexit, you’ve no doubt marvelled at the three year long delaying tactics of the Remain faction within Parliament and outside it. Essentially, the non-essential requirement of negotiating some sort of exit deal from the EU before Brexit could happen was thought up as a delaying tactic.

Some abortion of a deal was cooked up between Theresa May and the EU that would be called Brexit, but to all intents and purposes, would weld the UK into the EU even further while at the same time prohibiting any future exit without EU permission and as a mere afterthought, chopping off all voting rights in all the myriad unelected committees that in reality actually run the EU.

May was always a Remainer and in that capacity, came up with a deal that went directly against the majority will of the nation as clearly expressed in the Brexit referendum.

You can find the pertinent details of the surrender deal May came up with in a previous article. She presented the same “deal” with minor changes three times to Parliament and it was rejected on all three occasions. As usual, fake news, led by state TV in the shape of BBC, was all for the wonderful deal, but the country wasn’t fooled – the country wanted a full-blooded Brexit or they’d empty Parliament of Remainers at the next General Election. I don’t intend to list the various delaying tactics used, but the intent was clearly to drag it out so long, and make the faux negotiations so complex, that the electorate would get totally fed up of the whole issue and by the time the Remainers in Parliament had finally killed off Brexit, the Brexiteers would just be glad to see the back of the whole Gordian Knot.

I tell you now, no such thing has happened.

Instead, an anger has grown not only amongst Brexiteers, but in a sizable faction of people who voted Remain, both of whom perceive, quite rightly, that the directly expressed will of the people is being deliberately sabotaged by Parliament. The UK has in one form or another, functioned as a true representative democracy for more than a century. That means the country is organised into constituencies, each of which votes in an MP whose job is to represent the broad will of the people who voted for them. In effect, the power to make legislation and the important decisions is devolved into the hands of MPs. Parliament has the power.

A referendum, on the other hand, gives the power directly to the people, and MPs are required to act in accordance with the result. The people have the power. Again, no such thing has happened. Instead, a cross-party cabal of MPs, called by several names, but which has become known as the Uniparty, has set itself on crushing the result of the referendum.

In response to that anger, Nigel Farage came out of his retirement from politics and rejoined the Brexit fray to create a new party, the Brexit party, which a week after its inception, was polling 28% of the electorate, but has since dropped back to the mid-teens. As always, you can’t trust polls these days. Witness them saying the referendum would be won massively by the Remainers, the poll of polls on the eve of presidential voting day in America giving Hillary a 98% lead over Trump and May’s snap General Election election result of 2017 supposedly giving her a big lead of what’s become an unelectable neo-Marxist party in the shape of Labour.

They were all wrong and I continue to think the only utility of political polls these days is to act as emergency toilet paper. They appear to be nothing more than a mechanism to feed fake news ammunition in order to influence the outcome of any election.

The situation at the moment is that the Uniparty have seized control of Parliament and using their majority have enacted legislation in the hope of forcing yet another renegotiation with the EU, while at the same time refusing to have a General election, because they know full well that with the mood the country is in, they’d lose heavily. Above and beyond partisan mischief, their loyalty is to a globalist Europe and not to their electorate, never mind the country.

For want of better words, this is a betrayal of democracy, if not outright treason.

The PM, Boris Johnson, has said publically that he’d rather be dead in a ditch than go back to Brussels and start negotiations with the EU again. Their bureaucrats have been caught on camera crowing at how they’d made a cuckold out of Britain and have at last made it a colony of the EU. The deal they’re pushing is complete subjugation to the EU and no voting rights, for what they’re worth anyway with the dictatorial manner in which the EU is run. In their arrogance, they won’t offer any significant amendments to that deal. Why should they? They’re already supplying legal advice to their proxy attack dogs in the Uniparty who’ve hijacked Parliament.

At face value, Boris’ first priority is to extricate Britain from the anti-democratic tentacles of the EU, but that isn’t quite the whole story. It’s an absolute prerequisite to achieving his secondary object, which is to save the Conservative party from being destroyed at the next General Election. If he doesn’t achieve that primary objective to the satisfaction of the country, Farage’s Brexit party will strip both the Conservative and Labour parties of what used to be their reliable bedrock supporters. In that situation, Farage will have the whip hand in forming a coalition government, and be in no doubt, his condition for doing so will be nothing less than the complete Brexit that was voted for by the majority of people.

I’ve mentioned Brexit a lot, but that’s just because it’s become the party political football being kicked around by the Conservative, Labour and Uniparty political factions. It’s become an obsessive point of focus both for the mainstream parties and the commentariat in its various fake news forms. For the ordinary person, Brexit is no longer the central issue.

It’s about teaching Parliament a lesson it’ll never forget. You decided not to listen to us, so we’re going to give you a bloody good hiding next time we get near a poll booth. The blood will be ankle deep. That’s now the issue, and the central one, and the only one, whatever you might be hearing. With the amount of sheer anger directed against the political establishment, who seem to live in that by now familiar bubble where they only talk to themselves, only listen to fake news to gauge how well they’re doing and feel totally free to ignore the wishes of the despised British version of the “deplorables”, whom they regard as backward little Englander dullards. They’re riding for a heavy fall with the electorate.

Boris has a complex political problem to solve, but his defiant phrase of “he’d rather be dead in a ditch” is reminiscent of Churchill at his best. Churchill was by no means an ideal politician, he made some terrible errors of judgement, for which he’ll always be held to account, but at the same time, he was also the man who rammed through a fiercely resistant Parliament the first minimum wage legislation and the man who, when all was lost after the disaster that Dunkirk really was, and Britain stood alone against the seemingly invincible Nazis who’d completely overrun Europe, penned that speech about fighting them on the beaches, the countryside and the towns.

In the circumstances, how any 67 years old man taking office in the midst of such a disaster could show such defiance, resolve and inspire a nation to resist by offering them nothing more than blood, sweat and tears is a tribute to the steadfastness of the very people the Parliamentary elite now think they can safely abuse. That hardy island stock have not gone away. Time will tell fairly soon about Boris, but what’s for sure is that he enjoys the backing of the ordinary person against the Uniparty.

Whatever happens, there is a “back stop”, a phrase that’s bandied around a lot when it comes to Brexit. Under the rules of the Fixed Term Act of 2011, a General Election has to be held at the end of a five year period, if no snap election has been declared within that period. The hope of the Uniparty is that all will have been forgotten by then, but the popular mood is venomous towards Parliament, and a lot of MPs will be looking for jobs in its aftermath.

That General Election has to happen one day, and the revenge taken by the electorate on Westminster will be savage.


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27 Responses to “Parliament vs The People.”
  1. Geronimo says:

    Excellent piece, with on error, referenda/referendums are only advisory in the UK. However the Government of the day accepted the result, the PM resigned and Theresa Quisling took over the reins, coming up with a Withdrawal Agreement that makes the Treaty of Versailles look like the Marshall Plan.

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  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    There is incredulity in Australia about the machinations in the House of Commons. Any government here that went against the express will of the people would be mercilessly dumped at the earliest possible date.
    And the scare tactics about the problems/ the disasters that would result from Brexit are laughable. So the EU bureacrats are expected to “play it tough” if the UK leaves; only those completely out of touch with reality could possibly think so.
    Firstly, the UK can charge reciprocal tariffs which would destroy the German car industry, will those car manufacturers lay down and die? Not likely, and as they represent something like 20% of Germany’s industry going into a recession, expect to see some fancy foot work from politicians there. Cars are also built in China, Sth. Korea even some in Japan. And probably more in the USA as Trump’s policies continue.
    Food will be in short supply? Israel supplies lots into Europe (just one country as an example) and will they refuse to sell to the UK? Pigs will fly. And Australia and New Zealand have agricultural industries looking for new markets.
    Pharmceuticals? Where do the majority come from? Not the EU.
    No wonder so many of the Remainers are announcing their forthcoming retirement to their villa in Tuscany or the south of France, although it is likely they expect their pensions to be a lot more than 30 pieces of silver.

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    • JohnTyler says:

      Your comments suggest that interested parties – Germany, the EU, UK, etc.. – will not engage in mutually destructive behavior, via tariffs and who knows what else, should the UK leave the EU.
      Let’s hope you are right, but history has shown repeatedly that nations do in fact engage in self-harmful behavior because they see the “other guy” caving in/surrendering first and before they themselves believe will be negatively impacted to any significant degree.
      It becomes a game of chicken, where each side thinks the other guy will quickly beg for mercy.

      And once this cycle begins, emotions take over. After all, the diplomats must now save face; they cannot be seen as back-tracking, and before you know it, the SHTF.

      As a rough analogy, WWI and II did not start because the initial aggressors thought they would be engaged in a lengthy, drawn out bloody conflict; a fight to death , one in which they risked losing.
      Not at all; they thought they would prevail, quickly – more or less – with “acceptable” losses.

      The EU bureaucrats – all appointed- personally have no skin in the game. They will keep receiving handsome salaries (tax free?) , pensions, etc. while the common folks get totally screwed over if the worst comes to pass.
      This is what bureaucrats – self anointed elitists do.

      And what is the worst that can befall the politicians that created the mess?
      They lose their office, get voted out, whatever – and go home living on handsome (tax free?) pensions and vacation wherever they desire.
      They do just fine.

      Never underestimate the callousness and disregard that the elites have for the unwashed masses. When it comes to saving face, nothing is off the table.

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      • Graeme No.3 says:

        There is much in what you say, but there is another threat to the Bureaucrats if they crush their own economy. At the very least Germany would face riots esp. in the former East.
        I don’t see Italy wanting a depression, and they would drop the Euro very quickly, leading to Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal going too. Neither Poland nor Hungary would be that keen on sacrifices because of German pique, and the EU could disintegrate. And I hear rumours (not in the MSM) that some people in France aren’t keen on their (EU loving) President.
        And with WW1 the people were united behind their leaders. Not so keen the second time around.

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  3. rapscallion says:

    One way or another Brexit will be resolved by the end of June 2022, because that is 5 years after the election of June 2017, the one where both the major parties said they would respect the result and implement Brexit, but who actually lying through their back teeth. So, no change there then.

    The Lib/Lav/Con party (or the uniparty if you prefer) are, as you say working on the premise that we’ll all be so fed up with their treasonous activities by then that we’ll have forgotten their foul activities. Big mistake. Huge, in fact. I strongly suspect that those who voted Remain courtesy of Project Fear, and even those who voted Remain anyway are rightly furious at the open visceral contempt that many, but not all MPs have for the Referendum result in general and the hoi polloi in particular. When MPs hold up placards in Parliament saying they have been “Silenced” by prorogation, having done all they can to stop an election and effectively silence us, then you know something is very seriously wrong.

    We British have a very strong sense of fair play. Yes, sometimes the rules are bent a bit, more in spirit than in letter, but we don’t openly break the rules of the game in question. This is not the case with this Parliament, they are breaking all the conventions, many are going behind our backs to the EU and asking for advice on what else they can do to derail or stop Brexit. Working with a foreign power against your own country, regardless of its government is almost a textbook definition of Treason, and yes, I say it loud and clear, those who have conducted themselves in this way are Traitors, and in this case I want them made examples of. I want them executed for Treason, by hanging and in public outside Parliament. Pour encourager les autres you understand.

    As for Boris, if he doesn’t get us out by 31st October, he and his party are in deep trouble having broken yet another promise., and if he manages to get a general election this year then he will only win with help from the Brexit Party. I don’t believe the lying polls for a second, Yes the Brexit Party might be in the mid teens now (officially), but that will change once November rolls in.

    We are not going to forget. not a bit of it. Any election between now and June 2022, and our revenge will be terrible to behold. If you think our anger is bad now, just give it another two and a half years of stewing away merrily.

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  4. Washington SAFC says:

    In the interest of keeping the article accurate and fair, the polls did NOT give Hillary a “98% lead in the polls”. That would mean a declared intention of voting at 99% to 1%.(It was actually, around a 4-12% lead in various polls,in the lead up to the election). They actually declared that “Clinton has a 98% chance of winning, statistically”.


  5. Blackswan says:


    Reality bites … hard!

    Those of us who were raised to believe in the ‘greater good’ of our institutions are finding such global corruption and Marxist subversion a particularly bitter pill to get down our throats.

    Everywhere, it’s now apparent that Democracy, as true representative government “of the people, by the people, for the people” may have indeed “perished from the earth”.

    Our theoretical Democracy has been revealed to be nothing more than a ‘numbers game’ – in short, Mob Rule – and today, it’s Parliament who is the Mob; a herd of eminently bribable and easily compromised Useful Idiot sheep, as Blair, Cameron and May demonstrated by dangling juicy carrots like peerages and lucrative seats on quangos under their noses.

    Mind you, in Australia we are much more straightforward in our corruption. Why bother with penny ante amounts in brown paper bags slipped under the table when Chinese moneymen can walk straight into Party headquarters delivering $100,000 cash in Aldi supermarket bags and nobody turns a hair. It’s a doddle.

    Even when We-the-People flex our electoral muscle and deliver an unexpected result, the System will close ranks to subvert it one way or another.

    It seems the only solution is to take careful note of the example of staunch Hong Kong citizens whose preferred weapon against the forces confronting them was nothing more than an unfurled umbrella. Or perhaps the “gilets jaunes” of France who have shown exceptional courage in facing down escalating Govt violence, over 24 people losing an eye to rubber bullets while too many have died. Either the police are really poor marksmen or they are under orders to take head shots.

    That’s the point of an EU Army (to which Theresa May was prepared to commit British forces, materiel and intelligence in perpetuity) – it’s much easier for foreigners to shoot recalcitrant EU citizens than to take aim at their own countrymen. They really are playing for keeps.

    If things keep going as they are for the rest of us, it’ll inevitably get down to an ‘Us vs Them’ conflict of similar proportions.

    The question remains … when push comes to shove, will we opt for another soporific dose of reality TV, shrieking talking-heads to think for us, or maybe another dopamine hit by maxing out credit cards on stuff we don’t need?

    Do we still have it in us to fight back? I certainly hope so.

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    • hoppers says:

      Hello Blackswan. I see you mentioned the EU Defense Force just after i posted the same.

      You mustn’t call it the EU Army because that allows UK MP’s to scratch their heads and say “No such thing”, which they have been doing – quite truthfully, if deceitfully.

      It is the dirtiest secret that the British people know nothing about.


      • Blackswan says:

        G’day Hoppers. I really don’t care what they call it, but if it is a “Defence Force” in fact and not just in name, then why was it not used to defend EU countries’ borders from an ambulatory invasion of thousands of armed and dangerous foreign jihadists? Never mind … just a rhetorical question.

        I first heard of such an army when it featured in the 2009 ratification of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty wherein it was described as a combined force to “quell civil unrest” in member countries. That was astonishing to me … foreign boots on the streets of London, arrayed against citizens who had the temerity to protest against their own authoritarian government? Nary a peep of protest – the silence was deafening.

        Remembering that, when the jilets jaune protests began and 89,000 extra “police” were deployed against them, I had to wonder how many of those troops were British personnel. How many were police, how many were military – exactly who, and how many had Theresa May committed? Again, a resounding silence.

        The Lisbon Treaty had been in force for 10 years so UK membership meant May was obliged to comply, but I never heard the question asked, and certainly never heard it admitted that Brits were among the stormtroopers unleashed on the French citizenry.

        Maybe someone with more knowledge than I, can explain.


    • hoppers says:

      Good to hear back from you Blackswan. Using this reply button on your orig post to make sure you see this. The link contains vital information.

      Actually I got the name wrong as well. It is the European Defense Union. Language matters. It is the tissue that UK MP’s are hiding behind to conceal this abomination from the public.

      I urge you to take a listen to this interview with David Ellis, an expert on the matter, in its entirety. It explains all and it is much much worse than you think.

      Pointman you should listen too when you moderate this post. It is your kind of subject. You will have an opinion when you here what David Ellis has to say.

      There are some very bad agendas at play at the moment. I fear that things are spiraling out of control on a number of levels.


      • Blackswan says:

        Thanks for the link Hoppers … interesting indeed. It remains beyond a mystery to me how and why Britons have allowed this perilous situation to fly under the radar.

        And I see your point about the language such perfidy is couched in. It matters.

        It was all there in Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, hiding in plain sight, and few people uttered a peep of protest. Unless Boris completely burns every vestige of this treasonous “agreement”, the writing is on the wall.


      • Bushkid says:

        This is indeed very concerning, including for the other Five-Eyes countries. As raised in the interview, do they even know about this?

        It’s hard to believe in one way, but regrettably it’s also all too easy to believe it.


    • hoppers says:

      Use of language is how it’s been done. All talk on the beeb/other media has referenced the EU Army. When the public enquire they get a boilerplate letter/reply from MP’s saying No plans to have an EU Army…which is true. Pure deception.

      Fact is the Politicians (most of them) the Civil Service and the Media love Europe and hate the great unwashed British Public. Better the Plebs don’t know too much eh? They wouldn’t understand anyway, bless.

      And don’t put too much faith in Boris.


  6. meltemian says:

    As Melanie Phillips has it:-

    Regular readers know I don’t trust Boris Johnson to deliver a clean Brexit. But not only – as I wrote here – has he been trapped as parliament’s hostage. He is up against something Britain has never seen before – an unprecedentedly ruthless, cynical and unprincipled attempt by its elected representatives to up-end the constitution and stick the parliamentary thumb into the eye of the people.

    And yet these Remainer insurrectionists have the gall to complain that the prime minister intended to break the law (which he has now said he won’t do) by declaring he wouldn’t do what parliament and its disgracefully partisan Speaker had torn up the constitution and the rules of parliament to force him to do.

    Small wonder that as a result of all this the beleaguered prime minister’s poll ratings have actually gone up. The British people who voted for their independence don’t care about the histrionics in parliament, the flouncing resignations and the name-calling and the legal arguments and the blue-on-blue in-fighting. They perceive one thing only: that they voted to leave the EU, and that parliament is throwing absolutely everything at preventing that from happening and at preventing the prime minister from enabling it to happen.

    If this rotten parliament should succeed and Brexit is kicked into the long grass or reversed altogether, none of the establishment parties will have any moral claim to be in government ever again.

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  7. meltemian says:

    Sorry I’m using a lot of cut-and-paste but I couldn’t put it better than Brendan.

    This week, the Remainer elite’s war on democracy reached fever pitch. There is now a distinct whiff of autocracy in their campaign to overthrow Brexit. Their aim seems to be to criminalise Brexit, to make it an actual offence to walk away from the European Union.

    Remoaner politicians constantly complain about the rhetoric of Brexiteers. But this week their own rhetoric became genuinely alarming. They now speak openly about imprisoning those who try to bring about a clean-break Brexit (‘No Deal’). They compare politicians who refuse to extend Britain’s membership of the EU to common criminals.

    So John Bercow, the puffed-up Speaker who abused his position in parliament to try to subvert the people’s will, says Boris Johnson will be no better than a ‘bank robber’ if he refuses to delay Brexit and take No Deal off the table.

    Because the Benn Bill voted through by MPs last week outlaws No Deal and demands an extension to our membership of the EU, anyone who defies it is just a no-good criminal, Bercow says.

    Meanwhile, anti-democratic lawyers are taking legal action in Scotland to ‘compel Boris Johnson to seek an extension to Article 50’. One of these lawyers – Jolyon Maugham – has said of Boris: ‘he’ll either see the extension or he’ll go to prison.’ That is, keep us in the EU or you will go to jail.

    These people have lost it. It is a striking insight into their tyrannical mindsets that they can so casually speak of criminalising and jailing anyone who wants a clean-break Brexit and wants it now.

    They are using the law to make it a crime to pursue the thing that millions of people voted for: leaving the EU. This genuinely feels like a coup, where a tiny but powerful elite uses its power and its connections to make it a crime for politicians to be faithful to the people’s will. They are tearing apart the democratic fabric of this nation.

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  8. NoFixedAddress says:

    If PM Boris J really wants to make a difference he could do the following,

    1 Get his mate President DTJ to join him in joint Navel exercises off the coast of Belgium with aircover and to move every American base to a War footing;
    2 Announce to the British Public that it is time for all good Englishmen to stand up and take their country back;
    3 Declare the EU a criminal rogue organization at war with England and all Sovereign countries;
    4. Shut the borders to Europe, Scotland and Ireland;
    5. Arrest and incarcerate every remain politician, bureaucrat, religious leader and business person pending public trials for treason;
    6. Demand reparations from Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland;
    7. Declare the UN the same as the EU.

    As the 31st October is a Thursday he can then invite Her Royal Majesty QEII to participate in a re-enactment of Ezra reading the Book of the Law to the Israelites in Jerusalem and an inspection of an Honour Guard of English, Commonwealth and Former British colonies’ fully kitted soldiers.

    1st November will be a Public Freedom Holiday around the world and The Maastricht Treaty, 90% of all acts of Parliament will be shredded and the waste carted off to Drax Power Station for electricity production.

    Saturday 2nd November they can all sit down and watch the cricket on the TVeee.

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  9. Fen says:

    “You decided not to listen to us, so we’re going to give you a bloody good hiding next time we get near a poll booth. The blood will be ankle deep”

    As someone mentioned upthread…

    “And what is the worst that can befall the politicians that created the mess? They lose their office, get voted out, whatever – and go home living on handsome (tax free?) pensions and vacation wherever they desire. They do just fine.”

    …they will not learn unless the blood is literally ankle deep.


  10. gallopingcamel says:

    My friends and family who still live in the UK are dismayed and confused. They don’t have a clue how the BREXIT crisis will be resolved.

    Thank you Pointman for giving me a glimmer of hope. BREXIT could turn into something wonderful if the electorate savages the MPs who have ignored them.

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  11. hoppers says:

    Worth mentioning. Mays final betrayal was to sell the UK armed forces out to the European Defence Force. Worth looking into. David Ellis at UK Column is particularly good on this.


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      The more I think about this mess the more I think that Boris is running down time until Brexit happens because the Remainers don’t have time to stop it. This means he has to get to Oct. 18 before they get rid of him. On that date he can claim that any vote is a vote of No Confidence and he has 14 days (until Nov.1) to try and form an acceptable government. If the Remainers vote No Confidence in him & his government before then he can try and call an election. Probably they would try to block this but they have to present the Queen with proof that a Coalition of 4 parties can command a majority in the Commons. With the SNP slavering at the thought of a wipe out of other parties in Scotland in any election, Good Luck with that. Similarly the LNP would be keen to have their Remain voting constituencies expressing the same view. Even the Welsh Nats. couldn’t be relied on.
      Labour would be against any definite move of cancellation as they would lose many seats in the Mid North and North.

      For Boris, an election before Oct.31 is best as he could claim to be the ONLY Party trying to force such through Parliament. After Oct. 31 if no Brexit has occurred then the Brexit Party would be the preferred choice for too many, making a return for Boris Triumphis unlikely.

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  12. Pointman says:

    “Liberals attempt through judicial activism what they cannot win at the ballot box…”

    Today eleven unelected lawyers have given a few hundred MPs the power to subvert the decision of 17.4m voters. As we approach Oct. 31, we will find out if Britain is still a democracy or not!



  13. NoFixedAddress says:

    Ahhh Pointman.

    Just bloomin’ incredible but unsurprising.

    It makes you wonder if Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2 player might have some words to suit,

    DICK. The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.


  14. NoFixedAddress says:

    ‘They’ hung Lord Haw Haw for treason in 1946.

    Where is the difference in what he did and current Haw Haws urging England subsume itself to the EU?

    “EU calling, EU Calling”!


  15. NoFixedAddress says:

    From Breitbart –

    “The German Bundesrat, the upper chamber of the German parliament, has proposed banning Germans from denigrating both the European Union flag and anthem.”

    “individuals who either denigrate the EU flag or the EU anthem, Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, punished with a fine or up to three years in prison, Die Welt reports.”


    “In neighbouring France, the government has forced schools across the country to start flying the EU flag alongside the French tricolore.

    The move was part of educational reforms enacted by French president Emmanuel Macron that also lowered the age of compulsory school entry from six to three years old.”

    Will there always be an England?


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