Europe in crisis and the new politics.

I wrote an article some years back, the main thrust of which, was that unless establishment politics evolved away from its pervasive liberal sentiments, then the rise of very old-fashioned conservative parties was inevitable. This would happen because electorates would become alienated from the established parties of both the right and left, whose unpopular policies were so close you couldn’t slide a fag paper between them.

Those policies not only didn’t address the very real concerns of electorates, but those concerns were being scoffed at by a hideously compromised media/news complex that acted as a mouthpiece and lynch mob enforcer of government policy. Anyone who raised those concerns was labelled almost by a knee jerk reflex as being variously, little Englander, racist, islamaphobic, fascist or just plain being a covert Nazi.

The response by the establishment parties was just to carry on as before, because the disconnect between them and their electorates was just as wide as their voters disconnect with their policies. There’s a saying in science that nature abhors a vacuum and will fill it. The same is true in politics. If a large proportion of voters have a serious issue that’s not being addressed by mainstream politics, then a new party will arise to represent those frowned upon concerns.

Looking around Europe, you can see that process happening in most Western European countries. The media is in full vicious spin mode about them and the propaganda machine variously labels them as extreme right or just fascist. That’s them just obviously trying to set the narrative, but these parties are actually a new manifestation of a very traditional brand of conservative politics – country, culture and Christianity. The impact of such a propaganda strategy is not working too well, since in Europe, as in America, the average person has developed a deep distrust of the social justice warriors, formerly known as journalists, of the fake news machine.

The subtle transformation of the EU from being an economic union to a political union run by distant and unelected bureaucrats in Brussels is getting on everybody’s tits. For so many of the states in the EU, especially the southern ones, membership in it has proved to be an economic disaster, despite all the come unto me for untold riches they were inveigled into by the globalists behind the whole thing.

Countries like Italy have an average youth unemployment rate of 40% and in certain areas, as high as 60%. Spain is nearly as bad, and don’t even bother asking about Greece. That’s a whole next generation of European youth being squandered away to a life of unemployment and living on a pittance of government handouts.

Then you throw in the fact that they all owe billions to the EU, meaning Germany, which won’t get repaid for several generations, then what’s now commonly looked at as an economic occupation of their countries is going down just as well as the military occupation they suffered under the Germans in WWII.

The final injury the EU imposed on them, without their permission and against their wishes. was an open borders policy of mass migration that has transformed some of the brightest jewels of Western civilisation to Mogadishu-like hovels in a couple of years. Sweden has gone in but a few years from one of the most beautiful and liberal countries, to being the rape capital of Europe, with policemen actually warning women to stay indoors at night. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the police’s job to ensure you can safely venture outside your house at night?

There are no go areas everywhere, and violent crime is rife. When you have migrants throwing hand grenades at police stations in no go areas and in response those police stations being abandoned, you don’t need to be a Sherlock to see that you’ve just lost control of those areas.

The middle of Paris has become a tent city with the stench of excrement everywhere since the influx of migrants have no problems just dropping their pants in the street and squeezing out a turd. The rape and sexual assault crisis there is not quite as bad as Sweden, but it’s getting there with certain areas of the city very definitely no go areas for a woman in daylight, never mind after dark.

Berlin and other major cities of Germany are suffering the same problems, but numbers are hard to find because police statistics of crime have been officially directed to redact the details of the ethnicity, ie Muslim migrants, from any official statistics. However, a recent report reveals an average of 100 Germans a day being victims of migrant crime. All this mendacity, massaging of statistics and outright deception is meant to do what? Make these pavement level problems go away? Kid people that there’s no problem?

Despite all this spin, the average person is very much aware of what’s going on, which is why they’re voting for these new “extreme right” parties. In this political wasteland, there’s a salty old saying which is very appropriate – don’t piss down my back and then try and tell me it’s raining.

Italy’s new “extreme right” government is refusing ports to all those NGO funded boats trying to land thousands of migrants, and with a huge groundswell of approval, is ready to start deporting these migrants, or feckless scroungers on an already overloaded social welfare system, as they’re commonly seen as in Italy.

The Eastern European states of what used to be the old USSR have slammed their borders firmly shut against any migrants, and what’s more, they won’t give them the generous welfare handouts that Western Europe is handing out like free sweeties. Needless to say, there’s no migrant pressure to breach the borders of those countries, but the EU, in its usual dictatorial fashion, is threatening financial penalties unless those borders are opened to migrants.

The calculation countries like Poland and Hungry are making in response to such bullying is quite simple. First, their populations have elected very conservative parties to power who ran almost exclusively on a ticket of protecting the country from the sort of corrosive cultural overwhelming that’s destroyed small countries like Sweden. The second consideration is possibly more cynical, but I suspect quite accurate. They think the EU in its current irredeemable form is doomed and most probably won’t be there in five years time.

Growth has slowed, Trump and the rest of the world are ready to pull the plugs on the traditional one-sided tariffs situation and the Euro which never really took off as a strong currency, is looking increasingly fragile. We could be going back to Deutschmarks, Lira and French francs the day after a big run on the currency happens on the foreign exchange markets.

The final straw has been Islamic terrorism and the bend over backwards attitude of governments and the media to present each one as the work of some lone deranged madmen. That cover story stopped working a long time ago. When a guardsman has his head hacked off in a London street by two Muslims shouting about Allah, the jig is up for all the spin. We’re in a war situation, and the ordinary person knows that, even if their governments refuse to acknowledge that simple fact.

Add the almost inexplicable and disgraceful protection of Muslim gangs for decades pimping out thousands of young boys and girls, our most vulnerable children, becomes such a massive scandal that the lid can’t be kept on it by intimidating or firing people who’re trying to stop it, then all patience with the old politics has gone.

To use an element of the traditional oath taken by British police officers, “to enforce the law without fear or favour”. If that doesn’t begin to happen very soon, Europe will see the rise of some real right-wing extremist parties, and what happens from then on will be far from pretty.

You have been warned.


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21 Responses to “Europe in crisis and the new politics.”
  1. Dolf (a.k.a. Anders Ericsson) says:

    Yeah, and yesterday EU decided to revoke freedom of speech. Kind of.


  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    Niall Ferguson gives the EU less than 10 years – “Unprepared for the modern world”.
    Given the speed of bureaucratic decision making, they might last that long because they can’t decide when it is all over. The League of Nations was around for some years, not just after it lost all credibility but even after World War 2 was raging.

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  3. gallopingcamel says:

    Please read “The Strange Death of Europe” by Douglas Murray. A Christian civilization with heroes like Santiago Matamoros and Charles the Bold suddenly thinks the answer to Muslim aggression is to “open the borders”.

    This will not end well. The EU is doomed because Angela Merkel is destroying Germany by welcoming aliens who won’t assimilate while paying for the crazy socialism in Italy, Greece and Portugal. Take a look at Molyneux’s assessment of the new Italian “government”:


  4. rapscallion says:

    Pointman, As astute as you are, I think quite a lot of us saw some considerable time ago that the EU was a doomed project. For me it was the Maastricht Treaty that did it when that odious scrote, Major bragged that even the Queen was now an EU citizen. That was the point at which I started joining the dots. What confirmed it was the Irish being forced to vote again after the Lisbon Treaty saga because they produced the wrong result. The EU does not do reform and it will not tolerate dissent. The rise of the right really started after Papadopolus and Berlusconi were removed in what was a coup d’etat but the real nail in the coffin of the EU was Merkel’s open invitation to all and sundry. Brexit may have had many causes, return of sovereignty, fingers up to the establishment, class differences etc, but one would be fool to discount the effect of uncontrolled immigration and the downward pressure on wages for ordinary folk. In many ways, Brexit was the removal of the cork from the genie’s bottle, People right across Europe could see the way the EU treated, and continue to treat Britain, and it doesn’t go down well. Each country has its own reasons for defiance of the EU, the former Warsaw Pact countries reasons are obvious – cultural, and retention of control. For Italy it is economic and also regaining control. The EU is now definitely doomed, if it lasts 5 years it will be a miracle, but the genie is out of the bottle and it simply cannot be put back in,


  5. rapscallion says:

    With reference to your last two paragraphs, I stumbled across this the other day, and I wish I hadn’t.

    I thought I was not easily shocked. I was wrong. I had to pause for a minute or two after John Wedger relates the tale of the “White Rolls Royce” I was so saddened by it that I was weeping,


    • gwaigau says:

      rapscallion, I couldn’t watch your link as I know I would end up in the same position as you linked to an unrequited anger. The time is coming, I only hope I still have the strength to join in.


    • gallopingcamel says:

      That video is jaw dropping. I have been weeping for my countrymen for decades but had no idea how bad things have become.

      I used to think the UK could not degrade any further but my eyes were opened by the John Wedger revelations. Now I have an inkling of why Tommy Robinson was jailed and the power of the people who made it happen.

      Here in the USA our law enforcement is corrupt and one hears rumors about child sex trafficking involving influential people including William Jefferson Clinton. I never took them seriously until now.

      Wedger publicly accused Ted Heath of involvement in child sex trafficking. Given the libel laws in the UK that suggests Wedger has evidence to back up what he is saying.


  6. hoppers says:

    Germany/Austria/The Netherlands/Finland


  7. philjourdan says:

    The “why” seems to be a great mystery to many (the “why” that the leaders of the EU are adamant about allowing in more migrants when they cannot assimilate the ones they already have).

    But the “why” becomes obvious when you look at what was, what is, and what will be, and then examine the motives of one George Soros.

    Countries that are well off, and provide even for their poor are not subject to violent upheaval. People who are content, will not trade their freedom for more security (read: more government power). And a free people are harder to dominate than those cowering in fear of some internal or external boogey man. Soros has been spending his billions to create a “new world order” (actually it is the same old world order that Stalin and Hitler tried, but they put a fresh coat of paint on it). But the folks of America and Europe were not buying it. Why trade freedom for nothing?

    Enter the migrants. They are doing exactly what Soros wants them to do. Causing people to ask for more security and less freedom. They are the virus that Merkel, May, Macron and Soros want in order to further restrict freedoms and more easily control the populace (I will add Hillary and Obama as well – but they are no longer in control). A war could have done the trick as well, but the world, especially Europe, has grown tired of war (even Russia), and even a bunch of Mad Mullahs in Tehran do not scare most Europeans even if they decided to declare war. So unlike the 19th and 20th centuries, war was not the answer (and NOW I finally get those stupid bumper stickers!). The only thing left was to foment internal strife so that folks demanded more restrictions (in the US, see the TSA, Patriot Act, etc.) Content populations do not foment anything except a nice lager. But migrants from poor countries, who for the most part, have only known violence as a means to an end, are the catalyst that Soros and his ilk need to move prosperous and free people, to docile and obedient slaves.

    The added bonus is that the “ilk” can deny any knowledge, plead compassion, and then retire at night to their gated guarded communities. Leaving the rest of the “unwashed” masses to become statistics on the way to a new “workers paradise”.

    As a side note, what I am actually surprised about is that the original “Kingsmen” was allowed to be made. While simplistic (with a joke of a Samuel Jackson being the Soros), it is exactly what is happening. But I guess because it looked so campy, the PTB decided no one would believe it and they were safe.

    But then came Trump.

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  8. Pointman says:

    Rugby build up time, the third and decider. We’re armed with a good fry up. Éirinn go Brách!



    • gallopingcamel says:

      One of the bad things about living in the USA is losing touch with what is going on in the Rugby world. Thanks to your comment I found (better late than never) what a great season Ireland had. Also I was able to stream the amazing third test in Sydney.

      While my team is Wales, I also support Ireland having played at Landsdowne Road for NIFC with Mike Gibson was our captain. On another occasion in Dublin I was shocked to find myself marking the great Tony O’Reilly!

      Thanks…….maybe next year for Cymru Am Byth!


    • Pointman says:

      It was a helluva game GC. The last 20 mins, the Wallabies really piled on the pressure. Hanging on to a one point lead for most of it. Doing a real dig in defense without giving away the dreaded three point stupid penalty was impressive. Two world class teams going at it all the way. Great rugby.



  9. John Bell says:

    I fear that things could, in the future, get as bad as things got in 1939 in Europe, and the hordes of Muslim invaders will be thrown out (or worse) by those who wish to restore Europe to an earlier time.


    • gallopingcamel says:

      It is hard to imagine a good outcome here.

      The idea that a vibrant Judeo-Christian culture in Europe should be destroyed by Sharia law is repugnant.

      The alternative that Neo-Nazis expel or imprison Muslims is also repugnant. Are there any non-violent alternatives?


  10. Spot on Pointman! The election coming later this year here in Sweden will be a wake up for many


    • beththeserf says:

      For those in favour of freedom and the individual,l a Schadenfreude moment
      re Merkel, Makron, Brusselsmen et Al. Not forgettin’ the man behind the
      curtain, George Soros and his Saul Alinsky Mannifesto Pestilento.)


  11. Pointman says:

    Marine Le Pen: Macron and Merkel are on the wrong side of history, people want to preserve their identity



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