Betrayal by those you once trusted.

If you’ve ever been inside electoral politics or have learnt to leave aside whatever doctrinal leanings you have and actually take a hard look at whatever candidate you fervently support, you soon realise that whatever the political stripe they are, they all share the common attribute of having a public persona and a private one. We all of us have that same touch of split personality, except in our case the private persona tends to be very private and only shared with family and very close friends, if at all.

There is a difference with professional politicians. The public one is the one you see on television, newspapers and the various organs of the media. Their private personality is the day to day one they use with close advisers, inner confidants and other politicians they’re interacting with, and has nothing much to do with their inner selves. It’s the bullshit free version of them. A significant milestone in developing some political judgement is when you realise that simple fact, especially about politicians you idolised, and do so without dismissing all politicians as two-faced deceivers.

The amount of distance between their public and private personas is called integrity in their case.

The prime directive of all politics in a democracy is to get elected. There are lots of nicer ways of saying it but that means appealing to more voters than any other candidate. You have to tart yourself around a bit, do a bit of demeaning ass wiggling. The way this manifests itself is politicians trying to be all things to all men. This 24/7 effort of presentation bounces off people who are emotionally committed to the Left or the Right if a politician is not of their particular persuasion, but works to some extent with the politically marginally interested and to a much larger extent with what’s called the floating voter.

The average voter who’s not particularly interested in politics, which is to say the majority of them, knows when a politician is not actually saying anything of significance but rather making pleasant-sounding noises to the media surrounding them who just want some sort of story for the day, bland or otherwise. They tune that sort of stuff out, because after all the media don’t stop printing newspapers for the days when there’s no real news. The maw of the media beast always has to be fed.

The voter operates on the basis that at end of day what’s behind the usual politician front they recognise, is someone basically decent, not spotlessly honest but basically a decent type who’s having to jump through a few loops to win the election. What that average voter relies on is the mainstream media (MSM) to deliver an accurate sense of what a politician is really like behind their public facade.

They tune into the MSM and catch the headlines and surf on to something more interesting.

Where it gets dangerous is when their finger hovers over the surf on button but doesn’t press it. Stuff is coming out about a politician which is basically grubby, and they weren’t being told about it. They trusted the media to dig the real dirt out about the politico and guess what? They media has not only suppressed, but lied mainly by omission to them.

The media is not some whipped cur cravenly nuzzling up to their master, but some total and avidly compromised wretch prostituting the hard-earned reputation of the previous generations of the fourth estate because they know what’s best for us. They don’t need to be told which way to spin it, they’re actually the spinners and in some cases forwarding their articles in advance to politicians for approval.

Like blowsy languid tarts recalling the first and lost loves of their youth, they’re prepared to overlook the venereal-encrusted rottenness of the Clintons to do the whatever it takes view of politics as they suck deeply into the cheese-dicked vile spermatozoa which lies at the rotten heart of the Clintons.

Anything anti-Clinton is never reported on, but anything that might hurt Trump is a 24/7 head liner. The old adage that the best form of defence is a good attack has been done to death by the Clinton campaign. Suddenly all these nobodies come out of the woodwork to establish Trump as someone who once leered at them in a lift thirty years ago, but strangely without a shred of support, never mind an eyewitness in sight.

Sorry, I prefer a little bit of more substantial evidence, like Paula Jones holding up a cheque representing $850,000 plus legal expenses the Clintons paid her as an out of court settlement for a sexual harassment suit after she told Hillary exactly what to do with her face to face intimidation to stay quiet; a nice round million. We’re big people, you’re a nobody we can easily crush, but Paula told her exactly where to stick that idea.

It’s someone like her who should jump and reaching upwards catch that glorious laurel wreath of being the first female president of the US of A, and not some debased wretch like a Hillary Clinton whose only argument for the office is they deserve it because of the entitlement that they’re a woman and it’s about time.



God help us and the parlous state of journalism, it’s fallen to guerrilla movements like Project Veritas and WikiLeaks to take up the fallen mantel of investigative reporting which died the real death in journalism skool without anybody noticing.

The American writer Mark Twain once said “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” It’s a very clever observation, and in my experience it’s also a very true one. You can never be betrayed by an enemy; that’s always done by someone you trusted or perhaps loved. In a hostile situation, you’re on the look out for danger. In a friendly one, you drop your guard. It’s the known that surprises you, never the unknown.

After this campaign of complete duplicity on the part of the mainstream media, the position is that people initially trusted them, but I’m not sure the mass media will ever get back to that unquestioning respect of their reporting, never mind their opinion pieces. It’s a self-inflicted wound and to my mind a terminal one.

They’ve shown themselves to be part and parcel of that rotten swamp in Washington and a media that needs to be drained, and what little good there is in the whole mess of it will get sucked out with the bad.


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24 Responses to “Betrayal by those you once trusted.”
  1. gwaigau says:

    It’s not only the MSM in the US that has fallen into the cesspit; the BBC (especially them), Sky, Channel 4 etc are in it as well. At some time in the late 70s or early 80s we let the journos start to become the story rather than the news itself. Once they were classed as celebrities objectivity went out of the window as they realised they could manipulate the agenda to suit their own political persuasion. They no longer care whether we realise it or not now.


    • Annie says:

      I didn’t ‘let’ the journos start to become the story, and celebrities. I always loathed it and became very cynical about what they presented at an early stage. I wasn’t given the choice in the matter; too many others were unthinking and didn’t boycott the output of those ‘celebrity’ journos as I did…yuk. Maybe if sufficient numbers had done what I did the various media wouldn’t be in the appalling state they now are.


      • gwaigau says:

        Sadly the “we” referred to society as a whole and I know there were individuals who did not fall for this. When I was in the Navy I was interviewed by a senior officer for an appointment in the early ’80s and despite being very good in my own field I was criticised for not knowing the names of political journalists and commentators on the TV and in the papers. So even then it seemed that their opinions were given more weight than they deserved.


  2. Martin A says:

    The MSM and the political classes, regarding a large segment of the general population as nothing more than ‘deplorables’, have a symbiotic existence in a world of their own. Brexit was probably the first instance of the population at large waking up to this.


    • ianl8888 says:

      The real lesson the self-described “elites” took from Brexit is: “NEVER, EVER ask the hoi-polloi a real question that matters”.

      Now David Attenborough is saying that out loud. Keep populism for page 3 of the tabloids, he means, demeaningly. Interestingly, the real lesson these “elites” learned from Climategate is to keep data, emails, reports etc on machines that cannot be subjected to FOIA – this learnt practice is now precisely what has brought Hilary to her current situation … very, very funny.


  3. Blackswan says:


    Every facet of Australia’s MSM is in lock-step with the Socialist global imperative protecting and promoting the Clinton Crime Cabal and in publishing/broadcasting every scintilla of anti-Trump propaganda they can glean or invent.

    None is prepared to expose our several Prime Ministers’ and Foreign Ministers’ involvement in the criminal enterprise of the Clinton Foundation, thus far handing over at least $100 million taxpayer dollars to the Clintons with absolutely zero oversight as to what happened to our money.

    The problem with our two-faced politicians whose often criminal activities are actively concealed by the MSM is that, whether Labor or Liberal or Green, they protect each other. They operate under strict codes of Omertà, none seeking to spill the beans on the other because they ALL swim up to the eyeballs in the same cesspit.

    The Fifth Estate of online bloggers is our only source of real news and information, and their page-views now run into the millions each month.

    Australians still capable of independent thought and enough initiative to seek the truth online are banking on a Trump victory for the simple reason we hope that, as POTUS, Trump will finally prosecute the criminals responsible for hijacking the Administration of a great Democratic Republic which will have a trickle-down effect across the world.

    We are hoping that multiple prosecutions in the USA will finally lift the murky veil on their meddling, peddling and stealing from the Australian Treasury, enthusiastically enabled by a number of our own criminal politicians. Finally our Regulatory Authorities may be shamed into taking similar action.

    We live in hope …


    • 42david says:

      A fair summation of our situation Blackswan. There are a few pollies here who could do with some time “at Her Majesties Pleasure”.


  4. hillbilly33 says:

    Excellent Pointy. I can’t add much more, except to say that many of us in Australia would say your comments on the state of so-called journalism and media outlets can apply equally to the situation ‘down-under’!


  5. Pointman says:

    Once you leave aside the dubious polls, Trump is packing in the supporters and the Clinton rallies are so bare, they’re reduced to photoshopping their attendances. Notice anything about this picture?



  6. Blackswan says:

    The MSM’s culpability in criminal activity to promote their Clinton candidate is limitless.

    In the following video it is suggested that in traditionally GOP States the media is publishing phoney stories saying that Clinton is edging ahead etc. This is a narrative that is preparing people for voter fraud/rigging to return Clinton a majority result.

    It’s a form of groundwork to quell the expected protests … print stories that she was rising in the polls (when she wasn’t) in order to pre-empt and defuse the backlash.

    This video is about exactly HOW they do it and WHO is behind it. It’s a MUST SEE/HEAR and if your election system anywhere uses electronic voting of ANY kind, take the time to see how you’re being shafted by the Marxist Globalists ….


  7. Pointman says:

    At last, a poll you can believe in.

    “Poll: Huge Majority Believe Media Is Biased in Favor of Hillary Clinton”



  8. Fen says:

    Spot on. But unfortunately, the GOP has its own Establishment Party (E) wing. They have been likened to the Washington Generals basketball team – more than willing to let the Harlem Globetrotters make fools of them on the court, so long as they get a cut of the gate revenue.

    It’s the corruption. I never realized just *how* dishonest the Left was until this election. And I’m not just talking about the likes of Micheal Mann et al, I mean our friends and neighbors that we consider moderate Dems. Hillary Clinton is only a few EC votes shy of abusing the power of the Executive Branch because these people have enabled and supported her corruption for some 30 years. Why? They know she is corrupt, but they expect her tyranny will be directed at the people they loathe – the rest of us. They are the Little Eichmanns that will smile and wave to us as they report us to be taken to the Indoc Camps. Sadly, I thinks its time we pause and reconsider whether we should trust these people.

    But the corruption is not just on the Left. Yes, the vanity of the Left Virtue Signalling some “cause” (like AGW) on social media to make themselves look pretty is the new fashion. But the Right has also been infected with it – surrendering key principles, caving, betraying their base… all so they can be seen as being “civil” and “reasonable”. Don’t make a fuss dear, don’t associate with “those” people. Or our liberal pals might not invite us back to Martha’s Vineyard next year.

    I don’t know what is to be done. It may just be the natural cycle of civilizations. We need strife and hardship to focus our purpose, but our 200+ years success with this Republic has made us soft, lazy and corrupt.


    • Blackswan says:

      Fen – you say “I never realized …” – “I don’t know what is to be done” – and that’s how most of us in the West feel. What the hell happened to the free world we knew as kids?

      This explains ALL of it in 13mins 36secs of extraordinary clarity ….

      A WARNING from ex-KGB communist defector Yuri Bezmenov from 1984, detailing the 4 stages of a Marxist-Leninist revolution and taking over a nation. Watch this at your own risk, as your bones will literally begin to freeze as you start to realize he is describing EXACTLY what is happening today almost to the letter.

      Thirty years of hindsight brings it all into sharp focus, the jigsaw pieces drop into place, and we see how we’ve been duped.

      Bezmenov says the KGB is astonished at the extraordinarily rapid success of their subversion and infiltration, and that was 30 years ago. I’d suggest that Marxist/Leninist doctrine has accelerated even more quickly in the last two decades as ‘hate speech’, ‘hate crimes’ and restrictions on free speech now have a stranglehold in every facet of our society.

      All is not lost Fen, after all, Bezmenov is adamant that it’s the bleeding-heart “useful idiot” feminists and their Socialist ilk who will be the first “to be crushed like cockroaches” because they are of no further use to the Cause – their job is already done.

      We’ve all been asleep at the wheel haven’t we?


  9. gwaigau says:

    Doomed! Well we better start grabbing stuff from the Catholic Church, after all its for the common good!


  10. Pointman says:

    And as if by magic, suddenly it’s Trump on 48% and Hillary on 42%. I think you’ll have to adjust your polls a lot more than that …



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