Bad moves.

There is not a bad situation that can’t be made worse by reacting to it without thinking first. It’s a mistake that’s invariably made by people and organisations that are already under pressure. It’s usually geometric too. As a reaction to the first poor response making the situation worse, a second bad decision is made even more quickly, and that exacerbates the crisis even more. It goes on like that, escalating from a simple situation which was eminently handleable, through a crisis, until it finally ends up as a full-blown disaster.

Once fixated decision makers go into that obsessive compulsive loop, they stop listening to more sensible counsel, and everything becomes a lightning quick tactical point solution rather than the big traumatic limb amputation fix which is by now actually required. It doesn’t matter how hard you pull back on their bridle, they’re hell bent on galloping over that cliff straight in front of them that everyone can see, and taking their followers with them. People simply have to start bailing out of the whole damn thing.

In my opinion, popular sentiment is moving towards the right fueled by a number of things, not least of which is that the innate conservatism which was always there in the political centre but passive because it was thought nothing could be done about the seemingly omnipotent presence of the left-wing in all spheres of life. For a variety of reasons, events came to a head. First in Britain with the Brexit referendum to get out of the EU and then a year later with the election of Trump in America. Electorates have seen what their vote can do, especially when they totally ignore everything they’re being told by their elders and betters when they get into the secrecy of a voting booth.

Both in Britain and America, the establishment, the deep state or whatever you wish to term it, got the shock of its life. They have since spent the best part of the last two years trying to get both of those democratic votes reversed by any means possible, and screw the constitution, law or any fundamental respect for the democratic process. In America, that resistance by the establishment to the will of the people for real change has been the most vitriolic, because it quite rightly fears Trump. And deeply.

The ordinary person now sees they can force real change that works for them, the silent majority, and not just for vanishingly small minorities which became the cornerstone of the left-wing’s identity politics platform across the West. Even those minorities have found out conservative policies work for them, rather than the Left’s traditional offering of protected species tokenism and a permanent state of enforced victimhood.

When you get community leadership figures like Denzel Washington saying things like Obama ripped the heart out of America, or Kanye West saying that after eight years of Obama, nothing changed in Chicago, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out a lot of blacks and other minorities are deserting the DNC plantation. And why not? After just over a year of the Trump presidency, the numbers for Black and Hispanic unemployment are at historically low levels that have never been seen before.

Interestingly, West has been set upon by the usual feral packs of media attack dogs for throwing his MAGA hat (signed by the man himself) into the Trump ring, but every one of those dogs has a white ass. You’d almost think the massas are downright plumb furious at a lippy nigga for wanting to leave dem good ole DNC cotton fields back home.

West wouldn’t be alone in being black and supporting Trump, and therefore being under pressure from white liberals. Watching Diamond and Silk’s interrogation after their deposition to congress about their banning from white guy liberal Zuckerberg’s Facebook, all the aggressive questioning came from the black members of the panel, especially the black woman who seemed obsessed to put them niggas back in their place. A pure example of a house nigga putting two uppity field niggas down, but the two sistas ripped them a new one. They’re what’s called diamond geezers in my neck of the woods and you can catch them while you can on Youtube before they get banned off it too.

There’s also a stripe of apolitical voter who’ll always put their X against the party, which in a political world of not so much choices but dilemmas, they think in some higher sense is best for the country and the mass of people in it. Think of them as a more cerebral swing voter. That demographic includes both Republicans and Democrats, but if you listen carefully, the latter having watched the antics over the last year of the party they usually supported, are coming around to Trump’s camp. He’s working out for the country, they’re just running around furiously in irrelevant circles, fixated on biting their own tail off.

Each and every one of them, they’ve all tasted a little bit of red meat, and won’t be content to go back to the usual gruel. They want more. More of more. More real change for the better rather than the habitual fare of airy words that pop like soap bubbles in your face a few years down the line once the vendors of the promissory notes are safely elected into Congress.

The DNC’s response to this earthquake change in the political landscape can best be categorised as going into deep denial. Because their political outlook is harshly ideological, almost to the point of being theological, and is reinforced by an arrogant belief that since they know exactly what their traditional power base, the nominal underdogs of capitalism are thinking, they stopped asking them what they actually wanted years ago.

They’ve decided to launch a law suit against Russia for losing an election two years ago. Jesus H. fucking Christ on a chariot, help me out here and take me home. I know, I know, we’re pushing the borders of that thin red line between insanity and comedy here, but it’s true, I swear to God it is. As we speak, Vladdi is tossing and turning in his bed in the Kremlin worrying what to do about such a legal threat from the runt end of the Kapitalista in Amerika. He had to get up and out of his bed in the night for a piss, and somehow that was the end of that worry.

The second one named in their legal assault on all rationality is Wikeleaks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s actually no centre there to extract punitive damages from, even if such an amorphous target had any monetary assets worth going after. Even if perchance there were in some alternative delusional universe, welcome to the kingdom of Pyrrhus.

The third person they decided to sue is Trump or his campaign, and therein due to a legal reaction called a counter suit and its attendant process called discovery, is the true catastrophic disaster in such a move. The loop is closed and the whole damned disastrous sequence is now complete.


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15 Responses to “Bad moves.”
  1. Janie M. says:

    pointman, will be linking this over at CTH… excellent read.


  2. Blackswan says:


    You’re so right, especially about that “thin red line between insanity and comedy”.

    Sometimes the only response to the day’s headlines is an incredulous “They can’t be serious!”

    Watching that Congressional Inquisition of Diamond and Silk was a shameful indictment of the depths to which “Truth, Justice and the American Way” has descended into a ‘star chamber’ of vindictive spite and abuse of power.

    It needs an ‘alien’ of Trump’s stature to restore the integrity of a great Republic, and he doesn’t need a magic cape to do it.

    With the support of Americans of influence, black white or brindle, he’ll succeed.

    As one vblogger observed, wising up and becoming a conservative in the face of unremitting abuse from all sides has become the new ‘rebellion’ of disenfranchised youth, whatever their colour or ethnicity.

    Out here in the wider world we watch the Trump phenomenon with interest, envious of the change that’s being wrought, hopeful that the guilty will be punished and desperate for a Trump of our own.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Pedro the swift says:

    The kingdom of Pyrrhus indeed, you hit the nail right on the head as usual


  4. gallopingcamel says:

    I loved the way Diamond & Silk tore into people who should have been defending their first amendment rights.

    “A pure example of a house nigga putting two uppity field niggas down, but the two sistas ripped them a new one.”

    Pointy, you have an awesome way with words!


  5. gallopingcamel says:

    If the Koreas make peace it will be wonderful to watch the media explaining why Trump should not receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Once again Pointman is on point. Trump is changing everything in a non ideological way, he just wants to do what works best for us all. No wonder the establishment hates him he is making them irrelevant.

    Thanks for your insights once more Pointy. Your clear voice is always welcome around here.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. philjourdan says:

    “More real change for the better rather than the habitual fare of airy words that pop like soap bubbles in your face a few years down the line once the vendors of the promissory notes are safely elected into Congress”.

    THAT is a fantastic line! It finally gave me an ;AHA’ moment! And for ANYONE trying to figure out Trump, it is the key. More on this in a bit.

    I did have one suggestion. IN the last 2 paragraphs, you got into the DNCs lawsuit. You should have saved that for a separate subject as you barely touched on it and there is a ton there! I hope you do expand on it more in the future,

    As to the gist of the rest of the article, another Pointman perfect piece! It is a laugh (it would be more funny if not so tragic) to see the left basically reverting to their 19th (and 20th century) form of racism and bigotry. Even the black entertainers who do not agree with West are not going as far as the racist white liberals. They voice their disagreement, but acknowledge his right – and indeed insinuate his duty – to voice his own thoughts! But the white establishment liberals have to keep the “uppity” minorities in check. Indeed, your use of the term house n—— is appropriate for the establishment blacks who toe the liberal ,line to the detriment of their constituents. They are indeed what you say. The particular person you refer to in the article is a moron. (she is still looking for the flat planted by Neil Armstrong on Mars). And a petty tyrant (I can get you a link to the expose’ of her antics as a congress critter). In a real world, she would be a janitor. If that.

    And now, back to your great quote above. I freely admit that I voted for Trump. I do not agree with him on everything (and especially on some economic things since I am an economist), but I have enjoyed every day of his presidency. Why? Because he is thinking outside the box. And he is getting results (see NK). And while I do not agree with everything he does, I support him doing it because usually he has an ulterior motive! And his announced action is merely a leverage or diversion. And it works!

    The China tariffs? See what NK is doing. That is who Trump is. Trump is having a major impact. But not by mindless rote of reciting a mantra based upon a party or political leaning. He is all over the board, and his actions taken in isolation from his results seem to be random. But the results are consistent and pushing the country forward. I had looked at Trump (even though I never saw him as a conservative versus liberal) in the mindset of conservative versus liberal in his WORDS. That statement made me realize that it is not the WORDS – but results! I fully know that he is a master chess player that is many moves ahead of most all of us (especially the checker playing liberals), but I failed to apply that to his words/results until your shoved it down my throat!

    So thank you for giving me an AHA moment. One of those things I should have thought of myself, But sadly I was still thinking in the box.


  8. hillbilly33 says:

    Fantastic article Pointy. Right on cue, I happened to tune in to “NBC Today” at 6-00 am (EST). (Saturday 28 April edition in America). I kid you not, after the momentous meeting of the two Korean heads of State which made headlines round the world and would not have happened without Trump’s strong stance in recent months, their lead stories were about the Stormy Daniels deal ; Trump’s lawyer using his rights under the Constitution to get another 90 days grace, and more on the Russian beat-up .

    The Korean meeting then got some attention. It’s been hilarious in Australia. It appears to be a requirement that any “expert” the various TV channels and MSM go to on these matters has to be a Trump hater. Some grudgingly give Trump a little credit,but Kim Jong-un has become their pin-up boy as the master of strategy.

    Best wishes old friend.


  9. Peter Lewis Hannan says:

    I enjoy and appreciate very much your contributions. I find myself in a strange position, British mainstream Labour democratic, liberal socialist, admiring Pres. Trump. The left that I support has nothing to do with Antifa or alliance with islamists, nor, for the record, Communists or Trotskyists. I’m becoming “conservative” in this sense: I want to conserve freedom, equality of sexes, equality for gays, equality for “races”, equality of opportunity, freedom of speech. These are all under attack by the left-islamist alliance.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Old Rooster says:

    Nelson Muntz has some advice for the DNC and seething 😤, disappointed supporters of Ma Clanton; haters of the Donald—


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