It’s Prattie time again.

It’s usually about this time of year I kick off the annual climate prat awards. It’s part of the Christmas wind down. Cranking out a couple of thousand words for the Pratties is usually fun. It always takes two pieces, one of which outlines the rules which are always ignored by everyone anyway (I sometimes wonder why I bloody-well bother), and a closing out piece to announce the winner before we all put our feet up for the Christmas break. It’s the time of year to hang up your gun belt and chaw down onto a turkey leg.

Anyway, the Pratties are one of those little touches of madness without which life would be impossible. Unfortunately, I retired from the climate wars at the start of the year and have steadfastly refused to re-engage in them ever since. When it comes to voting with my feet and legging it the other way to avoid getting shot at, I have a natural aptitude, if not being truly gifted. If you’re unaware what the term prat means, you can read my minor dissertation on the genus prattus prattus which is still available completely free of charge apart from a token postage & packaging fee.

However, it does leave the teensy weensy problemette of what to do about the climate prat awards. I have massive amounts of corporate sponsorship monies for them resting in various offshore bank accounts which my accountant assures me I just can’t simply trouser and do a runner with, so I think you might see my problem. Accountants can be real drags at times.

Anyway, the climate prat of the year award is pretty much defunct, but a bit of fun never is, so after due consideration, I thought we’d pull a fast one and by the simple expedient of losing the leading adjective, re-title it with one word less. The usual rules apply, which everyone always ignores anyway.

Patently, there’s now a massively expanded field of available candidates out there and we must not restrict ourselves in terms of gender. In passing, I must say that no woman has ever won it. It must be said, men do appear to have a larger capacity to act like complete prats. There’s a huge field of mad bitches from Hell out there, but I shouldn’t try and influence your nominations but there are some world-class prats who don’t have dangly bits between their knobbly knees but are still prats none the less.

What was the Climate Prat of the Year award has now been reborn as the Prat of the Year award. The field is now blasted wide open. It’ll be the same rules this year as they were last year and the year before that, and indeed as they are every year. As usual, it’s a two stage effort. First everybody gets to nominate up to five individuals and banking on experience, I’m sure such a simple directive will be ignored. The end of the first stage consists of me totaling up all the nominations various prats have received to find the top five. In the event of ties in the number of nominations, I’m usually open to bribery and corruption to advance your favourite nominees

The nominations stage will end in one week’s time, so you’ve only got that one week to get your five names in. If you don’t nominate them, they’re already out of the competition, so none of the usual late nominations. Feel free to ignore that restriction, someone always does anyway. Get them in this week and they’ll stand a chance of appearing on the ballot paper.

Then the second stage begins, with the top five nominees going forward to be voted on using a voting widget which will appear on the right hand column of the blog. From then on, it’s a straight vote off with whoever attracts the most votes being crowned Prat of the Year 2017.

I know it’s an almost impossible choice to make given the political tumults of the last year, but if it wasn’t hard, I wouldn’t be asking you worthies to winnow down through the assorted trash of the last year, but I feel it incumbent of me to mention a few names, not to unfairly influence this nomination phase, but to jog memories of what has been a hectic year of one prat after another jostling to get to the head of the pack.

We’ve never had a female winner if you exclude Justin Trudeau, but the stand out candidate on that front does seem to be Hillary Clinton who seems destined to conduct the longest whinge in political history. A few others like Rachel Maddow spring to mind, but she’s really a minor player in an American media field which seems to turn out one bland clone of a woman after another like a Stepford wife production line, but her USP is she’s a butch dyke, which I’m not sure magically qualifies her to be some sort of Walter Cronkite with a vagina.

On the male front, it would appear tempting to nominate Harvey Weinstein or Joe Biden or Kevin Spacey, but they’re not prats. They’re just evil people without the concomitant delusional good image of themselves; so no sexual predators/molesters please. Jimmy Kimmel does spring to mind at this point, though if rumours are to be believed, he might have some Weinsteinian complications heading in his very own direction.

Certainly, there are a few marginal figures on the fringes of AntiFa or BLM like Mayor Acosta of NY, NY who could usefully be looked at or not, judging by the picture above. To get the full payload of horror from that picture, you merely have to click here, but I would strongly advise against it.

Anyway, boys and girls, we’re off once again with the pratties, though in their slightly expanded remit. To remind you one final time, you have one week to make your five nominations by simply adding them as a comment under this piece. May the absolute worst prat win.


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68 Responses to “It’s Prattie time again.”
  1. Jamescrx says:

    I clicked. Should have listened to pointy. Some things you can’t unsee.


  2. Felicity ivison says:

    Elon Musk – self explanatory. Would have nominated him for climate pratt, but his prattishness is universal, and he spreads his prattishness globally.


  3. hunter says:

    I thought yor warning about that link was a joke.
    Damn you to hell, now I will never get that corpulent-but-hilarious vusion out of my mind.


  4. Blackswan says:

    Pointy …. how could you do that to your readers? There’s no way to un-see that header pic.

    As for the nominees … just as you’ve excluded sexual predators from the list, should truly evil individuals also be discounted? For example, Frau Frump from the Stasi’s Ministry of Propaganda must surely rate as the most destructive and divisive individual to throw Europe into turmoil since the early 20th century.

    Killary is in that category too. Evil is as evil does. She isn’t just a whining loser – she’s a highly dangerous criminal conspirator – and that’s a whole different ball-game from the Prat Olympics. As Secretary of State she decreed that DNA profiles on world leaders and other ‘enemies-of-the-state’ be gathered. To what end? Taking biological warfare to new depths of depravity with fatal disease tailor-made to an individual’s DNA?

    So many untimely deaths (by natural causes?) of conservative heroes … Michael Crighton and Andrew Breitbart for starters.

    As for real Prats … the nominees must start with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, aka Malcontent Turncoat. He’s a Grade-A straw man, a Goldman Sachs puppet, a wanna-be Labor Party man (they denied him membership), who joined the Liberals instead, ousted a PM who’d been elected in a landslide, took his job then implemented Labor Socialist policies thereby destroying the Right’s power base. A Prime Prat, but a dangerous one as well.

    Giving some further thought to other likely candidates ….


    • Blackswan says:

      Speaking of female Prats … I simply must overcome my natural colonial bias and nominate Her Majesty, the Queen – Australia’s Head of State.

      The Paradise Papers have revealed HM’s dodgy tax evasion moves as her private millions bask in the Caribbean sun … or get funnelled through holding companies in Juncker’s Luxembourg … and she pays minuscule amounts of tax to benefit the people of her realm.

      Add to that her ‘windfall’ of at least £37.5 million each year paid to her by offshore turbine operators (because she owns the seabed), but it’s the British people who pay through outrageously high power bills, and she’s cleaning up nicely … all at her subjects’ expense.

      Sorry Ma’am, but dropping a neatly folded £10 note into the collection plate at church on Sundays doesn’t quite get you off the hook. When it comes to pure Christian altruism, that sort of behaviour is a big fail, so consider yourself a duly nominated Prat of the Year candidate.


      • rapscallion says:

        Blackswan, I fear you are conflating tax evasion with tax avoidance. The former is illegal whereas the latter isn’t. Indeed, it is your duty to avoid paying a single extra penny in tax – why give them even more to waste?

        The Queen does however cause a not inconsiderable amount of people to visit the UK, and thus bring money into the country – to the benefit of her subjects.


  5. 42david says:

    Like Hunter and James I clicked the link. Shouldn’t have but you know how it is when someone advises you not to do something. Brain bleach now required.

    As for the Pratties I would like to nominate

    Macron of France – turning out to be a right wanker

    Elon Musk – fraud on a grand scale and the “luvvies” love it

    Kaiserin Merkel – for almost single handedly destroying the culture of her people.

    Malcolm Turnbull – [never heard of him?] – Prime Minister down here in Oz who has led his conservative [cough, splutter, choke] party from a large majority to impending electoral suicide.


  6. karabar says:

    Justin Trudeau the ignoramus who is currently Canadian PM, deserves a nomination
    Fiji’s Barney Marama, for his never-ending fantasy about Pacific Islands awash due to a fantasy.
    Julie Bishop, colloquially known as “that stick insect”, who might very well be Australian PM sooner rather than later.
    Lennie Decapitated, dying of ignorance and self-interest due to his fantasy about the weather is a good candidate.
    When it comes to ignoramus celebrities, it is hard to go past Emma Thompson.


  7. 1957chev says:

    For your consideration:
    Following last year’s train of thought, regarding the climate prat, BoyJustin, I would like to offer up the ever popular Canadian “Climate Barbie”…. She pretends not to be fond of the moniker we’ve bestowed upon her. (The ungrateful wench.) Her legal name is Catherine McKenna, I believe. Hard to think of her as anything else, other than Bimbo, er, I mean Barbie. Climate Barbie, to be precise.
    Please accept our humble Canadian submission to the contest. We have far more Prats than any one country ever should. Damned Liberals!

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  8. I must confess that I am a little confused. I thought that prat was a female body part so how is it that no woman has ever been awarded the title?

    It reminds me of that song we used to sing in the military about “Craven “A”” who thought “c*** was something that they called you in school”.

    Entering into the spirit of your challenge there are at least two women deserving of your consideration:

    AAA – Naomi Oreskes.

    BBB- Kathryn Hayhoe

    It is hard to imagine why any university would hire such people.


  9. greg says:

    Hillary, Musk, Merkel, Comey, Muller


  10. Now it’s open to any prat anywhere, it’s difficult to select just one (or even 5). My vote however goes to Boris Johnson as that one. It’s not that I doubt his intelligence, but Boris seems to ignore the truth and expects his jovial manner to work with the public and that his gaffes from not studying the available information will be overlooked. Where the Iranians are looking for leverage, it’s foolish to give them any hold. Better not to comment than to say something that is wrong. It seems to me that a promise from Boris is worth as much a three-pound note. The amazing thing is that he’s popular with the public at large and that there appears to be a reasonable chance of him becoming the next Prime Minister of the UK. That would be OK if he was just the figurehead and other people were making the actual decisions and negotiations, but that’s not the way it’s set up. You need someone in the position who works at understanding what’s happening, not someone who wings it in the hope that no-one will notice the mistakes. Boris could be competent, but he just doesn’t bother putting the work in.

    The only way I can make sense of the politics in the UK at the moment is that people at the top know that the Brexit negotiations are buggered and they are looking for someone else to pin the blame on when it happens. Conservative policies leading to the snap election seemed designed to alienate the core voters and to be unattractive to the young, and the only reason that they won it was that the Labour policies were so much worse. Were they trying to put Labour in power for the Brexit negotiations, and thus ensure that it wouldn’t happen? Seems suspiciously like it.

    As a runner-up, my vote would go to Maduro in Venezuela. The country should be rich, but because of the government policies and the corruption it just isn’t. It’s obvious the policies are wrong, and yet they are reinforced instead of being changed. People are voting with their feet, and it will take a long time to recover since it’s going to be the makers who leave and the takers who remain. In general in life, people only rise to their level of incompetence (the Peter Principle), but Maduro has been elevated way above the level he should be at. It’s hard to regard him as anything other than a prat.


  11. Graeme No.3 says:

    My nomination has no hope of winning but I claim that he is the rightful SuperPrat.
    He is Tom Koutsantonis, currently South Australia’s Treasurer and in ‘charge’ of electricity supply.
    A brief biography.
    Enters University, exits shortly to run family shop (fast food). After that went out of business entered Union organising and then parliament.
    After being appointed Minister for Road Safety, Koutsantonis was forced to apologise for his “unacceptable” driving record which listed 58 traffic offences and over $10,000 in unpaid fines. He resigned that portfolio, but his rise up the slippery pole continued and for the last 4 years he’s been South Australia’s Treasurer and Minister for Finance, Minister for Mining and Energy, Minister for State Development and Minister for Small Business.
    His greatest aptitude would be for small business as his career has been ‘illuminated’ by a series of companies either closing down or relocating elsewhere – possibly due to the claims that SA now has the highest electricity prices in the world (when it doesn’t have blackouts), the highest costs, the most complex bureaucratic swamp (at least nationally), the lowest population growth (possibly negative with the latest figures) and the highest national unemployment rate.

    That alone might be due to bad luck and poor judgement, but he has recently started a career as a prophet. Among his prognostications are
    The expansion in wind farms are leading to cheaper electricity (SA electricity rates have risen to the highest in the country and the developed world).
    SA is leading the way to the renewable future (speaking purely on my part after several blackouts last year including the first State wide one in living memory and another of 54 hours (and I got power back sooner than many) and 5 (so far) this year, “I have seen the future and it doesn’t work”).
    SA has so much surplus electricity that it will soon be supplying other States. (SA relies on imports from (coal fired) Victoria).
    SA has so much cheap electricity that it could generate hydrogen and supply the world with power (avoiding such difficulties as cost, intermitent availability, low efficiency, difficulties in storage, transport and usage and the small, small generation capacity present in SA).
    The newly installed diesel powered generators are ideal for solving any shortfall in supply in eastern States e.g Victoria which is shutting down coal fired plants (They might supply almost 0.5% of demand if it were available).
    SA now has enough new capacity (all diesel) and “the world’s largest battery” (it isn’t) so SA will have a reliable supply of CLEAN electricity.
    I rest my case.


    • Wow! I thought the USA had the dumbest government on the planet. Obama looks brilliant next to your Tom Koutsantonis.


      • Graeme No.3 says:

        He is. The question however is “can he beat a power pole”?
        HINT in SA power poles are the notorious Stobie poles. These are 2 U shaped steel channels bolted each side of a concrete slab. Cheaper than wood, termite proof and very dangerous if hit edge on. Turbo Tom would lose out in a competition with one of these.


  12. Number 1 – Justin Trudeau for turning the energy-rich country Canada into a country that will soon be asking the IMF for a bailout because deficits “balance themselves”
    Number 2 – Kathleen Wynn – the premier of Ontario – for turning the once mighty province of Ontario into a stagnate wasteland.
    Number 3 – the Canadian voter who vote for “leaders” because of their hair and “sunny ways”.

    Although Justin Trudeau – a one time part-time drama teacher might be serious competition for Tom Koutsantonis.


  13. Bushkid says:

    Of course I clicked on the link……. Oh – bloody – dear


    • Pointman says:

      I think I’m gonna call that the Pandora link …



      • Bushkid says:

        Yep, there’s no putting that back in the box.


      • PaleoSapiens says:

        As your apt name of MAD man (thank-you-may-I-have-another) viewing the Pandora link has been resisted…’I won’t do it, you can’t make me, you can’t make me…’ I doubt a sonar scan or Magnetic Anomaly Detection would make it any less horrific. [ex-Aerial Steel Shark Hunter]

        Much large thanks for your past and current service; it’s appreciated more than you know. You’ve made a bit of the world a better place, warts and all. Speaking of warts, it’s too late to add to your prat list (so many, so little time) however, endorsement of your top choices are ignobly made.

        Yes, you made it abundantly clear your rules were merely loose guide-lines. The path of least resistance and effort are being taken.


  14. Annie says:

    I’ll definitely avoid that link…the header picture is completely nauseating as it is.
    Hard to limit choice of prats to only 5…there are so many deserving candidates…where do you start?
    By way of a complete change of subject…thanks Pointy for the recent performance of Ralph Vaughan-Williams’ Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis. That’s a favourite of mine. It is so intensely English in a way that can’t be put into words. It was a pity we had close-ups of the conductor’s face…I covered the screen then. I also found the never-resting video irritating as it never gave a chance to look at the beautiful windows. A pity as the music itself was exceptionally good. Years ago I had the great good fortune to go to a concert by The Sixteen at Gloucester Cathedral.

    Back to the Pratties…will have to think about that but Killary probably heads the list.


  15. Bushkid says:

    Hmmm, spoiled for choice.

    It still mostly or all comes down to climate stupidity just the same, and that’s all tied in with political stupidity anyhow.

    1) Jason Weatherill (AKA Weatherdill) Premier of the state of darkest South Australia for his undying commitment to ensuring the highest electricity prices in the country and the world, along with the least reliable electricity supply; purchase of Elon Musks big duracell notwithstanding. Also, he’s the “Minister for blowing up coal-fired power stations, while failing to have a reliable source of electricity to replace them with”. He’s almost worth two mentions, actually.

    2) Union sock puppet Daniel (Call me Dan) Andrews, premier of the failing state of Victoria; also for outstanding efforts to destroy electricity generation in his state. He also deserves a second nomination for refusing to rethink his ban on natural gas exploration (to maybe replace his shut down coal generation capability) on the mainland of Victoria.

    3) Anastasia Palazcead;ka;odigadsng (apparently pronounced by those in the know as “Palacechook”) for the bright idea (well, brighter than our light bulbs will be) of the state of ueensland (my ku key is on the blink, please bear with me) running on 50% “renewable” energy by 2050 or something. Also worthy of a second nomination for deciding to veto the state government from having any say in the awarding of finance to the Adani coal mine because – her partner is employed in the federal gummint department that administers the fund for financing projects in northern Australia – or something.

    4) Looking overseas, it’s hard to pass up nominating Justin Trudeau, because he’s, well – just a total prat.

    5) A little closer to home, just “across the ditch” we have the juvenile commo, socialist, leftie from hell, she of the tombstone teeth and interfering manner – none other than Jacinda Adern, PM of NZ, now known as the “Land of the long white teeth” (previously the “land of the long white cloud”). This delightful dolly thinks that she can virtue signal her way to shaming our weathervane of a PM (he of the turning coat) into backsliding on whether or not to let her take 150 of the bods currently accommodated on Manus Island.

    6) If I can slip in another one, our atrocious PM, Maladroit the Malevolent, he of the turning coat who tried to join the Labor party, but was rejected by them so he joined the Liberal party instead. This Turkey has been a flop from long before he stole the PM-ship in a moment of desperation when it looked like his nemesis would keep winning. Actually, scratch his nomination, he’s too pathetic to even rate as a prat.


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      I thought your Premier was known as Dopey Dan. His main claim is to adopt the WeatherDILL approach to electricity AFTER it had proved to be a failure. PalaceChook and Jacindadope can be left to history as no-one believes they are actual persons rather than election poster.
      That the Labor party rejected Turnbull must prove that there is some commonsense hidden (deeply hidden) therein. Suppressed by their leadership.


      • Bushkid says:

        Graeme, I have the good fortune to not live in Dopey Dan’s state, but the one further to the North, skipping over NSW, and currently – well, I can’t say “led” by the palatial chook, but that’s the place. (All this is a roundabout way of saying my “ku” key isn’t working at present, and typing “ueensland” looks a bit weird.)


      • Bobl says:

        Bushkid ALT -113 = q and ALT- 81=Q

        Hold down ALT then type the number on the NUMERIC KEYPAD.


  16. philjourdan says:

    Now I am sorry I missed previous year awards!

    But I like to be short and sweet, so my single nominee this year is Al “Grope her” Franken for his championing of Women, after he molests them.


  17. beththeserf says:

    toil and trouble …
    In the spirit of gender equity,
    Hillary, Merkel and Oreskes.

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  18. hoppers says:

    Jonathan Bartley, outsider I know, but check out this delicious half hour of prattery and my nomination is hard to argue with. This guy defines the genre.

    BTW, I came across this because I am anti fracking for water table contamination and seismicreasons (these drillers just ain’t very good at what they do), not climate prattery reasons.


  19. hoppers says:

    P.S the hardcore prattery starts at about 10 mins in, and it rocks!


    • Pointman says:

      I took your tip and started 10 mins in, but could only stand it for the next 3 before the barf reflex kicked in. I’d never heard of him, but he’s world class prat material.

      Brutal. A great find Hoppers.



      • hoppers says:

        I realize that this year you have widened the brief, but I am old school and as a long time reader the “Pratties” has a special place in my heart. I would much rather see a genuine committed climate loon scoop this important award than a mere Globalist shill like Hillary or Angela. But that’s just me.


  20. Margaret Smith says:

    My choices are:
    Hillary (criminal, hypocrite, bad loser)
    Merkel (destroyer of democracy)
    Oreskes (total self-obsessed hypocrite)
    They happen to be women and I am deeply ashamed of these members of my own sex.

    Yesterday at dinner at a conference I found that some friends of mine with whom I had never discussed Trump and climate ‘science’, and who began a conversation on these topics, were in total agreement with me. The message is spreading!
    At one time I was a lone voice battling against total incredulity and patronising smiles.

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  21. Back in 1969 I greatly enjoyed a rugby tour in Ontario. One of the highlights or our tour was meeting Mayor Dennison of Toronto. Even though I was as political as a “Pet Rock” back then he struck me as a dangerous lunatic who should not be allowed to run anything. While relieving myself after a few beers I noticed a blackboard full of fascinating comments. There was one I remember to this day:

    “Mayor Dennison needs a brain transplant”

    Apparently things are not much better in Canada almost 50 years later.


  22. Pointman says:

    I’m going to use up three of my five nominations, and then watch to see which way the wind blows before I use the other two. Merkel, Hillary and Emma Thompson, because anyone who names her daughter Gaia deserves a bloody good kicking on behalf or their poor benighted child.



  23. Charles W. Peterson says:

    While I don’t see how Hillary can lose, I also don’t see how Kathy Griffin could be left off of this year’s list. I’d also include Al Franken, Prince Charles and Colin Kaepernick.


  24. Uncle Bob says:

    In no particular order:
    The Pope, for his international and authoritarian climate dogma delivery, which condemns the poor and downtrodden to further misery.
    Climate Barbie McKenna, being handed the torch by JT, and tweeting the wonders of Syria joining the merry COP band.
    Kathleen Wynn, for doubling down yet again with added crimes against the suffering current and future taxpayers and electricity consuming ratepayers of Ontario.
    Pharrel, because Hollywood needs an entrant, and the irony of burying a clay record in China.


  25. Clacket says:

    I think the competition is too generously inclusive. Like most inclusive policies, it runs the risk of being so inclusive as to be meaningless.

    Tough choices, but you need to weed out the merely temporally significantly noisy or objectionable. That takes out a lot of contenders, such as Thompson, Streep, Weinstein and their irritating but ephemeral ilk. Even the has-been Hillary. The ‘how does that piece of shite Gore sleep at night, quite nicely thanks’ and the bandwagon climatologists. Or the relatively locally larcenous Maduro, Mugabe and their gruesome suchlike.

    You don’t just have to be nasty in turn just because they so evidently in their various ways are. You have to try to identify the real, even if they don’t think that they are, villains, the expedient, fashionable casual authors of multi-generational mayhem. The ought to know better, ideological, idiotic-all, authors of genuine likely misery, waste and impoverishment.

    And the deaths of innocents sacrificed on the altar of vanity.

    Got to be Merkel or Trudeau, each in their own profoundly stupid way.


  26. Korong says:

    It should be shared equally between Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull, an ineffectual, arrogant and aloof windbag (soon to be removed from office by his own team), and the leader of the opposition, Bill Shorten, an amoral, opportunistic grub who would do or say anything to scrabble his way into power.


  27. Bill Toland says:

    I nominate Elon Musk five times. I honestly tried to think of four other poeple but nobody comes up to his outstanding standard.


  28. mike fowle says:

    If it were still climate, then Al Gore ought to be a contender because of his latest film, or the 15,000 (sic) members of the Union of Concerned Scientists (but not Anthony Watts’ dog). I would actually nominate Theresa May, the British Prime Minister. There she was sitting pretty with a workable majority, then after constantly saying she was not going to call a general election, she did so. She had to get round the fixed term Parliament Act to do so. The “snap” election took weeks. She had not yet implemented the boundary changes which would have automatically increased the number of Tory MPs, she oversaw an outstandingly useless campaign which alienated the old and animal lovers (raising fox hunting), and she showed no leadership qualities whatsoever. For me, historically, a prat is someone who does something extraordinarily stupid (I appreciate that may not be precisely your definition, Pointy) but that describes her to a T.


  29. Annie says:

    Oh boy! Difficult choice…too many to choose from.

    Anyway, my choice:

    Killary, Merkel, Dopey Dan Andrews of Victoria, Leo DiCap, the Pope.

    I wish I could add Turncoat, Weatherdill, Koutsantonis, Oreskes, Mann (as ever), Cox, Attenborough, Palacechook, Juncker, Barnier, Trudeau, Gore, Obama, Jacinda, and so on….on and on…grrr. Prince Charles I must not forget either.

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    • Annie says:

      Something has just struck me. They are all people who give me the squirms even just looking at a photo of them. What does that say? Inbuilt BS- detector?


      • Annie says:

        Except Prince Charles…he just annoys me when he preaches about CAGW.


      • Blackswan says:

        Your BS detector is in perfect working order Annie. We could add the Duke into that list … he’s the rabid Eugenicist who wants to come back as a virus and wipe out half the world population … as both he and Jug Ears (the human tampon) have shown up at Bilderberg meetings (along with most European royalty, both the Clintons, Merkel, Blair and David Cameron) to plan for One World Govt and how to reduce our numbers, while making debt slaves of us and coming generations.

        Sadly, saw young Will standing on his hind legs addressing a meeting last week sounding like Little Sir Echo as he admonished us all for lack of action on Climate Change, and just like his Grandpop, about how the world is soooo over-populated … all while his wife is pregnant with their third child. Irony escapes these people.

        Plus there’s his Grannie, raking in millions from wind turbines while hiding her cash from the Tax Man.

        Yep, they’re certainly a family of great honour and integrity, outstanding rectitude, and the utmost respect for the great unwashed masses upon whom they depend for their elevated station in life. And really worthy candidates for Prime Prat!!


      • Annie says:

        Hello Blackswan. I don’t go along with the niggle about HM The Queen. She’s worked long and hard all her life; much more than the lazy layabouts who depend on the taxpayer dole and who have no intention of ever doing a proper days’s work.
        Regards, Annie.


  30. Pointman says:

    I’ve still got two nominations left, so I’ll waste one on Emma Thompson but the other one on “stinky” Musk.



    • hoppers says:

      I’ve got 4 left.

      1/ Malcolm “do nothing” Turnbull, (Australian Liberal Party allegedly), for turning the world’s most resource rich nation and one of its largest gas producers into a Nation with a gas shortage and just about the highest energy prices in the World.

      2/ Josh Frydenberg, (Australian Liberal Party allegedly), for being Turbull’s energy minister in this debacle.

      3/ Jay Weatherill, (Australian Labour Party obviously) for running a basket case energy State (South Australia) and buying that battery from

      4/ Elon Musk who owns a car company which is actually a carbon credit scheme.

      (5/ Already nominated, the magnificent Jonathan Bartley (UK Greens) for that speech)

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    • Annie says:

      So that’s twice then for dear Emma T , Pointy?!

      Oh well , Musk got five straight votes from someone else!


  31. Santa's little helper says:

    Oreskes, Kate Smurthwaite,Theresa May for not understanding that if you don’t want to purchase something you can always walk away, Thompson…of course and a ‘male’ called Steve Shives who believes that saying ‘Its OK to be white’ is somehow waycist…


  32. rapscallion says:

    I’ll nominate just two for the moment.

    Htlery Clinton – a really nasty, evil woman, whose incessant “it was everybody else’s fault I lost” and
    Fuhrerin Merkel – who has singlehandedly hastened a civilisational war in Europe that will kick off sooner or later.

    . . after seeing that link, I’m now searching for some mind bleach – yuck


  33. Felicity says:

    Am happy to nominate Emma Thompson, her supercilious self righteousness makes her an ideal candidate; but I would hate to see Elon knocked out of the finals


  34. P-E Harvey says:

    May I suggest an Emeritus status for Justin Trudeau? There are others less deserving of a Prat of the year award, but who deserve to be distinguished nevertheless. Angela Merkel tries so hard.


  35. kakatoa says:

    I nominate Dr. Jacobson for his legal suit against Clack et al.

    as discussed here:

    “Roger Pielke Jr. describes the decay of climate science”.

    And here-


  36. Truthseeker says:

    Angela Merkel gets my vote after taking Germany down the “sustainable energy” route and then having to go back to brown coal because the country was collapsing economically under the weight of the subsidies.


  37. Graeme No. 3 says:

    I’ve got 4 nominations left and seeing that Silly Kout (Tom Koutsantonis) won’t win I am going to dump all 4 onto his boss Jay Weatherill (a.k.a Jason Wheathill in your list, and as J. Weatherdill to many).
    His fame includes being the first to try and run the State of SA (of which he is Premier) on 40% renewables. After the State wide blackout (and several only involving 100,000 houses for days at a time) he then announced that the State needed 50% renewables, and to do that it was necessary to buy the world’s biggest battery, install diesel generators then first rent then buy (before installation) 9 Open Cycle gas turbines which will burn diesel fuel for 2 years. (for those unacquainted these are expensive to run and pump out a lot of pollution). After his efforts doubled electricity prices he is now extolling renewables as cheap.
    On top of that he has influenced the Labor Premiers of Victoria (Dopey Dan) and Queensland (Palacechook) to compete in the Lunacy steeplechase. (This latter race differs slightly from the usual in that it involves the runners raising hurdles for those coming after, either that or digging huge holes in the finances).
    Yay for Jay. We shall not look on his like again, we hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Graeme No. 3 says:

      I forgot; having forced them out of business he dynamited the 2 coal fired power stations so they couldn’t be restarted. He has driven many businesses out of the State but only these 2 got the big bang.


  38. Pointman says:

    Early exit polls suggest it’s a two filly race – Merkel or Clinton, but you never know in the Pratties.



    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Both those reached their full pratitude last year. Elon Musk isn’t a prat, I cannot say what he is because of the laws of libel (and the legal thingy about ‘the greater the truth, the greater the libel”) so say that he is an entepreneurial businessman.
      Turnbull is a pathetic substitute. That leaves only Emma “showbiz luvvie” Thompson, who surely has a higher profile in the UK than she does here in Australia where we have our own world class Prats, even outside parliament.
      Decisions, decisions…OK it is the “showbiz luvvie” even if she isn’t the full quid.


  39. catweazle666 says:

    Angela Merkel for her services in support of the European Caliphate.
    Theresa May for her sterling work sabotaging Brexit.


  40. Since I’ve re-read the comments here (and this is the sort of place that’s worth re-reading) it seems that there’s a whole load of prattery around. Personally, my nominations (Boris Johnson and Nicholas Maduro) didn’t get anywhere, though I find myself thinking “what a prat!” whenever I see them on the news and sometimes find myself actually saying it out loud. Given the top 5, though, I chose Merkel as doing something with good intentions that was obviously not going to come out well. Of course I feel sorry for those displaced persons that she welcomed, but they carry their weather with them and it’s obvious that it’s going to be impossible to check any backgrounds or affiliations. Do they really want to leave their culture behind them and embrace the religion and culture of their new home? Probably a lot will try, but what percentage wouldn’t have left if they hadn’t been forced out?

    On the recent Forbes list, Angela Merkel is rated as the most powerful woman in the world. With power comes responsibility, and regret isn’t going to help the German people much as their personal freedoms have been assaulted. Traditional Christmas markets now have big concrete blocks around them to stop vehicle attacks.

    There’s been a lot of prattery from North Korea that hasn’t been brought up in this list. Maybe because it’s now expected that Kim Jong-un will keep on pushing the boundaries until his country gets wiped out.


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