As a lad, I always had a scattering of odd jobs around the neighborhood. Whatever needed fixing or replacing, nailing, brutalising back into place or just duct taping together so it’d work again, I was your ready kiddo who’d give it a lot of elbow grease and the old school try. It might not have been great work at times, but I was a willing serf. One of my regulars was a rather severe woman who ran a boarding house and therefore put a lot of work my way. I’d learned early the value of regular trade.

If there’d ever been a husband around, he’d probably withered and died under the acid rain deluge of the sort of horrific tongue lashing only women of a certain type can deliver. I’m sure it would have been a mercy killing in the end.

Nobody ever messed around with that woman – ever. Or at least climbed back into the ring for a second go at the untamed shrew from hell. Yassum mam was always the best, most prudent and fairly much the only policy on Earth when dealing with the elemental force of nature the likes of which she was. To be fair, she always divvied up on the spot for any job I did around the place. I never had to chase her for money. She was good in that way.

I was always careful to stay in my hutch like a good little terrified rabbit who knew his place, so we got along okay.

Mostly she worked to the usual formula. Provide the service and they pay you afterwards. Stay the night, settle up the next morning. There was one exception to that rule; show people – actors and actresses. They always had to pay in advance. There was a theater nearby on the green which I think is still there. As a matter of fact, I bought tickets for one my sisters for her birthday as a treat in order for her to see her first ballet for real. I wanted to give her that gift. Swan lake in miniature, as I recall.

She was that sort of girly mad about the Degas sketches of the ballerinas in training and the whole ballet thing in general. I was more into Miss Lala at the cirque Fernando and action sketching, just getting that line right at the first stroke of the charcoal. The one perfect shot. The best I could afford was way up in the gods and she promptly got vertigo, so there you go – no good deed goes unpunished. We didn’t even make it to the interval because of the barf threat overhanging the people down below but she still loved Edgar’s paintings, so there was no lasting damage done I believe.

Anyway, in one of those little zero social skills silences that occasionally occur with such people as the landlady, I asked why the “theatricals”, as she named them, had to pay in advance. “Because they’re all thieves, tarts, pimps or harlots” was the curt response as she machine marched onward to brutalise her way through the rest of her day. A few years down the line and after a few encounters with the theatricals myself, I sort of came around to her rather harsh way of seeing things when it came to them. The play is the thing, they’re just the people speaking the words someone else has created and put into their mouths.

They are ephemeral creatures of the moment, who’ll always go with what’s stylish and trending. Their interest will last just that long and be exactly that enduring. What’s today is soon yesterday and before the sun drops, it’s already a long gone yesterday. There’s always style, but rarely any substance. You learn to enjoy their show face, but you never trust them an inch.

That naked craving for attention is demeaning but you eventually realise they can’t help themselves. You see it, understand it and see that massive fault line running through their personality. It’s all about wanting people to look at them. Beautiful, delicate creatures who have not much else in the way of survival stratagems. In the end, they think it’s their sum worth and as the looks disappear, they tend to pull the pin on the grenade in one way or another. It’s rarely true, but persuading them of that mistake is nearly impossible.

They don’t focus on you, but each other because a professional is only ever interested in the real opinion of another professional on the performance. That’s their blind spot. They’re intuitive, tactile, touchy feely, but any train of thought beyond the momentary is a fleeting achievement. It’s all about show rather than substance. Hollywood is suffering its worst year in a quarter century and doesn’t know why because Hollywood only talks to Hollywood these days.

They’re going to have to get back to talking to ordinary people. They’ve totally lost touch. The Weinstein thing is illustrative of that lust to get their name further up the ladder. They all went with Harvey because he was useful in the furtherance of their career, but it’s now mete to loudly proclaim their victimhood, anything to get their name into paragraph one of the newspaper.

Weinstein was never unusual, what is though is the outing of him. They all knew and scurried around to protect him as if their life depended on it, because their careers did. Somebody who once worked as a producer in Hollywood decided to pull the plug on him and them.

Gather around and watch the piglets rush to judgment, scream and denounce each other, and tear themselves apart just to get themselves one more step up the ladder of notoriety. That’s the nature of the beast.


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58 Responses to “Hollywood.”
  1. Truthseeker says:

    Incisive as usual. I always knew there was something wrong with these people, now I know why.


    • Lionell Griffith says:

      They live in a make believe universe where truth does not exist beyond a convincing performance. The play is the thing while reality is very much not on the script.

      They become convinced their words create reality even though the words they speak are not their own. They are experts of let’s pretend and nothing more. Pretty puppets dancing to the command of invisible strings enhanced by special effects.

      What they offer might be entertaining and a momentary escape from the trials and tribulations of daily life. It may actually be worth the price of admission but the experience ends as you exit the theater and enter real life once again.


  2. Margaret Smith says:

    I agree completely and have believed for some time in the stupidity of actors. Film actors get stupid amounts of money for no work at all.

    All too many people in America seem confuse the actor with the roles he plays. Clint Eastwood understood this very well and wouldn’t play villians so he was all about him. I fear some of the current crop of ‘pretty boys’ really think they are courageous and knowledgeable then they speak their very own words and prove the opposite is the case. At least the old stars of the big screen served in the military and proved their manhood.
    Mostly the women are only interested in their looks because that’s all the men are interested in, that and the fact that few roles are worth the effort.

    Sorry about the rant.

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    • Pointman says:

      Pretty impressive rant Margaret and I know what you mean. James Stewart captained a B17 for a full tour of active service over Europe and got all his men home alive, Lee Marvin hit a lot of hot beaches as a marine in the Pacific and Clark Gable who was ruled too old for flight crew, used to routinely pull a deal with a waist gunner to swap him into a mission in the danger zone.

      You can see it in their performances. Theatricals like that can eat on my dime any time.


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  3. Doonhamer says:

    The self delusion has been good for non-USA actors. No self respecting Yank wants play the nasty villain, often the juiciest part.


    • Margaret Smith says:

      Doonhamer on October 21, 2017 at 6:41 pm
      2 0 Rate this comment
      The self delusion has been good for non-USA actors. No self respecting Yank wants play the nasty villain, often the juiciest part.

      Yes, except British actors happily play heroes or villains and to a British audience it doesn’t seem matter.
      BUT it seems that wherever the US leads we seem to follow – sooner or later. We now have things we never had before :-
      Convenience Stores
      Seasons (instead of Series)
      Loud ‘background’ music and whizz-bangs during documentaries

      and on and on……

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  4. rebecca says:

    How many nickels and dimes did you have to put together to buy her a ticket to the ballet Pointy?


  5. 1957chev says:

    Hollywood’s love affair with themselves has grown tiring. I am rather enjoying watching them implode. The show must go on…

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  6. nzpete says:

    A nice summary of their cloistered world. They are totally out of touch with reality, and now, I think it’s going to bite them bigly.


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Yes. The Democrats relied heavily on the denizens of Hollywood for endorsements and some money, and it didn’t really help them. This exposure and the reaction by the general public against actors and actresses in the political arena will result in less strutting of the political stage and angst for thespians. Lennie di Caprio will have to sit at home alone polishing his Climate Prat of the Year medal and thinking wishfully about the old times.

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  7. colin says:

    “Somebody who once worked as a producer in Hollywood decided to pull the plug on him and them.” You see Bannons’s hand in it, don’t you Pointy?


    • NZPete says:

      That’s a *very* interesting comment, colin. I had not thought that one through, but it seems plausible. I’m keen to know more!


    • Pointman says:

      His dabs are all over it. The perfect move. Weinstein got away with being a serial rapist since the early eighties, and suddenly out of the blue he’s outed. One half of Hollywood is terrified about what else might come out and the other half are throwing shit as hard as they can. They’ve been removed from the political stage for the foreseeable future. It’s nothing but full on survival mode at the moment.


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  8. meltemian says:

    Yes, everything you say is true Pointy but why do I get the feeling that the whole Weinstein thing is a cover to take people’s minds off something else (Las Vegas maybe?) ………Look. a squirrell……


  9. Blackswan says:


    Hollywood has always had the reputation of being a moral cesspit. I suggest it’s more like La Brea Tar Pits where the bones of predators and their prey are perfectly preserved after being drawn into those viscous depths. Preserved images in the re-mastered old films we can now watch in our own homes. So many actors’ biographies have told of Hollywood’s hedonistic culture, and young aspirants are either stupid or ignorant not to know what history was telling them.

    As Weinstein has discovered, even the largest mammoths couldn’t survive the tar pit unscathed.

    Today the focus is on the women who have been used and abused but nobody is willing to speak about the young men who have suffered similar assaults and abuse at the hands of homosexual predators, and heaven forbid that anyone dare whisper about the children handed around among the paedophile networks that operate with impunity.

    Patronage has been a feature of the Arts since ancient times and the experience of the Money Men of the entertainment industry has taught them that everything in their world is for sale, everything has a price … and they’ve so often been proven right.

    The biggest names in acting aren’t real ‘people’ … they’re a Brand, a multimillion dollar business enterprise and too often, the person who bears that name (often not the one they were born with) isn’t even the CEO. They are ‘owned’ by managers, agents, accountants, stylists … all at a price. Everybody has a coterie of hangers-on … like ticks on a hound. Everybody wants a piece of the action.

    Along with many others like him, Weinstein’s thuggery has been covered up for years. Tinseltown operates on a code of Omertà like any other industry built on money laundering and tax evasion activities.

    It’ll be interesting to see what gets dug out of the tar pits this time around.


    • Margaret Smith says:

      Sorry Blackswan – hit down thumb by mistake as I meant the opposite. Can this be fixed?


      • Blackswan says:

        No problem Margaret … thanks for your good intentions 🙂

        Perhaps on this subject we might spare a thought for the same kind of predatory behaviour on young men and women in the music industry or in elite sports. Aspiring young Olympians have also been victims of paedophile coaches and officials, although “unsubstantiated” allegations have been made to ‘go away’ while the young athlete has been accused of “bringing the sport into disrepute” by complaining.

        Let’s not forget the corporate world where sometimes it’s young men who are put in a similar position by power-hungry female executives.

        Wherever power and money hold sway, morals and ethics seem to evaporate.


      • Blackswan says:

        FINALLY! … it’s only taken 15 years to catch up with this grub, but he’s finally been charged.

        “FORMER star swimming coach Scott Volkers has been charged with multiple child sex offences.
        It marks the latest stage in a saga of controversy stretching back a decade and a half for the coach, whose proteges included Olympians Susie O’Neill and Samantha Riley.”


        The exposure of long-concealed paedophiles and the likes of Weinstein seems to be having a ripple effect across the world.


    • Margaret Smith says:

      Blackswan, sometimes there are entertainers who do ‘get it’ and suffer badly from self-loathing

      Here in the UK Kenneth Williams was a big comedy star who always felt his profession and therefore he himself, was worthless.
      He starred in the ‘Carry On’ films, was much loved on panel shows and talk shows. In February 1974 he said:-
      “The further you go into this profession the more you realize it’s utter hollowness – ‘The looking glass world’ where the values are simply those of the market place and little else matters at all.”

      This bothered him all his professional life and on April 14 1988 his, rather poignant, last entry in his diary before an overdose of barbiturates ended his life was “Oh – what’s the bloody point?’


      • Graeme No.3 says:

        His feelings were not helped by him being a classically trained actor but being forced into “gay roles”. He was of course gay but he was asked to behave as such in a way that he loathed.
        My memory is of him of “Just a Minute” and his formidable knowledge of history.

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  10. gallopingcamel says:

    In my late teens I was crazy about William Shakespeare and attended every first night at the Stratford Memorial theater. Given that I had no money how was this possible? Back then I lived at the Lowe in Wellesbourne, our family home with six bathrooms, stables and many acres of land and a ha-ha:

    However we were broke so my mother started taking paying guests to make ends meet. As it happened most of our customers were the very people that Pointman’s harpy regarded as a bad credit risk.

    That is how I met some wonderful (but unreliable) people like Lee Monagu, Patrick Wymark and many more. While these folks were always hard up they provided free tickets for those “First Nights” and that is how I met Vivian Leigh and her ex-husband. While we were sitting in the nosebleed seats at the Memorial theater, my mother made me cringe by loudly remarking “Who is that dreadful person playing Malvolio?”. Of course she knew the actor was Lawrence Olivier. I am happy to have inherited my mother’s sense of humor even though it gets me into trouble in this politically correct world.

    Back then I was a fast bowler with a good out swinger so I played for the Memorial theater cricket team. I was also a batsman with an agricultural swing that was quite effective once the opening bowlers were rested. Vivian Leigh used to bring out the tea for us.

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    • Santa's little helper says:

      Show off…( a little envious tho’)


      • gallopingcamel says:

        Yes……and totally missing the point that Pointman is making.

        One of the problems of getting old and feeble is that you remember highlights from your youth and then reminisce so as to bore the c**p out of anyone who will listen.

        Thank you for listening!

        Cricket was not my strong suit. I used to play for Coventry RFC when we often supplied 12 players for Warwickshire and 8 players for Midland Counties. Here is a link from another thread. We played the All Blacks and the Springboks in Coventry in the 1960s:

        Forget my nonsense……the rest of that tread at “Chiefio” is worth reading.


  11. Pointman says:

    Swedish Journalist Who Called Assange ‘Criminal’ Accused Of Rape And Sexual Assault Of Girls As Young As 14




  12. Pointman says:

    NBC Fires Mark Halperin After Sexual Harassment Allegations; Behavior Was ‘Open Secret’ At ABC


    Accusations are flying in all directions.



    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Good Heavens! Will Hilary’s consort be next?


    • Pointman says:

      They’re already gunning for Bush Snr for pinching lady’s bums from his wheelchair, but he’s a Republican. Bill is a Democrat, so his rapes will continue under a news blackout as usual.



      • gallopingcamel says:

        Nobody could make this stuff up!

        You have to love how the Russia, Russia, Russia accusations have boomeranged to clobber Hillary and the Fake News hyenas. This time people will go to jail. Will the Clintons find another Susan McDougal to do their jail time for them?


  13. waterside4 says:

    Luckily my beautiful ex fiance does not visit your great site Mr Pointy.
    Otherwise we may not be celebrating 50 years of blissful matrimony next year.
    Below find a little offering which sums up my thoughts on all this sexual ballyhoo.


    Something I don’t understand
    All this hype of movie land
    Girls sitting on their asset
    Were the moves never tacit?
    Has never an aspiring starlet
    Acted like a real harlot?
    When Eve offered him a bite
    Adams Apple tasted right.

    Cleopatra was a phony
    Made an ass of poor old Tony
    He lost his kingdom to an asp
    When she caressed him in her grasp
    Feminists conceptualize
    All men to desexualize
    She cannot Tango on her own
    She was just formed from your rib bone


  14. Pointman says:

    Theresa May is ‘deeply concerned’ after Westminster is rocked by sex pest scandal as a secret WhatsApp group of female staff shaming ‘very handsy’ and ‘not safe’ MPs is exposed


    Westminster fat cats scurrying for cover now.



  15. Pointman says:

    Doc Martin star Martin Clunes wades into the Harvey Weinstein scandal by accusing some actresses of flirting with film producers ‘like predators’


    On the other hand …



  16. Pointman says:

    Bannon Declares War On “Phony Culture Brokers” In Hollywood Who “Turned A Blind Eye” To Weinstein.


    Timing is everything. Throw in the hand grenade among them, let the accusations fly between them for a couple of weeks, then swoop in for the coup de grace. Start talking to middle America, or shrivel down even further and die.

    The master at work plotting their downfall behind the scenes finally reveals his hand. They’ve got a busted flush and he’s holding a full house.



  17. NZPete says:

    This three part series is well worth reading:
    “Tinseltown Travelogue is a three-part series exploring Hollywood’s stunning hypocrisy and institutionalized bigotry.”


  18. Meantime, in the UK Michael Gove had the temerity to make a joke about Weinstein, receiving a good laugh and applause from the audience and then disdain from the warriors trying to keep hold of the moral high path (a slippery one, that). See https://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=gove+weinstein for reports.

    I now need to get shriven as well, since I laughed at the joke….

    It’s been an effective control in England for a long time, that no-one wants to be laughed at. Even the professional comedians want to be laughed with, not at. People will do something antisocial just for the hell of it and to feel like a rebel for a short time, but they won’t when they know people will snigger when they pass by.


  19. Pointman says:

    Louis C.K. accused of sexual misconduct by 5 women; movie premiere abruptly canceled


    The cesspit is really getting an airing each day.



  20. Pointman says:

    Another smarmy bastard’s past catches up with him.



  21. Pointman says:

    Video: Joe Biden Forces Little Girl to Touch His Crotch


    “Creepy” Joe Biden strikes again.



  22. Pointman says:

    Franken Pitched SNL Sketch About Drugging And Raping A News Anchor
    Photo of Richard Pollock




  23. Power Grab says:

    A few months ago I played for a local production of “Annie, Get Your Gun”. I dropped my teeth when I noticed these lyrics in one of the showstopper numbers:

    “Angels come from everywhere with lots of jack, and when you lose it, there’s no attack
    Where could you get money that you don’t give back? Let’s go on with the show.”

    It struck me as the perfect description of the CAGW scam.

    Don’t get me started on how an Academy Award, such as was given to Al Gore, is a reward for creating something fake that the audience believes is true! Actors…they act…they pretend…it’s what they do.

    Thanks for bringing out the point about Bannon’s [likely] part in the bringing down of the VIP-sleezeballs in Hollywood. I have been wondering and wondering whose feet finally were brought close enough to the fire to shake up that fortress of evil.

    I am convinced that the show business industry (and our elevation of it) is a HUGE PART of why our culture is so dysfunctional.


  24. Pointman says:

    Someone has started drip feeding some very disturbing photos of Obama. It looks like him indulging “Creepy” Joe Biden was no acctdent. These don’t look photo shopped to me.




  25. Pointman says:

    Secret Service Agent says Joe Biden is the Washington DC Weinstein.




  26. Pointman says:

    Democrat Conyers Threatens to Take the Whole Damn Swamp Down With Him!




  27. Pointman says:

    Charlie Rose Accused By 8 Women Of Nudity, ‘Groping’ And Lewd Phone Calls


    They really are getting outed for what they are.



  28. Pointman says:

    BREAKING REPORT: MSNBC Will Sever Ties With Sam Seder Over Polanski Child Rape Tweet


    There’s something truly sick about these people.



  29. Pointman says:

    Democratic Congressman Conyers “Retires, Not Resigns” As Sexual Misconduct Allegations Build




  30. Pointman says:

    Still Rattled By Trump’s Tweet, Jimmy Kimmel Blames Netflix for Oscar Ratings Collapse



  31. Pointman says:

    Politics proving to be a tad too expensive for Hollywood.


    Report: 2019 Oscars Will Have No Host – an effort to drag the viewing numbers back up. It’ll be an even bigger disaster.


    Hulu Cancels Sarah Silverman’s ‘I Love You, America’ After One Season.

    Non-stop sniggering at Trump = Non-stop sniggering at Trump supporters. Geddit?


    Report: Anti-Trump ‘Murphy Brown’ Reboot Cancelled After One Season.

    Non-stop sniggering at Trump = Non-stop sniggering at Trump supporters. Geddit?



  32. babygrandparents says:

    As usual – THANKS. Loved the monologue by Ricky, loved the expressions on the many faces and enjoyed the analysis. The last 2 sentences are amazing Pointman. Kill a Baby and receive applause. What fucking planet do we live on.


  33. jslide says:

    That “Somebody who once worked as a producer in Hollywood” wouldn’t happen to be a reference to Steve Bannon would it?


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