Looking out of a broken window.

Even in ancient Roman times when a bunch of raw recruits joined the legion, it became someone’s job to train them. The guiding principles used by the ancient equivalent of a drill sergeant are the same ones in use to this very day, because they’re sensible and they work. You start out on them hard, picking up on every single mistake no matter how minor. Near enough, close enough – just isn’t good enough anymore, it has to be spot on.

You run them ragged, picking up on every infraction and tearing them off a strip every single time. If you’re any good at your job as a trainer, they soon learn to perform their new profession to an acceptable standard. When they start to get up to speed, you ease up gradually and see what you’ve built.

They’re starting to walk with a certain swagger; pride in what they’ve achieved. They’ll always surprise you with what they’ve become and it’s one of life’s pleasures to think you’ve had a hand in making them really good at something, sometimes for the very first time in their life.

What’s actually happening in that process is you’re modifying behaviour in a beneficial direction by not allowing undesirable behaviour even in minor things. It’s not so much a case of look after the small things and the bigger ones will look after themselves, but rather catch a small fire early and direct it before it becomes a raging inferno which can’t be controlled. The people who got me through my substantive education would have used the phrase “keeping up standards”.

The idea has been codified as the broken windows theory by various people working in the field of experimental psychology. It gets its name from the idea that if an empty house has a broken window and it’s not quickly repaired, pretty soon vandals will break other windows, then break in to do more vandalism or just to occupy it for their own purposes.

It’s a gradual process and if you follow the Wiki link to the details of the theory, it applies equally in both deprived or well-to-do neighbourhoods, the only difference being in the speed with which the process proceeds.

Like a lot of work done in experimental psychology such as Milgram’s, it seems to upset sociologists greatly. I think it’s because it’s irrefutable and apolitical; human nature is as it is and we must learn to work with it rather than bend it to fit into some pet theories about how we’d like people to be. Throwing a hissy fit isn’t going to change the results of a real-world experiment.

The idea formed the theoretical basis to a new approach to policing called zero tolerance. Basically, any and all infringements of the law were picked up on and persued to some sort of punishment. It was used very successfully to roll back out of control crime rates in Philadelphia, New York and some other cities. Chicago looks about ready for a dose of it, judging by the murder and mayhem statistics coming out of there.

As usual, the social “scientists” tend to dispute its effectiveness, but the people living in neighbourhoods where it’s been applied have no doubts.

We are living in times where the democratically expressed will of electorates is subject to violent assaults by other people who don’t agree with the result of an election or a referendum. Having no legitimate reason to overturn the result, they’re turning to violence and the threat of it to get their way. They won’t succeed and increasingly most people are ignoring both them and the people in the legacy media cheering them on, but in response their behaviour is becoming more extreme by the day.

They are Obama’s bully generation, who feel entitled to ignore not only a democratic result but the rule of law, simply because they absolutely know they’re in the right. Given that the mainstream left-wing party they nominally represent has disingenuously chosen to stay quiet and refused to exercise any restraint over them, it therefore falls to us to do the reining in, and it does involve the exercise of the broken window theory. Let’s go through what I see are examples of its application.

A female reporter covering the Women’s March from the sidelines, asks a few awkward questions of some of the people parading by, who were expecting the usual adulatory media interview. A thug appears and in short order becomes verbally abusive, threatening her and then suddenly without warning of any sort hits her full force in the face. Having committed a violent crime against a woman, he’s then bundled away to safety by women marching for women’s rights and then they all turn on the reporter to do a bit of victim blaming.

The reporter’s editor, the redoubtable Ezra Levant whom I’ve mentioned before, instead of laughing it off goes after the thug. Sure, there’d be some news value in it, but I feel his dander was up – nobody knocks his people around and gets away with it. He immediately put up the video of the man attacking and offered a $1000 reward to anyone who could identify him. Within a short time, the thug was identified as Jason Dion Bews, 34, who has since been charged with assault and threatening behaviour.

There seems to be this belief that if you’re engaged in some sort of political demonstration, then for the duration of it, all common law is suspended. Newsflash – it isn’t. That seems to be the delusion that the woman beater Bews was operating under. An even worse example of this “I’m in a demo, so anything goes” behaviour, was a woman surreptitiously setting fire to another woman’s long hair behind her back, seemingly for no other reason than the woman was there to celebrate the Trump inauguration.

It’s the same vicious phenomenon at work. The story with pictures of the criminal woman show a deliberate attempt to set alight to another human being. The woman is as yet unidentified, but if you do happen to recognise her or her accomplice, report her to the police. If you don’t, next time she’ll kill or seriously injure another person, and you’ll be culpable.

In passing, an obvious city ordinance to enact is the one already in force in most shopping malls. No hoodies and scarves concealing your face at demonstrations or you get charged. It’d save a lot of tracking down of these people and most certainly inhibit them behaving in a criminal manner in this CCTV world we live in nowadays.

Another example of what can only be described as anti-social behaviour is a woman on an aeroplane who chose to have a rant at another passenger simply because she believed it was her right since the object of her ire was a Trump supporter. It’s perhaps a sign of the times that she was removed from the aircraft accompanied by cheers from all the other passengers whose flight she had held up. I’ve no doubt she’s now on that airline’s no fly list.

A side effect of the Trump campaign is that I’ve pretty much stopped following the legacy media, but keep an eye on tweets by a few people whose take on things I find interesting. It’s a nice quick catch up on things once a day, but the downside is you have to scan the replies they get as well. Given that the ones I follow on twitter have slightly off the reservation views, they attract a lot of internet Fascists determined to silence them.

Fair enough, you go in the kitchen, expect it to get hot at times.

What is unacceptable though is tweets saying “I’m going to kill Trump”. I immediately forward such threats to the Secret Service, whose job it is to protect the elected head of state from death threats. That person is now on an assassination watch list and if they live outside the USA, their chances of getting an entry visa have just hit zero. I do notice that such maniacs fail to make a reappearance though. Pennies start to drop, even with life’s thickest examples.

Again, that slap wasn’t intended so much for them, as at the watching onlookers who now know the simple thing that happens to people threatening to kill other people.

Such reining in of unacceptable behaviour doesn’t just apply to the sad people living in their parent’s basement who think using an anonymous handle on the internet means they can’t be found, but also to celebrities like Madonna who carried away by the euphoria of the moment, start advocating things like blowing up the White House.

Someone obviously had a quiet word in her ear, her reply to which was a tweet “Fuck Donald Trump and fuck the Secret Service” which she quickly deleted. Maybe the idea of yet another world tour when you’re on a few no fly lists pulled her back from the brink of her own inanity to the soft porn squak pop music she’s good at.

It wasn’t however quick enough to prevent her getting banned from a few radio stations across America. She should ask the Dixie Chicks what happens when you decide to take an onstage dump on Motherhood, Apple Pie and the Marines in America. Your career dies, no matter how big and nasty a bitch you think you are.

I suppose the most offensive facet of this anti-social behaviour is celebrities or people in the entertainment business thinking that because they hate Donald Trump, it’s okay to say absolutely anything about his family. Even in the Mafia, family is off-limits, but we are plumbing new lows these days.

A reporter for Politico tweets “Trump fucks Ivanka” his daughter and is eventually fired, just to be hired a week later by CNN and given her own show. That’s the same CNN who hired that reporter who got fired from another channel for feeding the Clinton campaign privileged information. No wonder he has a slight problem with that particular fake news channel.

A Hollywood “C” lister stands up in front of a crowd and reads a poem about incest between Trump and one of his daughters. A scriptwriter and various performers decide to give Trump’s son Barron a good going over. He’s variously described as a date-rapist-to-be, the first home schooled shooter meaning he’ll shoot his father, and a lot of people start diagnosing him as having various painful diseases, all of which they fervently take great delight in hoping he’ll die of.

Barron Trump is a ten-year old child.

I will never watch, buy, nor recommend any entertainment product any of those people are remotely connected with. Any product they endorse will never make it into my weekly shopping, never mind my home. Anything they have anything to do with, I will avoid having anything to do with at all.

That’s my broken window policy with regard to them.

I recall the widow of one of my few personal heroes saying of the day he was murdered, the whole city of Dallas was covered in wanted posters, all labelled dead or alive. Pure hate on paper just because people would vote for someone whose politics you neither agreed with nor approved of. The haters got him that day and in the years to come they also got Martin and Bobby and a lot of others less notable.

In doing so, they shot the arse out of so many of the optimistic hopes of my generation. Politics fell into the hands of the murderers, maniacs and the assassins for a decade; it became the violent ward for psychotics you entered only if it couldn’t be avoided.

From then on, we all knew we were in the pit and all that mattered was surviving, and to hell with any residual memory of that Camelot delusion. Get your head down, look after number one and screw any idea about what you can do for your country but rather what you can get out of it for yourself. What followed, even looking back through the fond glass of decades gone recollection, was fundamentally ugly.

I fear that unless a lot of supposedly responsible people calm down, get a grip on reality and stop nailing up those wanted posters, that’s the trip we’re heading into again. All it takes is one nutter, and once the unthinkable has occurred, then all the other nutters piled up behind them like dominoes waiting to fall will have their desperately longed for fifteen minutes of fame. Make no mistake, the blood will flow and it’ll be on your hands too.

You have been warned from across the years.



15 Responses to “Looking out of a broken window.”
  1. Pedro the Swift says:

    Pointy, I have been a long time admirer of your blog. I was always considered smart but until some seven years ago this smartness did not extend to the ways of the world. In fact in true antipodean fashion my worldly knowledge was describable as ‘Dumb As Dog Shit’.

    It seems that the wool was pulled from my eyes in a similar fashion to many others with the rise of the catastrophic global warming charade. My education in worldly matters has been a long time coming. I am half way through my seventieth year on earth, the last eleven or so with the scourge of Parkinson’s Disease.

    The wool was not in place at the time that a personal hero we share was gunned down in Dallas, and the weapon used was most certainly not a 6.5mm Mannlicher Carcano rifle. A quick perusal of the rifle reloader’s bible “The Hornady Handbook” gives but one reason. However this event which I knew the US Authorities had a hand in and had concocted a patsy for, did not raise the alarm as did AGW. Well perhaps not AGW but the arrival of the internet which provided an alternative to the main stream media, replete with its lies. The truth suddenly burst from the darkness and lit up my worldly view.

    Conspiracy theorists abound. I don’t believe I am one. Others may differ. My conundrums are many and varied. Fractional reserve banking and the thieves who represent central banks, pretending to manage inflation while being the root cause. JFK’s assassination. A multitude of “terrorist” attacks. Do we include Sandy Hook? The Triple Towers. Agenda 21 of the UN. Our own Port Arthur and the patsy who having hardly handled a firearm and with an IQ of about 66 suddenly produced a kill to injured ratio of 1.6 to 1. Only the most elite of the world’s special forces are capable of ratios like this certainly not the unfortunate who without so much as a trial is confined for the term of his natural life.

    The turret holding the fifteen inch guns is slowly bearing down upon the few who benefit from these events. Unfortunately the target is elusive and has had more fortune than the Hood when chasing Bismarck.

    Our shared personal hero was a man of great courage. Three highlights which demonstrated this were: 1) He signed the still in existence Executive Order 11110 for the introduction of a rival currency to the Federal Reserve’s enslaving variety. 2)He secretly corresponded with Nikita Kruschev regarding Nuclear Test Bans and eventual peace. Kruschev is yet another person demonised by the CIA and another who history will smile on. 3) Kennedy intended in the near future to withdraw from Vietnam thus costing the defence “industry” a fortune. He knew that any one of these stances alone were potential for an assassin’s bullet.

    I regret that I agree with you that Donald Trump may be heading the same way. He was somewhat disappointing in his praise at Langley. Slightly different to JFK’s “I would like to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and cast it before the wind” and he has not mentioned monetary reform. One can only hope.

    The arrival of each new post from you brings excitement. You handle the English language with aplomb. Thanks. Your final paragraphs say it all.

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    • Juliet 46 says:

      + 100


    • 42david says:

      Pedro are you suggesting that Martin Bryant did not kill 35 and wound 23 at Port Arthur? If you are on what credible evidence do you base your assertion?


      • Blackswan says:

        David, Pedro doesn’t believe he’s a “conspiracy theorist” so you’ll never convince him that a person of low IQ, physically intact with all his senses in a state of heightened alert, is capable of destroying a restaurant full of defenceless men, women and children with high calibre automatic weapons.

        As we see in various categories of the Para-Olympics, IQ has no bearing on physical attributes, but that doesn’t fit the narrative of “enlightened” individuals like Pedro who remain convinced that the massacre was planned by then-Prime Minister John Howard as a catalyst to disarm the population in a gun buy-back scheme.

        Though Pedro claims “the unfortunate who without so much as a trial is confined for the term of his natural life”, this ‘unfortunate’ was judged fit to stand trial, pleaded guilty to all charges and was duly sentenced to 35 life terms plus a further 1,035 years. Currently confined to a prison mental health facility after several suicide attempts over the past 20 years and for his own protection, justice has been served.

        As for the gun buy-back … what a major failure that has been. Today the bad guys run amok fully armed, while many of those handed-in weapons mysteriously avoided destruction, finding their way onto the black market to be used in robberies and gang-related killings.

        Good intentions always have unintended consequences.

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    • 42david says:

      Thanks Black Swan. I had a bit to do with the Port Arthur massacre on the periphery and I was interested in how Pedro was going to explain his statement.
      The gun buy-back/surrender was a fiasco. Mine are still safely locked away.


      • Pedro the Swift says:

        Black Swan, I have reread my post but can’t locate any reference to John Howard or the gun buy-back scheme. I however have handled a firearm and have some knowledge of them and their capabilities. Reports indicate that firing but 29 rounds in the cafe the perpetrator killed 19 outright while wounding 12, indicating that some rounds hit more than one victim, this while shooting from the right hip as indicated by eye witnesses. One eye witness and victim Neville Quinn stated “He appeared to be the best trained army guy I’ve ever seen; his stance was unbelievable.” An army brigadier in an interview on the 10th April 1999 referred to the shooter as having “Almost satanic accuracy”. No mention has been made of the accused’s Special Forces training.

        I would also be most interested to discover the real reason no trial ever occurred as on 30th September 1996, Bryant who at that time was represented by lawyer David Gunson pleaded “not guilty” to all of the 72 charges against him. Strangely enough Gunson resigned the following day and within a month the accused had changed his plea. Even more strangely the accused was never taken to the crime scene by police, a standard procedure to obtain detailed information as to how the crime was carried out. This is as far as I intend on this subject although there is much more to be said.


      • Blackswan says:

        Pedro – the shooter being an expert theory was raised many times over the years, the Howard disarm-the-nation motivation usually cited as the reason for it. What other reason could there be? Please enlighten us.

        As I understood it, the reason for the initial ‘not guilty’ plea was on the grounds of diminished responsibility due to his mental impairment. However, after several psychiatric examinations he was found to be fit to stand trial, which he did.

        Perhaps they didn’t want a repeat of the Rory Jack Thompson verdict.

        The accused wasn’t taken to the scene because he was in hospital for some time (along with his grievously wounded victims) because he was extensively burned during the arson attack on the home where two of his victims lay dead. Their deaths weren’t random – he had a long-running family grievance with them.

        “No mention has been made of the accused’s Special Forces training.” Really? That’s very interesting because his school records showed he was known to torture and kill animals, tease and bully younger children, have a low IQ, left school unable to read and write, and being unemployable was granted a full Disability Pension. The only jobs he ever had were as a handyman/gardener.

        Perhaps a factor in his high kill-rate was the fact that most of his victims lay huddled together under cafe tables, hit at close range in a small building with high calibre ammunition. Also, any shooter acquires a “stance” otherwise they end up on their arse.

        This has been an interesting discussion Pedro and I suppose the debate will continue so long as any Tasmanian remembers that dreadful day … how could we forget it?

        This isn’t a matter of “broken windows” … it’s about the Rule of Law and ultimately, Justice.


      • asybot says:

        @ Black Swan Jan 30th, 1.12 am
        You generally write well thought out comments but I take offense to the part where you said “The only jobs he ever had were as a handyman/gardener.”. I brought up a family of 5 as a “handyman/gardener” for over 35 years. My kids finished High School and College.
        That comment btw is used way too many times in a very derogatory way. Believe you me the knowledge you need to do those two jobs is extensive and frankly a joy to be able to do them instead of just one mundane job 8 hrs a day. Day in day out. Year in year out.


      • Blackswan says:

        asybot … may I respectfully suggest that, perhaps due to past negative experiences, you may have readily taken offence where none was ever intended. I’ve spent too many years as an unpaid handyman/gardener to ever be disparaging of such hard work.

        In checking my facts on the Port Arthur psychopath’s background (I refuse to use the bastard’s name), I consulted his online biography and simply quoted this information – “received a disability pension, though he also worked as a handyman and gardener.”

        Simple as that.

        In a remarkable irony, when he took that job as gardener to a wealthy Hobart woman, he ultimately became a multi-millionaire when she bequeathed to him her substantial share of the Tattslotto fortune.

        And today he languishes, the richest inmate of Risdon Prison.


      • asybot says:

        Blackswan , Okay , I can handle that but maybe you could have quote marked the sentence or added the info, as I said I enjoy reading your posts and it just didn’t seem like you at all.


  2. Blackswan says:


    We’ve all heard it said often … “A fish rots from the head down” … and when people see outrageous law-breaking from their nation’s leaders (and getting away with it), it follows that they too will have little respect for either the law or for other people.

    Take the Clintons for example. Their decades (of what can only be described as ‘organised crime’) rates as “the largest un-prosecuted charity fraud in history” by Charles Ortel, the Wall Street numbers man who exposed the malfeasance of General Electric. In this radio interview with Utrice Leid, Ortel’s outrage and disgust is obvious for all to hear. (h/t MSNews)


    The Clinton Crime Family got away with it (so far) by drawing in shakers and movers from around the world, sucking Billions of dollars into the mire of their greed and corruption. Who among them is going to blow the whistle when their own criminality would be exposed? Nope, better for them to take the bribes (usually laundered through the international Speaking Circuits) and the highly lucrative post-politics appointments on offer, and keep their mouths shut.

    The Average Joe becomes so fed up with the crime and cover-up of the self-styled ‘elite’ that he wonders if there’s any distinction between Right and Wrong at all.

    Instead of administering Justice and cleaning up their dirty dealing, the ‘elite’ have legislated (via the UN and the EU) to quell any civil protest at their own lawlessness and have become a real threat to our freedom and democracy.


  3. asybot says:

    “Their desperately longed for fifteen minutes of fame.”
    Pointman these days if they do even get 15 minutes. If it doesn’t fit their agenda it is gone as fast as possible. Thanks for a great article and the way you describe your reaction to the whole mess in those days.
    Frankly for awhile I also ignored the rest of the planet while just trying to keep our heads above the water. As young parents it was patently clear your kids would suffer in the school system if you voiced any objections to said system and the people running it. Believe you me we actually had to move to a different town after a confrontation with a principal and after the union aimed it’s full wrath on us.

    As an side the “Prat of the Year” recipient has in his first year broken every promise he ever made already and trying to point that out by writing letters to papers seems to be a total waste of time I have written a number of letters , they are totally ignored.

    I for one am glad you have this forum and I hope it expands. We should all share it through what ever means possible.


    • Annie says:

      I feel very sorry for young parents now. What has always been a hard but worthwhile job, bringing up the next generation to be decent educated people, is so much harder now. There seem to be so many pernicious influences. It’s a wonder that any young ones make it through to be the lovely people that many still are.


  4. Power Grab says:

    I *love* that photo at the top of the article! A father with his much-loved child…that’s what those lefties should aspire to, but I really can’t see them doing it.


  5. Pointman says:

    Look at his father’s left hand. It’s palm upwards and a supplicant’s hand. An invitation. Place your hand in mine and trust in me and I’ll never close it to crush thee. It’s all there in the picture. A loving father.



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