The workers of the world have picked their leadership, and it isn’t you.

When I first started this blog, the intention was to provide some resistance to the overwhelming “consensus” of the then mainstream media, since renamed to the legacy media, with regard to the reality or not of global warming. Like any other blog of that vintage that raised such doubts, its effect at the time was something less than a thorn stuck in the underside of the green Goliath’s sandals. Because our efforts way out on the periphery of the internet were only read by those odd individuals madly determined to get some real answers, realistically we weren’t too much of a concern.

However, times change, and that combined with the sheer obnoxiousness of the warmist sites, meant the skeptical sites slowly accreted an audience, usually at the expense of the alarmist sites. Their evolving response to that was to develop a profile of what a climate skeptic was. Basically it was a pastiche of all their dislikes; white, male, fascist, ignorant, neo-Luddite etc etc. Calling it painting by numbers profiling would be an insult to thousands of talented daubers out there.

Yes, of course it was a ridiculously childish and offensive stereotype, but what you really need to take a note of is that when they’d tossed it around between themselves often enough and for long enough to ward off any critiques by us, they began to actually believe in it themselves.

When your opponents come up with such a facile perception of who you are and your capabilities, it’s never a notion you would wish to disabuse them of. It’s so much easier dealing with a person who misapprehends and chronically underestimates you, and to a very large extent that was the story of that part of the climate wars which were fought on the internet. We owned them in the end and they’ve now barely got a footprint left on it.

They always mounted assaults on obnoxious stereotypes that had no existence except in their fevered imagination, while we had all the time in the world to select a particular artery we could cut into, with a scapel of our own choosing and at exactly the time and place of our choice to do the maximum damage. There was at times some great arterial spray of scientific reputations all over the walls and ceilings of various blogs as prestigious papers were vivisected.

I will be returning to the effects of this erroneous profiling in a more current context, but at this point, I think it’s worth agreeing a common vocabulary, because of late certain words which could formerly be understood as rough synonyms have parted company to a subtle but real extent.

Historically you could talk about politics or people interested in them as left or right wing. Sure, there were always the political marginals knocking around like the syndicalist-anarchists, royalists and the libertines or whatever they call themselves nowadays, but left and right were the basic ways you sexed all the fowls in the chicken house.

The two words left and liberal which had been roughly equivalent, began to part linguistic company about two decades ago. The split started in the Americas but has by now spread to the rest of the English-speaking world. In the States, being called a left-winger had nearly as heavy a connotation as being called a Socialist, the emotional weight of which lay somewhere between Communist and Marxist. Anyway, being called a liberal had a nicer cachet to it. It said you were a nice and righteous person, even if you were still ill-informed enough to think Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.

To this day, a true doctrinally-correct left-winger would rather be crucified than term themselves a liberal. In the back of their heads, they still consider themselves hard-assed bastards determined to liberate the exploited masses from the yoke of Capitalism, soldiers in the eternal class war, wheras Liberals are Yackerati airheads, Hollywood and wannabe Hollywood types, hyperactively protesting about their vaginas, other people’s viginas, or the vaginas the state should have surgically attached to them at everyone else’s expense, and even people who actually do have vaginas who think such possession is in itself a political statement.

They are all considered to be Schilli, a German elision of the two words Schicke Linke or chic left, trust fund boys and girls doing a bit of acting out until Daddy’s fund opens its floodgates, or the feckless and decadent offspring of an indulgent bourgeoisie on essentially the same trip for a few years until the right job opportunity opens up. No commitment to anything long term other than an occasional bit of hooliganism at the weekends, while all the time being perceived as being stylish. It’s a win-win for them.

But in the Left’s view, even such shallow creatures as the Yackerati have their uses in the furtherance of the class war that of course still underlies all political reality. Their systemic penetration into the mainstream media makes them a mouthpiece for a useful policy push in the right direction, even though the underlying rationale verges on the laughable at times. They don’t actually know what they want, why they want it but they do know they want it right now or a lot of toys are going to get thrown out of their prams.

The Yackerati styling themselves as liberals ran shielding interference for a few decades in which some of the pillars of capitalism took a severe eroding, but again, times change and it’s a big wave of change this time around. It’s being presented as populism by the liberal media, but it must be apparent to all by now that it’s one of those decadal but seismic changes of political sentiment that not all the spin in the world is going to stop.

The world has had enough of the two decade long experiment with liberalism and is lurching to the right. It died under a lack of real jobs for the middle class, a declining standard of living for most people in western economies, an open borders policy letting in hordes of people who weren’t even literate in their own language and consequently had nothing to contribute to our society except a rape culture and a steady stream of murderous terrorist attacks.

It was like being obliged to take into your home mad dogs whose activities, because they’d been adopted by the liberal agenda, were not only were above criticism but whose crimes and atrocities were presented as a string of unconnected one-off incidents and anyone believing otherwise was of course a racist. Suddenly the ordinary person was being profiled as a racist for having some very basic ground-zero concerns about what was obviously a bad thing happening to their country.

The word islamophobic entered the language and the law, but christianphobic has yet to be invented, in both government thinking and in terms of equality before the law, especially in the Sharia law enclaves within our societies which nobody wants to admit exist but nonetheless are handing out medieval punishments.

If that was what being a racist was, then sod it, we were all racists, but racists with a vote if only a real change candidate could be found. Sweden was ruined by uncontrolled immigration within a year and Germany is not far behind it. As a result, borders across Europe have slammed shut and there will be some interesting elections within it this year as people look aghast at what’s happened in neighbouring states.

The people who voted for Brexit and Trump and who will be going to the polls in various votes across Europe this year will be rejecting the establishment line that all of those concerns are somehow nothing to worry about, but they are of course. All the indignation, finger wagging, telling offs and pointless disruptive marches will not stop it and indeed people on the serious left are now thinking in a very realistic fashion about the transition of the liberals from what was once considered a real asset to a liability.

The Realpolitik thinking is the Right are coming into power across the world for a decade at least, and there’s simply no fighting it. However, there’s no situation that can’t be made worse and the liberals with their quite frankly pointless behaviour since the Trump inauguration look to be in danger of extending the Right’s hegemony by another five years at least.

A lot of people who voted with a certain diffidence for change in the shape of Donald Trump, now watch civil disorder in the streets, film stars on platforms behaving like foul-mouthed slatterns, the cop on the corner you know under organised attack, small businesses and livelihoods being burned and looted under the guise of political protest, ordinary people wearing a MAGA hat being attacked by what is plainly thugs – and they’re thinking “well Lordy, I think I might have just voted the right way after all.”

Coming back to erroneous profiling, the legacy media and all those people disrupting the everyday life of ordinary people are subconsciously projecting the same offensive stereotype of a Trump supporter as they did about anyone who objected to the climate disaster narrative. Yes, of course, I’m sure there are a percentage of Trump supporters conforming to the caricature, but the vast majority are ordinary people fed up with establishment politics which simply doesn’t work for them any more, and offended at being portrayed as such an obnoxious type. All they want is real change.

What the liberals don’t seem to grasp is that it wasn’t a hundred or two people who voted for Trump or Brexit, but millions. All the name calling is just going to distance your cause from them, and in all probability any chance of securing their vote, which is what democracy is all about, or has that subtle point been completely forgotten?

Liberals, welcome to what’s nowadays termed the rule of the silent majority, or what used to be called the dictatorship of the proletariat by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and quoted fervently by me in my youth when I’d been seduced by the Communist Manifesto. We all have to grow up some time. It’s your turn now.

The workers of the world have picked their leadership, and it isn’t you.



20 Responses to “The workers of the world have picked their leadership, and it isn’t you.”
  1. NZPete says:

    Good article.
    The attacks on Trump by the MSM are never ending; so much fake news.
    I’ve just seen this:

    which leads to this:
    I have yet to see this bebunked as fake news, which I suspect it is.

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    • Blackswan says:

      For people wondering what Obama’s “secret refugee deal” with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull might have been …

      Obama agreed to take illegals from Papua/New Guinea in exchange for Turnbull accepting an equal number of illegal immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador currently being held in detention camps in Costa Rica.

      Hard not to agree with Trump … it always was a “dumb deal”.

      None of these people qualifies for the UNHCR’s own definition of “refugee” – that of seeking asylum and safety in the first country they reach outside of their war-torn homeland.

      Most are economic migrants anyway, and ALL are “country-shoppers”, illegally buying their way into generous welfare states from criminal human-trafficking smugglers.

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    • Gail Combs says:

      It is probably the 4Chan kids yanking the Yellow Stream Media’s chain again. Australia and Mexico have denied the news.


      • Blackswan says:

        Gail, you can’t believe a word out of a corrupt Australian politician’s mouth … bare-faced lies are their stock-in-trade. As for Mexico’s denial – why would they not? The ‘dumb deal’ has nothing to do with them. Illegal Central American invaders, heading for the Mexican/USA border, have been waylaid and diverted to detention camps in Costa Rica.

        It is these people that Turnbull wants to accept in return for off-loading our own illegals (currently in offshore detention camps).

        Surely this qualifies as Turnbull and Obama engaging in human trafficking dontcha think?

        Using human beings as bargaining chips, trading their fate in a barter exchange of political expediency is no different to illegal smugglers trading the same people for cash. At least the cash traders don’t pretend to be something else, unlike Obama and Turnbull who would sell their own grandmothers if it would further their own careers, therefore the financial gain they seek.

        There’s no doubt though Gail … if the chain is pulled often enough, we’re sure to flush out the real turds in this shameful charade of phoney ‘virtue signalling’. Meanwhile your Yellow Stream Media (I like it) is busy trying to figure how to pick up a turd by the clean end.


  2. NZPete says:

    This is *not* fake news:

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  3. geronimo says:

    Do you know the feeling when you see someone who has something that you’d like for yourself and know you’ll never get it? That’s the feeling I get when I read your essays, the mixture of thought and erudition is brilliant. You have expressed, and added to, my own feelings. I was to the left in my younger days, but have long concluded that the “left” today are about as far away from the thinking of the people they claim to represent as they can possibly be. They have created a world where people who want to control immigration are “racist”, where people who express doubts about the wisdom of allowing Muslims into their country are “Islamophobic”, when a glance at the world of Islam tells any reasonable thinking person it’s a place where you don’t want to be. They have become members of a sect which has the seeds of its own, and our destruction in it, and I, for one, am glad that the little, ignored, people of all races and colours are telling them where to put their deluded beliefs.

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  4. Blackswan says:


    The “Yackerati” … gotta love that! The brain-dead Glitterati have exposed themselves as being among the ranks of the Yackerati, and their vacuous fans and followers have been revealed to be even more easily led and influenced than we feared.

    And yes, whether their gonads are internal or swinging externally, they all behave as “slatterns”, cheaply bought and paid for.

    They denounce Trump and his supporters as ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists’, utterly ignorant about where such insults came from or what they actually mean.

    To be denounced as a Nazi is ironic considering that it’s real name is ‘National Socialist German Workers’ Party’ and yes, we’re ‘nationalists’ and ’workers’ BUT it is THEY who are the Socialists.

    And it is Fascism that demands no democratic vote, control of all industry and commerce, with full legislative control of the people as a whole.

    If anything, Trump is a Libertarian with plans for smaller government, less regulation of people’s lives and businesses, a return of education to local communities, and a restoration of Blind Justice. That’s what a majority of people voted for, and that’s what he’s well on the way to delivering.

    And THAT is called Democracy!

    Pointy, you’re taking these people apart with surgical precision. Great work!

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    • Gail Combs says:

      Many think of Trump as the Stealth Tea Party Candidate. Both the Republicans and the Democrats attacked the Tea Party. The Chamber of Commerce spent $100 Million to Destroy Tea Party (Breitbart) The Republicans fielded 17 Candidates so no one would get a 51% of the delegates and they could stick us with low energy Jeb Bush. (The Democrats were less subtle and just had a large number of ‘Super Delegates’ vote as the elite of the party wished.)

      Other methods used were Salem Media becoming ‘the voice’ of the Tea Party when they were actually the represented the interests of the Chamber of Commerce.

      Sucking the $$$ out of the organization.
      How We Killed the Tea Party – POLITICO Magazine “Greedy super PACs drained the movement with endless pleas for money to support “conservative” candidates—while instead using the money to enrich themselves. I should know. I worked for one of them.”

      However you can kill the organization but you can not kill the ‘Cold Anger’ that formed the Tea Party.

      And we learned.

      People gave $$$ direct to Trump and told the super Pacs and the Republican party collecting in Trump’s name to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

      People Like me, an Independent, got out and talked people into voting and even dragged the non-voters out to get registered and then to the poles.

      Now multiply my actions by the millions. We KNEW we had to beat Hitlery by a margin of at LEAST 5% to beat all the voter fraud AND WE DID!

      As some put it, Trump is not our candidate, he is our WEAPON!

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      • nzpete54 says:

        That’s a fascinating explanation Gail. I’m enjoying following events now that there is a fight back. Trump may be brash, but he’s genuine IMHO.

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  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    Why do I have to log into WordPress just to tick the Like button?

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  6. Rastech says:

    Personally, I haven’t stopped laughing since watching CNN on election night in November. My sides are hurting quite a bit now, and I’ve run out of tissues with over use on tears of laughter.

    Don’t make the mistake of falling into the “Nationalist” trap. Socialists will as cheerfully adopt and abuse Nationalism, as the will Communist Internationalism (relabeled as “Globalisation”, as relabeling is something Socialists like to do too). George Orwell explains why:

    “Nationalism is not to be confused with patriotism. Both words are normally used in so vague a way that any definition is liable to be challenged, but one must draw a distinction between them, since two different and even opposing ideas are involved. By ‘patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality.”

    Another diversionary relabeling attempt, is the word “populism” as a way of avoiding and confusing the mixing of it with Patriotism. What they really mean, is “Cult of Personality”. Socialists make so much use of Cults of Personality (actors, singers, musicians, anybody famous they can get their hands on) to endorse their message/agenda, and they are terrified that Cults of Personality will be used against them.

    These deranged basket cases have such a limited and rigidly enforced playbook, that they can’t stand any of their limited tools being used against them. Remember the contact with them over aGW, when they reached the end of the playbook, and were about to return to page 1, the last comment on the last page, always included “Big Tobacco”?

    These people are not very bright, can’t think on their feet,,and dare not wander off the playbook, because if they do, the heavy lifting useful disposable idiots, will see through it all, and turn on them for the deceptions and lies they have been told by them.

    With all of the nonsense and stupidity going on today, I have come across two pertinent and fundamental questions. 1) Where have all the Constitutional Philosophers gone (there aren’t any around yet they are needed the most)?; and 2) Where were the Constitutional Philosophers, when the nonsense called “Socialism” was unleashed on the World?

    Because I tell you this, if there had been any Constitutional Philosophers around, “Socialism” would have been laughed off the stage, within 5 minutes flat!

    Apart from all the Philosophical Political Fakery and woo-woo mumbo jumbo surrounding Socialism, and it’s complete lack of intellectual foundations, there’s a simple demonstration in a single example (apart from the constant examples of continuous failure) about what happens with Socialism, with the first Pilgrim Colonies in America.

    The practice of Socialism, killed around 80% of the settlers, because the Socialists that died, relied upon everyone else to do their survival for them. But the ones doing all the actual work, couldn’t do enough to keep the 80% alive. So Socialism was dropped, self reliance was enforced, and after that, the colonies thrived.

    It’s not rocket science is it, so how has the World been conned by this blatant, and criminal fraud, that has killed so many millions of people, and done so much damage, for so long?

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    • Blackswan says:

      G’day Ras … good to see your words of wisdom back online.

      I seem to have confused ‘nationalism’ with ‘patriotism’ but if Orwell is right and patriotism is “defensive, both militarily and culturally” then perhaps we patriots have been defensive for too long, allowing ourselves to be overrun by an ambulatory invasion force that steadily empties our Treasury for a lifetime of welfare, free housing and education. And we’re expected to apologise for our culture, or are told we haven’t got one worth bothering about.

      Maybe, if Nationalists indeed want “more power, not for himself but for the nation”, then that’s what most of us want … power restored to our democratic constitutions, power returned to a citizen’s vote, power to defend our borders and the power to enforce our laws and restore order … and justice.

      Yep, I’m comfy being a patriotic nationalist.

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      • Rastech says:

        Hiya Blackswan, I hope you (and everyone else) has been keeping well.
        I agree with your sentiments, but a careful eye has to be kept out, for power grabbers seeking to create and take advantage of situations, and not just the Socialist power grabbers (though they are probably the easiest danger to identify). To grab power successfully, they have to divide the Demos (defined as the population) into factions, and turn them against each other. Unfortunately there are elements that are well practiced in this. We can see the results of such people in action, on the streets of America today, and an all too long list of other places.
        Ultimately it all comes down to unifying rather than dividing, and sweeping power out of reach, and keeping it out of reach.
        That’s the tough bit. 🙂

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  7. Rastech says:

    By the way it has to be recognised, that the Swamps and their Denizens, are going to be drained anyway.Even self drained. This is going to happen, and sooner rather than later. Mr Trump would appear to grasp this fully, and seems prepared to give it the necessary push to get it started (the quicker it happens the better, and a lot of bloodshed may be avoided)..

    Mr Fillon in France(!), a candidate for the French Presidency, has said he intends to get rid of 500,000 Public Employees over 5 years. Think on that. This is France, remember.

    The Gravy Train is running out of Gravy, it’s running out of Train, and it’s rapidly running out of Track. The EU is dead and doesn’t even realise it, and those who have ignored Reality when it knocked politely, are on the verge of having Reality kick their doors in.

    There’s a lot more than 500,000 Public Employees going to have to go, just in France, and I bet they will have to go a lot quicker than 5 years.

    Things are on the verge of getting really, really interesting.

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  8. philjourdan says:

    You are hitting on all cylinders with this post! I started out highlighting the great quotes, and found the article was almost completely highlighted!

    To NZPete, while I think the WaPo exaggerated the conversation, I think it did go close to what they say (I am sure it was not as harsh as they portrayed it, but the content probably was close).

    Turnbull just has not gotten the clue yet. But he will. The Brexit/Trump wave is not going to die out before it washes up on the shores of Australia as well.

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  9. Margaret Smith says:

    Back in the mid 60s when I was in college we, the students, were given the task of a debate about the future direction of the UK. We were all on the same side – at least I thought we all were – slightly left-of-centre view. I was ‘volunteered’ to take an opposing view. How fortuitous that was.
    Given 2 days to prepare I started talking to various people in the town to get their ideas. I soon realized that what makes sense now I had never even thought of. I listened politely and found my views slowly changing. These people lived in the real world, worked, paid taxes etc. and I did none of these things. I was privileged to be where I was and it was a sobering experience.
    Come the debate all was well and all smiles until I began putting the other view. Within moments there was a baying mob in front of me trying to shout me down with one boy stabbing his forefinger at me like a gun. It was like a wall of hate. Shocking experience which cured me forever of leftish ideas.
    I went on to read Huxley’s Brave New World, Orwell’s 1984, Animal Farm and Homage to Catalonia. I am now an implacable enemy of Socialism.
    I voted Brexit and would have voted Trump had I been American. Well done Americans!
    And Pointman, thanks for the great essays. I found you through your occasional posts on other blogs. They were short and pithily to the point (excellent choice of pseudonym, by the way).

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