Goodbye and good riddance Obama.

Obama was a president who came in with a large popular mandate but who managed to squander it within a few short years and with it legislative control of Congress. I don’t intend to go into the exact process of incompetence, blunder and giving offence in all directions by which he did it, but he set the tone on his first day in office.

A bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office which had been presented to George W Bush by Britain was replaced by one of Martin Luther King, but instead of quietly putting the bust of Churchill into storage, it was pointedly returned to the British embassy in Washington. After a needless and studied insult like that, any notion of a cordial relationship with the Obama administration went out the window and accordingly Britain adjusted its stance from day one with regard to him.

Since nothing but hostility was to be expected from him, why should Britain go out of its way to do him any favours? An opportunity to thaw out relations came some years later with the state funeral of Margaret Thatcher but he said nothing beyond a few lukewarm words about her and declined to send over even a junior representative of America to the funeral. I don’t wish to harp on about Anglo-American relations during his administrations, but both incidents do highlight the man’s central character flaw.

He was arrogant.

Someone who is truly strong rarely needs to be arrogant because they don’t need to be, but a weak man pretending to be strong will always lead with being arrogant. They’re all bluff, piss and wind. Other leaders around the world quickly spotted that and faced him down. Everybody took liberties with our bitch, as Putin nicknamed him. Did he get Russia out of the Ukraine? Did he stop a half-assed dictatorship like Iran going on its way to being nuclear? Did he stop the Saudis funding ISIS? Did he stop China flooding America with state-subsidised goods to destroy its domestic manufacturing capacity?

The answer to all those questions is no.

I find it extraordinary that a president who was inexplicably awarded the Nobel Peace Prize two weeks after his inauguration went on to do more drone strikes in the first six months of his presidency than George W Bush did in eight solid years, dropped over 100,000 bombs and then went on to be at war for every single day of his tenure. That’s the sort of mess you end up with when you have a weak and shambolic foreign policy.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter when asked recently how many wars was America currently engaged in, replied “that’s a good question” because he didn’t actually know.

The biggest challenge facing president Trump is to bulldoze the current shambles of foreign relations into the past and restore some respect to an America which’ll no longer be pushed around by second and third rate powers. Trump is nobody’s bitch, so watch out for lots of wailing, pulling out of hair and rending of garments from the legacy media as he kicks Johnny Foreigner’s ass into shape. You read it here first, folks.

If he doesn’t reassert the authority of the most powerful nation on the Earth and rein in some rogue states, then I suspect the first nuclear explosion of the twenty-first century will be over Tel Aviv and the second one will rapidly follow and be over Tehran in response.

Domestically, the overall situation is, despite a lot of feel-good spin by a hopelessly sycophantic media, pretty dire, because that’s where he was allowed to get away with the bullyboy mentality that always lurked underneath that arrogance. There were no strong men to oppose him on the home front.

National debt has doubled without it being apparent where it’s been used since infrastructure is in massive need of an infusion of capital, manufacturing and heavy industry is in decline all across the rust belt and too many more than willing American workers are now scraping along by doing one or more part-time jobs.

The poster boy for eight years of this massive economic decline due to the administration’s mismanagement is the once great manufacturing city of Detroit, which has shrunk down to less than ten percent of its population and has become such a wilderness, that the few remaining policemen there advise people not to visit the city unless it’s absolutely necessary.

But the really deep damage he did to the fabric of America was more subtle and may take years to undo. He tacitly condoned a thug culture of entitlement to attack and intimidate other people who didn’t agree with you. He legitimised it by his failure to condemn it. Everything was pitched at a slightly holier than thou level and if you didn’t agree with us, you better watch out because you’re now outside our righteous fold, you’re fair game and anything goes.

The bully had created his own gang.

Once you were inside his gang, you were free to do things like beat up a homeless black woman for holding up a Trump sign she’d made out of cardboard. You could even film it for social media to show the righteous punishing an unbeliever and nobody would punish you.

You could kidnap, tie up and torture a mentally handicapped child and broadcast it live on Facebook, just as long as you threw in a few obligatory “Fuck Trump” whoops of joy so you’d get away with it.

As for the civil disorder masquerading as street protest outside Trump’s inauguration, it showed the accuracy of Churchill’s uncanny prescience when he observed that the Fascists of the future will call themselves anti-Fascists.

If you didn’t approve of an industry like coal mining that kept small communities in places like Kentucky alive, you could sic the bureaucratic dogs of the EPA onto it to close it down, and screw the effect it was going to have on the working families of those communities. Serves them right.

But the intimidation didn’t just stop there. If you found someone’s political views didn’t agree with yours, you could set other organs of government on them to stalk and harass them. The IRS was used to hound people with relatively innocuous viewpoints but ones with which you didn’t approve. A typical example, and by no means the worst, is given by the harrowing testimony of such bureaucratic terrorism to the House of Representatives by Catherine Engelbrecht.

I suppose the final indicator of how systemic the culture of entitled arrogance had become was Michelle Obama telling an interviewer after Trump’s victory that hope was leaving the White House and not even being challenged on it.

Oh, and by the way, that same delusional arrogance leads Obama to believe he can return to the White House in four years time for a third term. You can bank on it and again, you read it here first, folks.

As if all that wasn’t enough, he repeatedly damaged the spirit of the American constitution by circumventing congressional approval of policies. This was done by obscenely expanding the remit of hitherto innocuous bureaucracies such as the EPA, the sum of whose regulatory rules were in all but name legislation. Trump has already appointed the liquidators to eviscerate bloated bureaucracies like the EPA.

More grievously, Obama’s term in office will be noted for issuing so many presidential executive orders, also known as diktats, that it became a moot point as to whether America was being run by a president or ruled by a king. The best thing about executive orders, which come into force with the stroke of a presidential pen, is that they can be struck off with the force of another presidential pen. Trump spent his first day in office doing exactly that.

All this massive failure was compounded by an overwhelmingly liberal mass media determined to build a cult of personality about him. The faults, failures, incompetence and at times the sheer spite and malevolence that characterised his administration were, like him, above criticism. What was the mainstream media gradually mutated into the legacy media until it finally devolved down to becoming the lying press.

By abandoning its traditional and vital job of keeping a critical eye on the activities of government, it betrayed its readership, who were really the citizens of America who’d hitherto trusted them. Ordinary people realised for the first time in the presidential election how deeply partisan and biased the media were, which is why the terms lying press and fake news have become interchangeable when referring to the legacy media.

As we speak, the legacy media have already begun to spin a web of plausible nonsense about the Obama reign being some sort of lost golden era, rather than the shabby low in American politics and freedom of personal expression that it actually was.

His parting shots as president conformed to a typical cowardly bully’s behaviour. The people he’d always been afraid to say boo to, Russia and Israel, he poisoned relations with and then ran away out of office, leaving Trump to repair the damage which I rather suspect he’s done already.

Trump at his inauguration speech with its no punches pulled denunciation of the Obama years and Obama having to sit through it, was sweet revenge for an old slight. What goes around, comes around.

Incidentally, hours after his inauguration in his first press opportunity in the Oval Office, a bust of Churchill was prominently on display. I do hope the bust of the Reverend King was treated with greater respect than that which was afforded to Mr. Churchill.


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23 Responses to “Goodbye and good riddance Obama.”
  1. Blackswan says:


    Obama pulled off the world’s greatest power heist in history, proven to be a complete fraud on multiple levels, but never legally challenged in two whole terms in office while he busily trashed the Constitution.

    How did he get away with it? It remains an unanswerable mystery.

    We can only assume that the Globalists bribed enough politicians to keep their mouths shut, and to condemn anybody who uttered a peep in protest as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

    In Obama/Clintons’ America, fear of retribution held sway, not Right is Might. THAT is pure Fascism.

    As for the great city of Detroit, this is the reality of American Industry in the 21st century ….

    Obama, the fake American, the fake Christian, lied and cheated his way into the Oval Office and kept it for a second term by blatant in-yer-face voter fraud.

    Trump’s promise to “Lock her up!” when it comes to the murderous Hillary (and ALL her accomplices including Obama) is probably one of his most important undertakings. Only when the world can be shown that crime does NOT pay, that Justice WILL prevail, can faith in the great American institutions be restored.

    “Goodbye and good riddance” indeed – and don’t let the door hit your sorry arse on the way out!


    • John F. Hultquist says:

      I think the Clintons should be ignored by the new administration. Period.
      I will be happy to never hear of either of them.


      • Blackswan says:

        Can’t agree with you that the Clintons should be “ignored”.

        Their criminal activities have been ignored (meaning aided and abetted) by successive Administrations for 35 years – from Bill’s drug/gun-running for George Bush Snr’s CIA Iran/Contra Cabal out of Mena Arkansas, and continues with the fraudulent Clinton Foundation.

        When Bill wasn’t assaulting women he was running around the world illegally signing MoUs with foreign governments for hundreds of millions of taxpayer ’donations’ while he was banned by Law from holding any office in any organisation, as a result of his impeachment as a perjurer.

        If Trump ever succeeds in “draining the swamp” he’ll find himself knee-deep in a lot of large ravenous alligators led by the murderous Clintons. Ignoring them is not going to pull their teeth.

        Clinton or Obama on the golf course again …..


  2. Denis says:


    Excellent summary.

    Scary part is that Obama was the ‘front man’ for a hidden cabal.

    Just an addendum but I think you will find that the MLK bust is still there and the report of it’s disappearance was “Fake News”.

    Refer to Sean Spicer Gives Fiery Press Conference-Blasts Media For Lying About MLK Bust And Crowd Size

    Thanks Denis. I should have guessed it was fake news. Amended. Pointman


  3. David Chappell says:

    I confess I don’t undertand the adulation of Obama. As you say, an arrogant, destructive man compounded by his spoilt child behaviour over recent weeks. , But if you think Barry was bad, Mrs Clinton would have been far, far worse


  4. ingvare says:

    Terrific Pointman!!


  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    I can’t really blame Obama for the relic** that is Detroit. That he did not help these places during his 8 years is true — and he might have, had he tried. Many of the things he and his appointees did are treasonable in my mind. Still, I think moving on is the best approach. Others are going to judge these folks. The new administration will be judged by accomplishments and not on adding to the grief of Hillary, Obama, and John Kerry.

    Consider the difference between, say Pittsburgh, and Detroit. Why has the former survived and appears to have a vibrant future while Detroit can’t replace or even keep the street lights on.?

    ** Link below is for the Daily Mail of the UK — I’ve seen others like this but this one came up:
    Pictures over time
    This picture is amazing:
    Overgrown: Nature has claimed the land . . . East Side’s Cooper Elementary School in 2008
    Obama was an Ill. senator when this was taken.


  6. TomO says:

    I was impressed by the Obamah snubbing London on the European leg of his farewell tour. I reckon the UK would’ve been quite civil about it – unlike the Greeks who had a fine little riot.


  7. Annie says:

    Excellent article Pointman.


  8. Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:
    In case you don’t already read Pointman, he is from across the pond. He isn’t in the USA. So, he doesn’t have they typical bias. He doesn’t have a dog in the fight.

    You sure can find some insightful and useful reading on his blog.


    • Blackswan says:

      Lonnie – Many of Pointman’s readers are not in the USA either, but we ALL “have a dog in the fight”.

      John F. Kennedy noted a catch-phrase from a New England Council many years ago, and often used the quote in his speeches … “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

      That’s what we’re hoping. The tide turned with Brexit and if Trump can succeed against all odds and indeed “Make America great again”, then our Ships of State too will rise on a tide of optimism and prosperity after Globalists have spent decades trying to hole our Ships below the waterline.

      Though Australia currently lists badly to the Marxist Left, we still have hope that the future can be different … for the entire Western Fleet.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. gallopingcamel says:

    Once again a brilliant analysis from someone who observes the USA from a safe distance. I can’t disagree with any of your points but I can tell you what it feels like to be on the receiving end of government malice. The problems you describe did not start with Barack Obama. They existed in 1996 and Obama simply made things much worse.

    In August 1996 I wrote two charter school proposals that were approved, leading to the establishment of the Village Charter School in Chapel Hill and the Orange Charter School in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

    Under North Carolina law a charter schools must achieve 501 (c3) tax exempt status from the IRS within two years. My organization was called FREE:

    Two years after opening FREE still lacked the approval needed form the IRS so we would have been forced to close both our schools and the three other schools we planned. Fortunately, back in 1998 there was one person the IRS feared, namely senator Jesse Helms. We appealed to him and the IRS coughed up a back dated 501 (c3) approval in short order.

    Today the IRS fears nobody. Lois Lerner got away with pleading the 5th amendment without losing her job or her pension. Obama did not create politicization of the IRS ….he just made it much worse by providing IRS officials with immunity.

    Thanks to Jesse Helms, FREE survived long enough to create six charter schools in North Carolina:

    Since moving to Florida I have submitted five more charter school proposals but only one school is in operation. In 1998 my organization opened three charter schools in a single year and we could have done it every year after that but for government obstruction. I am hopeful that under president Trump charter schools will be encouraged rather than suppressed, so who knows what we “Little People” in local communities will achieve when it comes to creating vibrant schools that serve the community rather than the government:

    “The child is not educated to return home and be of use to the place and community; he or she is educated to leave home and earn money in a provisional future that has nothing to do with the place or community. The local schools no longer serve the local community; they serve the government’s economy and the economy’s government. Unlike the local community, the government and the economy cannot be served with affection, but only with professional zeal or professional boredom. Professionalism means more interest in salary and less interest in what used to be known as disciplines. And so we arrive at the idea, endlessly reiterated in the news media, that education can be improved by bigger salaries for teachers–which may be true, but not, as the proponents too often imply, by bigger salaries alone. There must also be a love of learning and of the cultural tradition and of excellence. And this love cannot exist, because it makes no sense, apart from the love of a place and community. Without this love, education is only the importation into a local community of centrally prescribed “career preparation” designed to facilitate the export of young careerists.”……………..”The Work of Local Culture” by Wendell Berry

    So the government controls the schools. Could that be the problem? What sense does centralizing the control of education make in a free society? Maybe it is time to return control to the local community.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. thojak says:

    Excellent writing, Pointman ! 🙂
    I changed ‘Obama’ to ‘Löfvén’ (Swedish PM) in the text and I got a 99,99% correct ‘stat-of-the-nation’ Sweden as per today, only huge draw-back is that we don’t have general election until September 2018… Poor country ! 😦


  11. Pointman says:

    Typical of bullyboy Obama to make his move behind someone’s back.


    Liked by 2 people

  12. Martin A says:

    I was of two minds about Brexit until Obama told the UK how it should vote. At the same instant as thinking “None of your bloody business”, my mind was made up.

    The wreck of Detroit was the result of the management and the unions of the US car industry sleep walking together to ruin. I recommend A Savage Factory: An Eyewitness Account of the Auto Industry’s Self-Destruction by Robert J. Dewar


  13. Pointman says:

    In the dying hours of his presidency, Obama gives the Palestinians (ie terrorists) a farewell gift of $221M.

    He was always anti-Zionist (ie hated Jews).


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  14. Theresa S. says:

    The Man Obama is a traitor to America ! He committed Treason; the highest crime of the executive office in U.S. by releasing 5 terrorist leaders and oh then ISIS emerged in its fullness ! He also accomplished nothing during his time in office. I never referred to him as Pres…..Because He did not and still does not deserve the title.


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