I don’t like people who frighten children.

Meeting a person who’s a crashing bore over some cause or another that most people aren’t too bothered about is an everyman experience we all can relate to. You meet them in some social context, and after your efforts to politely disengage from the harangue pretending to be a conversation, you end up turning your back and basically having to walk away. Even then, the bad cases will sometimes literally pursue you to continue on with your enlightenment.

At that point, you’ve already done the ten minute common politeness, have by now completely run out of patience, so all that’s left is to tell them to Foxtrot Oscar. On the rare occasion the situation has got to that extreme, a few good old Anglo-Saxon swearwords tend to ensure a traumatic separation from the crazed nemesis dogging your heels.

What happens with such people is that the invitations to anything tend to dry up. The hosts of such social events get sick and tired of rescuing their pissed off guests from the bore, and word quickly gets around to steer well clear of them.

When we’re in adolescence, it’s very common to go through a stage of being fixated about something or another, but with the passing of time and the development of some sort of maturity, we tend to allocate a more balanced weight in the grander scheme of things to the cause, whatever it might be.

Where it gets sad, and slightly scary, is when a supposedly all grown up individual is still indulging in such anti-social behaviour, because it gets progressively more aggressive in order to get the attention of people who are by this stage automatically ignoring them and their idée fixe.

The invariant characteristic of a fanatic is they simply can’t stop; they will eventually bull their way in and crash events to spread their messianic message.

Environmentalism with its attendant green activism has been at the bottom of most people’s concerns for a number of years. People just don’t turn out in any big numbers like in the glory days prior to the Copenhagen climate conference. The media coverage has shrunk as activist eco-journalists have been let go because basically the scare isn’t working any more. You can only scare somebody to death so many times before what’s called climate fatigue nowadays kicks in.

Greenpeace has developed the habit of crashing into events which have little or nothing to do with the environment. Amongst other things, they’ve defaced a world heritage site in south America, abseiled into an important Bundesliga match, tried to board Russian drilling rigs in the Arctic and last Thursday, closed down the British Museum.

The museum, like a number of cultural establishments in the capital, has for years received an annual donation from the oil company BP. As I recall, the by now notorious CRU of the University of Easy Access was set up using some funds donated by BP. Anyway, the museum was staging an exhibition about ancient cities which had sunk beneath the waves. It was the first day, a lot of people like prehistoric archaeology and the added frisson is underwater archaeology is a new and burgeoning field people find interesting.

Greenpeace decided to vandalise the exhibition. They tied ropes off the Doric pillars on the face of the building and had climbers belayed off the top of them. What they also did was disrupt people inside the building by blocking aggressively how people could access the exhibition.

A class of nine-year olds from our village school had made the trip into London with two teachers to see it. The teachers, seeing the escalation of the aggressiveness of the “protesters” and knowing their first duty was to the safety of their charges who were getting frightened, escorted the children from the building and back to school early. Apparently, they weren’t the only schoolchildren caught up in the Greenpeace hooliganism.

If they thought they made some big impact that day, they certainly did. They frightened young children badly.

The “protest” as such never made the national news, though it got a mention on local London TV, but what was interesting was the spin on the reportage wasn’t what they used to get in the good old days. It was all talking heads, interviewing people who’d travelled from as far away as Scotland to see the exhibition and had been prevented by the necessary closure of the museum because of safety considerations.

As one of the children expressed it, “they were bad people.”

Out of the mouth of babes.


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17 Responses to “I don’t like people who frighten children.”
  1. Barry Woods says:

    Now why did I assume you didn’t live in the UK?


  2. Where was that kid when Obama was being fawned over in 2008, prior to his first election as President of the U.S.? (That marked the worst showing by the American electorate–its worst lack of common sense, of the kind shown by the child cited above–in American history.)


  3. 1957chev says:

    Reblogged this on "Mothers Against Wind Turbines™" Phoenix Rising… and commented:
    Eco-freaks & climate alarmists…..A scourge on society!


  4. Blackswan says:


    I don’t like people who frighten children … or who scare old ladies either. Some years ago when I informed my frail aged mother that we’d bought a house on the banks of a tidal estuary, she burst into tears – a genuine look of fear in her eyes.

    She was certain we’d all be drowned and her grandchildren would be lost because the sea levels were going to rise any day now. Of course it was true, she’d seen the scientist say so on the TV News and they never lie do they? Do they?

    It isn’t just the rabid ‘useful idiot footsoldiers’ who are culpable – EVERY carpetbagger apparatchik of the Great Green Climate Scam is answerable for intimidating the vulnerable in our communities.

    “Bad people” indeed.


  5. jdseanjd says:

    Hit the nail on the head with ‘fanatic’, Pointman.
    Anything is OK in the fanatic’s mind, because he’s ‘saving the planet’, or whatever his cause is, communism, catholicism, (though there seems no difference between these two, these days), veganism, whatever.
    Scaring kids? No problemo.

    I recalled the ‘Santa cancelling Christmas’ creep, also Greenpiss, spit, & the disgusting exploding school childrens’ heads video, & then remembered reading somewhere that fanaticism is a mindset that gravitates toward a cause.
    This, written just after 9/11: http://www.dreichel.com/Articles/fanaticism.htm

    The Global Warming/Climate Change scam was set up as a religion to attract fanatics.
    1992 Rio Earth Summit, Maurice Strong’s wife, Hanne, was there,with her many acolytes, chanting ballads, tapping tambourines, getting the ‘save the planet’ GAIA religion going. UN Agenda 21 was signed: dressed up as environmentalism, the path to depopulation & de-industrialisation.

    Strong was a Rockefeller front man, & his corrupt part in setting up the UN IPCC climate/warming scare scam is laid out in a book by world respected climatologist: drtimball.com

    Strong was penniless during the Great Depression, at least a multi-millionaire by his death.
    A man who preached socialism & environmentalism, he practiced ruthless self profiteering & fled to China ahead of arrest for appropriating a cheque for $988,885 from the ‘oil for food’ scam after the Iraq invasion.

    I am an ardent environmentalist: we have 7 (soon to be 8) grandchildren & the fate of the planet is of intense interest to me, but I do not believe in the retrograde type of environmentalism pushed by crooks, charlatans & fanatics.

    The wife & I are off to see this exhibition shortly, & we’re looking forward to a peaceful & interesting day.

    Excellent post, thanks, Pointman.

    John Doran.


  6. A.D. Everard says:

    Thanks for posting this, Pointman. Looks like the tide is turning on Greenpeace and about time! Using fear and guilt as weapons only works for so long and people harden to it. I’ve watched over the years the change in attitude come about everywhere, on all levels and all ages, and it is a joy to see. I’m waiting for the end-game now. I hope it will be exciting. 🙂


  7. Barry Woods says:

    I’m thinking about organising an end of the world – zero months and counting party – somewhere in the UK

    Only 7 months to go…

    anybody want to come?


  8. 4TimesAYear says:

    Reblogged this on 4timesayear's Blog.


  9. Graeme No.3 says:

    It is a sign of their increasing desperation; they are losing know it. Apart from France (until Hollande goes), Sweden (who is in charge there?), Scotland and the UK (until Mrs. Cameron leaves No.10) who else is really interested or doing anything about decarbonising? Oh, there is Obama but he has passed his Use-by-Date and nothing will happen in the USA unless Hilary gets in, which is starting to look rather unlikely.
    So they get more aggressive and it becomes more and more counterproductive. Once they resort to violence they will find the State turn very nasty. If I were them I would start burning past correspondence lest it be used in evidence against them, but I doubt that thought will penetrate the fog in their minds.


    • Blackswan says:

      G3 … if the leaked 2009 Climategate emails disclosing fraud, the following investigations of which applied gallons of whitewash with a firehose, plus a British court finding Gore’s Inconvenient Fairytale movie contained NINE errors of fact wasn’t enough to prosecute anybody for fraud and criminal conspiracy, then there’s little likelihood that any new brooms are going to be sweeping into CAGW’s grimiest corners.

      There’ll be so many blind eyes turned to this global conspiracy that packs of seeing-eye Guide Dogs will be needed to stop the useless bureaucratic rent-seekers barking their shins on the furniture.

      Meanwhile, back in the land of Oz (all yellow brick roads leading to Canberra) ….

      The Coalition Government, with the aid of Greens and Labor secretly passed the Emissions Trading Scheme legislation in the senate on December 3, the last day of sitting in 2015.


      The Ghost of Gillard still haunts our hallowed … (ooops! correction) hollow halls of power.


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