The 100,000 500,000 750,000 pages landmark.

Well, there you go. WordPress informs me that 100,000 500,000 750,000 pages of this blog have been read, or at least clicked on, by people around the world. How so many people googling “meerkat” or “MaxGentleman” could end up here, I’ll never understand. It is of course, a feel good thing for a variety of reasons. At this point, as is by now traditional, I suppose I should thank a few people.

First and foremost is my Ma and Da. It was a chance conjunction of their cursed genes that produced a strange and curious mutant like myself, but they took me to their heart and loved me anyway. With the passing of the years, and especially with the appearance of my own children, I seriously understand how generous an act that was.

Next would be my Woman. Having put up with me for so many years, she’ll skip right through Purgatory, straight into Heaven, Nirvana or more likely in her case, the main feasting hall of Valhalla, where she’ll pick a fight with the toughest hombre there and no doubt probably win it too. A smart, tough and good-looking cookie, they don’t come any better.

To the best of my recollection, she rescued me out of a drunk tank in somewhere like Mombasa and decided something could be made out of me after she knocked me into shape. She thinks of me as a work in progress, as do I, to be frank with you. She’s a very determined woman, who’ll get there in the end.

The kids, of course, I have to thank. Whatever embarrassments you’ve given to me, and there have been oh so many over the years, I believe at this point I’ve more than paid you back in kind. However, there are a few new ideas I’ve got up my sleeve. Revenge of the old grey wolf …

Obviously, all of the above have had feck all to do with the blog but one feels obliged to thank someone, and it don’t sit right to just start thanking yourself. However, though I say it myself …

On a more serious note, thank you all for reading my musings and most especially, those of you who contributed your own thoughts arising thereon. You’ve confirmed a personal belief that the blogosphere is a lot more than a 38 second wham bam thank you Mam thing. There actually is room for something as old-fashioned as an essayist in this, our 21st century.

Thank you.


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17 Responses to “The 100,000 500,000 750,000 pages landmark.”
  1. Retired Dave says:

    Well thank you to you too Pointy.

    It has been quite a ride – I always read even if I don’t always comment. Many times I don’t have anything useful to say but my Woman says that has never stopped me in the past. She also views me as an unfinished article after nearly half-century. I think she is beginning to think that she doesn’t have enough time left to finish the job!!


  2. David Jones says:

    Thank you. Always a stimulating read!


  3. Rob Moore says:

    Pointy- I’m a sheep and cattle producer from SW Qld Australia and I really enjoy your interesting ,well written articles. You have a unique niche in computerland and if I ever get over to the mother country- I’ll shout you a beer or two!
    Well done.


  4. Blackswan says:

    Congratulations Pointman,

    It’s been four years since you began this venture – how many tens of thousands of words is that? How many thoughts and ideas have been exchanged with your readers around the world? It’s been a formidable commitment from you, and we appreciate it.

    Your work (and that of your sceptic colleagues in the blogosphere) is now more important than ever. You cast your message-in-a-bottle into the tides and we snatched them up, passing them on in our communities. That tide is now turning – not for corrupt politicians and the carpetbagger money-men – but for the People. Green politicians are now a pariah in most Western parliaments, the Socialist/Marxist Left are on the wane, OBummer is now a lame goose POTUS and renewable energy subsidies are shrinking. The IPCC is now seen as nothing more than a corrupt body of bureaucrats, fêted by nobody except desperate academics scrounging for funding and compromised politicians who can never admit their perfidy in lying to their constituents.

    Yes Pointy, your work has been really worthwhile and while you thank your family, we thank them too, for giving you the space and time to share your thoughts with the rest of us in cyberspace.

    Here’s to hitting the million mark – Cheers!!


  5. nzrobin says:

    Well done Pointman. I have enjoyed the learning, the twists and challenges, in your articles. And through this you have encouraged me not to give up on my own wee effort in Blogland. Keep up the fine work. And looking forward to the time when you click over the million.


  6. Old Rooster says:

    Perhaps there is room for a Twenty First Century Essayist and Man of Letters and Science in cyberspace after all. Best wishes for many more milestones to come.

    Never forget these wise words of HL Mencken—”A man may be a fool and not know it — but not if he is married.”


  7. johnrmcd says:

    I came to this place about 2-3 years ago as a lurker who made few (if any) comments. I was attracted by your ability as an essayist (an essayist with a strong and consistent point), and because i agreed with most, if not all, of your comments/statements. In my own writings I have the ability to bore at 10 paces; a pleasure to watch a master in action.
    May there be many more page-views.


  8. Gary in Erko says:

    Thanks for the well rounded intellectual entertainment, the nice word smithing and grammar. Pity for me that I discovered your blog only a few months ago.


  9. durango12 says:

    Good one. I can only add what my old philosopher doctor once said to me, “Listen to your wife, and you will be a happy man.”


  10. hoppers says:

    May the next 500,000 be a celebration of the death of this ridiculous cult.


  11. NZPete says:

    Heartiest congrats, Pointy. I’ve always enjoyed your thought provoking writing. I looked forward to the ten to the power of sixth page read count, and finding out what has become of the Church of AGW.


  12. wulliejohn says:

    Just keep on doing what you are doing. It is greatly appreciated. You make the world a more interesting place. Many, many thanks. Lang may yer lum reek.


  13. Geoff Sherrington says:

    Congrats on the achievement and thank you for recurring pleasures of many a good read with messages.
    Often wondered about the name. Parsing it, a point has no weight, no speed, no motions, no vectors,no imaginary parts. It is infinitely small. You can select and score any relevant attributes.
    Man of course describes itself as the opposite of non-man, often wimmun. The latter critters cause me worry. I shall go to my grave lamenting that I will have never understood the mind of the female, though I love them all dearly except prune face from your prat thread, who is an activist in my birth country. Maybe she is not proper wimmun.
    Keep well Geoff


  14. Somewhat belated congrats, Pointman …

    Your word-smithing invariably brightens the day
    When a new post by you, in my inbox holds sway 😉


  15. Alexios says:

    Congrats P. Massive milestone. Very impressive.


  16. Brian Virgin says:

    I am one of the many lurkers on this site but I want to come out of the shadows just long enough to congratulate you: on the literary quality of your posts, as well as their real content.

    You have an “about” page to which I can wholly subscribe. Keep fighting the good fight.

    – Brian


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