The great global warming con.

If you want to con serious amounts of money out of other people, you’ve got to sell them a story and the story you sell, comes in one of two basic flavours.

The first one is the traditional basis of most confidence tricks and at the end of the day, it revolves about their greed. If you’re not a greedy person, you’ll never really get badly conned. The greedier a person is, the more vulnerable they are. You spin them some story, sometimes pointing out how it’s not quite moral or perhaps not even legitimate at all but hey, you can both make some easy money if they’re not going to get too fussy about the thing.

Sometimes, you hand them that obvious opening, which they think only they can see; a way of stiffing you for all the money you were both supposed to be sharing out at the end. That touch is even better in that it gives them an illusory sense of control over the whole situation. They’re the clever puppet masters and you’re the trusting idiot they’re going to rip off. People who think of themselves as good manipulators, tend to have a blind spot for being manipulated themselves and the way you do that is by appearing to hand control over to them.

The second variety of story appeals to the exact opposite of greed and is the one most often used by climate scammers. You take advantage of the better angels of their nature, their altruism, and inveigle them into contributing generously into some scheme, which will be to the eternal relief of some segment of humanity which is suffering almost intolerable woes. It’s a much more flexible scheme in that there are so many more variations on altruism than there are on your basic greed. In contrast to the greed approach, they tend to hand over not only the money but also control of the situation. They’re trusting you to do good with the money.

The big advantage it has over appealing to their greed, is that it doesn’t require what’s called the blow off stage at the end of the con. An ingenious blow off at the end of a con is the mark of an accomplished con man. When people are really expecting to get money in their hand at the end of the scheme, you really have to work hard to convince them that not only has everyone involved lost money, most especially you, but that they’re lucky to have gotten out of it without a jail sentence or even worse. That’s the blow off. Given the sometimes questionable legal ground of the particular con story, the last thing anyone is going to do is talk to the police.

A petty con man isn’t clever enough to pull off that stage, which is why they have to move around a lot. They work a locale, pluck all the local pigeons and move on, because they don’t want to bump into an increasing number of angry marks, all of whom are painfully aware that they’ve been conned and are looking to do some serious payback if they ever see you again.

The altruism con also doesn’t require much in the way of a blow off stage, because whatever money they’ve parted with, they did so just to feel good about helping some other people out; they never seriously check out what happened to the money because they were never expecting any return on it. They’ve already waved goodbye to it. Ultimately, it’s the most cynical exploitation of people because you’re taking ruthless advantage of that most human of things; a tender heart.

The basic story you sell for both of those variations constitute what’s called the hook, and once swallowed, the sting proceeds from there. Which variety is used on a particular mark comes down to how good you are at something called cold reading. People leak appalling amounts of information to complete strangers without a single thought. You meet them, the walk, the talk, the attitudes, the body language; pretty soon, you know which approach they look like they might fall for. In general, it’s the selfish ones, who absolutely know they’re hard-nosed, no-nonsense bastards, who’ll fall for the greed approach more often than not. You let them dominate you, because that relaxes them into their comfort zone where you can really get to work on them.

Global warming is essentially a con. It’s nothing more than cynically extracting money from other people or gaining power and prestige at their expense using those same two types of story. Where it gets confusing at times is in identifying who is the mark and who is the con artist, with the added complication that sometimes they’re all con men busily screwing each other as well as us.

The classic victim is the ordinary person, whose money is being hoovered out of their pockets by soliciting donations or by various overt and covert taxes, which they’re assured will somehow be used to stop the climate changing. A not so obvious victim is the vaguely active green supporters of various flavours, who feel obliged if only because of a social conscience, to support their worst exploiters, who it should be noted live a very comfortable existence that would make lifestyles of the rich and famous blush. Al the Messiah’s personal fortune ballooned from single digit millions to an estimated 400 million within a decade. As Ron Hubbard reputedly said, if you want to get very rich, start a new religion.

All the so-called conservation groups such as Greenpeace and WWF long ago moved out of that original area and into the saving the planet business, because that’s where the really big bucks can be extracted from people and government. They’re avid supporters of any politically correct green causes and simply ignore the obvious environmental damage. Just keep chasing all those big juicy grants and turn a blind eye to inconvenient things like windmills, which chop up rare raptor birds and kill bats by the million.

They’re happy to jump into bed with the most disreputable elements of capitalism like Kenneth Lay’s Enron, just as long as they’re promised a piece of the action. Under cover of saving the environment by taxing the air, they’d all make some serious money. What is truly staggering is not just the number of loose and cooperative alliances between what you’d think are ideological opposed organisations, but the fact that some of them have swallowed the altruism story to such an extent that they seem oblivious to the harm it’s doing to the very people they’re supposed to represent. In some weird Stockholm Syndrome fashion, they’ve become the victims who now actually help out the con men.

The prime and most shameful example of the latter, is the nearly unqualified support lent to the movement by all the major religious bodies. Don’t they know how many of the poor can no longer afford to heat their homes? Don’t they know that a million children a year die or are simply blinded by withholding golden rice? Don’t they know how many millions die in the developing world from malaria because we won’t allow them access to DDT? Don’t they know how many lives could be saved supplying them with drought and disease resistant GM seeds? Don’t they know that switching from growing food staples in favour of growing biofuel crops, has more than doubled prices of basic foods? Don’t they know about the food riots?

There’s not even a pretence of putting people first and the planet second. It’s not the whole story but it’s no wonder that whole sections of churches in the developing word are considering decoupling themselves from what they consider to be out of touch mother churches based in the developed nations. The big issue the churches should be addressing is not female priests or gay cardinals, but the increasingly worse plight of the poor in their own congregations.

We have alarmist scientists quite happy to bend the science whichever way it needs to go, to keep up that rich flow of delicious research funding. We have politicians happy to pretend they believe the scientists and they’re going to save the planet for us, but that’s purely because of the votes it gets them. The scientists know the politicians don’t really believe them but that’s irrelevant, just as long as the money tap stays open.

We have activist climate journalists, who by this stage don’t need to be told what alarmist spin to add to a story and are also content to spike anything contrary that might ratchet down the hysteria. It’s good for circulation and in these changing times, keeping them in a job.

We have second-rate politicians dug into environmental policy setting committees, while at the same time earning fat consultancy fees from companies benefitting from the decisions made. When things get a tad too outrageous and the heat is turned up on them, they retire out of public service to cushy part-time jobs on the boards of the very companies they’ve shilled for. Integrity and conflict of interest are irrelevant at this stage; it’s all about lining their pockets.

The whole scam will be gone in a decade or so but in the meantime, and with one eye nervously on the exit door, the scammers are now putting their best efforts into a blow off phase. Listen carefully around you now, and for the next few years, and you’ll hear the inch wise retractions which somehow don’t count as full-blooded recantations.

The first excuses were changing the nature of the story slightly. Global Warming subtly mutated into Climate Change, which is now being rebadged as Global Climate Disruption. It’s similar to catching a liar out; the lie mutates to cover whatever hole you’ve pointed out to them.

The latest ploy is they were misled by their once omniscient climate models, so you see, it’s all somehow the models’ fault, not theirs. Running neck and neck with that one is a sciency debate about exactly how sensitive the planet is to CO2. The bottom line on that ploy is that the Earth, contrary to everything they’ve been telling us for years, may be largely indifferent to it, so they’re not pushing that one too hard for obvious reasons.

Another contender is the newly discovered concept of scientific uncertainty. The problem with that one is that it’s a bit too embarrassing to admit all those things they were formerly certain about might revert to being uncertain. Welcome to the downside of a unique branch of science that they pronounced for years was absolutely settled.

The latest excuse for the missing heat is a corker though. Previously they’d opined that it was perhaps hiding at the bottom of the world’s oceans but the very latest attempt to explain it is that there’s this hot spot, which no one has ever detected, which mysteriously teleports itself to various locations around the world. I suppose it must be sentient like Mother Gaia; every time they get near to finding and measuring it, it somehow senses them creeping up on it and teleports away. What a little rascal it is. Don’t laugh out there, they seriously expect to be believed.

Unfortunately, the one area where the climate con men differ from their traditional equivalents, is that none of them will ever go to prison. That seems to be a pattern in the climate con. Whatever you do, even blatantly criminal things like identity theft, you still don’t go to prison. The vague excuse for that is termed noble cause corruption but they sailed clean through that tender notion ages ago.

They’re just well into plain old corruption.


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24 Responses to “The great global warming con.”
  1. Amr Marzouk says:

    A gem


  2. Ontario’s Liberal Government is following this step by step con on their citizens to a “T”………….


  3. WJohn says:

    Re The Elusive Hot Spot.
    See Heisenberg, uncertainty principle.
    The action of trying to measure anything about the EHT will cause it to slip off somewhere else.


  4. Keitho says:

    It was such a beautiful con too. Fuzzy but filled with scientificity that bamboozles folk who are educated beyond their capacity to think. These folk then rant on about deniers without ever actually understanding what is going on, happy to let others do their thinking for them. In fact if you ever take on a warmista you will see that their vehemence goes up in inverse proportion to their actual understanding.

    The other really cool trick the con artists have pulled is that they have been able to inspan a whole bunch of mindless minions to do their dirty work for them. Go to SkS or CiF on the Guardian and there they are raving on about peer review, bad evil deniers, we are all gonna die tomorrow, look a dead poley bear etc. etc. while in the background, rubbing their hands with delight, are Gore, Mann, Cook, Trenberth, Lewandowsky, Nuccitteli and the rest of that god awful crew who are the ones making cash off of this monstrosity.

    It is a sad indictment of the poor education so many have had and the absurd legacy media who pushed this stupidity for all it was worth, that so many ordinary decent simple people were conned by this bullshit. As you say Pointman, these bastards will back away slowly from this con and we will all be left wondering why anybody believed this bullshit and the B-Ark people will rush headlong after the next huge scam while Gore and crew count their cash in safety.


  5. meltemian says:

    They seek it here, they seek it there,
    Those climatologists seek it everywhere,
    Is it in water, is it in air?
    that damned elusive hotspot’s lair.

    I think it may be here today, but then August in Greece is a bit like that!


  6. There is no save distance for wind Turbines, NOT GREEN , NOT CHEAP , NOT RELIABLE , and come with a very BAD side EFFECT to People and the ENVIRONMENT. there is Nothing GREEN about TURBINES. SAY NO TO WIND TURBINES .


  7. 1 L Loyd says:

    Excellent explanation. I would laugh if it weren’t so true. But now I know what to keep an eye out for.


  8. Jim S says:

    The con is instigated by guilt. The guilt that people feel when they don’t believe they’ve earned their place in the world. That’s why academics in the “soft sciences” are so acceptable to the con. They don’t really produce anything, draw a comfortable salary, are damn near impossible to fire and have a State funded pension that Louis the XIV would have envied. So to justify the fraud that is their life – they con themselves into believing that they are fighting to “save the planet”. When your are saving the planet, your govt. funded study on how the mating habits of snails along the gulf coast might some day in the future possibly be affected by global warming takes on a new meaning.


  9. Psalmon says:

    It will never go away. All their wealth transfer programs are scams. That doesn’t stop them. They are busy closing power plants and putting people out of work. The con is winning not dying.

    “Winning the conversation” is what matters, not the temperature outside. They have the news media, the entertainment media, education, courts…

    Only voters can stop this. Stop buying their news, movies, songs. Stop voting for politicians who push this, hold them all accountable.


  10. The basic story you sell for both of those variations constitute what’s called the hook, and once swallowed, the sting proceeds from there. [emphasis added -hro]

    The sting, indeed! I think it should be the background music (if not the title of) the IPCC’s latest movie in the making … as I had noted just yesterday:

    Coming soon … Busy bees in the hive: IPCC’s AR5 (the movie)


    P.S. Great post, as usual, Pointman!


  11. Blackswan says:


    Another great analysis of the Great Global Warming Con. Not surprising that much of your terminology is heard in the world of Sales/Marketing – the Pitch, the Hook and the Close. The Close ensuring the customer walks away with the goods and the salesman walks away with the cash.

    A couple of years ago a documentary film from a gaggle of Hollywood producers, directors (including George Lucas), cameramen and sound engineers had them all boasting about their skills in manipulating any audience into suspending belief and accepting the reality of their visual/audio creations. They were adamant that with the right juxtaposition of images, light and sound they could induce any audience into accepting any scenario as believable. These are the skills Al Gore used to create his Inconvenient Lie so no wonder he won an Oscar for it – Hollywood awarded itself the top bling trophy.

    It’s one thing for some UN puppet-master to come up with the bizarre concept of CAGW but it took the Mad Men of Madison Avenue and their ilk to actually come up with the means and the method. They’ve made something of a science out of tapping the human psyche to know how to get the masses to listen to the Pitch, swallow the Hook and willingly empty their pockets for a successful Close.

    The Mad Men know that a bloke in a white coat carries a lot of credibility with the punters, thus we have toothpaste commercials stating “three out of four dentists recommend …”. It wasn’t a big stretch to begin the con with the scientific community – it gained its own momentum after that and the Hucksters have had a field day.

    The guys in the lab coats gave the legislating political con artists all the ‘credibility’ and justification they needed to fleece their marks while every carpetbagger within range, sniffing the cash on the wind, hopped aboard for the ride. Far from “saving” anything, this con is cold, calculated and utterly ruthless in its application.

    Thanks Pointman – for telling it like it is.


  12. Peter Steele says:

    Thank you so much for telling the truth as it is. I agree it’s about greed and in less than 10 yrs these cons will be silent as the truth is told. Look at Antarctica 60% more ice in less than 2 years. These alarmist shame this planet, statistics show that the greens are not the most intelligent beings when it comes to facts. Thanks again.


  13. Greg says:

    Yes, its a con and beautifully set up too!

    For me the question is not why it’s been so successful but why do we as a population seem to want these “scare tactics”, when I was growing up (50s-60s), it was all about nuclear war, in fact when I started work in the Proof and Experimental Establishment after leaving school, we were told we’d have about 15 mins warning to get 5 miles away (nothing was said about the inaccuracy of targeting systems in those days)!

    Subsequently, we had the “population bomb” then the “hole in the ozone layer” and when that failed the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) scare was ramped up (I may have missed some from the list but you know what I mean).

    This latter differed from the others in that almost all the ingredients were based on computer modelling which has the advantage that the assumptions implicit in the model are often not obvious, we have an old saying in the IT industry – GIGO or Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    I can understand both the altruistic “save the planet” (it doesn’t need saving) appeal and those researchers who in order to obtain grants have for political reasons to include AGW in their proposals but what I’d like to know is, is the political drive motivated by the “one world government” ideology (socialist?) or is it just the result of a lot of governments jumping on the bandwagon gleefully realising that they can raise taxes in a way that was harder to argue against when there was so much “green” propaganda?

    Thankfully, here in Australia the recent election has shown the scam to have largely run its course with Tony Abbott shutting down various climate commissions and vowing to remove the Carbon Tax.

    Thanks for a great article!



  14. Alfredo A. Morales says:

    Wind turbines, photovoltaic panels an even ethanol have their uses for certain applications. But never to replace fossil fuel for transportation or electric generation.
    Only the hydrogen element can do that through the wise utilization of nuclear an hydroelectric energy to generate it.
    And even better if we are ever able to transition from fission to nuclear fusion.


  15. Roy Edmunds says:

    Ann Bressington is or was the independent State Member (MLC in Adelaide Sth Aust.) and in one of her speeches I heard referred to the concept of climate change or global warming as being first touted as a means by which the first global revolution could pull entire populations into conforming to or accepting political and social changes for the sake of global survival ….and there was a paper written on the subject back in the 1960s.

    If you read John Perkins book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and at the same time look at who controls the World Bank and who runs the Bank of England while at the same time doubling as the minder for The Bank of International Settlements and the Financial Stability Board and then look at the Corporations who benefit from this globalization and Agenda 21 begin to realize what sense it all makes. Particularly when many of our key politicians wind up on boards when they retire…serving their real masters.

    Fascism, or corporatism, or as Perkins calls it corporatocracy , or Fabian Socialism Lenin Style underpinned by Central bankers all happily meeting at the bottom….or five of them at least at the recent G20.

    Makes you want to go back again to watch Blade Runner. The theme is corporate slavery taken to its ultimate expression. Also a bad climate and pollution….notice we have pollution courtesy of the corporates who are free to poison us while we pay for non existent safety in the fallacy of reduced carbon emissions.

    Climate change then makes sense. Why would Truman of the Truman Show want to leave his world if he knew he had to accept certain limitations because it was his duty to save the entire world and to make the sacrifice of his freedom a noble thing….why else would someone accept corporate slavery unless they were on ” a mission from God”……the god of climate change…..

    As The Greater Depression tightens its grip on we ” Free World” folk, and the Anglo American monetary system of debt driven bubbles pushes us toward the Popes “piecemeal” WWIII in a desperate attempt to hide the truth of our iniquitous system we find the BRICS pulling more sovereign states into their alternative structure.

    The question really is…..are there any good guys involved in this anywhere?

    The answer is a grass roots big fat NO there are no good guys….like The Wild Bunch….and remember how that ended?


  16. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    “As Ron Hubbard reputedly said, if you want to get very rich, start a new religion.”

    Great read…


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