2011 and climate alarmism.

We’re nearly at year’s end and in the fight against climate alarmism, it can only be called a vintage year. This was supposed to be the year when they thought they would regain the initiative but it’s only served to confirm how jaded people are with it all.

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Event was intended to catapult it back into the headlines, like in those glory days of but a few years ago but it failed miserably. The mainstream media (MSM), apart from a few of the true dyed in the wool propagandists, weren’t even interested in getting involved in the pre-event hype, never mind reporting on the actual thing itself. Predictably, the major politicians stayed away. It got a bit of blogosphere coverage, although that was mainly on a video of an experiment that had been “helped”. They were caught yet again rigging the science. There was also a rather feeble attempt to big up the embarrassingly low number of hits on Al’s site, which had been specially created for the event but of course, the blogosphere uncovered that one too.

One day, they’ll learn that the climate realists in the blogosphere are watching every move they make. If the MSM cannot bring itself to do the investigative journalism, then we will. There were so many examples of that this year that I don’t intend to run over them all, except to give one that is pretty representative of all the others. A patently ludicrous claim by the UN’s IPCC about renewables supplying 80% of the world’s power by 2050, was traced back to a very wishful study funded by Greenpeace and the renewables industry. The Greenpeace employed person who helped to write it was also the same one who was the lead author working for the IPCC, where the claim mysteriously worked its way into the supposedly peer-reviewed IPCC report. A slight conflict of interest, to say the least. There were many other instances of supposedly “scientific” findings being traced back to propaganda handouts by activist groups.

Apart from the more rabidly propagandist organs of the MSM, such as those symbiotic twins the Guardian and the BBC, there was a distinct feeling they were repositioning themselves away from global warming. It was part of the general trend this year towards less and less reporting of alarmist propaganda in the MSM but this was more a reflection on the times, rather than the MSM. People, in the main, have more immediate concerns over jobs and money rather than any looming thermogeddon and there’s also what’s called in journalistic circles, “climate fatigue”. You can only scare the hell out of people so much and after enough of it, they begin to ignore you.

Things are looking a bit bleak for the MSM itself. They’re losing market share to the internet. The news for them was all bad; corporate losses climbing steadily and staff layoffs seemed to be the norm. Things are looking even worse if you consider the trend amongst the younger audience, who would naturally be the next generation of consumers of the MSM product, not to buy newspapers or even watch mainstream television. They’re bored with the product because they rightly sense it’s just a monolithic loudspeaker with only one official and predictable point of view on almost any significant topic. They see it as a wishy-washy liberal worldview, which has no relevance to their immediate concerns about important things like how hard it is getting a decent first job. In the meantime, the internet gives them a choice of opinions on whatever they’re interested in, without the boring preachy overtones.

Climategate 2 (CG2) was the big event and the timing was perfect, not only to put the boot into the already on the ground Durban climate convention but also in terms of totally undermining all the whitewash investigations of the original climategate (CG1). They’d all ground their way to the predictable conclusion of exonerating everyone of everything and CG2 provided fresh examples of the behaviour the investigations had just cleared them of. If there are to be further investigations, I imagine they’ll have difficulties staffing them because who’d take the risk of looking like a complete fool if the climategate whistleblower (FOIA) decides to release Climategate 3, straight after any new investigations?

The Durban conference, like the Climate Reality Event, was the widely predicted non-event that everyone expected it to be.

The cherry on top of the pre-Christmas present that CG2 truly was, just had to be the three-hour Gestapo-like raid on the climate realist blogger Tallbloke by six detectives from three different police services, for what appears to be the comment left on their blog by FOIA, giving the download link for the CG2 archive. The blogosphere rallied en masse to Tallbloke’s defense, quite rightly seeing the issue as being one about restricting the dissemination of news, rather than a climate specific issue. The catastrophe was further compounded by a couple of warmist bloggers penning articles on Tallbloke that placed them firmly into the libel zone. One article has been withdrawn completely and the other rewritten. Whether Tallbloke will proceed with further legal action is unclear.

For politicians, global warming is now a pariah issue around the world, the sole exception to this being Australia, which has just passed carbon tax legislation. That political aberration will be sorted out in their next general election, which may very well prove to be a near death experience for the coalition of parties that foisted it upon Australia, especially after explicitly promising not to do any such thing. Everywhere else, politicians are simply not mentioning global warming any more and quietly cutting the subsidies and financing of green projects. Budgets are being cut in every country and the money earmarked in previous years for green policies, looks increasingly like the folly of better economic times and no longer affordable.

Many of the new generation of politicians are mentioning global warming but from a skeptical perspective. Just as the previous generation rode the wave of hysteria about it into office, these young Turks will surf the growing wave of disenchantment about it into office just as naturally. That’s simply the way politics works. The notable success of this tactic in last year’s mid-terms in America has been picked up on and you’ll see it again in the upcoming 2012 presidential election. The Democrats are hamstrung with an incumbent president who saddled himself with a greenish label in his election campaign three years ago. They cannot throw the tatters of their lingering commitment to green policies overboard in the election without seeming to undermine their own leader but they’ll abandon them all after the election defeat. Again, that’s just how politics works.

In so many senses, the climate alarmists are now the ones in deep denial. There’s no longer any votes in global warming, indeed it’s now perceived as an electoral liability, so the politicians are not interested in it. There’s no money to be made in it, so the moneymen have moved on to more profitable sectors and that all happened by the middle of last year. The governments of the world, being broke, no longer have the money to indulge it, so they simply won’t. The MSM are dropping it because the product no longer sells. Nobody but the most gullible believes a word of anything a climate scientist might say and the rest of the science establishment have quietly backed away from them, because they can see there’s blood in the water and the sharks are circling inwards.

The climate activists will not allow themselves to see the simple truth in any of the above statements, so they’ll keep on pressing the alarm button even harder, especially because nobody is listening anymore. As a strategy, it’s precisely the wrong thing to do but they’ll do it and keep on doing it because they simply can’t help themselves. In the long-term though, it’s game over, Norwegian blue, all gone, zapped, finis, kaputt.

For the global warming movement, the prognosis is death but it’s with a long drawn out whimper into the political wilderness, rather than a big bang.


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22 Responses to “2011 and climate alarmism.”
  1. amcoz says:

    P, you’ve done it again; an excellent summary of the year that has (almost) passed into the past. I look forward to your further posts in the future.


  2. Katabasis says:

    Great post pointman as usual!

    Can I suggest one addition:
    “the sole exception to this being Australia,”

    Let’s not forget the EUSSR. Not only is it in complete denial about its fatal Euro crisis but it is also pressing ahead with its insistence on CO2 lunacy in several ways including going ahead with requiring all flights to buy carbon credits, potentially now facing a trade war with the U.S. and China as a result.


    • Jack Wilder says:

      The European Union is screwed. Nothing it does is of any relevance. It’s going to go badly under unless it gets its priorities right, and one of those priorities is its stance on renewable energies..


  3. orkneylad says:

    A most excellent summary Pointman, will be interesting to see where we are this time next year.

    Best regards & respect,


  4. Neal Asher says:

    The BBC also seems to be toning down a bit. It’s last report from Durban was on a weather program at about 6.00AM. But not enough. I got put off this new Barrier Reef program this morning: http://theskinner.blogspot.com/2011/12/barrier-reef-program.html


    • Jack Wilder says:

      That’s a good post Neal.


    • Blackswan says:

      G’day Neal,

      If the hand-wringing environmental twaddle on the Reef was enough to put you off the program, imagine what it’s like for us in Oz where such propaganda is relentless and in every facet of our lives.

      I lived in close proximity to the Reef forty years ago and in those days the dire warnings were that it would be destroyed due to the predatory crown-of-thorns starfish which was laying waste to the coral at the rate of areas the size of a football field every day. They never tell you that increased coastal populations and agricultural fertilizer run-off damages it as well.

      It wasn’t until a Chinese coal-carrier ran aground on coral recently that most Aussies had any clue that our governments allow huge foreign vessels to run north right up through the middle of the Reef and it was sheer luck that the vessel didn’t break up spewing tons of coal and fuel into the sea.


      The economic bottom-line of foreign shipping is more important to our politicians than the health and safety of the Reef.

      If anything is going to wreck our Great Barrier Reef, it won’t be Co2.


      • Neal Asher says:

        It’s an endless refrain that this CO2 alarmism is distracting environmentalists from real concerns. I would add that it is also laziness. Better to blame the latest enviro-shibboleth that actually do some solid research.


  5. meltemian says:

    …..and for 2012 the New Year Resolutions we all want to see:-


    I expect you’ve all seen this from Real Science but I thought it was worth repeating.


  6. Edward. says:

    Global warming, yes, since the LIA – the WORLD HAS WARMED!

    Man made CO2 emissions causing runaway warming = a political fiction, you see, the politicians made it up, the ‘science’ [ho ho] came later to prove the presupposition.

    Because of the above [AGW] chimera, in the western world…………………well what do you call it?

    It’s a post normal thing, or is it [just!!!] merely, collective government insanity, you decide.

    The UN, the EU and the British government luv it = air tax in Britain this year will add up to £2.5 billions, it was only introduced in 2008 by McBriun, bogey muncher and Kirkcaldy streak of dreich – but George isn’t concerned about rescinding this daft idea [ie, family of 4 flying to Florida =£300 extra tax – incredible and money into the HMG blackhole].

    Then there’s biofuels and biomass, land given over to grow biofuels [whilst elsewhere in the world people starve for lack of ability to pay for basic staples – because of biofuel/biomass crop production = less land for food – see US crop subsidies for biofuel/ethanol corn blah blah – I tell you, this is an effin sin against humanity, logic and reason]. The renewable energy obligation UK, whereby Huhne [notable ncut and arch to**er of DECC] tells us with a straight face [if you can believe this tw@t]: £2.5 billions ‘invested’ in renewables has produced 11.600 jobs – FFS that’s some expensive bloody jobs there Chris me old to**er.
    Britain ‘produces’ [ho ho] 3.5+/-% of its energy needs thru’ renewables, by 2020 this needs to be 15%/20% depending on who you believe = the country will be bankrupt well before then – lights out and back to the fields for us.

    Then, there’s Carbon emissions credits – arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Britain is going down the sink hole and into a black hole, if we don’t stop this ship, trouble is, the political elite here is Britain has the collective IQ of a rabid wildebeest – so not much hope over in Blighty.

    Lights going out, hope is diminishing.

    I agree with the thrust of your article Pointy, the problem is, as the economy in Britain tanks. We have a bunch of crony capitalists, corporate bankers, council panjandrums/taliban chieftains and Bruxelles bureaucrats with their hands working the idiot glove puppets running my country.
    If it were possible – even if we called a halt to this lunacy NOW, it would takes years to recover financially and economically – meanwhile the world pays lip service to AGW/Durban+new Kyoto, and does FA while we in Britain tragically march to our barmy green doom FFS – onward…..

    Forward, the Light Brigade!”
    Was there a man dismay’d?
    Not tho’ the soldier knew
    Some one had blunder’d.
    Theirs not to make reply,
    Theirs not to reason why,

    Tennyson [abbrev’ with apologies].


  7. Blackswan says:


    I wish I could agree that it’s all over bar the shouting but alas, from our perspective in the Antipodes, it hasn’t even started yet.

    It’s as though CG1 & 2 never happened at all as our pathetic PM whines about “carbon polloootion” and has told Australian farmers and industry that there is “big money” to be made in international carbon trading.

    A carbon price of $AU23 a tonne will begin on July 1 2012 even though the current price on the EU carbon market is around $AU9.50. Our carbon price is fixed in legislation till 2015 even if the EU carbon market crashes and burns like the Chicago Carbon Exchange did.

    There is no logic, no rationale, no truth and no accountability in this shameful Labor/Gangrene Government and our next election is not till 2013. The economic havoc these Hucksters can wreak on our people in the interim will be devastating.


  8. Mike says:

    I wonder what the next big fear-mongering campaign is going to be? Or is this finally going to be the last? Looking back over the last 50 years is a shameful record of generating fear and hysteria.

    There was the Cold War which over-hyped the communist threat. After all, the reason they threw up the curtain was to hide the fact that their economies were dying and they were falling behind. Western leaders though were happy to go along with the game because it benefited them to be able to scare the populace.

    The War on Terror was a completely over-hyped threat, whipped up by a bunch of war-mongering neocons in order that they could give billions of dollars of contracts to their friends and set up a police state.

    Now climate change, in order to try to centralize more power. Govt’s always trying to generate fear and hysteria in their populace. Could it be because they know that they don’t really have any authority over us? And that they are actually not as required as most people think? Insecurity on their part perhaps…


    • Jack Wilder says:

      No matter how jaded we become, there’s always people, usually young people who have less experience, and will be taken in by scares.

      In fact, there’s one born every minute.


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Mike. These mass aberrations seem to be one of the constants throughout human history. I got a Kindle this Christmas and your comment made me retrieve my first book for it. It’s Charles Mackay’s “Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions”. A very appropriate excerpt from the forward is –

      “In reading the history of nations, we find that, like individuals, they have
      their whims and their peculiarities; their seasons of excitement and
      recklessness, when they care not what they do. We find that whole
      communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object, and go mad in its
      pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one
      delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly
      more captivating than the first. We see one nation suddenly seized, from its
      highest to its lowest members, with a fierce desire of military glory; another
      as suddenly becoming crazed upon a religious scruple; and neither of them
      recovering its senses until it has shed rivers of blood and sowed a harvest of
      groans and tears, to be reaped by its posterity.”

      You can download it for free as a pdf from http://chjort.mono.net/upl/10326/mackaych24518245188pdfLRG.pdf

      Old though the book is, it really does put the global warming craze into context.



  9. alexjc38 says:

    Pointman, a solid analysis of the year, and there’s a lot I’d agree with. 2012 promises to be rather interesting, with AGW-scepticism on the rise and the added factor of rising energy bills and more expensive air travel, which will help to concentrate minds. The UK government is in a bit of a cleft stick, in many ways – cutting solar feed-in tariffs, for example, would put the brakes on solar but keeping them high will help to make everyone else’s energy more expensive, and people now know it. Chris Huhne tells us that spending huge amounts of money on renewables between now and 2020 makes sense because of the rising price of fossil fuels, but gas prices are being driven down by the ongoing development of unconventional gas supplies world-wide. This is going to be a horrible dilemma for them, and for the EU, and it won’t go away.

    I’m particularly interested in the words and behaviour of those who genuinely believe that the world is facing catastrophe due to global average temperatures rising by more than 2 degrees this century. No legally binding global climate agreement has been signed, and CO2 emissions are increasing unabated; therefore, by their logic, the climate crisis is unavoidable and doom must be almost certain. Will they lapse into despair, finally? And if they do, how long will they continue to despair if the catastrophe persists in not materialising? Maybe next year will bring us closer to some clear answers.


    • meltemian says:

      I can’t help feeling that if those who say they genuinely believe we are in for a Global Warming Catastrophe said less and actually did more to change THEIR lifestyles they might have a bit more creditibility. It’s all ‘you’ and not much ‘me’ when it comes to altering the way they continue to live. Not that it would make a scrap of difference to the climate but at least they’d come across as less hypocritical.


  10. Edward. says:

    Wotcha P,

    Haben ein gutes neues Jahr,

    nicht gross und nicht scheisse……. lets all stay in the middle mate!


  11. Bob TI says:

    Happy New Year to all on here

    Think some will have already found this one…


    Could the ranks of the Beeb be cracking up even more ??




  12. DBD says:

    “Norwegian Blue’ – love it!! Perhaps the Python crew could do a Global Warming skit. Mann would make a great black knight:)


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