The Durban debacle awaits …

Here we go again, another climate clambake attracting attendees from all over the world. They’ll be the usual assortment of politicians, government civil servants, Media, NGOs, activists and fruit loops determined to save the earth from global warming. Nothing changes.

In terms of the basic political objectives, nothing much either has changed since Cancun. The developing world will be hoping for a bit of money from the developed world but will concede nothing substantive in return. As before, their hopes aren’t too high on that one. Once again, China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter, will act as their spokesman to scuttle any meaningful deal. They’re quite happy building new coal-fired electricity generation plants at the rate of one a week and selling us solar panels.

The politicians, apart from the politically desperate and a few has-beens, will again be notable for their absence because they know it’ll be a waste of time and there’s always the slight but real danger they might have to end up coughing up some money. It’s always safer to send delegates who, if they misguidedly agree to anything, can bring the paperwork home with them so that it can simply not be ratified, à la Kyoto.

In passing, I have to say that George Bush jr, a president not usually noted for his subtlety, played Kyoto beautifully; instruct the delegates to accept commitments which were so extreme, they never stood a snowflake’s chance in hell of getting ratified by Congress. I think the accord was safely refused ratification at a later date by a vote of ninety-four to zero. Everyone at Kyoto was pleased the States had committed to something and months later, everyone at home was pleased that they hadn’t.  Everyone was happy in the end. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

The real driver of government policy is simply that money’s in short supply and the politicians are already quietly cutting back on green subsidies and projects at home.

The media, even the most climatically enthusiastic elements of it, are well aware of what’s euphemistically called “climate fatigue”; people are bored with the climate scare, so it doesn’t attract the audience and therefore the advertising revenue stream that’s so important. More importantly, newsrooms around the world are being culled of journalists so everyone’s keeping their head down and concentrating on issues that the readers might actually be interested in. You can see from the luke warm build-up of a few articles that they’ve already started the damage limitation spin, in some cases pushing the line that Durban is just the warmup for the next clambake, where everything will be settled at last. Yeah …

The activists are in serious trouble, though large parts of the movement are ironically still in denial over how bad it really is.

Since Cancun, political commitment among the major blocks to doing anything about global warming is now token and what’s worse, they’ve lost the mob. If last year’s mid-terms in America were anything to go by, then next year’s presidential elections will be a blood bath for the Democratic Party, which is saddled with a greenish lame-duck president who’s achieved precisely nothing for environmental causes. He has bigger concerns. If there’s one lesson learnt by the Republicans last year, it’s play the “let’s be frank, global warming is a crock” card. They’ll play it again.

Reading the activists’ comments on the current lack of mainstream political enthusiasm for their position, I’m surprised at their anger and disappointment with the politicians. They apparently thought that the politicians actually believed in and were committed to fighting global warming. It’s as if they never realised it was the politicians using the momentum of the environmental craze to get elected. It was never about belief, just votes. Welcome to the real world and Realpolitik.

If the environmental movement were a real political party, then it would carry out an immediate policy revision, since it’s apparent that the current policies aren’t attracting any support from the developing world, politicians and the general public, that’s to say, pretty much everyone except the true believers.

The developing world will always fight anyone trying to stop it industrialising and the only realistic way of doing that is to build power generation facilities without which industrialisation is not possible. Solar and wind alternatives are simply not a viable option for them. The alternative of promising to bribe them not to industrialise is no longer feasible since we’re broke.

Public opinion, because of the recession, has not so much turned against them but sees environmental issues as irrelevant in the light of more immediate worries about jobs and money. Politicians for the most part have reacted to this change by barely mentioning the environment nowadays. The one political aberration in this concern is Australia but that’s a sorry tale for another occasion.

The limiting factor of course is that the environmental movement is not a political party and quite frankly, resembles more of a cult or a belief system. Cults are about strong beliefs which are never negotiable. They have simple credos like; coal bad, wind good, nuclear bad, solar good, crafts good, industry bad.

Any attempt to revise the essential tenets of the cult will result in a schism, which will lose them the foot soldiers of the movement. Alas, fanatics cannot change their mind nor reconsider their position. In a Darwinian sense, they’re creatures who not only just can’t adapt to a changing environment but won’t and are therefore slated for extinction through a slow process of political marginalisation.

This process has already begun and if you look around carefully, the signs are apparent, from the BBC slowly backing off global warming in the case of their Frozen Planet series to other scientists calling out propaganda about things like Greenland’s apparently shrinking ice coverage. There’s blood in the water and the sharks are starting to circle.

I’ve no doubt that a few minor non-binding words and commitments will be made in a very vague sort of way and that they’ll be bigged up by the propaganda machine as somehow meaningful but the truth is, it’s going to be another Cancun.


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9 Responses to “The Durban debacle awaits …”
  1. Blackswan says:


    While modern Australia is indeed a “sorry tale”, a thought about your point that “the environmental movement is not a political party”…..

    In Australia it is; and has become a very powerful one, despite attracting only 13% of the vote at the last election. The leader Bob Brown is the de facto Prime Minister of this minority Govt., holding a blowtorch to the underbelly of Labor and crowing about his success to a fawning MSM. Any who challenge him are labelled “the hate media” and he is the one who has instigated our current Media Inquiry, supposedly in response to the News Corp debacle, but in reality a means and an end to any challenge of Marxist/Gangrene/Labor policy that might be exposed or challenged – anywhere, any time.

    They have tried a few times to control the internet here on the grounds of saving our kiddies from the predations of pornsters, but now the gloves are off – they are including the Media’s web sites in their Inquiry.

    You’re spot on about Durban being another useless gab-fest. Note they aren’t holding them anywhere it’s likely to be cold and snowy – can’t have another Dopenhagen fiasco.

    We await the outcome (if any) with interest.


  2. Blackswan says:


    Now we have a rusted-on Labor flunky exposing the myth of Green assertions that we can have 100% renewable energy by 2020 …..

    Plan B needed to halt climate change, says Rudd’s former ‘muse’

    “Green campaigners who insist that deep near-term emissions cuts can be achieved with a mix of conservation, wind and solar are wrong. They haven’t done the maths … Renewables will not, by themselves, be enough. We will need to mobilise every clean-energy technology we have. In some countries that will include nuclear. And it will include clean coal,” he says, citing International Energy Agency findings that without clean coal, the overall cost of tackling climate change increases by 70 per cent.”

    As JoNova says of the IPCC, they are all looking for the exit doors.

    Pity the ramming of carbon dioxide tax laws through our Parliament succeeded before their own people started muttering about its insanity. Idiots.


  3. scud says:

    Wotcha P!


    At this time of year I like to remind myself of the hideousness that was Copenhagen, and the hysteria being whipped up by the MSM pre-event.
    Ed Milliband, wide eyed and punch drunk looking… ‘trying to thrash out a deal’ in the wee hours of the morning. The ludicrous characters of Obama, Schwarzenegger, Al Gore; strutting around with ever-so-grave expressions of concern and the indomitable will to ‘act’. Gordon Brown’s preposterous swagger of ’40 days to save the world’. The throngs of idiots from Greenpeace, WWF and all the other dross, shouting, screaming, fighting…getting arrested.
    And now we see how much things have changed. Yep, the BBC are ever so subtly trying to ramp up ‘the message’ again (last episode of ‘Frozen Planet’), little injections into news bulletins, those two fools Richard Black and Roger Harrabin churning out increased volumes of rubbish…but it’s not going to work for them and they must surely know it too.
    I sincerely hope that the BBC’s multi billion pound ‘green’ pension pot crashes and burns, they deserve nothing less. After all, they have been a key player in imposing this dogma upon our nation and others too through ‘the world service’ and we are all still paying for it in many more ways than one.

    Yes, I’m confident that we will not see the likes of Copenhagen again, but of course it mustn’t be forgotten that all the ‘solutions’ to the ‘problem’ are still very much in place and as Swan eloquently points out, in certain areas of the world are being ratcheted up even further.

    I’m of a mind, (when we take this right back to its origins and discounting all that claptrap from the fraudsters and useful idiots that its been understood since the late 19th C) to the time of Thatch’, Sir Crispin Tickell and the UN that over the subsequent years to now, AGW was entirely about the money.
    I know…people have been saying this for years and is of course well documented, but what’s interesting is this apparent shift in the stance of the IPCC. ‘Leaked’ info’ on the forthcoming AR 5 that basically, all of a sudden, there is no certainty.
    What?!…No certainty?…but…but!! And if this proves to be the case, what other body will take over the mantle? What other body can act as ‘mission control’ or ‘emission control’ with any credibility whatsoever now that the ‘2500’ have said ‘err..sorry chaps. Bit of a cock up don’t you know.’

    In a way, I have many reasons to thank AGW. Without it I would most probably still be blissfully ignorant as to the existence / workings of groups / fake charities / organisations such as ‘The Committee of 300’, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, Common Purpose, the Fabian society, DEMOS, the Tavistock group, Trilateral commission, the EU, the UN, the Rothschild family / Federal reserve.

    I reckon that its been a mistake on the part of the NWO (essentially these f*****s listed above) because they hadn’t bargained for the frankly unbelievable developments of the internet. They thought that they could get away with it as long as they could completely control the press and of course governments, but it was just too obvious a fraud which was also serving to enlighten a great many people as to all the other corruption / ‘5th column’ activity and crucially, helping to destroy trust and sales of the their all important MSM.

    Perhaps, just perhaps that this is the reason why we maybe about to witness an abrupt ‘U’ turn from the soothsayers of the IPCC. It’s run its course. Its extracted truck loads of dosh for the criminals from us minions but it is also now threatening to expose them…better to ‘come clean’ and then get on with that other gigantic, calculated fraud of government debt.

    Bugger…ranty, ranty, rant rant. Best get on with something useful like sticking a hand up the arses of 16 partridge and 8 pheasies before they go off…Yuk!


    • Pointman says:

      One of your great rants Scud! I’ve got a bit of news you might like mate.

      “BBC Environment Analyst Received 15000 Pounds From ClimateGate University”

      Guess who it was? Enjoy.



    • Blackswan says:

      G’day Scud,

      Doesn’t seem like two years since the Climategate fiasco does it? Like you, I think we’ve all learned a great deal about many things – how it is all connected, and how the AGW fraud has brought much of the NWO machinations into sharper focus. No doubt the internet has been their downfall but has been the source of so much information to enlighten the rest of us.

      16 partridges, 8 pheasants?? Wow, that’s a great bag for a shooting weekend. However, the thought of all that avian plucking is making my own ebony plumage twitch … LOL


      • Scud1 says:

        He he Swan man. Never fear chap…all Swans over here are the property of HM the Queen and can never ever be plucked!

        Hey P my man! Thank you for the link…tis all catching up with them at an ever accelerating rate of knots, is it..err..not? I don’t think the end result will be pretty….but it’s bloody well necessary!


  4. Mack I Avelli says:

    It seems Scud is not the pheasant plucker but the pheasant plucker’s associate and he’ll be plucking partridges until the seas swamp Durban, which happens post normally when 97% of Hockey Schtick Fiddlers reach a consensus that it has occurred despite the fact that the watermarks may be in decline, however well hidden they may be.
    Seriously though folks, in case I’ve missed it due to my sporadic visits, Pointman is there anymore information on the souce of the Climategate emails. I know your previous view that it had to be an inside job. Any News?
    Love your work. Keep it coming.


    • Pointman says:

      Hello again Mack. The quick answer is there’s no news. The longer one is the cops aren’t too bothered about a two year old cold case where there was no murder or mayhem involved and the last thing CRU want is the leaker caught and put on trial. Anyway, CRU probably had a good suspicion of who the leaker was all along.



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