2011 and climate alarmism.

We’re nearly at year’s end and in the fight against climate alarmism, it can only be called a vintage year. This was supposed to be the year when they thought they would regain the initiative but it’s only served to confirm how jaded people are with it all. Al Gore’s Climate Reality Event was intended to … Continue reading

Words of wisdom from the Goracle of Helpme.

Al’s fallen on hard times. Long gone are the days of the $100,000 appearance fee at speaking engagements. Most of that all went into that Chicago Carbon Exchange thingy which didn’t turn out to be such a smart investment after all. Anyway, you can’t keep a good man down so he’s working on a comeback … Continue reading

The Al Gore Climate Reality Event : A call to arms.

There’s an interesting proposal being made at Anthony Watt’s site WUWT to fight the upcoming Al Gore Climate Reality Event scheduled for Sept. 14th 2011. In essence, it suggests setting up a central resource which will contain quotes by global warming high priests. What’s being called for is your participation in digging out appropriate quotes with … Continue reading