What I’m going to say will upset a few people.

This is not going to be a popular article with some people on the skeptical side of the global warming divide but you’re going to get it anyway, because a few things that have needed to be said for some time, now require to be said more urgently, especially in the light of recent events. … Continue reading

The Climate Wars revisited or No truce with kings.

This is a quiet little island of the internet. I write an article and it floats off into the blogosphere to end up Lord knows where. Some pieces sink without trace, foundering even before they’ve cleared the reef but others seem to take on a life of their own. There’s no way of predicting their … Continue reading

The Climate Wars.

If you’ve ever fought someone much bigger and stronger than you, then you learn some lessons quickly or you perish. If you stand your ground, they’ll destroy you, because they’re just so much more powerful than you, so you give ground. You’ve still got to fight them, so you jab at them as you give ground … Continue reading

Fakegate claims its first scalp.

The prominent climate alarmist Peter Gleick, has just admitted obtaining by identity theft the Heartland material and emailing it anonymously to journalists sympathetic to “the cause”. There are some things to be noted when reading his confession. It was obviously drafted with legal help and a very careful eye to not compromising his defence or … Continue reading

Fakegate and post-modern journalism.

Fakegate has been a very public reverse for climate alarmism. Instead of being a successful smear of the Heartland Institute and other parties, it’s likely to be viewed in retrospect as a turning point in the manner in which the mainstream and online media covers dissenting institutions and voices in the climate debate. That change … Continue reading


I’ve been watching the developments following the publication of the Heartland documents, what’s now very appropriately become known as Fakegate. As usual, the propaganda organ of climate alarmism, otherwise known as the mainstream media, has been very quick off the mark to circulate any material which could discredit climate realists. What is apparent when the … Continue reading