Blowback? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Watching a sports event alone or a team you totally support is okay, but it really isn’t a patch on doing it in company. Whether you go to the match as a family, gang of mates or just agree on whose house you’re all going to congregate at to watch it on the box, it’s always better. I know people who’ve paid handsomely to have all the games streamed directly to their TV at home, but always head out to a lively bar to watch the big ones in company.

It’s always the same great routine. Everybody comes around armed with strips of beer and the sort of junk food nibbles we all frown at the kids eating, but this is game time, so all that sensible stuff gets parked for the afternoon. Depending on how tense the game is, there’s going to be some alcohol excess involved as well, but that’s why they got themselves dropped around and there’ll be a taxi home.

Thirty minutes before half-time, the eternal debate begins about which type of take away we’re going to be having and after a lot of the usual “we had that last time” aggravation, a suitably junk cuisine is finally settled on, agonising decisions are then made on what exactly everyone is having, the order is phoned in and will be delivered to the ravenous lion’s den just in time for the start of the break.

On big game days, every takeaway for miles around will have been bracing themselves for the big avalanche of half-time and after game orders. Victory smells like a well constructed pizza to me, defeat is a greasy doner kebab that’s still got a bit of spicy kick left in it.

One time when it was my turn to play host, I looked around the living room and there were about fifteen people mostly blokes jammed into it. Some wives and girlfriends come along too just to enjoy the atmosphere, but usually end up being driven into the kitchen by the noise level. They always have a good old catch up chat spiced with some salacious gossip as they graze away at various tasty nibbles.

The blokes are all ages, all professions or trades, all different educational level exits and every man Jack of them screaming and shouting their hearts out for their team at the critical moments. Without a doubt, sport is the great leveller.

Fans of both teams are usually represented and nobody holds back in the usual stinging exchanges of banter delivered without an ounce of ill will. It’s a big part of the fun. A bloody good off the cuff comeback in response to an insult hurled across the room at your team is always savoured by both camps.

Every worry you’ve got is momentarily put aside and forgotten for the afternoon. The job, the kids, money, health, the economy, politics and all other varieties of nagging anxiety that you’ve learned to handle but are still always there in the background draining some element of joy out of your life. It’s a few precious hours of complete distraction.

It’s all been simplified. There’s only one single thing to worry about now and that’s how your team are going to do this day. At times, you can almost feel the sheer will of the fans behind them; supporting, pushing and driving them onwards.

For a few hours, you walk with giants and are in the company of heroes.

I wrote a couple of years back “It all means nothing in any larger sense, but a day spent with your kith and kin, your true brothers of whatever nationality, your soul kinsmen, the still unashamed warriors who have grace, is a fine day” and it still describes how I feel about being a fan at a big game.

If you ruin or take away those few simple hours of uncomplicated pleasure from a working man, you will be in a world of trouble.

It has become fashionable for players of American football to make political protests before the start of the game while the national anthem is being played, and it’s not going down well with the fans. There’s not a fan of the game out there who would deny any of them the right to protest, but that’s neither the time nor the place. One phone call to the press by any of these stars would secure an immediate press conference where they could highlight whatever injustice is bothering them.

All they’re doing is pissing off the fans by brutally wedging politics into sports against the wishes of fans who just want to do the simple thing of watching a game. They’re already enduring more than enough of that sort of crap from Hollywood and the media. Increasingly, it looks more like a bunch of prima donna footballers on multi-million dollar contracts striking postures in front of working slobs who in some cases have to actually balance the cost of affording NFL on cable and the utility bills.

What’s even worse is that now it’s developed into being some SJW gesture calling for the overthrow of the great dictator Donald Trump. Woah, just pull back hard on those there reins cowboy. Don’t forget, over sixty million people voted for him and unlike the coastal demographic luvvies who hate him so much, they tend to be the type of folks who actually do go to a match or buy cable to watch it. They also tend to be the type of people who voted Trump.

By offending their basic patriotism and then going on to attack the president they voted for, you’re actually alienating most of your customer base, so you can kiss a good chunk of money goodbye this season. From now on, they’d rather piss razor blades than give you a single red cent of their hard-earned money.

Once again, a pugnacious but astute Trump has elected to react to a particular provocation amongst a host of others because he knows it’s good ground on which to fight. He can’t lose on it and his opponents simply can’t win. Stung by a single tweet of his and through their own sheer prideful stupidity, they insisted on doubling down last weekend by even more of them taking a knee or other such antics, which is enraging their erstwhile fans even more.

Trump is not driving this issue. As usual, he’s simply reading the sentiment of the common man a lot better than the experts and merely giving voice to their anger. He’s also reading correctly the determined stupidity and ingrained arrogance of the NFL and their cheerleaders in the media egging them on over a cliff. It’s a win win for him whichever way you look at it. They’re already down in a hole and are determined to keep on digging even more furiously. Yet another zugzwang.

When the national anthem is being played and fans see the team they used to love and respect doing things like hiding in the tunnel like a bunch of cowards until it’s all over, resolutely sitting on the bench, linking arms, taking a knee or worst of all doing some stretching exercises all the way through it, they get angry. It no longer matters a damn what the protest was originally meant to be about – that’s long forgotten. Things have moved on.

All they see in front of them is a deliberate insult to the flag and therefore their patriotism. They’ve always known that old-fashioned things like that which they still place faith in are sneered at by their supposed betters but at least they got a break from that sort of crap watching a game of football. Not any more it seems.

Ignore what the sports press, MSM and the lying media are all saying about the whole issue because they simply don’t move in the same lower circles of consciousness as your average fan. One of their number attended a world series game and saw the umpire give the age-old three fingers out signal. He afterwards dashed off a suitably enraged and blistering article about how a KKK sign was now being used in major league baseball. The fact that it actually got published is a damning indictment of what’s laughingly called sports journalism these days.

Your average six-year-old knows more about sports and more importantly the fans, than that confederacy of dunces. If you want to get a feel for how angry the real lifelong fans are over the whole issue, watch some of the videos they’re putting up on the Goolag’s YouTube of them burning their team’s colours. That search currently comes back with 183,000 hits. You can see the bitterness, anger and sense of betrayal in their faces, and you don’t have to listen very hard to hear it in their voices too. They won’t be coming back.

The ratings look to be heading towards a bloodbath with subscribers to cable channels already cancelling or getting refunds on football packages. It’s approaching the point where watching football, never mind buying or God forbid wearing any of the merchandising in public, is seen as being unpatriotic.

On the way there, the big advertisers such as Budweiser will bail early and follow the fans to wherever they’ve stomped off to in disgust. There’s no reason why their brand should have to take a bullet as well for the NFL’s disastrous handling of the situation. You’re going to be taking an even bigger hit once the claw-back clauses with advertisers about minimum viewing numbers are dropped through, and I ain’t even got to the juicy part about the next round of renegotiating the screening rights with the cable companies.

Unless there’s an immediate major about turn by the NFL and some biblical grovelling, it’ll take years if ever to get back the level of fans it’s currently hemorrhaging. In the meantime, your revenue stream is going to take the sort of hit that Hollywood is currently suffering. They also managed to insult and piss off their customers, who promptly stopped buying their product which has led to their worst year in the last quarter century. And by the way, we’re still not yet at end of year and all the scheduled mega blockbusters that were supposed to be the big earners have already bombed, so the numbers might get even worse.

They, like the NFL, are also doubling down and delivering even greater numbers of tedious political lectures on inappropriate occasions in the delusional belief that once they’ve politically “educated” their ignorant customers, or at least had a good old snigger at them to shame them around to your righteous viewpoint, the dire situation with their numbers will magically right itself.

My apologies to Dolly Parton, a talented songwriter whom I admire, for using that clip as an example. Judging from the look on her face, she was obviously ambushed by the two smug bitches on either side of her who unlike her haven’t had a career for the last thirty years. Jane Fonda hasn’t lost any of her old ways when it comes to America, has she?

Anyway, Hollywood’s numbers won’t turn upward anytime soon and neither will yours.

There are certain things which have always been considered to be unarguably good in America – motherhood, apple pie and the flag. Insult or bad mouth any of those things in company and you can feel the room temperature around you drop. When that company consists of middle class and blue-collar America, you’ve just made a lot of enemies who have very long memories, as Hanoi Jane can attest to.

The NFL can kiss goodbye to that golden era of seemingly endless year on year revenue growth. That’s all over now. From now on, it’s all decline and fall, and it’s the fans you’ve mortally offended who’ll be keeping their dollars in their wallet who’re determined to do it to you.

Speaking as a dyed-in-the-wool sports fan, let the whole fucking lot of them starve until they learn some respect.


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29 Responses to “Blowback? You ain’t seen nothing yet.”
  1. John White says:

    Something I only learnt today is that the US government pays the NFL to do the National Anthem. It all started in 2009 as a way of boosting military recruitment. So it looks like the payments need to stop.

    The NFL are involved in this as normally if a player does any type of “political” stunting they are soon disciplined by either the team or the NFL.

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  2. Tina says:

    Very well said. The repercussions will extend sadly to local businesses. Hopefully they will be able to hustle for alternatives like pro rodeo (most patriotic American sport of all), wrestling, and NASCAR (also purely stubborn American). There are opportunities for people to start livestreaming local high school sports and church-league / industrial-league softball games.

    Major League Baseball never did recover from the arrogant players’ strikes in the 1990s. The sport went from number one to 3rd place behind football and basketball, and now many towns are hard pressed to even keep kids’ leagues going.

    We also have an opportunity to tell our congressional reps to support the bills that are in play right now to remove public subsidies from these sports by limiting their access to tax-free bonds, and ask them to also support legislation removing the legal monopoly the major leagues have.

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  3. Blackswan says:


    As a young person I described myself as an ‘expert spectator’ of most sports … it takes a certain dedication to the ‘tribe’ and a good set of lungs to hurl abuse at myopic umpires and referees and to cheer on our champions and as a kid, I was rather good at it. However, I gave up wasting my time and my money many years ago.

    Pointy, your blog link to … … said it all.

    The only reason these sporting ‘heroes’ earn mega-millions is our consumer cash and the entire professional Sports Industry, of whatever stripe, deserves to fail and be dissolved.

    With few exceptions, athletes today are a travesty on the ideals they purport to represent in society. They’ve become just another commodity, bought and sold like any other ‘merchandise’ , between cities, states and other countries.

    They have been known to cheat, lie and steal victory at any cost, take performance enhancing drugs, ‘vitamin’ shots, painkillers and blood products, and even if individuals are ‘clean’ they certainly know who is involved and what’s happening in their sport but do they ever blow the whistle to get crime and corruption out of the equation? Rarely, if ever. Protecting their own bank balance, their team (and the criminals behind them) is their raison d’être.

    The professional sporting industry in the 21st century is largely ’owned’ by organised crime and the massive mountains of cash involved in sports betting, advertising and match/race fixing … it’s all about tax evasion for corporations, ’money-laundering’ for crime syndicates and the ‘political prestige’ of a foreign country’s ownership of Western institutions.

    The Olympics is still championed as the pinnacle of sporting achievement but anyone who thinks politics has no place in sport is kidding themselves … sport IS politics. The majority of pro athletes are no different from the average politician … saying what is scripted for them by their ‘handlers’ and with equal contempt for the plebs who pay their wages.

    Governments spend mega-millions on the training of athletes to ‘compete’ on the world stage but the real competition is about who can develop the least-detectable performance enhancing drug regime to defeat their political opponents. Medal counts and smashing records are what matters, not the lives of the injury-ridden athletes.

    Unlike our academic students who leave universities deep in debt, the recipients of government/taxpayer largesse in sports training and upkeep are never required to pay back a cent, even when they’ve achieved ‘elite’ status and earn millions in endorsement contracts.

    The genie is now out of the bottle and sport will never return to the true tribal competition it once was … not when money and politics is involved. Our children can achieve physical fitness, match skills and learn teamwork by playing in their local junior league teams, which actually deserve our financial support. When ‘true believers’ finally realise they don’t need to finance the corruption that is modern professional sports then maybe we can go back to teaching our kids what true heroes really are.

    Caesar was right … bread and circuses will keep the peasants from being quite so revolting, except that today it’s we peasants who are paying handsomely for the distraction.

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  4. Pointman says:

    The Goolag’s censorship of YouTube strikes. The search “nfl fans burn” that yesterday came back with steadily more hits upwards of 183,000, suddenly drops to 27,800 today.

    Deleting or hiding evidence of people’s anger doesn’t make it go away.


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  5. Pointman says:

    Blowback. The freedom to make a protest in inappropriate places cuts both ways.


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  6. Pointman says:

    Packers’ Attempt to Involve Fans In Anthem Demonstration Falls Flat, Most Chant ‘USA!’ Instead.

    For God’s sake, stop digging …



  7. Pointman says:

    Shock Report: NFL’s Oakland Raiders Threw Game After White QB Refused To Kneel For National Anthem.

    This better be fake news, or it’s all over for the NFL.



    • Pointman says:

      They couldn’t just stand. They had to stand linking arms like petulant, sulking children who’ve been scolded.

      The damage has been done. I don’t think there’s any way back from the offense they caused last weekend.


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  8. PaleoSapiens says:
    Several relevant and amusing videos accompany the article.

    Sample of feedback to Budweiser (from among top choices of an Internet search):


  9. Shoshin says:

    No one denies pro athletes the right to protest or to free speech. The problem is that when they don the team colors they steal the valor of the team to further their own political views. It seems like the NFL is determined to go all Starbucks and lecture me on race while all I want fro them is a cup of joe. I haven’t been to Starbucks since they started their political re-education program. NFL looks like it is next on the too much hassle list. Right next to my old girlfriend.


  10. Pointman says:

    Trump Effect: CNN Confirms Data Showing Trump Is Right About Anthem Protests Torpedoing NFL Ratings .

    “This culture battle was over before the first shot was fired.”


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  11. richard clenney, USA says:

    spot on!I played football 60 years ago, and the antics these azzes do would have got you ejected for “unsportsmanlike conduct” They started ” hot dogging” and it has grown to grandstanding if
    they make a first down! ENOUGH ALREADY!


  12. Pointman says:

    A survivor of the Vegas shooting who was wounded in the leg insists on standing when he meets the president.

    NFL players and management hang your head in shame.


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  13. Pointman says:

    Vice President Mike Pence leaves Colts-49ers game after players kneel during anthem

    RIP NFL.


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  14. Pointman says:

    LOL. Jemele Hill Sends Out Panicked Tweet Prior to ESPN Suspension

    The only thing keeping ESPN afloat is their NFL coverage. The last thing it needs in an idiot cutting her own throat as well as theirs.



  15. Pointman says:

    Trump Voters Hate The NFL More Than Clinton Voters Hate Fox News
    Photo of Alex Pfeiffer



  16. Pointman says:

    How the NFL Lost to Trump

    I love liberal biased articles like this. The lying journo is forced to admit Trump’s won through gritted teeth and attributes it to some low animal cunning.



  17. Pointman says:

    Report: ESPN, Fox Will Not Air Nat’l Anthem Before Games This Weekend.

    So, the theory behind this great idea is that if they don’t actually show players disrespecting the flag, viewers and fans will flock back.



  18. Pointman says:

    “SHOCK POLL: NFL Now Least Liked Sport In America.”

    Comes as no surprise if you follow any sports sites.

    and just to add insult to injury –

    Colin Kaepernick Reportedly Files Grievance Against NFL Owners For “Collusion”



  19. Pointman says:

    Greeson: NFL continues to fumble national anthem issues.

    And do so right in front of the Superbowl. Boycott it.



  20. Pointman says:

    Philadelphia Eagles Politicize Championship Celebration – White House Cancels Invitation…

    The perfect response. You all respect the flag and the anthem, or don’t come at all. Some things you just don’t compromise on.


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  21. Hasbeen says:

    It must be a new virus, & it is spreading.

    The Australian Rugby Union team sang the national anthem in some aboriginal language before their last test match. I wonder how long it will take them to get through the over 200 aboriginal languages & dialects.

    The Union management have made a few mistakes recently with their woke attitude, including attacking their best player, a Christian, for stating his Christian beliefs. I personally know 4 people, who once played the game will never watch or go to another game.


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