What nobody’s telling you about the G7 and Putin meetings.

Last week, there was a much publicised flurry of meetings by the regime’s puppet president Biden with foreign heads of state. The first was the G7 meeting of world leaders. Since neither Russia nor China are included, calling it a meeting of world leaders is a bit of a stretch even for the hopelessly sycophantic fake news propaganda machine, but that’s the usual unimaginative form of words used to describe it

At the previous one, Trump pushed for Russia’s inclusion as a permanent member but the Germans, French and surprisingly the English all resisted the idea. From Trump’s viewpoint it was a King of the Kids beano which meant nothing without Russia in it. He was right of course but there was also a selfish motive for such a suggestion. Both he and Putin shared a common enemy – the oligarchs, who would eventually finance the coup that took Trump down.

What he’d also done at the previous G7 meetings was lay down some hard truths, which didn’t go down well with most of them. Simply put, he communicated two ultimatums to them. The first was no more import tariffs on American goods into Europe or he’d do the same on European exports into America. The second was that they would pay the share of the NATO budget they’d signed up to do, but not paid fully for years. Ante up or I start the big drawdown of American troops out of Europe.

As you can see from the picture above, this didn’t go down well with them, but suddenly tariffs on American goods became nominal and they started paying the NATO dues they owed, even the arrears.

Contrast the body language of the first picture with the one taken at the end of last week’s G7. Up front is Merkel, Macron and BoJo with pretty boy Justin sidling in from the side looking for a sugar lump of recognition from the big guys. Bringing up the rear is a doddery old guy shuffling along and largely ignored. So much for American influence at the meeting. Macron even said in his usual tactless manner as if to rub in the drastic change of status that it was “… great to have a US President part of the club and very willing to cooperate”.

Basically, after a nice cordial end of meeting communiqué that said noting of any significance, it’s back to using tariffs to keep American goods out of Europe and neglecting to pay their club fees at NATO. Lord knows, they might even apply for a refund.

As for Biden’s meeting with Putin, I can’t see little Vladdi gave him a single damn concession, especially as Biden had made so many Russia friendly gestures before the big pow wow. Things like killing the various US gas pipeline projects and effectively banning fracking. Give it a few years, and American energy might even be coming from LNG supplied by Russia.

Biden did manage 20 mins before a very soft selection of fake news journos before throwing a senior moment temper tantrum and being whisked away by his carers, while Russia’s favourite son seemed to be visibly enjoying himself in a very hostile presser by the very same press corp. The domestic press loved their Vladdi giving those Yankee prima donnas a good thrashing and even daring to mention things like American cities in flames, Antifa and BLM being above the law, and a name you won’t often hear in fake news – Ashli Babbitt. He was basically openly amused by their efforts to discredit him. It played very well to his domestic audience.

The real question is how on Earth could the G7 featherweights and the far from lightweight Vladimir Putin feel so free to treat an American president with such open and utter contempt? The answer’s easy when you think about. They both had the same ace of trumps card to play in world stage negotiations with “president” Biden. That card basically says give us whatever concessions we want behind the scenes, and we’ll all sign up to some complete nicey nice closing statement that won’t cost us a penny and in return we’ll keep up the pretence that Biden isn’t a hopelessly senile old crook these days.

If you don’t, we’ll simply announce in fairly unsubtle terms at the end of the meeting that the US president is a senile puppet being managed by a secretive cabal of WH staffers, none of whom have been elected. How can you possibly negotiate with America if you don’t know who’s actually in charge?

It was as simple as that for everyone to get everything they wanted from both those high-profile meetings. It’s a winning card, so expect to see it played repeatedly for as long as Biden can shuffle along pretending that all his doggies are on a leash. They’ll be taking the trousers off America at every turn, even the tiddler dictatorships like Iran or Turkey.


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6 Responses to “What nobody’s telling you about the G7 and Putin meetings.”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    We all watched with incredulity events unfolding. Putin must be laughing and discounting the US.!
    A Conservative here, called Calvin Robinson, called Biden a senile old man so it would seem he is well informed. He did this on our new rolling news programme GBNews which is hated by the communofascist elites. They are already threatening advertisers a few of which pulled out. They are now having second thoughts as the new prog. is going from strength to strength. .


  2. babygrandparents says:

    All I can say is “sigh”. Its so sad to see.


  3. JohnM says:

    China and Russia were represented by the two EU Presidents. (BTW How many EU Presidents are there?)


  4. NoFixedAddress says:

    This article is also worth checking out…

    No Leaders Attended the G7 Summit
    The meeting last week in the U.K. is just a reminder of what happens whenever we allow actors to take the place of leaders.
    By Daniel Gelernter June 15, 2021



  5. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    O/T but serious reading here IMOI


    Even more serious when you add this

    Just a touch of sarcasm here and in comments

    “Kamala Harris on Voter ID Says Rural Rubes in America Ain’t Got No Fancy Photocopy Stuff
    July 10, 2021 | Sundance | 171 Comments”



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