Big tech versus the people.

A man who mentored me once explained to me all about war. You avoid it if at all possible because the result is inherently unpredictable, but once you’re in it, you’ve got to get your head straight about what’s involved. You have to be in it to win, not to be some polite loser or hoping for a draw – you’re there to do some killing, murder, mayhem, blowing some heads off shoulders, whatever, and unless you’ve got that determined and steady resolve in the back of your mind at all times, you’re going to come in second, and war doesn’t reward runners up.

We’re heading into the presidential election this year, but it’s already obvious the chronically far-left tech giants are viciously pruning off any right-wing voices from their various platforms – twitter, facebook, google etc. It’s a twin-pronged assault on free speech. Firstly, they want total control of the narrative, so unless whatever you’re saying conforms to their narrative, they’ll simply ban you. Secondly, by simply framing whatever different viewpoint you’re trying to express as hate speech or contrary to their own vaguely defined community standards, you and your opinion will drop to page eighty-seven on the google search results page.

What you have to really take on board is that it’s a game you can’t win if you try and play it on their terms. They have all the power on their platforms, are totally arrogant, and you’re going to lose in any altercation with them. Think of it as sitting down at a card table in a casino and slowly realising that every other player around it is a crook. Folding your hand and walking away is the only winning move.

Putting aside all the usual tawdry excuses for such behaviour, put yourself on a war footing. It’s best to simply think of them as scum and treat them accordingly. Just don’t use their services. On the RHS column of this blog I provide a list of alternative platforms that are uncensored and free. There are lots of alternative providers of equivalent services, and ones who’re not as arrogant or greedy.

The TNSTAAFL rule applies to big tech scum – There’s no such thing as a free lunch. You pay nothing to use their services, but believe me, they’re making billions selling on the data they’re constantly collecting about you. If you’ve any doubt about that, simply look up the stock market valuations of those companies, and the financial two plus two logic snaps into place.

In their own areas, they are essentially monopolies and that always in the end leads to market abuse and overreach. What’s especially pernicious about these monopolies is that what they’re controlling is the flow of information and ideas. There’s been nothing like that since the pre-enlightenment centuries when autocratic monarchs dictated what opinions could or could not be expressed. If Trump wins big this year, and I think he will, there’ll be corrective action taken. Whether that’ll be regulatory or some sort of break up is debatable, but what isn’t in doubt is they’re gunning for him and his supporters, but as more than a few people have found out over the years, he’ll eventually take his revenge.

I think there are however a number of positive trends. Looking back at the destruction of credibility in the fake news establishment outlets, it was caused not just by them fabricating stories pretending to be news, but more importantly the spin being put on stories was at a total disconnect with the popular mood of the nation. The mass movement is towards a reawakened populist nationalism, that seems to be sweeping the democracies. The result of that break with a changing public opinion has been plunging circulations and downsizing of news rooms because people are simply not buying the product.

The current buzz phrase describing that phenomenon is get woke, go broke. As soon as a business starts to get political or embarks on social crusades, it loses customers, either from the right or the left. The still empty swathes of seats at American football games attest to that in the wake of allowing their players to make political protests on the playing field. Again, I provide a list in the RHS column of businesses and individuals engaging in such activities who’re either being boycotted or no longer have careers.

In a similar sense, the big tech scum openly campaigning against Trump will move themselves onto the boycott, despise and don’t use list, because as with fake news its far-left attitudes will clash more and more with a consumer base that’s moving rightwards. After all, 65M voted for him in the last election and given a booming economy, that number will probably go up in 2020. That’s a lot of customers to lose, but the end result will be the same. A much reduced bottom line in the accounts as people abandon those platforms. After all, if you don’t like or believe an information stream, why would you bother to use it?

There’s another interesting effect happening in social media which goes some way to explaining the disastrously inaccurate polls and political predictions of election results for nearly a decade. It’s one huge echo chamber for a predominantly far-left youngish set of people who think the overwhelming left-wing consensus on it accurately represents public opinion. It doesn’t, it merely reflects the exclusion of any view that isn’t far-left from those platforms. If you’d kept an eye on the injuns on that reservation for the last few years, you’d have thought the remainers would win the Brexit referendum, Trump stood absolutely no chance of becoming president and he’ll surely crash and burn in the 2020 election.

Add in the lazy couch potato journalism of these days where researching public opinion is usually done by just surfing social media from your laptop, and it’s not difficult to see the amplified misleading effects of the echo chamber. Quite honestly, they’d learn more about the popular mood by listening to people chat in a grocery checkout queue or nursing a coffee in the local diner. Having a slow drink in a bar works even better because alcohol does tend to make people speak their minds, but the key thing is to actually listen to real people rather than the far-left echo chamber.

The important question is how influential are the big tech scum? If you look back to the election of 2016, they totally swung in behind Hillary and Democrat campaign, and yet Trump still won, so the answer has to be they’re not as influential as they like to think they are. Again, I think this overestimation of their power to sway a presidential election is directly attributable to the echo chamber effect and the predominantly far-left circles they exclusively move in. Add in the automatic snowflake trigger syndrome, meaning they simply can’t listen to any alternative viewpoint to theirs, and the damage is complete.

What is for sure though, is that in the run up to the election, big tech will intensify its censorship, banning, shadow banning and suspensions of organisations and people supportive of reelecting the president. Now is the time to start switching to alternative platforms and making it known in advance to your followers that you’ve moved out of the crooked casino.


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11 Responses to “Big tech versus the people.”
  1. hunterson7 says:

    Fantastic, timely and chilling.


  2. Simon Derricutt says:

    Pointy – though your analyses of what is actually the truth and of what is happening are as accurate as usual, I have a bit less optimism that people will change their minds over things like CAGW and Orange-man-bad because there is a constant stream of bad information being published in all the mainstream media (YSM). I just read a nice explanation of the problem at which I think is worth your time.

    For CAGW I’ve pointed people (who seem smart enough) at things like the original data, and the tide-gauge records which show that sea-level rise rate is about the same as it’s been the last 200 years, and there seems to be a disconnect in that they still believe the Earth will boil and that we’ll be underwater by 2100. I figure that you can’t look at the data and think there’s a problem, but it seems that’s not true for the majority of the people I know.

    For Trump, there seems to be no gain in pointing out the rising prosperity of America as a whole and of the Black and Hispanic population particularly. Also no gain in showing his employment policies in his business were non-racist and non-sexist, since the accusation that he was and is both racist and sexist are all over the place. I see him as a high-functioning Aspberger’s Syndrome person who likes his bling but otherwise is working on keeping his promises.

    It seems people are fed so many lies and mistruths that they can’t change their programming when they are shown the real data. I see this with a large number of the people I interact with. A fair number aren’t scientists or have that training, so maybe there’s some excuse there, but people who profess to be scientists should be able to change their opinion based on what the data says.


  3. Pointman says:



    • Pointman says:

      I would encourage everyone to sign up for the Veritas distribution list (link above). It only requires a handle and an email address and takes 5 seconds. They’re being banned off nearly all big tech platforms.



  4. beththeserf says:

    Humour to cut ter the quick. Enemy of the 97 % connsensuss…


  5. Another Ian says:

    Sort of fits here

    “The Leftist’s Dilemma in 2020”

    And more Ricky Gervais

    “Ricky Gervais on morons who take jokes seriously”

    They are not amused

    “Embrace Hollywood!”


  6. Pointman says:

    This is scary stuff => (1) Diamond and Silk® on Twitter: “OMG OMG. They lied to us all. This looks like Election Interference…… This is “SICK”” / Twitter


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