Trump versus the Iranian dictatorship.

One of my brothers was a beat cop and if you’re doing that job, every day is different. They got a call from an elderly woman who was more or less trapped in her house because of her neighbour’s dog, some sort of vicious pit bull beast. Every time she attempted to leave her house, this brute which lived in the front garden, charged at her threatening to smash through the wooden fence dividing the properties. It was frightening her to death.

Talking to the neighbours didn’t solve the situation. They were the sort of upstanding citizens who when they saw a cop ringing their front door bell, started flushing stuff down the toilets, hence the pit bull.

This wasn’t the first time they’d had to send a man to escort her safely past the brute. When my brother, freshly arrived in that area, was dispatched to her house, he got the past sorry history out of her and told her to wait inside. He went out to the dividing fence and gave a little whistle at the brute. It went straight for him like a missile, but he’d his baton hidden behind his back and he promptly gave it a hell of a whack with it.

The brute reeled back, but after he’d been whistled at for a second time, charged again. Another mighty whack with the baton. After he’d recovered from that one, a third whistle and a half-hearted charge was rewarded with another even harder whack with the baton. When he’d recovered from that blow, a fourth whistle at him sent him scurrying to the other side of the garden. It took a few more whistles and patiently delivered thumps, but the brute had been educated.

The kicker of that story was that when he escorted the lady from the house, the brute tentatively approached the fence to play its old game of frightening her but my brother told her “just whistle at him.” She did, and the brute immediately shot as far away from her as he could get. The cur had been civilised.

It’s a common phenomenon of dictatorships that the man at the top starts to believe his own propaganda. They have complete power in their own little front garden of a shithole country, but the reality check is radically different when they try it on with a world power that wields a big baton. Obama for some reason appeased them or quite simply gave them pallets of cash to make them go away, which of course they didn’t. If they’ve scared someone enough to make them give you money, they’ll always come back for more.

Trump is quite different to the coward Obama. Like the godfather, he’ll first try and reason with such minnows but if that fails, they’ll soon wake up in the morning with a horse’s severed head in their bed. He won’t hesitate to use force when there’s no reasoning with them and they are attacking his America. Why should he? He’s the commander in chief of the most powerful military machine in the world. He’s pumped billions into it. As an illustrative example, it has more aircraft carriers than all the rest of the navies of the world combined. You want to go up against something like that? Good luck.

Geopolitically, the world is in a situation it hasn’t been for nearly two millennia. Back then there was only one superpower and that was Rome. The Roman senate might indulge minor powers for a while to keep the flow even because war can be expensive, but when push came to shove, you got put to the sword and there would be no prisoners taken. An example would be made, cities sacked, fire, death, destruction, enslavement and crucifixions all around.

In exactly the same way, the more muscular America under Trump is Rome and any minor dictator that attacks or defies it is indulged for a while, but at the end of the day, they’ll end up like Qaddafi being pulled out of a drainage pipe under a road to be beaten to death by a mob or Saddam Hussein literally fished out a hole in the ground to be hanged. The ploy of keeping your hands clean by using proxy attackers simply doesn’t work anymore, or to restate that more precisely, Trump has no patience with it. If he knows whose particular hand is behind the cat’s paw, he’ll deal with the paw first and then the hand.

Last week Iranian dictator Ayatollah Ali Khamenei taunted Trump that in the response to the Iranian orchestrated attempt to storm the US embassy in Baghdad, that there was nothing he could do about it. For some reason he thought he was dealing with bowing and scraping Obama, not Trump. Within 24 hours Trump had killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq, the man behind the embassy siege and many other terrorist atrocities, and shortly thereafter in another attack all his major subordinates, who were fleeing for their lives under the supposed cover of night.

Bear in mind that Trump is responding to Iran’s steady pattern of provocative behaviour, not initiating anything. The pattern includes Iranian attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf, shooting down a US drone, seizing a British oil tanker, attacking a Saudi state run oil co, attacking the US embassy in Baghdad and just this week firing missiles at US Air bases in Iraq. It passing, it should be noted that those missiles were supposedly scrapped as part of the $170 billion Obama cash on pallets bribe.

That same night, a 737-800 flying out from Tehran airport, came hurtling out of the sky in flames and uniquely within hours the cause was pronounced to be a mechanical fault by the regime. Looking at the pictures of the wreckage, there look to be a lot of shrapnel holes in the fuselage, just like the ones you get when the proximity charge in a ground to air missile explodes. Suspiciously, Iran are refusing to hand over the black box, so there are ample grounds to suspect their own air defense system downed it.

It might take a few more blows with the baton, but the mad dog that’s Iran under its current dictatorship will get civilised in the end. If Iran continues on its current course of promoting terrorism via proxies, Trump will progressively punish them harder and harder. If they resort to domestic terrorism within the US, Trump will most probably strike targets in Iran directly. He already tweeted he’d picked out 52 prime targets in Iran that will be hit, the number corresponding to the number of American diplomatic hostages taken in 1979. As I’ve remarked on several occasions, he has a very long memory and never forgets a slight to his America.

There’s no downside for him in taking that course. Iran’s Arab neighbours know if they ever develop a nuclear bomb, it’d result quickly in a nuclear exchange with Israel, they’re are fed up with it exporting revolution into their countries, Putin beyond a token protest is not going to go to war with America over a shithole country, China simply doesn’t have a dog in that fight, the EU everybody ignores, the UN is a bureaucratic gravy train masquerading as a dignified talking shop and as every politician knows, a nice little successful foreign war is always a good move in the run up to an election.

Iran, through its decades long track record of bad behaviour, has run out of friends.

Nobody’s going to come galloping to their rescue except perhaps the Dems on unthinking TDS reflex, because anything Trump does has to automatically be bad. The fake news harlots would get triggered like the San Andreas fault dropping California into the Pacific, but who cares what they say these days, though the slanted coverage of the last week about Soleimani and his near elevation to martyrhood verges on treason to my way of thinking. It turns out yet again that Trump wasn’t exaggerating when he labelled the press the enemy of the people.

Under the twin influences of sanctions that are already nailing Iran’s feet to the floor and the precise and judicious use of military power, the mad dog of the Arab world will be civilised, or its dictatorship regime will eventually get the full Roman makeover, and ordinary Iranians will be dancing for joy in the streets over it.


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12 Responses to “Trump versus the Iranian dictatorship.”
  1. carterzest says:

    Great writing, Pointman!
    Got a creepy lil “tingle down my leg” when I read about this lil exercise last Monday in Teh Utah…


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blackswan says:


    Thanks for a great article on rapidly breaking news …“Obama for some reason appeased them …”

    Judging by the depth of that obsequious bow in your header pic, perhaps the ‘reason’ may have been that Barry Soetoro, having been born a Muslim and brought up in an Indonesian madrassa in a majority Sunni country, being brought before an Iranian Shi’a Supreme Leader, (while masquerading as an American President), he was definitely low man on the Ayatollah’s totem pole.

    But it seems that Trump wields a sufficiently painful “baton” to have that same craven Iranian cur tucking his tail between his legs, letting the Iraqis (and thus the Americans) know where and when he’d be sending his face-saving missiles allowing them time to clear the area.

    “Iran is trying to have its cake and eat it. Create the impression of a fearsome strike for domestic consumption without actually risking escalation. So far, it’s working,” Robertson said.

    The Iranians, trying to save face, must have been quaking in their boots as they fired those missiles lest a stray American was wandering the base and was hit – so flustered and fearful that they mistakenly shot down a departing Ukrainian airliner. Poor buggers on that plane. It’ll be interesting to see what implausible scenario the leadership will concoct this time.

    The “saving face” for domestic consumption reveals one interesting point …. the Ayatollah must be very fearful of his own people. He doesn’t give a toss what the rest of the world thinks of him, but to go to such lengths to appease his own people’s bloodlust, shows that the nature of the Gaddafi murder was not lost on him. Let the Imams goad the faithful into a frenzy at the funeral, trampling each other to death, and let their rage be spent … just not on Khamenei.

    There’s a Turkish pit-bull thug who needs a tickle-up with Trump’s baton too. I wonder how that will play out.

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    • Graeme No.3 says:

      There is no doubt that support for the regime has collapsed, but the Ayatollahs have the Revolutionary Guards and the thugs they control to keep the people down. The furore at funerals is built up to try and deflect internal criticism.
      The new American sanctions will have the opposite effect, and it looks like The Ukraine won’t be an ally in future. And their attempts to export revolution won’t please Putin at all. And then there is the Shia/Sunni divide so neither Turkey nor Pakistan will be keen on helping Iran.
      What the regular forces think is unknown, but I think are hardly glad about the American truncheon being applied to them.


  3. Margaret Smith says:

    Very insightful! As Blackswan said, the picture says it all. The Iranians wanted American hostages as that worked so well for them last time. I think the ’52 targets already selected’ has scared the Ayatollahs and brought home to them how vunerable they are. They were getting carried away with their own sense of great power.
    Another great essay!

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  4. Blackswan says:

    They say “laughter is the best medicine”, so if you want a good ‘tonic’ in the midst of global insanity take 6 mins to listen to Lionel Nation wax lyrical on the not-so-great Ayatollah Ass-a-hola and his Skid missiles.


  5. Peewhit says:

    I do wish that everybody would keep in mind that Islam is not a religion of peace and love. Islam is a warrior religion, and operates under different rules. You will not get peace from fighting them, but you will get some respect. If you don’t fight, what do you think you will get. I also wonder about calling a person who pushes the button on a bomb vest a coward. Is this something you could do? Those who attack with the belief that dying will be an improvement are hard to beat, because a man running at you is harder to kill than one running away. Something to do with staying calm under pressure I think.
    Echo chambers and confirmation bias are not things only those you oppose have. They are human traits, and difficult for any of us to escape.


  6. Pointman says:

    Justin Trudeau Hints U.S. Could Be Partially Responsible for Downed Ukrainian Plane.

    Anyone in Canada hoping for any sort of response at all by Trudeau to the killing of the 61 Canadians aboard the aircraft blasted out of the sky by the Iranians, forget about it. He’s not Trump, just a posturing pansy boy.



  7. Lon Spector says:

    “Scum” is spelled S-C-U-M.


  8. Hari Seldon says:

    Direct quote from Wikipedia. I know, but on this occasion it suffices.

    President Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy: “speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” Roosevelt described his style of foreign policy as “the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis.” As practised by Roosevelt, big stick diplomacy had five components. First it was essential to possess serious military capability that would force the adversary to pay close attention. At the time that meant a world-class Navy. Roosevelt never had a large army at his disposal. The other qualities were to act justly toward other nations, never to bluff, to strike only when prepared to strike hard, and the willingness to allow the adversary to save face in defeat.

    The idea is negotiating peacefully but also having strength in case things go wrong. Simultaneously threatening with the “big stick”, or the military, ties in heavily with the idea of realpolitik, which implies a pursuit of political power that resembles Machiavellian ideals.[4] It is comparable to gunboat diplomacy, as used in …


  9. M Simon says:

    Addiction is a symptom of PTSD. Says Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Eric Kandel in his book, “The Disordered Mind.”


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