About lies and liars.

We all tell lies. Let’s leave aside little white lies which like good manners are the harmless lubricant of society, and concentrate on the big ones. Thinking back to my early education, I was taught lies come in two flavours; those of commission and those of omission. With friends you know and have a regard for, the lies tend to be ones of omission, because they’re essentially decent people who are simply uncomfortable with lying directly to a friend.

They talk all around the subject and you know them well enough to not press, but once in a while it’s important to you and your people, so you push on through the obfuscation to get to the truth. Eventually, their backs are up against the wall. The stark choice becomes betray an old friendship or just tell the truth. If they’re true friends, you’ll always get the truth, and you’ll always feel like a piece of shit afterwards for pushing them so hard to get it. A damage to the relationship on both sides has been done. If they’re the person you always thought they were, the saving grace is usually that they were lying to you to protect someone else.

A lie of commission is a beast of a totally different stripe. It’s usually told to escape the consequences of the liar’s actions or to manipulate you in some way. There’s a lot of folk wisdom about how to detect when you’re being lied to, and depending on how accomplished a liar you’re dealing with, many of them hold true. The liar can’t look you in the eye, they’ll tend to lean in towards you as they tell the big lie, unconsciously bracing themselves for getting called out, or they’ll simply fidget a lot. All the habitual liars have also heard those things, so when someone stares unblinkingly into your eyes, sits or stands just that bit too much upright and there’s suddenly an odd stillness about them, the odds are pretty good you’re being lied to.

Competent interrogators tend to concentrate on eye movements. Generally, right handed people tend to look upwards and to their left when retrieving a true memory and up and to their right when doing some creative imagining, a nice way of saying they’re inventing a lie. With left handers, the reverse of that guideline applies. It all stems from a still argued about theory that the visual cortex is at any moment connecting with either a putative logical or creative side of your brain.

There are a lot of “tells”, some of which can be a truthful person in disarray and just feeling stressed, in which case all bets are off. When dealing with a confident and assured liar, my personal favourite is when they deliver the whopper, pretend like you really believe them and you’ll see a tiny smile of triumph – they know they’ve successfully deceived you.

So, my rule of thumb when dealing with liars is always to look like you’ve been successfully deceived and the confirmation is when the unblinking stare disappears, they relax their posture and start to gesticulate or lose that unnatural stillness. The little micro-smiles disappear and you start to get slightly bigger smiles because they feel they’re safe, and can afford to be smug because having successfully hoodwinked you, they’re now back in the driving seat.

I posted a video of a week back in the testaments section that showed a serial killer, of senior rank in the Canadian airforce, being interrogated by a highly competent detective that showed many of these things just mentioned, most especially the arrogance on display as he thinks he’s successfully fooling the stupid detective, who’s managed to present himself as a slightly wimpy man who’ll believe everything the Colonel is telling him, only coming out of character occasionally to offer a very hesitant contradiction to the pack of lies he’s being told. It’s subtle cat and mouse stuff, with it only becoming apparent towards the end which one was the cat all along.

At face value, you’ve just discovered one thing, that you’ve just been told a deliberate lie, but actually you’ve usually discovered another and more important thing. People who tell big lies didn’t just suddenly start doing so just in that conversation, it’s nearly a lifelong and almost reflexive habit to deceive. It’s not always true, though. Some people stressed and not seeing any other way out, will panic and try in desperation a big lie on you, but if it’s blatantly transparent, you know they’re just winging it in unknown territory, you know they’re unpracticed at deception.

If it’s delivered smoothly and confidently, you know for sure you’re dealing with a habitual deceiver, so you start digging into their past life, confident you’ll find all those points where they lied to get out of various jams, or deceived someone just for some kind of advantage. People who know they’ve been cynically lied to and deceived usually have good long memories of their encounter with whoever it is you’re looking into.

The picture above is of Adam Schiff, who was recently caught out reading a supposedly verbatim conversation between President Trump and the newly-elected President of the Ukraine to congress. Within twenty four hours of Schiff’s deception, Trump released a full transcript of the telephone conversation, which proved Schiff was trying out a big lie on Congress, never thinking of how Trump could counter it. I’d imagine Trump spent almost 5.2 seconds thinking of how to totally destroy Schiff’s credibility after being handed such a golden opportunity. In the egg-on-face aftermath, here’s Schiff trying to pass of his blatant lies as “parody”.

It reminds me of the joke about the criminal pleading not guilty in court to theft, he was only “borrowing” the stolen items. Fine says the judge, then three years for borrowing without permission. In the swamp that Washington has now become, blatantly lying to Congress is nowadays not considered a resignation offense, but a creature like Schiff has never had any concept of honour anyway.

Delving into his backtrail in rising to such prominence as the lying Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, a cursory piece of research shows up more than a few things that look odd, smell suspicious, or there’s the faint rattle of some skeletons in carefully obscured trunks. You’ve got to look hard, because fake news and Big Tech bury fairly quickly any untoward news towards their “man” who’s going to impeach Trump. Dream on, but anyway, always be thankful that your downfall is being carefully plotted by a bunch of termites.

Interestingly, I’ve been told that as soon on he got onto that intelligence committee, what was fed to them by the various spook organisations became very selective in terms of its advantage to certain parties he appeared to have some long ties to.

Nearly everything I could dig up has a Snopes’ article about it. If you don’t happen to know, Snopes is one of those self-appointed websites that’ve magically appeared who’ve decided in their own fashion to decide what’s fake news or not. When you look into them, and about three layers down in the anonymous corporate finance chain that keeps them afloat in the absence of any clicks, you’ll find in Snopes’ case a person like George Soros, who led the Nazis around the homes of freshly deported Jews who were already in cattle wagons heading towards places like Auschwitz, while he pointed out what items were of any worth to the Nazi looters.

I think the crowning achievement in Snopes destroying their own credibility to anybody other than a profoundly gullible idiot, was when they confidently pronounced on two different occasions articles published by the obviously satirical site The Babylon Bee to be definitely false. Snopes, like all far-left propagandist organisations, not only don’t do humour, they’re almost incapable of recognising it. It’s as if when God injured them by removing their common sense, he softened the blow by also removing their sense of humour.

Schiff’s early career was most spent in the LA’s Attorney’s office, famously having to try a blatantly guilty FBI traitor three times to convict him of selling secrets to the Soviet Union. As far as I can see, that was probably the highlight of his career practicing law before he just in time parlayed it into a springboard into politics. As a representative for his constituents, he might as well have been dead in a ditch for all the substantive impact he’s had on any issues of importance to them. He’s leading a crusade against helicopter noise as well as some vague resolution about the Armenian genocide that occurred a century ago. Perhaps some belated justice for the Armenians, but just how does that help the immediate predicament of the 50,000 homeless people living in tents on the streets of his own LA?

His time in congress has been much more productive in terms of ingratiating himself with the incumbent swamp dwellers. Apparently, Nancy Pelosi favours him over his contemporaries not so much because she trusts him, but because she knows he’s not bright enough to present any real danger to her doyen-like, but on a daily basis more doddering, reign over the Dem House. However, that essential lack of smarts combined with an eagerness to prove other people are as dishonest as he is, has on occasion resulted on him falling for things like two Russian comedians prank calling him with some supposed dirt on Trump, and him falling for it.

On that occasion, the rumour is Nancy had to chastise him very severely in response, which is why his eyes now have that slightly permanent bulge. Cruelly, she insisted on a permanent insertion.

He’s made himself very useful in the House, always popping up where a yesman with the political nous to know what desired result is wanted, and making sure he delivers it. Benghazi turned out to be all the fault of the victims, he’s either been for or against things like the invasion of Iraq, the Saudis in Yemen, and other invasions, depending only on how any of those particular wars are going on a day to day basis.

His private life seems to be littered with a long trail of scandals which have been carefully hushed up, but taking a leaf from his book of how to present suspicion and guesswork as established fact, I’m minded to share them with you. Goose, gander, sauce etc etc. Lord knows whether any of it’s true or not, but certain scurrilous accounts suggest he does seem to have a sexual predilection for black young men. The first I can find concerned the sexual harassment of a 19yo black boy that was settled using campaign funds, but he still got a smack on the wrist for it. Other rumours, which I couldn’t possibly comment upon, suggest that his wrist isn’t the only place he likes being slapped.

There are a lot more rumours of his adventures on the seamier side, but the most recent concern him beating up rather badly his apparently years-long black gay lover, who goes by the unfortunate name of Will Bottom. Call me cynical, but that sounds more like a promise than a real name. There are a few phrases in Will’s deposition that remind me of that abused wife or girlfriend syndrome we’ve all heard about in our lives.

“I call Adam, Shih-Tzu, cuz it sounds like his name and he looks like one. Anyway, Shih-Tzu always tells me that my stuff is too small and I don’t pound him hard or deep enough. That hurts my feelings, man. Then he beats me up with his little fists if I don’t get him off just right. I have put up with a lot of crap from him, but I love him, man. He has even pimped me out to his friends on many occasions. I never really minded him pimping me out too much until he made me hook up with Bernie Sanders. That dude smell like moth balls or something.”

Strangely enough, and in Schiff’s own alternative world of jurisprudence, Schiff does appear to have little fists, which could turn out to be the vital piece of incontrovertible evidence to back up Bottom’s accusations.

He seems to have ongoing relationships with a rare selection of dubious characters, even for a Washington swamplife. Keeping up on the sexual degeneracy side, his hand picked electoral college representative Ed Buck for his district is now facing two indictments for being involved in the drug deaths of two black gay men at his home. This is the Tweet reporting it, but I’d recommend reading it right away before Big Tech disappears it.

In other news #EdBuck, Adam Schiff’s handpicked constituent to represent his district in California’s Electoral College, has just been indicted for two deaths and distributing meth, to vulnerable gay black men.

Am I the only one detecting a certain common preference for young, black, abused, gay men, but let’s face it, the sexual penchants of the rich and powerful are simply the end result, and to their mind, the just reward for always keeping your eyes on the real prize, which of course is the money.

On the money front, Adam seems to have a long history of dealings with some pretty dubious people. My personal favourite goes by the frankly unbelievable name of Igor Pasternak, a Ukrainian arms dealer who’ll sell the instruments of death to anyone, while giving some nominal preference to his homeland the Ukraine in its struggles against the Russian bear, but of course that’s all about getting access to a steady conduit of state-of-the-art American weaponry, which may or may not reside on an arrival airstrip somewhere in the Ukraine for a few hours before it’s immediately shipped onwards to the highest bidder.

That’s how you end up getting American soldiers killed in far away lands by ordinance that’s got “Made in the USA” stamped on it, but I’m sure the scrupulously honest Representative for California’s 28th congressional distract would have nothing to do with anything like that. However, nothing happens in those circles for free, so I wonder what sort of cut the “facilitators” of both the original sale and then the permissions on the export forward licenses get?

Wouldn’t a thorough investigation of such suspicions, solidly backed up by the usual anonymous sources, an eyes-only dossier of dubious provenance from the intelligence community via Russia, the tacit compliance of the State Department, a few washed out and then booted out stringers from MI6, the far-left NYT’s indignation, rumours of a corrupting supply of black gayo hombres with a meth habit, and most damning of all, Trump’s absolute denial of any knowledge of such activities – surely an investigation leading to Trump’s impeachment must be launched immediately?

Nothing in this article is a lie, but what there is are one or two serious allegations which I usually feel obliged to find a creditable second source for before putting pen to paper. However, since they’re directed in Mr Schiff’s direction, who by his actions is nothing more than a common scoundrel who feels absolutely no obligation to tell the truth at all, even to the extent of lying through his teeth to congress, I’ve no reservation in making an exception in his case.


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14 Responses to “About lies and liars.”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    The problem is all the Dems, their supporters and the MSM are serious, serial liars. The luvvies are liars by profession. Children and adolescents have not yet learned how to detect this and we all know that children believe the first adult person to tell them something. Any subsequent info from another adult will be dismissed because the child already knows what is the truth. Come to think of it, some people never grow up and convincing them they are wrong is near impossible.


  2. hunterson7 says:

    Most excellent. This needs to be widely shared.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. u.k.(us) says:

    Speaking of cats, weren’t we ?

    “His eyes are always on you, and you know that he knows exactly how he’s going to kill you. Loud snarls hiss at you like high-charged static, and at the moment he reaches for you, the world switches into slow motion. Clawing, ripping death becomes a slowly danced pantomime.”
    — “When a Lion Comes to Kill You”

    Credit to Jim Carmichel.


  4. Blackswan says:


    There are Liars and then there are outright Frauds. Everything about their lives is subterfuge and artifice; a concealment of who and what they are.

    In Schiff’s case (regardless of his height), a weedy, ineffectual “little” man always on the ‘make’ to craft a persona that simply doesn’t exist in the real world.

    He runs marathons, does bike rides in support of Aids/HIV (not surprisingly), marries and has two children … not an uncommon cover for men whose real lives are on the ‘down-low’.

    Small wonder that he makes up fictitious scripts to address Congress; he also fancies himself as an “author” and writer of screenplays … https://forward.com/fast-forward/416134/politician-adam-schiff-writes-screenplays-on-the-side-one-about-the/

    He even went so far as to get himself a William Morris agent, aggrieved that the agent didn’t like his Holocaust story, subsequently comparing himself with Thomas Keneally who wrote the original Schindler’s Ark.

    But the really good news is that Trump and his team of lawyers, headed by Giuliani, is about to sue the pants off Schiff and Rashida Tlaib in a civil action. ‘Discovery’ in that case should be a ripper.


    Giuliani is a funny guy … /// “Schiff is hiding him under his skirt,” Giuliani said of the whistleblower. He also called Schiff a “nervous wreck”. ///

    The reassuring thing about lying Frauds is that the Truth will forever be the ball and chain around their ankles that they can never escape. Hopefully, Trump is the man who will put the creep in an orange jumpsuit as well.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Another Ian says:

    “Short Schiff”


  6. NoFixedAddress says:

    This is from American Thinker as of today –

    October 12, 2019
    Dems Aiding Iran’s Backdoor to EU Trade
    By Jesse Bogner
    For the average observer, any mention of U.S. Reps. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.), Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), and Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) brings to mind those lawmakers’ calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
    The role is a familiar one for House Intelligence Committee chair Schiff, the de facto Congressional spokesman for the Mueller Report and now for the inquiry into the Ukraine scandal. Yet these three Democratic legislators are lesser known for their entanglement in another conundrum — enabling Iran to skirt U.S. sanctions and infiltrate European markets.



  7. Janie M. says:

    Pointman, any objection to me posting a link to this piece over at CTH? I believe the treepers would find it very informative. Late in the evening for some there, would like to make it available tomorrow beginning tomorrow. Surely another SD mention of shiftless would be beneficial but regardless…. this is great.


  8. Pointman says:

    Nolte: Snopes Announces It Will Now Fight Trump Using ‘Feelings’ and ‘Emotion’.

    “Just like he did with far-left CNN, President Trump has just forced the phony, left-wing fact check site Snopes to throw out every standard of professional journalism.

    In a stunning admission (of what we already knew), Snopes announced Thursday that Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are such a unique threat to world that “experts must find new ways to reach people.” Which means that — get this — Trump and Johnson must be “countered by the shared stories, experiences and emotions of real people and how they are affected by the big global issues.””




  9. Pointman says:

    BREAKING: Shepard Smith, Accused of Sexual Assault, Resigns from Fox News.

    “Shepard Smith, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump who was accused of sexual assault by a man who claims he awoke to find Smith in the same bed with him with his tongue down his throat, is resigning from Fox News amid a growing feud between him and Tucker Carlson.”


    Perhaps a different story behind such a sudden departure comes out. Standby for a Snopes fact-checking article saying it just ain’t so.



  10. NoFixedAddress says:

    Some bits and pieces from Key Wiki ( https://www.keywiki.org/Main_Page ) on Adam Schiff :-



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