The wisdom of Private Scheisskopf.

For my sins, I’ve been watching the various Dem primary debates, though I must admit on the first one stopping fairly early into the 14 hour marathon before I began to lose the will to live. The second one, billed as a town hall on climate change was mercifully short at only 7 hours, but I also baled fairly short into it as well. Let someone else with an Everest high boredom threshold take the pain, and I’ll scan the salient points, if any, coming out of it. How anyone, even a gaggle of lustreless politicians, can focus for that length of time on an issue which hasn’t made a showing other than bottom of the list of voter’s concerns for years, is a tribute to how out of touch they are with the electorate.

In the face of overwhelming indifference on the part of the American public, the Dem contenders appear to have abandoned having rallies at the moment because the optics of having more fawning fake news hacks present than people who could actually be bothered to turn up, even out of morbid curiosity, was a message not even they could put some top spin on. When they finally sort out who’s going to have to go up against the Trumpie Monster and take a bullet for the party, they’ll no doubt resume, but if I were you, I’d be expecting modest numbers, even including the pay to go freeloaders.

In contrast, the Trumpie Monster has been filling stadiums to capacity with big screens set up outside for those who couldn’t squeeze in. It’s become a trademark of those rallies to see long lines of people camping out days before the event in order to get into them in the first wave. Of course, you won’t see any footage of them from fake news or the crowds inside but thanks to that AK47 of the disenfranchised silent majority, namely the mobile phone, there is lots of footage of the queues, though it doesn’t last long before Big Tech deletes it all on grounds of it being against community standards, AKA liberal sensitivities. That sort of guerrilla journalism is so reminiscent of those Minutemen grabbing their muskets and hitting back at the hated Redcoats of George III, or in this case, the fake news swamp.

The difference between the Trumpie Monster’s rallies and the ones the surviving Dem candidate will be having, after they’ve finished tearing each other apart for the ticket, will be simple – momentum. Trump’s already have huge numbers, huge enthusiasm and a palpable joy at the reawakening of American populist nationalism. Every demographic you care to choose will be there; black, white, Hispanic, young and old. Never mind the fake news and Big Tech killing itself trying to spin low GOP attendances and big up whatever paltry numbers actually turn up at the Dem ones.

It’s all about numbers and enthusiasm.

In the early years of the Great Patriotic War, which is what the Russians call WWII, when things weren’t going so well, a delegation of generals complained to Stalin that the invading Germans had much better equipment. Stalin is supposed to have replied “quantity has a quality all of its own.” What he meant was for every tank they’ve got, we can produce five or ten. The quote is attributed to various Soviet leaders but my bet is on Marshal Georgy Zukhov, who had a succinct turn of phrase the others never came within a country mile of.

Though I used tanks to illustrate the point, the Russian T34 was without a doubt the best tank of its era. It used many of the ideas of the lamentably ignored American tank designer J. Walter Christie that the Pentagon in its infinite wisdom had spurned, such as torsion bar suspension and sloped armour. It was so good, the Germans cloned it and called it the Panther tank, but as usual it was over-weight, guzzled fuel and because of the German penchant for over-engineering everything, broke down every 15 kilometers or so.

A similar sentiment was expressed by the much underrated confederate General Joseph “Joe” Johnston when asked why the South had lost the war. He simply replied – more.

More what?

More men, more guns, more money – more.

In passing, in the years after the war, he and his old enemy US General Sherman became firm friends, much to the displeasure of his fellow confederate generals, the exception as always being Lee. Sherman rated Johnston very highly, and was always very careful in their encounters during the war. At the grand old age of 84, Johnston was a pallbearer at Sherman’s funeral on a wet and chilling New York day in 1891. On being pressed by an aide to put his hat on because of the inclement weather, he replied “If I were in his place and he were standing here in mine, he would not put on his hat.” Sadly, such a gallant gesture was to result in his passing.

Marting Luther King said in his famous speech at the end of the 1963 March on Washington “A man should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character“. Times were very different and racial tensions were high, but it’s not just a call for Black emancipation, it’s about inclusiveness, irrespective of the colour of a person’s skin. Identity politics, which became deeply embedded in America, is the exact opposite of that ethos. King would have hated it because of its violent divisiveness.

After eight years of Obama and identity politics, America was coming close to tearing itself apart, and not only on racial lines. What was worse was that identity politics was now controlling the narrative to such an extent that Republican candidates got sucked into operating inside that framework. The party allowed itself to become the pale me too party, and it was compounded by fielding clueless and charisma-free candidates like Mitt Romney. The Dems are still running that style of politics, though I notice their foot has slightly eased off the gas of late.

Trump totally refused to play that game, and said effectively I don’t care if you’re White, or Black or Hispanic or from any particular minority – we’re all Americans together and everybody gets treated the same. It was a flat refusal to play the identity politics game and was a return to King’s vision of a truly united American. It worked because ordinary people, irrespective of the “identity” they’d been tyre levered into, were by turn exhausted, scared, and fearful of the mounting violence they saw all around them.

When I write about politics, I tend to concentrate on the effects various policies are having on people, because at the end of day that’s the important thing. With Trump’s policies, I mention the working and blue collar classes frequently, because quite simply that’s where his policies are having the biggest impact. Give a rich man a $3,000 drop in his taxes and he’ll hardly notice. Give it to a family operating on a budget that’s been pared back to the bone, and the effect is huge. Add in the job creation policies that’ve resulted in 6 million new jobs and factories being reopened or new ones being built, and the effects on that strata of society become immense.

But, it would be a mistake to think Trump supporters are drawn exclusively from those demographics, they’re not. His policies have attracted an even greater number of white collar Americans who in many ways looked at him as a leader who just might possibly get the country out of the seemingly inexorable downward spiral of economic decay and mounting civil chaos, and they were right. With those three demographics who’re very happy with the way the country’s being run, he has the numbers to get re-elected.

As if that wasn’t enough, disenchanted former Democrat voters in those same three demographics, appear to be turning to Trump. CNN, having some atavistic desire to start doing journalism again, sent a crew to Minnesota, a historically Democrat state, and found to their horror that the good people there would be voting Trump by the thousands next year. The salient phrase used by one of these new Trump supporters about their old Democrat party was “I didn’t leave them… the Democrat party left us“.

Trump has what’s known as the common touch, which is roundly despised by the elitist media commentariat and its hangers on, but it’s none the less real, genuine and spontaneous. On a recent whistle stop tour of the South-West to address a rally in New Mexico and personally inspect progress on the wall, he got out of the presidential limousine, and with a nod towards the bosses supervising the construction, walked directly over to the guys in hard hats actually doing the work for a chat with them.

One of them was an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers. He asked him had he spoken about the electric wire on top of the wall? Quick as a flash and getting in on the act, the Officer replied “We’re not supposed to talk about that.” Elite level master troller at work, and splodyheads all around in the liberal media. The bait was duly taken.

At the end of that trip, he was photographed going up the steps of Airforce One when a chance wind caught the back of his jacket, lifting it up to reveal a twenty dollar bill poking out of his back pocket. He’s worth upwards of ten billion personally, so why in God’s name has he got a twenty dollar bill poking out of his back trouser pocket? One of the hacks on board eventually plucked up enough courage to ask about it. I haven’t used a credit card in years, but I always carry cash for tips, he replied.

Years ago, before any political aspirations, he was in the back of his limo in New York city when he spotted a man being mugged in broad daylight by some thug with a baseball bat. One emergency stop later, he was charging to the victim’s rescue. One look at him, and the mugger fled, leaving him to get the victim up, dusted off and chauffeured in style to the nearest hospital to be checked out.

There’s an Old Testament eye for an eye aspect about him that also appeals to his voters. I’ve said previously that it’s in his nature that he never forgives any grievous injury done to him, and that extends to America. Hurt America or Americans, and he will one day rain down on you a biblical wrath that won’t be forgotten. He’s put $738 billion into rebuilding the military and isn’t afraid to use it, whatever yelps of pain from the anybody-but-America bleeding hearts brigade.

On this year’s anniversary of 9/11, he remembered the occasion with suitable solemnity, but he also made bloody sure ISIS remembered it as well by dropping 40 tons of bombs on a concentration of them on an island in the Tigris river. Where it was, there’s now only a hole in the river. When the next anniversary rolls around, I’ll bet ISIS, if there’s anything left of them by then, will be well dispersed. And 24 hours later, when they’ve all decided it’s safe to get back together again, he’ll drop another 40 tons of bombs on their heads.

Simply put, he connects directly and spontaneously to ordinary people in a way all his Democrat opponents, living safely inside their gated communities with a mob of rent-a-cop security, would simply die for.

Superiority of numbers is not a guarantee of success, but when they get big enough, even a mediocre handling of it is enough, and Trump is far from mediocre in that department. All those TDS sufferers, not just in the fake news and entertainment industry, but also predominantly along the caffè latte snoflake safe areas of the East and West coasts have got a wake up call coming at them in 2020, and it’s all about the sheer weight of numbers. Their manipulation and control of fake news and social media propaganda has convinced them and the apathetically gullible that they have superior numbers, which is visibly untrue – witness any Trump rally you care to look at.

It reminds me of an East German joke I heard in Berlin before the wall came down. Political jokes told in the old DDR always had to have the decadent West or the evil Nazis as the butt of them, but everybody knew it was about the DDR. Plausible denial was the name of the game, just in case someone ratted you out to the Stazi. It was similar to sneaking an anti-liberal joke past Big Tech censorship on social media these days. When it comes to fighting an oppressive regime, not much changes, does it?

Once upon a time in WWII, a German sergeant was taking a platoon of conscripts through basic training and all was going well except for one of them, a Bavarian peasant called Scheisskopf who didn’t seem to know anything about the outside word. Things like where he was, where Russia was – never mind his left from his right. In the time honoured tradition of all armies, the sergeant promptly handed the problem off to his trusty corporal with instructions to take the idiot to the guardroom and take him through the map of the world pinned to the notice board there.

As ordered, the corporal took him there and started pointing out to Scheisskopf where everything was on the map.

He showed him where America was by drawing a large circle around it with his forefinger. That’s America, understand?

Yes, corporal. It’s big.

Well noticed Scheisskopf.

He moved to the next country. Okay, all those bits around the world coloured red are the British Empire. Inadvisedly, he started naming all the countries it comprised of and seeing the growing panic arising in Scheisskopf’s face at the prospect of having to remember so many new names, he decided to simplify things.

Let’s just say everything in red is British, okay?

Yes, corporal. It’s even bigger, isn’t it?

It is. Well done Scheisskopf.

The corporal moved on to Russia, again delineating it with a big circular motion of his forefinger. That’s the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and instantly recalling the level of intelligence he was dealing with, corrected himself to simply say it’s all Russia. Got it?

Yes corporal, it’s very very very big. It’s huge.

Good man Scheisskopf, pronounced the corporal, seeing that at last some progress appeared to be being made, so he moved on to pointing out to him where Germany was sandwiched in central Europe. The tip of his finger covered it. That’s Germany, okay?

Yes corporal. It’s small.

Scheisskopf leant into the map and squinted at where Germany was for a long long time, brows furrowed in deep concentration. He straightened up and looked at where America, Britain and Russia were, before again leaning in close to squint at where Germany was.

He finally straightened up and leant into the corporal confidentially – has anyone told der Führer about this?


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11 Responses to “The wisdom of Private Scheisskopf.”
  1. Blackswan says:


    Trump attracts Patriots like bees to a honeypot because he’s a straight talker on a mission to save the Republic, and lately has taken the gloves off in a big way, most recent example being his press conference with the President of Finland.

    When asked about the latest Ukraine phone call farce, he called out the Democrat Drop-kick culprit in no uncertain terms.

    Trump was incredulous when that bug-eyed Scheisskopf Adam Schiff stood on his hind legs to formally address Congress, and thereby the American People, and in an entirely fictional and fraudulent account of what he purported to be quotes from that phone call rattled off several minutes of abusive Mob-boss style threats and corruption.

    It was jaw-dropping stuff.

    Scheisskopf Schiff went on to say that his account of the call was “in sum and character what the President was trying to communicate”, never once saying his own version was fictional, and going on to accuse Trump of “abuse of office” and “ gross misconduct” … all on the basis of that made-up dialogue script, including AG Barr in the charge of misconduct.

    Trump responded by saying such an address by Schiff, on the floor of Congress, was a “criminal act” with “some saying it was treason”. About bloody time!

    The reason Schiff did it was purely for the 30 second video grab the TV News Networks would broadcast on the evening news around the world, none of the announcers qualifying the “script” by saying it was entirely fiction. For so many people, with the attention span of a gnat, that address to Congress will be accepted as Gospel and will just confirm the Orange Man Bad meme.

    The current climate of outright lawlessness in Washington DC makes the American Wild West look like a community of upright God-fearing Quakers in comparison.

    Liked by 1 person

    • NoFixedAddress says:

      Well said Blackswan except for one thing – Scheisskopf Schiff

      I met a bloke when I worked in Canberra for a few years who was a conservator of photographs and film for the Australian War Memorial.

      His Great Grandfather was one of those German folk that came out to Australia and settled the Barrosa Valley area of South Australia.

      He could tell the story of how the original surname, Schiff, was parodied by the local inhabitants as a colloquialism for defecation so they rapidly Anglicized their name.

      Unfortunately the ‘democrat’ person is full of it and spews it out at every opportunity.

      PS Scheisskopf was an English plant.


  2. Another Ian says:


    Around this area

    “Leftist Jimmy Dore Calls It A CIA OpLeftist Jimmy Dore Calls It A CIA Op”


  3. PG12 says:


    I have had the fortune to have travelled a bit since Mr Trump was elected.

    When the election result was announced several Americans i was traveling with where in visible shock. One could almost say they were clinically depressed as their world had ended. (I did advise her husband to wait a few days after the election, then buy all the quality US stocks he could – if only I had taken my own advice)

    Since then most Americans i have met traveling have been Trump hostile, putting it politely.

    However, on this trip I have come across the first American who is willing to state he voted for Mr Trump. Interestingly he is concerned Mr Trump will not win in 2020. He comes from Florida and based on their last election is worried.


  4. NoFixedAddress says:

    Given the ‘democrats’ love of folk that have no American citizenship why don’t we all apply to become President of America?


  5. Hari Seldon says:

    I was in the USA this year and went into an art gallery in St Augustine on June 4th with my daughter. The person in charge came over and upon hearing my British accent asked what I thought about the oaf called Trump. I said I liked the man and she was incredulous. She asked why I liked him. By this time my daughter, a bit of an anti-trumper could see me talking and came rushing over. I said to the proprietor, ‘You are an artist right? She said ‘yes’. I replied ‘you are happy when you are working ?’ She rejoined of course. So I said well Trump has brought work back to America, people are happy when they work, therefore Trump makes people happy. Her jaw hit the floor I walked away, and my daughter rushed in to placate. Game set and match.


  6. Pointman says:



  7. NoFixedAddress says:

    Some interesting commentary and reporting :-

    Brussels, Not Boris, is Endangering Europe Now
    They bleat about a hard Irish border, but they’re the ones who could be risking the return of paramilitary violence.
    By Bill Wirtz • October 14, 2019


  8. Pointman says:

    Analysis: Democrats Represent the Rich While Working Class Flocks to GOP

    The numbers game.



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