Will they be devoured by their own children?

By the time the day eventually arrives when people have to put their X on a piece of paper in a polling booth, there’s only usually two big parties left in the race; one on the Left and one on the Right. In a simple classic race, the electorate will prefer one or the other of them. However, there are variations to be had in winning or losing, or rather how one wins or loses.

The classic way to lose an election, which looking back at the prevailing public sentiment you should most probably have won, is if your party gets split; either over two dominant and warring personalities who’re so busy handbagging each other they won’t pull together for the sake of the party, or there’s a fundamental difference within the party on a major policy direction. I can already see the Democrat party getting into that particular dire strait for both reasons, even though we’re still in the foothills of the 2020 presidential election.

On one side, you have the traditional party of the Clintons and Obama. On the other, you have a younger, more vociferous element pushing to it to become a much more radical party. A lot of observers say the party has already moved significantly leftwards since 2016, and I’d have to agree. The traditional figurehead for that left element of the party would be Bernie Sanders and increasingly, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Alex, Sandy, AOC, or Occasional Cortex, as she’s come to be known because of her proclivity for making childish blunders. It’s an eternal failing of youth – forgetting to engage their brain before slipping the clutch on their mouth.

The first signs of that leftward movement by the party towards Socialism appeared in the primaries in the lead in to the presidential election of 2016. Sanders was a candidate running on a platform that was unashamedly socialist. Whether accurate or not, the word Socialism is seen as a synonym for Communism in America, so he had no realistic expectation of getting the nomination. It was just Bernie doing the same old virtue signalling he’s been doing for decades.

Although what he was saying didn’t go down particularly well with the public, nobody was more surprised than Bernie when it seemed to find an unexpectedly strong resonance with the younger cadre of party members. There was quite a bit of internal enthusiasm on the left frothing up around his campaign, but Sanders’ run in the primaries for the Democrat ticket was sabotaged by the party establishment in order to hand the nomination to their favoured candidate, the scabrous Hillary Clinton.

There’s still a large amount of simmering bitterness on the left of the party over that. The manner in which the sabotage was done was arrogant, public and contemptuous, which is about par for Hillary when it comes to making a power grab. A little bit of subtlety and compromise a few years ago would have prevented the growing schism in the party we see today.

There is a school of thought that despite a massively biased and partisan media coverage of Clinton’s campaign, all it did was mitigate the margin by which she was eventually to lose – she was actually never going to win. She has put forward a bizarre number of reasons why she lost, to much general merriment, but to put it bluntly, I think she simply didn’t go down well with the voters. She’s just not that likable, and for a politician, that is a curse that no amount of spin, re-branding, presentation and polishing of a turd can get around.

The knock on thought from that, is that if you discounted the number of extra votes brought in by her massive media support, Sanders might actually have given Trump a better run for his money than her, though I don’t think he could have ever won.

Looking back on that election cycle, it was the various candidates’ attitude to the American worker that in the end would decide who was going to win.

Sanders ran the old Socialist Robin Hood mantra about taxing the rich to give everything free to the poor, while at the same time redistributing the wealth. Within the party, the standing joke about him is that he went to Russia for his honeymoon, and never came back, but on looking into his affairs, I find too much of Timothy 6:10 about them to be convinced Marxist-Leninism ever quite romanced the knickers off him. Believe me, Bernie watches his bucks. Every lubbly, jubbly one. What’s mine is mine, never mind all that Socialist codswallop he sprouts.

Trump, being the mischievous devil that he is, even had some fun over that famously Scrooge-like meaness by trying to steal a chip from his plate. Enjoy the vid while you can, the zealots of Youtube will soon obliterate it.

It was the usual appeal to the downtrodden workers of America who know how unworkable that plan has always turned out to be, but it sold very well to the young party interns because they’d all read their Marx, Engels and Lenin in the collegiate playpens of political studies and were told they were the blessed few who could see things as they really were. Sanders was trying to appeal to a 19th century demographic that didn’t exist anymore in the numbers he needed.

Clinton really didn’t give a shit about the workers, and they in turn were smart enough to sense that. It was her big mistake, and one she’s never acknowledged, that she connected so little with that demographic, believing she could get the numbers she needed by being simultaneously everything to everyman, courtesy of her mastery of identity politics. Anyway, the deplorables, as she called them just to be absolutely sure of not getting their vote, don’t turn out to vote in any numbers. Everybody knows that.

Her transparent contempt for the blue-collar vote influenced her campaign to such an extent, that she actually didn’t even bother campaigning in some of those States referred to as the rust belt or flyover States. That didn’t go down well with the deplorables, who despite the assumptions of her and her advisers, turned out in large numbers for Trump, who told them he could bring the jobs back, and they trusted him.

While Clinton totally ignored the latter-day Morlocks, preferring to concentrate her attentions on the cultured Eloi and the Democrat pet minorities scattered down both coasts, both Trump and Sanders were trying to appeal to what would be called the proletariat in socialist circles, but in different ways and with different success.

Trump being Trump, would never use that term proletariat; he’d say blue-collar every time. His father, who hailed from the tough love school of parenting and was always grooming him for the top spot, made damn sure he worked hands on with the men on various construction projects. He still knows that world, understands the concerns of the people in it, and that’s why he has an easy connection with them, and they with him.

That’s his history, he started out being stuck on a construction site as a shit kicker, followed by a secondary education at a military school to straighten out his sometimes headstrong behaviour, a few years tutelage under his Dad’s watchful eye before Dad turned over to him the modest construction business he had built. Don’t ever forget that while Trump did inherit a fair chunk of money somewhere in the millions, it was fairly small beans to compared to what he turned it into. Business interests aside, he’s worth an estimated $10-15 billion personally.

Sanders, on the other hand, has never actually had a real job, though he’s somehow become worth two or three million, has three mansions dotted across the country and can be caught occasionally driving around on his free days in a top of the range $172,000 red Mustang from his expensive car collection, but only when he thinks there are no photographers lurking behind hedges waiting to snap him whizzing around in his latest boy’s toy.

Outside of a book on Marxist political theory, the closest Bernie Sanders has ever come to meeting a real worker, is probably the guy who gets called in to fix a blown light bulb or the sub-minimal wage Mex in a baseball cap with a sweat-stained headband who prunes the hedge around one of his estates just high enough to still conceal the photographer crouched over behind it on the fold out canvas camping chair who greased his palm.

Things have moved on, and the Left’s more realistic view of Bernie has evolved into an unflattering but truer perception of him as the going nowhere for decades placeholder of the party’s social conscience who worked that particular gold vein into a career in Washington, without actually achieving a damn thing. As far as the party elders are concerned, he’s harmless, since with one jerk on his reins, the workers of the world rhetoric gets toned down and he does what he’s damn well told to do.

Seen as trailing along behind Bernie in support, is Occasional Cortex, who is getting the full la passionaria treatment from an adoring media because of her zest, youthful energy and of course that amount of coverage has got absolutely nothing to do with her seemingly infinite capacity to generate lots of copy for them. Within the party gentry, she was initially looked on with some favour because of her idiot savant mastery of social networking being used to energise the yoof of America, or at least get them to read a bloody tweet from the party on their smart phone, but sentiment towards her has shifted of late.

For a number of reasons, she’s becoming seen as a loose cannon you don’t want to be too closely associated with. Yes, take your share of the limelight currently radiating from her direction courtesy of the media exposure, but she’s unconsciously racking up a lot of powerful enemies in the party whose eventual revenge on her you don’t want to be a collateral damage part of. She’s had such a big build up that she now actually thinks she’s a significant player at the top table. Newsflash Sandy or whatever you’re calling yourself these days – you aren’t.

With the best will in the world, AOC is an idiot, and an idiot of the most incorrigible kind – young, arrogant and ignorant to the extent that she doesn’t even appear to know what are the three branches of government, even though she’s actually an elected member of one of them. Thanks to a thoroughly modern college education, ending up that stupid and clueless is no longer a barrier to keep you out of the legislature. Perhaps it never was.

You don’t have to look too hard at her unscripted remarks and various blunders to realise she’s just a silly little girl on the ego trip of a lifetime, and you also don’t have to be Nostradamus to see somewhere not too far down the road there is going to be one helluva car crash with her at the very centre of it.

Because of various frustrations such as Bernie having got nobbled in 2016, and meekly accepting it like a cuck, having got nowhere against Trump after three years of guerrilla war in Washington and no clear leadership being shown by what looks increasingly like a Brezhnev era bunch of creaking geriatrics in charge of the party, the Left within it is flexing its muscles. There is a power struggle brewing at the heart of the Democrat party, and its ebb and flow can be tracked by spotting small seemingly unrelated incidents, but as the saying goes, once is happenstance, twice is coincidence but three times is enemy action. And we’ve just had the third one.

The first was a carefully staged-managed ambush of Diane Feinstein by a bunch of 7/8-year-old kids shepherded by activist teachers and parents from the left-wing of the party into what Feinstein was led to believe was a walk in the park photo opportunity with some kids. Instead, she was surrounded by the brainwashed children of the damned and barraged by demands to know why she wouldn’t support the Green New Deal, and all of it fortuitously captured on camera as it happened.

How awkwardly pointed those children’s questions were. Almost as if they’d been rehearsed.

Feinstein did her best to explain to the kids about grownup politics and why she wasn’t going to rush into the Green New Deal without some careful consideration, but the optics of it were all bad, as they were intended to be. The footage was immediately blasted over all social networks because it was a contrived attack on her credibility and her authority as a party elder, designed to generation gap her and to show how much she was out of touch with the glorious new wave of socialism sweeping through the freshly invigorated left-wing of the party.

The second attack was on Bernie Sanders via social media and focused on the amount of time he’d been flying around the country in airplanes when he’d been campaigning in the primaries or just when you was on congressional business. The intent was to have a go at him for the size of his carbon footprint, which as all righteous people know was damaging the environment. Let’s hope they never find out about the 6-litre gas guzzlers in his private collection of cars.

He wasn’t a big endorser of the Green New Deal because even Bernie knew what a large sell it’d be in 2020. Perhaps if he’d been more supportive of the deal and originally crisscrossed America using his pussy wagon Mustang, he might have avoided the attack. You never know.

The message in both cases was quite clear – support the Green New Deal, meaning us, or we’ll rough you up in the media. I don’t think any lasting damage was done to Feinstein or Sanders, but the intended message was received. Of the two of them, Feinstein is reputed to be the one with a long memory and a taste for taking revenge. Cross her, and there aren’t enough Mea Culpas in the world, it’s biblical – it’s forty years you get to do in the political wilderness, never mind the usual forty days and nights.

The third instance came a few days after Feinstein was ambushed by the children of the damned. AOC tweeted to Feinstein like she was an old dinosaurs of the party getting a heads up from da nu kidz, that “we are in charge now.” The impudence and arrogance of that delighted the left-wing, but it probably frightened the bejesus out of the traditional side of the party, never mind the traditional Democrat voter. Nobody wants an unsubtle dullard like that even remotely in charge of their fortunes.

Let’s face it, the young are very vociferous on social media about politics, but when it actually comes to taking time out of their busy schedule of tapping on a touch screen phone to go and vote, they simply can’t be arsed – that chore is more habitually done by the thirty upwards set. The upper tier of that age range tend to be the sure thing voters that parties of whatever leaning can rely on.

So, if you throw a scare into them about the direction their party is going, they stay away from poll booths like herds of stalled migrating wildebeest shifting from hoof to hoof uncertainly on the shores of a crocodile-infested river the idjits up front want them to wade into, and you end up with the kind of general election disaster Theresa May managed to engineer for herself in 2017.

Some political genius somewhere in the new left of the party obviously thinks that by tweaking the noses of the older leaders of the left and the establishment elements of the Democrat party, they might be able to run someone from the extreme left, naming no names, in 2020. My feeling is they’re arrogant enough to try to do something as stupid as that, or at least agitate for it, if only in the hope of obliging a more moderate candidate to run on a platform containing some of their ideas in return for their support.

If that turns out to be the case, I pity the poor bastard going up against Trump in a presidential race with multiple leprous policy albatrosses like that hung around their neck.

Any attempt to run AOC, or anyone else from the naughty children’s table against Trump in 2020, will be ruthlessly stamped upon by the Democrat party machine, because the establishment know the predictably radical ticket they’d run on would scare an electorate who’re doing pretty good under Trump and in no mood to take any chances on a new kid on the block offering what would be a blind leap of faith into something that looks a lot like Socialism.

The Trump shark, already circling about them and hungry for 2020, would eat them alive if they allowed that to happen.

The closer we get towards the presidential election, the harder the party machine will work to paper over the cracks in order to present a united party to the electorate, but I feel the immature fanatics of the Left, as embodied by the sheer stupidity and political naivety of people like AOC et al, won’t be cooperating, or if so, only grudgingly. They just can’t stop.

Being denied yet again their fantasy candidate, whoever that might be, to win in the primaries, my feeling is they’ll once again, and despite their nodding assurances of cooperation in the campaign to their elders and betters, stamp their foot in petulance, flounce off the makeshift pitch with their ball firmly clutched under their arm and their support of whoever is eventually selected to go up against the Trump juggernaut will again be at best tepid, if at all, as happened in 2016.

That hands Trump the win.


15 Responses to “Will they be devoured by their own children?”
  1. Don Penim says:

    Another good article but note … the socialist/communist candidate’s name is Bernie Sanders (not Saunders)

    Doh! Fixed and ta. Pointy.


  2. Dolf (a.k.a. Anders Ericsson) says:

    “Trump, being the mischievous devil that he is, even had some fun over that famously Scrooge-like meaness by trying to steal a chip from his plate. Enjoy the vid while you can, the zealots of Youtube will soon obliterate it.”
    Yep, I’d like to, but the “some fun” link doesn’t lead anywhere.

    Double Doh! They’re quicker than I thought. Unfucked the link and ta. Pointy.


  3. JohnTyler says:

    The real story, the scary story, of Alexandria Occasional Cortex, despite her obvious stupidity, ignorance and arrogance, is that she or her financial supporters were able to convince the voters in her district to vote for her.

    Some famous person said you can fool the folks some of the time, but not all of the time and perhaps this is true. But as the people of Venezuela have learned, being fooled once or twice was just enough to destroy their lives and their nation.

    Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson – both execrable carbon based life forms and intellectual cretins have been re-elected numerous times and illustrate that some (many?) folks never stop being fooled.
    And if not for the shenanigans of the democrat party elites, the communist Bernie Sanders would have been their nominee in 2016. There are several videos of him on line pontificating about how great things were in the USSR which he observed while visiting there. None of this matters to his supporters.

    Like I have said before, the real danger of a representative form of government is the ability to vote for a national suicide. And with billionaires like Steyer, Soros, the Silicon Valley billionaires , et. al. supporting anybody not Trump and not republican, who knows what can happen.

    Let’s hope Trump can get re-elected.


  4. The Man at the Back says:

    Very pertinent as always Pointy.

    You noted the three attacks that started to look like a pattern. I think someone in the Dems has already started to push back on AOC.

    John Tyler is right about the scariness of her win but it was only 16K votes I think. One of the levers she used to beat the sitting Congressman was the fact that he did not live in the area (but in Virginia) and so was not close to those he represented in NY. Somebody has already dropped to the media (and they have reported it) that AOC is hardly ever seen in the Bronx apartment. People nearby seemed only too happy to confirm that she and her boyfriend had hardly ever been seen. She likes to project herself as from the Hood, but she comes from fairly privileged schooling and Boston Uni. I think.

    A lot of Dems are being caught out lying (I mean really caught lying) about ethnicity and association or lack of it with characters of dubious value. AOC will, as you say Pointy, probably just open her mouth to change feet.

    You have not mentioned the “A” word in this piece, perhaps deliberately, but many think it will be an issue in 2020. Your Liberal Progressives always go too far. You do not have to be massively Pro-Life to be shocked and appalled by allowing the killing of babies at full term. The sight of Dems cheering the passing of what is effectively legalizing infanticide has shocked many in the middle ground on the issue. First they came for the most helpless amongst us – who will be next? Those over 80 with medical needs?


  5. John W. Garrett says:

    Wow— just wow.

    I don’t know who you are but you just earned a fan.

    Did somebody give you some Mencken to read when you were an impressionable youth? Mencken is, of course, the successful antidote for many of the dolts who were liberal “before they were twenty” but developed brains “by the time they were thirty.”


  6. Blackswan says:


    A great overview of the Marxist/Socialist state of play, but I can’t shake a sneaking suspicion that they are allowing so many Dem ten-pins to knock themselves out of the game for one simple reason … Michelle Obama.

    Call me a paranoid sceptic, but the fawning universal MSM adoration of her recent book launch raised the hair on the back of my neck.

    Imagine this … so many Democrat stalwarts are increasingly on-the-nose with their voters for a variety of reasons, all of which you’ve listed, but come the primaries for viable nominees and they are threadbare. What to do, what to do?

    Enter Michelle Obama, all decked out in some glittery girlie garb, big-hair wig coiffed to within an inch of its life, and with her pre-released message (a la her peculiar book title) … ‘Becoming’. Becoming what? The Democrat nominee for POTUS?

    Described by her publisher thus … “In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era.”

    Don’t imagine the MSM hacks won’t be flogging that profile for all its worth. Just as Hillary before her decided that 8 years in the White House as FLOTUS was sufficient ‘experience’ to do the job, Harvard lawyer and Media darling “Mrs” Obama will be seen as an eminently viable candidate. Not only that, but if Obama ever gets his comeuppance for his criminal subversive activity as a fraud she will be portrayed as the “innocent victim” of his dastardly deeds – victimhood for anything is the Left’s default position, and she’ll be given the keys to the kingdom in recognition of her “saintly” status as a poor betrayed spouse. Good luck with proving she was an accomplice.

    As ‘she’ once said – “There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” Really? Obviously her ‘time’ in the spotlight isn’t done.


    • meltemian says:

      Swannie you are probably correct. It never occurred to me before that Michelle could be a candidate but I’ve checked the pundits online and they agree. We can all see that Obama hasn’t given up and retired gracefully so that would, in effect, give him a third term in which to polish his ego.


      • Blackswan says:

        Hello Mel – much as it pains me to even imagine such a scenario, what else do they have? Oprah tried a bit of kite-flying a while back but she has too much personal baggage to drag her down.

        Trump has proven to be a powerhouse in so many ways; who else do they have that could seriously be a contender? He’s made a laughing stock out of the tired Old Guard under siege in the Democrat bunker and as Pointy suggests, their own young are eating them alive.

        We all know how powerful the Cult of Celebrity is in America. Mrs Obama fits the bill, and she’s got a few aces up her sleeve that Hillary didn’t have.

        Not only is Michelle presented as a woman so she can pick up that overplayed misogyny card, but being black is a bonus, and watch for the ‘betrayed wife’ one as well. Trump would have trouble landing a glove on her without having the racist/misogynist/victim shaming book thrown at him. After all, the ‘sins of the father’ and all that … so how could his wife be complicit?

        There’s a reason the Obamas set up their base in Washington and didn’t hightail it back to Chicago, and it had nothing to do with which school their kids attended.

        Barry Soetoro – you know him, that Muslim Indonesian ‘foreign student’ accepted into the USA on a Fulbright scholarship – is still operating his subversive network right on his Washington mansion’s doorstep, and under Trump’s nose. Because he got away with two terms in the White House, he thinks he’s got the game sown up. But something tells me that this venture will be a solo gig for his Missus, one way or another.

        A Gitmo orange jumpsuit and ankle bracelets could really take the shine off being a POTUS’ First Bloke.

        Liked by 2 people

  7. Hari Seldon says:

    The left always seem to forget, conveniently, that Adolf Hitler was a Socialist. Funny that.


  8. gallopingcamel says:

    I thought that AOC could not run in 2020 on account of her age. Then this:


    Apparently the Constitution is just a piece of paper that Democrats can ignore at will.


  9. gallopingcamel says:

    Remember how the Media used to pick the GOP presidential candidate? That is how we got McCain (Obama Lite) to run against Obama.

    Given the way the Media fawn over AOC and her “Green New Deal” could they propel her into a 2020 presidential bid?

    Nah! It is just my wishful thinking getting out of hand.


  10. Pointman says:


  11. Pointman says:

    ‘IT. IS. ON’! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives her followers a list of more worthy ‘causes’ than the DCCC


    Open internecine warfare.



  12. Pointman says:

    “It’s Going to Be a Guerrilla War”: The Sanders Left Opens Fire on Biden


    The war commences the day after Biden confirms his candidacy.



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