The Schumer Shutdown.

I always had an interest in politics for a variety of reasons. It was an area of human endeavour that seemed to have levels of perception about it that were dependent on the level of interest the person you happened to be talking to had in politics. That spectrum of awareness ranged from complete and utter disinterest to frothing at the mouth fanaticism. Strangely enough, there are commonalities about both extreme positions – the former knows nothing about politics while the latter knows nothing about how politics actually works.

Some knowledge of it does give you a fairly good feeling for the direction society is going to be heading in for the next few years. Even if you’re not particularly happy about that direction, you’re still going to have to live through it, so a reasonably accurate idea of what the future holds will give you a heads up as to how exactly to structure your affairs accordingly.

Politics is usually the handling of unexciting business as usual for long periods of time but is regularly punctuated by some sort of crisis, external or more usually domestic, which requires some active management on the part of the current government. Over the years, I’ve seen many crises, some handled well by an administration, some not so well. The recent shutdown of the American government caused by a recalcitrant cabal of Democrat politicians in the US Senate refusing to approve a federal budget stands out from the usual crises for a number of reasons.

I’ve simply never seen such an exercise in ineptness by supposedly seasoned politicians. When you examine the rationale for deliberately forcing a federal shutdown, what realistic political benefits were supposed to accrue or be achieved, what was expected to happen if it lasted a long time, what would happen in the unlikely event that it succeeded, what would be the impact if it failed and last but probably the most important thing to ponder, what would Trump’s response be. There are simply no rational answers to those points that justify what is almost a petulant action. There doesn’t seem to have been any consideration of these factors, never mind some sort of plan.

The reasons for doing it seem vague at best. Yes, it’s the political opposition’s job to make life difficult for the current administration, but not at the cost of grabbing the helm of the ship of state and risking wrecking it on a rocky shore. Nominally, it was holding a gun to Trump’s head to legalise illegal immigrants in exchange for not wrecking America, but the basic reason behind such a reckless action is quite simply a hatred, almost bordering on the pathological, of President Trump.

I find it difficult to believe, but apparently it happened, that such a course of action was undertaken without consulting the party strategists who would have strongly counseled against it, but as always, such deep-seated hatred blows any judgement out the door.

What was it supposed to achieve? The downfall of President Trump by impeachment? Bill Clinton was impeached and also barred from practicing law as well, but still carried on as president. Even if for some reason Trump stepped down, and I see no legal way the congress could force him, Vice-President Mike Pence would simply step into his place, and his political philosophy is no different Trump’s. He would simply stay on Trump’s heading because it’s obviously working.

If the shutdown dragged along for a long time, soldiers wouldn’t be paid and children in need of financial support from the government would receive none. Every day with interminable stories of personal hardship suffered, every parade of bleeding stumps, a new thorn would be pressed deeper into the Democrats flesh. Despite their massive dominance of the MSM, it would become the common perception of middle America that the party favoured illegals over soldiers serving their country. That may not be a big consideration in the swish circles of East and West coast America, but it definitely is in what’s between, and they decided the last presidential election.

What would happen if it succeeded, whatever that word means in the context of such idiocy? Despite the best efforts of the fake news monolith, Trump is a very popular president and getting more so almost daily. The underhand theft of his presidency would provoke a massive reaction from middle class and blue-collar society. To quote Admiral Yamamoto, a sleeping giant would awake and not go back to his slumbers until a lot of structural damage had been done to the very fabric of America.

LBJ famously said when he signed the Civil Rights legislation in the ’60s, we’ve just lost the South for a decade. He was wrong, the Dems lost it for nearly two decades. The violent ousting of Trump, by whatever dubious constitutional mechanism, would lose the Democrat party the country for a similar amount of time, if not destroy the party completely.

The down side of the Democrat induced shutdown failing has been huge. Their younger foot soldiers deeply committed to an open doors policy on immigration, never mind being against forced repatriation of illegals, are angry and deeply disillusioned with the Dem establishment. Faith has been lost in the competence of the party’s leadership by even their not so political supporters. Billionaire socialists like Tom Steyer have announced they won’t be donating to the party, and while he might be regarded as a socialist idiot, the point is, he’s a rich socialist idiot who’s given generously to them until this debacle. This comes at a point where donations are already at a real low because they’re being perceived as unelectable.

Trump’s response was so predictable and a sure-fire winner. He had a whole weekend to push the meme of Dems favouring illegals over soldiers, never mind Americans, and he played that tune beautifully for the two days before the shutdown came into effect on Monday morning. Other Republican congressmen declared they wouldn’t take any salary as long as the soldiers weren’t getting paid. Even the massively liberal organs of fake news were critical of the move. They’ve now dropped down to the lowest approval rating since Jimmy Carter and have permanently acquired the dubious albatross of their ownership DACA hung around their neck.

Most importantly, it was cast by Trump as holding a gun against the head of America, of taking a hostage, but the biggest miscalculation was trying to blackmail someone like him. Under those circumstances, he was always going to tell them they might as well pull the trigger right now, because he wasn’t going to give them a damn thing, not even the steam off his piss. Like him or not, he’s an alpha male, and that’s how they roll. He’d use every day it lasted to crucify them.

Playing the Washington swamp game with Trump hasn’t worked for the last year, and on that form, is unlikely to work in the future. You come after him ready to plunge a dagger in his back, and he’ll come after you from the front with all guns blazing, because he plays the game so much better than a cabal of political curs sniffing around his dustbins hoping to find some dirt.

By Monday morning, the Dems, in a total panic because of the public’s reaction to what they’d done, groveled and sued for peace. They were forced into a humiliating surrender even before the sun went down on the first working day of the shutdown, and Trump in an act of studied contempt, didn’t even bother to attend any meetings with them. Instead, he dictated terms through his negotiators that gave Schumer less than nothing, and certainly less than he’d been offered in the pre-shutdown negotiations.

They lashed together yet another short-term budget deal, which unless the Dems are totally insane, will be just the usual unopposed rollover, but that’s asking a lot of them. Schumer announced this week that he’s reneging on the deal that was struck, and withdrawing the promised support of the Wall’s funding, so it looks to be another shutdown on February 8th.

I have a feeling that if the mid-terms become a Democrat blood bath, a feeling reinforced by this type of politically inept action, how America sets its budget in the future will certainly change. No more hostage taking of the government and America.

The shutdown was yet another stupid and pointless exercise by the Washington political establishment against someone who plays the political game so much better than them, and the effects of the blunder will be felt down into this years mid-terms in November, and if they aren’t, Trump will certainly be careful to remind the electorate of the reckless behaviour that put America at such risk.


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20 Responses to “The Schumer Shutdown.”
  1. spetzer86 says:

    One minor point, but it’s LBJ, not JBJ. Otherwise, great article!

    Doh! Fixed and ta Spetzer.


  2. Margaret Smith says:

    The revelations we are getting now show the depths of corruption and even treason behind the Dems. Glad about their incompetence; just think how bad it would be if they were actually competent!
    Trump has been blocking them and outmanoeuvring them at every turn. It’s making them mad with hate.

    Great essay! Thanks.


  3. Pointman says:

    Sanders: Democrat Shutdown ‘Was the Right Thing To Do’ from ‘a Moral Perspective’.

    With idiots like Sanders in leadership positions, the Dems have a hard few years ahead of them.


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  4. philjourdan says:

    Trump has not lost any support. But for those who hated him before, he has not gained any either (I have the unique perspective of living with someone who hates him – because the MSM tells her to).

    SO I do not expect a “blood bath” for democrats this year. I really do not see much of a change in the status quo (except for the Senate where Democrats will lose a few just due to simple math).

    Believe it or not, Schumer is merely the personification of the Trump haters. Yes, they are very irrational, and would sooner cut off their nose to spite their face than to concede any good from Trump. And that will not change. But fortunately, their influence is a minority (a big one thanks to the MSM) that will not win elections.

    Trump cannot win with a bad record like Obama did. If the economy tanks, he is gone (too many of the ones that do not follow politics would then listen to the MSM). But as long as the economy is doing well, and the left continues with their irrational hatred (watch for the “crumbs” comment to be a big campaign theme this year), Trump will drag the republicans across the finish line first.

    When a majority of the country decides they would rather cut off their nose than to admit they are better off, the country is done for. But that time has not come yet.

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  5. JohnTyler says:

    “………When you examine the rationale for deliberately forcing a federal shutdown…..”

    The democrat party / Schumer rationale was pretty simple; the republicans have a long and consistent history of folding up like a cheap suit and yielding to the demands of the democrats.
    Clearly Schumer envisioned a repeat performance of republican party perfidy in which he, Schumer, would get his DACA / no wall-destroy- the- USA-as we know it- plan through and it would be achieved within a week or so.

    Also, with the media (i.e., the propaganda arm of the democratic party) blasting out its 24/7 anti-Trump messages, Schumer had every reason to believe he would prevail. You know, Hitler achieved success after success until he didn’t. Ditto for the democrats.

    Even today, with slight republican majorities in both houses of Congress + the presidency, the ability of the democrats to stall, hinder, block Trump initiatives and/or to set the agenda greatly contrasts to the performance (or more accurately, lack thereof) of the republicans when they were the minority party in Obama controlled Washington, DC. In this latter case, the democrats told the republicans to F**k off, and the republicans, like the sheep they are, dutifully jumped head-first into their own communal outhouse.

    You have to hand it to the democrats; they never, ever give up. They are cancer that never stops metastasizing.

    The democrats are literally trying everything – legal or mostly illegal – to topple Trump or render him ineffective. So far nothing is working.

    The only sure thing is that Schumer and the entire hate-America-first establishment (i.e., the democrats, the media, Hollywood, the hedge-fund billionaires, Wall Street) will never give up.

    Thank god for Trump, for he is the ONLY thing (or person) that, so far, is preventing the Congressional republicans from reverting to their “normal” timid, incompetent, negligent, irresponsible, ineffective , worthless and stupid selves.

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  6. Pointman says:

    Democratic National Committee CEO leaving post

    With the imminent publication of the FISA memo, a lot of people will be abandoning the ship, because mud sticks.


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  7. auralay says:

    I disagree that it will still be important in November. Not because it is insignificant, but because so much worse seems to be brewing. If a fraction of what Sundance et al are telling us comes true (and his track record is ok so far), then this little brouhaha will seem like a pimple on an Ebola victim.


  8. rapscallion says:

    I simply could not believe it when I read last week that the Dems were going to shut down the Federal government. Even i could see it had “Trump Trap” stamped all over it. As ever he’s manoeuvred the Dem’s just exactly where he wants them, and because they are so blinded by their hatred of him they fail to spot the traps he lays for them every single time. It really is quite pathetic.

    Those between the coasts – the heartland of America get real upset when their son’s and daughters in the military don’t get paid, or those children in need of medical and financial support don’t get a dime. Ordinary people remember sh1t like this and it really doesn’t go down well. No sirree!

    I think Trump is playing with the Left (in all its forms) for his amusement and for the long-term benefit of America. He chucks in the bait and the daft saps snap at it like starving pike. Oh God, it’s cruel, it’s highly effective, but most of all, it’s funny


    • Pointman says:

      They take the bait like chumps every time. He raises their hopes sky high by saying he’ll appear before the Mueller show trial, and all the time he knows about the FISA memo. By the time he arrives at the inquisition, if he very does, it’ll be a laughing stock.



      • richard says:

        Lots of “free” cheese in a rat trap.I am 77, an American, and Pointy, I
        have to take my hat off to you. Your writing is excellent, and when I
        struggle through articles written here (USA), I have to go to your site
        to read rational thoughts. It puts me back on track. THANKS, and
        carry on!


      • Pointman says:

        Thank you Richard.



  9. Pointman says:

    RNC Sets Fundraising Record in 2017.

    Who’d donate funds to a political party going nowhere but down?



  10. gallopingcamel says:

    I am totally baffled by Trump’s low poll numbers.

    Very few of my friends supported Trump during the GOP primaries but now they all do (minus two who still stubbornly support Hillary Clinton). All my relatives in the UK are virulently “Anti-Trump” but they don’t vote. This makes me wonder what is going on in the UK. You seem to have blown the BREXIT opportunity but why hate Trump?

    The Democrat party is convinced it will win back the House this year yet they are not offering any policies that matter to the American people. My guess is that 2018 will not conform to the norm that says the ruling party will lose seats. Maybe 2018 will look like 1990.


    • David Walker says:

      “You seem to have blown the BREXIT opportunity”

      Not yet we haven’t, not by a long chalk.

      Remember, there were over 17 million Brexit voters in the largest turnout ever seen in British history – and as a result of the intransigence of the Eurofascists in Brussels that number is increasing every day, if the Government is foolish enough to attempt to thwart their ambitions it will not go well for them, the resultant reaction will make the 1990 Poll Tax Riots look like a children’s tea party.

      “but why hate Trump?”

      You would perhaps be surprised at the number of people who don’t hate President Trump, he has in fact a large following in the UK, not as you would realise it from the frantic attempts of the MSM – in particular the BBC – to discredit him.

      They hate President Trump because they quite rightly fear him, and the more successful he becomes the more virulent will be their hatred, because they know his influence is travelling across the Atlantic, and their hold on the levers of power is seriously threatened.

      And they truly can’t understand why, nor have the first idea what to do to prevent it, all their old controls have suddenly become worthless, the time of the “Liberals” is passing, and they know it.

      In general the sufferers from Trump Derangement Syndrome are precisely the same social class that suffers from it in the USA – the metropolitan pseudo-intellectual self-elected “elite” who are rapidly losing their grip in the same way as they are in the USA.

      Basically, the so-called “silent majority” have had it up to here with being hectored and trampled on by the above “elites”, and are showing their teeth, as the result of the EU referendum demonstrated very clearly.

      As a matter of interest, are all your anti-Trump UK relatives EU supporters, I’d be surprised if they weren’t.

      Liked by 1 person

      • David – also note that Soros has donated £400k to people trying to reverse Brexit by any means. One the other hand, whenever the Biased Broadcasting Corporation has any article on Brexit and opens a HaveYourSay, the upvotes/downvotes ratio is about 2:1 in favour of the Brexit side.

        Project Fear is still in full swing, in the hope that there will be another referendum and that enough people will be scared enough to vote to remain. It looks to me that the vote would be overwhelmingly to leave next time if the referendum was in fact re-run.

        For me, my UK friends and relatives all seem to be both anti-Trump and for the EU (remainers). To me, it looks like the EU is headed down the path of central control of everything that led the USSR to such a low standard of living and eventual dissolution. It’s obvious that the UK will be better off out, even if the first few years may be worrying. The only reason those first few years may be a problem is that trade negotiations are blocked from even commencing by the EU, which seems totally illogical since it will inevitably lead to a cliff-edge. That makes the process of leaving unnecessarily difficult, though looking at it from the EU side those difficulties will tend to stop people leaving the club. They probably have reason to believe that the UK’s success outside the club will encourage others to also leave.


      • catweazle666 says:

        “To me, it looks like the EU is headed down the path of central control of everything that led the USSR to such a low standard of living and eventual dissolution.”

        To me, it looks like the big question is, if May and Co. keep faffing about with “transition periods”, will there still be an EU to Brexit?

        What with the rise of the Right wing, unrest of the Visegrád Group, the high-handed attitude towards Poland, Micron’s admission recently that if there was a Frexit vote it would probably succeed, the solidification of borders caused by Reichsführerein Merkel’s incredibly inept immigration policies – especially her attempts to force quotas on other states, for example Austria recently fortified their border with Italy to the extent of moving up troops and light armour, the Catalan affair and Germany’s problems attempting to form a government since the Right wing AfD took 94 seats from the old Coalition, the possible imminent collapse of around 120 Italian banks, the possibility of an EUphobic party in the upcoming election in Italy, the increasing unrest in a number of EU states concerning Brexit severely damaging their economies and many more vicissitudes, the EU is looking decidedly ramshackle.

        And then there’s youth unemployment: Greece 43.3%, Spain 38.7%, Italy 35.1%, Cyprus 26.3%, Croatia 26.1%, Portugal 24.6%, France 23%, Belgium 21.7%, Finland 20.6%, Sweden 17.7%, Luxembourg 17.3%.

        Now, if EU intransigence seriously damages British tourism to the Southern European states, that is going to become a serious problem, r=the French farmers and the German automotive industry are not happy with the Kommissar’s hard line with Great Britain either.

        Then there’s going to be the huge black hole in EU finances left by Brexit, which Germany will be expected to fill – much to the disquiet of the German electorate…

        Definitely time to start thinking of stocking up on popcorn…


      • I still have a step-mother, two sisters and a brother in the UK. Three out of four voted for BREXIT.

        All four are virulently anti-Trump. When I ask them “Why?” it is obvious that they believe what the British press and TV says about Trump. Nothing I say dents the bastion of their convictions!

        I am much encouraged that you think BREXIT may still happen even while you cough up billions of pounds to people who should be paying the UK for the damage they have done. If you Brits would lower corporate taxes (cf. the Republic of Ireland) your economy would boom at the expense of the EU which is doomed to collapse within the next 20 years.

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  11. richard says:

    A Tale of Liberal Finance.

    Two liberal Democrats decided to go into business.
    Schumer and Pelosi, formed Schumer&Pelosi Produce.
    S,P, P.(no pun).They recieved funding from the Stimulus
    program, bought a new Ford 150,(mag wheels), gassed up
    with their EBT card(premium), and drove from DC to Florida,
    (Immokolee), bought a load of watermelons for $1/ea, and
    went back to DC. To save money,they didn’t rent a veggie
    stand, just drove around DC and sold the melons out the back
    of the truck, ( for $1 ea.) They sold real fast!.
    When they sat down to count up the profits, they were upset
    to find that they had not made any money. What’s wrong?,said
    Schumer, Pelosi smiled(reallly!), and said, “WE NEED A MUCH
    BIGGER TRUCK”. And so it goes—–.


  12. Graeme No.3 says:

    A possible explanation for their actions?
    Bob Hope on Democrats.mp4


  13. Graeme No.3 says:

    Rats. The best laid plans of mice and Democrats gang aft a-gley.

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