The great purge of the Republican party begins.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the story of the Gordian knot and how Alexander solved the problem by cleaving straight through it with a sword rather than attempting to unpick the knot and failing in that attempt as reputedly so many others before him had done. It’s one of those clever Greek myths of antiquity which over the centuries have added to the increasingly bigger than life reputation of Alexander, but it’s almost certainly a complete fabrication.

A nice one, but there you go.

In real life, complex problems only rarely have such simple solutions. The massive knot has to be approached and studied. You untangle the first bit of it and having made that small bit of progress, you look for the next logical bit to unravel and you keep doing that patient thing over and over again until there is nothing left of your particular Gordian knot.

While you’re busy untangling it bit by bit, you must never lose sight of the grand objective. That’s the fundamental difference between a workman-like tactician who’s totally engaged and a gifted strategist who never takes his eye off the prize.

It’s a bonus of old age that you realise there are no quick fixes to systemic problems. It’s called wisdom and you can only acquire it by surviving both your youthful excesses and considering carefully the disastrous mistakes you’d made in it. Like the Gordian knot, Trump is unravelling the swamp that is Washington and its political establishment one tangle at a time. I’ll freely admit that when I first saw he’d entered the presidential race, I barely looked at him.

The song bring on the clowns, as Judy Collins a songstress of my retiring generation made famous, seemed appropriate. However, as I watched the clown buzzsaw his way through the other cardboard cut out GOP candidates in the primaries, it slowly dawned on me that he wasn’t the clown, that crown belonged to his clueless republican opponents as he dispatched them one by one.

I’ll freely admit my pride was wounded. I’m not used to being fooled like that – by anybody. From then on, I watched him like a bloody hawk.

He has never since disappointed as I’ve watched his moves one by one striking home. A quick dagger thrust is always seen and reacted to immediately by reflex, but despite appearances, that’s not really his style. The slow steady winkle through a chink in the armour is rarely noticed until the point of the stiletto is already scraping against the bone of your spinal column. By then, it’s way too late. You’re gone, history.

If you still simply refuse to see there’s an intellect and planner there who’s been at work all along, you’re on your own. He’s going to keep rocking your world for the next three years and I suspect health allowing, the next four after that.

One by one, he took out all his enemies except for the one whose time hadn’t quite arrived. The competitors for the Republican nomination were relatively easy. Realistically, a collection of pricks whose name you’d be challenged to remember five minutes after you’d shook hands with them. After that, Hillary Clinton, possibly the most odious candidate in American political history, fell by the wayside despite the most massive and partisan mainstream media support also in American history.

Her gift to him is that she like Barack Obama simply won’t go away. Like a particularly penicillin-resistant strain of gonorrhea, she insists on hanging around the political landscape generating all the wrong headlines like some failed whingeing albatross permanently nailed around the neck of a Democrat party that’s already in crisis and would simply like both of them to fuck off into obscurity, just so they can start some sort of reconstruction from the shattered remnants of last year’s electoral disaster.

She’s a headline hogging reminder of the systemic corruption of the Clinton era and the ultimate failure of the strategy of identity politics on middle America. Obama is increasingly seen as a bread head squeezing every dollar he can get out of having once been a president of the USA, but even in his case there are dark clouds on the horizon.

As various investigations pick the scabs off the Obama years and move closer to him over the bodies of his minions like Comey, Lynch and others, people are backing off that particular love affair. He’s no longer somebody the smart political operators feel they can still comfortably share some spit with.

The mainstream media have with some prodding from Trump, made themselves irrelevant to his voter demographic, who by this stage actually don’t believe a single damn word they say. He chose to concentrate his fire on CNN and has effectively destroyed that brand.

It was basic military stuff straight out of the hard charging tanker’s playbook that eventually powered George Patton eastwards across France but originally Heinz Guderain westward through the Ardennes forest and around the much vaunted Maginot line. Schwerpunkt und Aufrollen. A massively strong hard point to smash through a small area of the enemy front and then roll out either side of their now compromised linear defense. He picked out CNN and destroyed it, but he could easily change his target, as the NY Times is currently finding out.

The mainstream media is still in gas pedal stuck down to the metal mode generating fake news, fake popularity polls and fake anonymously sourced bollocks stories which people routinely skim past. The reality is the beast they despise so much is more popular than ever with the people who live an everyday life outside the beautiful cherubims of a media land they now ignore. The media is safely ensconced in their own self-wanking echo chamber with an occasional cri de coeur escaping out of it into the void to die of loneliness like a motherless child nobody actually cares for.

The nature of politics these days is to be short term, and the corollary to that way of thinking is to believe that when you’ve finally made it to Washington, you can park your prematurely fat arse on a seat in congress for the next twenty-five or thirty years or so and automatically gravitate to being an elder statesman, which everybody knows means you’re not much better than a spear carrier on the political fringes of the stage while the main actors get on with the play.

One of the truly democratic things I like about the mechanics of the electoral process in America to get a new or sitting candidate into Congress is that before they can even get to do the toe to toe thing against their nominal political opponent to secure their seat, they have to run against fresh challengers from within their own party to secure that privilege.

All that shit will happen in the first quarter of next year, so we’re looking at a six month window. To defend that record, Trump is throwing your voting intentions on things like DACA that you’ll have to defend against a ground base electorate who’re steadily losing patience with your ivy league refined fence-sitting.

It is in essence an opportunity for their party’s rank and file to voice their judgement of how well their congressman has represented their concerns or more brutally, their opportunity to dump them for someone who’ll represent their true iterests with more fidelity.

With one tweet of support of your opponent, he can destroy your brilliant political career in the congressional primaries. You better vote his way in the next six months or he’ll crush you. He swung a totally unexpected budget deal with the Democrats not out of weakness but strength, and that was a warning shot across the bows of the Republican party. He’ll make deals with anyone to get his way, and if that means flushing you, he’ll do it without a second thought.

After nearly a year of acting like petulant obstructive children, the rank and file democrat congressmen desperately needed to start acting like a responsible party otherwise they quite rightly suspect they’ll get murdered in next year’s mid terms. Suddenly, everybody is getting co-operative and grown up in dealing with the everyday governance of a great nation. It’s all a bit late I think; they’re probably going to get murdered anyway.

In a very similar sense, all those republican congressmen content to ride Trump’s coat tails into power while all the time righteously whining on about “never Trump”, are looking at end of political career. You’re in Trump’s trademark zugzwang. He has you. You either plight your troth to him or you’re basically fucked. The old comfortable play safe machine politics are well and truly dead. He has neither love nor care about you and why should he? He now owns the game.

His last enemy, the last tangle to unpick, is the Republican party itself, and in the next few months using the mid terms, he’s going to put his enemies within it to the sword. He is an unforgiving type and payback time has finally rolled around.

There will be blood and make no mistake, no mercy will be shown.


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42 Responses to “The great purge of the Republican party begins.”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Over here they’re still expecting impeachment any day now because of Russia. It’s just that they believe the MSM especially CNN.
    I just love your hilarious analogies such as this about Hillary…..

    “Like a particularly penicillin-resistant strain of gonorrhea, she insists on hanging around the political landscape generating all the wrong headlines like some failed whingeing albatross permanently nailed around the neck of a Democrat party….”

    Another very enjoyable article. Thank you.

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    • NZPete says:

      Yes, Margaret, that line so captured my imagination, I quoted it when I let loose with a gab on: (I’m trying to wean myself off twitter).
      Just when I’m starting to feel a little down with all the noise emanating from the “drive by media” (to quote Rush Limbaugh), along comes Pointy with another article that raises my spirits, this time with hope that the swamp will indeed be eventually drained.
      Here in NZ, we’re about to have our general election, in which it is looking increasingly likely that a Labour government under a 37 year old Jacinda Adern will gain power after three terms of National (nominally right of centre), who is promising lots of spending fueled by lots of taxes, without being to willing to specify what they will be (trust us, we’re told). The media have for the most part seemingly fallen head over heels in love with the idea of this new “talent”, and I think many younger people are going to be drawn in.
      There is so much talk of the “Climate Change” nonsense, by them, and the watermelon greens that I think NZ has a way to go before all those who think emotionally rather than intellectually wake up and realise they’ve been sold a lemon.


      • Sceptical Sam says:

        Hey NZPete, I wouldn’t be too sure that Jacinta has got her teeth into the winner’s seat just yet.

        Think of it as the last Bledisloe. The winner is down 28/29 until, at the death, a momentous resurrection brings the champions to the podium 35/29.

        She’s a pretty fast talker. But so was Cheika.

        She’s a goner.


  2. Janie M. says:

    Excellent post. Do you have any objections to me posting a link to this over at the CTH?

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  3. Pointman says:

    WINNING! After Rally Against #NeverTrump Lawmaker Charlie Dent Last Week – Dent Announces He’s Retiring.


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  4. 42david says:

    Watching from afar it is heartening to see “The Donald” gutting the credibility of the main stream media who gave up their commitment to unbiased reporting years ago.

    It is happening down here in Oz as well but mainly through the “average Aussie” getting thoroughly p—-d off with the obvious bias. We don’t have a Donald as yet but left wing rags such as the Melbourne “Age” losing readers like a stripper losing clothes. The only difference is that what’s underneath the paper is not, unlike the stripper, worth watching.

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  5. Pointman says:

    Good Grief! Now Hillary Clinton Is Blaming The Electoral College For Her Election Loss.

    “penicillin-resistant” is back making more headlines to market her book. There’s no keeping her down unfortunately.


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  6. Pointman says:

    Kid Rock’s speech that YouTube (the Goolag) banned. Bitchute looks to be the free speech alternative to the Goolag’s youtube.


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  7. Keitho says:

    He is a very smart guy and he knows how these creeps play their game. They are done for and deserve no sympathy.

    DJT is shaking up the world and the world will be a great deal better for it even if it seems scary at times.

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  8. Peter says:

    Death by bunga bunga!


  9. I love the levity here. Suddenly we all know that the tide is turning.

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  10. Pointman says:

    Bannon plotting primaries against slate of GOP incumbents.

    With Mercer’s billions behind him to finance mid term primary challenges to Republican incumbents, Bannon looks to be in a very strong position to ouster various anti-Trump congressmen.


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  11. Shoshin says:

    What struck me with Pelosi’s yammering about how easy it was to get a deal with Trump was that she is so dense that she missed what actually happened. For the price of a three month extension to the debt ceiling and a DACA promise Trump expertly sliced out the filet that is the moderates from the Democratic carcass. The only ones left there are the festering and maggoty radical Alt-L. Ditto with the Republicans; Trump plucked out the moderates by exposing the votes against him and left the goofs and pinheads of the Alt-R to hang.

    In one swing, Trump indelibly re-branded himself and his movement as mainstream and acceptable to both Democrat and Republican moderates. Masterful.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Trump meld the both camps of moderates into a third political party, the Moderates Party. Fundamentally, who gives a crap about the noisy radicals at either end of the spectrum? Nobody that I know; they just want jobs, want the immigration system fixed, healthcare fixed, equality for ALL people, don’t care about the radical Vegan-ISIS views of Antifa (wish I came up with the Vegan-ISIS thing; it’s brilliant!!) and view the KKK as something that would have died of neglect long ago if not for CNN’s the incessant touting of it.

    Did Nancy Pelosi just accidentally give birth to a third political party on live TV? It may have just happened and everyone missed it.


    • philjourdan says:

      Shoshin – intuitively, when you say:

      In one swing, Trump indelibly re-branded himself and his movement as mainstream and acceptable to both Democrat and Republican moderates. Masterful.

      You are correct. However, you fail to understand the dynamics in America. The MSM is decidedly NOT competent, journalist or objective. So Trump will never be able to “rebrand” himself (nor does he care). And the screed from the MSM and the left will continue to brand him with all the stale cliches they have for the past 2 years.

      Pointman has said this and I have said it as well all along. Trump is not a politician. He is a negotiator. What he has done is move HIS agenda along. He does not care if it is Gandhi on the other side of the table he is dealing with or Adolph Schicklegruber. The only reason he “appears” conservative is that is who he made a deal with to get elected (the Republicans). He is not conservative. But he does keep his promises (that is why Obamacare is still on the table).

      But more than being a negotiator, what Trump is, is what he is not. The establishment. By now, all but the most blind can see that indeed the swamp of DC is filled with the establishment. And it does not matter what letter is behind their name. They are the same. And Trump is their enemy.

      It would be a fun game to watch if it did not affect everyone’s life so greatly. As it is, I do not see him completing his term. He will suffer the same fate as JFK. And Comey and Clapper will be the ones to do it (the idiots on the left could not hit the broad side of a barn).


  12. Pointman says:

    Corker weighing retirement in 2018

    And another one who’s read the writing on the wall.



  13. cdquarles says:

    Bingo Pointman.

    I’ll give you a bit of history, too. In the late 19th Century, ‘Scientific Socialism’ became the religion of the elite. It took some time for them to execute the Long March, but that they’ve done now. The ‘deplorables’ have never cottoned to that false religion, particularly in ‘middle’ America, aka ‘flyover country’, and there has been a difference between the Ds and Rs that has not gone away.

    In the 1830s, the Democratic-republican party died. It was replaced by the Democrat party we know today. Southern ‘aristocrats’, both from home-grown thinking plus Continental European thinking after the French Revolution were combined a bit. Though many of these never became President of the USA, they did influence Andrew Jackson. Despite his ‘populist’ myth, Andrew’s party did *not* care a whit about the ‘common’ man. No, the intellectuals in it were all-in for the old idea of a ruling aristocracy and their slave laborers. Never, ever, forget this. Though President Jackson was not necessarily all-in on the Trail of Tears, he is known as the Great Betrayer (of the civilized tribes) because he did not stop the expropriation of the territories these peoples occupied. His successors aggressively pushed the change in the nature of slavery, which our founders thought would die naturally, from indentured to chattel slavery. Beginning in the 1840s and 50s, these people began to expropriate the property of the ‘free blacks’ as well as push chattel slavery into the western territories. The Whig party kept compromising with these aggressive Southerners. Eventually, said Whigs destroyed themselves and the party known at the Republican party was born as an abolitionist one, though not necessarily aggressively so. As Darwin’s myth became more popular among the elites, they became more brutal. Eventually, something had to give. That happened in 1861.

    Following the aftermath of that war and Lincoln’s assassination, the reconstruction period was not going to be the reconciliation that Lincoln wanted. Still, it took some 20 years before the Progressives would arise. They could not get anywhere openly, so they used covert means. The Roosevelt cousins, Franklin and Theodore, eventually would gain control of the Democrat and Republican parties respectively. Both cousins agreed with the premises of Scientific Socialism. Unlike the D party, the R party rank and file has always been more conservative, in the sense of understanding the US Constitution as written and amended than the D’s rank and file. That is maybe due to the R’s base being more rural than the D’s. Yet, for over a century, the premises of the establishments of both has been ‘left wing’, with the Ds being the more tyrannical.

    After this ‘hostile takeover’, the Ds have had only two Presidents that were not all-in. The Rs have had 3. They all have had to fight their own party as well as the other one, with the Rs having to fight more than the Ds did, given that the Republican’s base has never been as leftist as the Democrat’s base.

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  14. hoppers says:

    Much under reported, actually hardly a word in the MSM, the long running ISI spy ring in congress. Could well bring down the Democratic party starting with Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Could all be about to change, establishment cover ups etc notwithstanding.

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  15. Pointman says:

    Should Republican Lawmakers Participating in Anti-Trump Russia Collusion Witch Hunt Be Primaried from Office?



  16. Pointman says:

    More Voters Identify as ‘Trump Supporters’ Than ‘Republicans’

    There’s a message here for the Republican swampers like McCain …



  17. Pointman says:

    Bannon to Alabama: ‘They think you’re a pack of morons’



  18. Pointman says:

    ***Live Updates*** Bama Blowout: Moore’s ‘Grassroots Muscle’ Beats Strange’s ‘Corporate Money’ in GOP Senate Runoff

    That’s one RINO gone, another resigning and the rest of them scared shitless of the congressional primaries.



  19. Pointman says:

    Size Matters: The 9-Point Alabama Win Is What Forced Corker out, Others May Follow

    Not even Trump endorsing a RINO saved him from a landslide defeat.



  20. Pointman says:

    NYT: Sen Shelby: ‘Right Now the Moore-Bannon Faction Prevails’



  21. Pointman says:

    US House panel approves $10bn for Mexico border wall.

    After recent events in the congressional primaries, suddenly the Republican log jams seem to be dissolving.



  22. Pointman says:

    House backs $4T budget, faces challenges on Trump tax plan,-start-tax-debate

    Suddenly all the RINOs are getting cooperative …



  23. Pointman says:

    It’s Trump’s Party Now.

    Ruthless as usual in his political analysis.



  24. Pointman says:

    Harvard Poll: 61 percent of GOP voters support Steve Bannon fight with establishment, 56 percent want Mitch McConnell to resign



  25. Pointman says:

    David Brooks: This Was the Week Steve Bannon Really Took Control of the Republican Party



  26. Pointman says:

    One Year After 2016 Election, GOP Establishment Continues to ‘Fall Like Dominoes’ Facing Trump Populist Insurgency



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