Oprah for president.

Barring any unforeseen accidents and a fair breeze behind him, Trump will be sailing into the 2020 election to win it most probably by a greater margin than he won in 2016. Trump has delivered more in one year than Obama did in eight, and you have to remember under the latter’s administration, everything was either in decline or simply going nowhere.

In that year, new jobs were actually created, unemployment among both black and Hispanic Americans has hit historic lows, the flight abroad of manufacturing from America was stopped, swathes of choking regulatory nonsense has been culled ruthlessly, the stock market keeps hitting new record highs, the dumping of cheap foreign subsidised goods into America was stopped, the foreign policy disasters left behind to him by Messrs Obama, Clinton and Kerry have been unfucked one by one, the Arabic states were told to stop covertly financing terrorism in the West or there would be consequences, ISIS was defeated, North Korea got faced down and little Ivan in the Kremlin has stayed very quiet behind its walls, since he knows he can’t bully Trump the way he did Obama for eight straight years.

All this was achieved despite an establishment swamp in Washington on both sides of the aisle determinedly resisting him both overtly and covertly and despite the media propaganda machine, Hollywood, NFL prima donnas, the fake news and the fake polls. Every one of those power blocks has ended up having a terrible year, especially on the financial front, as the average person punished them in response.

Apart from his own political acumen, the only aid he had was from a disintegrating Democrat party, who’ve quite frankly lost the plot and done themselves a power of no good in the perception of the electorate in the year since they voted for him to be president. By not actively politicking against him, but instead preferring to pursue things like the Russians colluding with Trump for the whole year like a dog with a bone they simply just couldn’t let go of, they’ve made themselves irrelevant to the ordinary person, only 5% of whom believe there’s anything to it.

It’s by now so ingrained a part of the Democrat/Media/Hollywood wet dream that it must be true, but even if it were, and such a thing would be devilishly hard to prove, people wouldn’t care and anyway, it still wouldn’t put Clinton into the White House.

The big message at year’s end was that America was back in town, and that’s been playing progressively better with the ordinary American’s growing sense of self-esteem, something which the previously mentioned power blocks disdained, almost to the point where you should be ashamed of raising a family, of your pride in culture and country, of not wanting to pander to men who wanted legal access to women’s toilets and changing rooms, right down to knowing there’s only two genders, no matter what sort of sexual weirdo some people self-proclaim themselves to be.

In the first few months of his presidency, Trump ruthlessly chopped down the cankered trees Obama had planted amid much fanfare from his fanboy media, and after clearing out of the Senate the Republican swampers in this year’s mid-terms, and with no legislative resistance left in Congress, he’ll burn down to stubble whatever’s left.

Predicting the political situation in three years time with any degree of certainty is obviously impossible, so we have to proceed forwards on the tentative assumption that it’ll be an extension of the current one, but by then, I feel Trump will actually have strengthened his hold on the reins of power in Washington, and the economy, if it progresses as it’s been doing for the last year, will be very strong. The question therefore becomes who will the candidates be?

Trump, obviously. He really does want to make America great again, and my feeling is he’ll hang onto power as long as he can to achieve that objective. The only caveat is that he’ll be approaching his mid seventies by then, so there’s a health consideration. He’s never smoked, drank or taken drugs his entire life and at face view, and by all personal accounts by those who campaigned with him for the presidency, has a remarkable vim and vigour about him for a man his age. He’ll run again.

Arguably, Hillary Clinton might have another go, powered by her massive sense of entitlement and equally massive hatred of Trump, but I think not. The party elders will take her aside and have a word in her ear. The real lesson of the 2016 campaign was that the electorate simply don’t like her, and that’s a hump any politician will struggle to get over. Given her allocation of blame in the aftermath of that loss to everyone but her, she’s since managed to deeply offend any useful demographic who might possibly have been turned to vote for her. It’s been a repeat of her “deplorables” remark, but with even more wide-ranging damage.

Obama is an arrogant and narcissistic man eager to go for a third term, which is precisely why, contrary to the established practice of ex-presidents discreetly exiting mainstream politics, he’s been hanging around the edges of the Washington power circles, like a bad smell that simply can’t be got out of the room, no matter how many windows are opened.

But in three years time, there will have occurred significant shifts in both his own fortunes and the political landscape. The first is the counter investigations, which have only just begun, of the corruption of the DoJ, FBI and the IRS will have deeply tainted the media narrative of a Camelot-like image of his administration. One way or another, you either ordered illegal things done via White House cutouts, or if you didn’t know what was going on, you were out of control of a bunch of over-zealous minions happy to piss all over the law, never mind the constitution. Neither story can be spun well on the damage limitation front.

My feeling is we’ve got three years ahead of us rocks being turned over, and even more dark slimy creatures of the Obama years being exposed to the light and scuttling desperately to get out of it. I suspect there’s a lot more to be uncovered than just Benghazi, uranium sales to the Russians, shady deals with Iran or looking the other way while Hezbollah shipped drugs into America. You’ll have been found out.

Nobody believes the mainstream media these days, or to be more precise, the people who vote Trump, or are likely to, don’t. Also, the people who believed their narrative about him and Clinton the last time, will have by then discovered Trump doesn’t have horns and a tail, and he’ll be siphoning off a significant portion of what used to be the Democrat bedrock vote.

Another of the big lessons of the 2016 election, is that what was always your greatest asset, the mainstream media, proved to be not as influential a factor as they used to be, and in three years time, I can see them having considerably less influence on the course of events. They burned too many bridges of trust behind them in that election. Trust, once lost, is never fully regained.

Don’t forget, so many fervent supporters of Trump in the presidential election of 2016 were embittered refugees from the Obama style of politics. Once they saw through him, and with growing horror realised he was all about show but actually did nothing but fine words and more show, and more show, and more show, they switched to a politician who could deliver what they craved – change. He delivered for them, so they won’t be coming back into the fold.

The old slick politics of identity has gone. They stopped working for Clinton in her campaign for president, though she and her advisers were too thick to see it. Trump did, and you can see it in the shape of his campaign. He never tried appealing to a particular race, religion, creed or minority; his message all the way through was simple.

Vote for me and I’ll deliver change away from the cynical Washington way of doing things that you’re so sick of. Vote for me and I’ll deliver jobs. Vote for me and I’ll protect you from enemies, both foreign and domestic. We’re back to traditional politics, which has a broader appeal that transcends the borders between various self-identified victimhood groups.

If the landscape looks anything like what I’ve just sketched out, Obama would be better advised to stay out of the race and go back to hanging out with his billionaire pals on their private islands or sucking back beers on their yacht. But, as I said, he’s arrogant and against advice might just have a go at it, just to get back at Trump for ripping up his so-called legacy. My feeling is Trump would love to humiliate him in a one on one presidential race, and would do so.

Assuming Obama sees sense and stays out, that just leaves a rather mixed bag of prominent Democrat potential candidates like Waters or Pelosi, both of whom look to have some serious mental or at least Alzheimer issues. The problem the party has is that those at the top have been there for far too long, and by now have a grip on it that’s going to be hard to break. They’re well past their sell by date, and nowadays only serve to get in the way of younger blood trying to rise up through the ranks.

It’s like a sports team where too many of its veteran players are, to put it bluntly, too old to play now and should have been put out to grass years ago. The party failed to grow the next generation of leaders, hence the dearth of solid candidates for 2020.

There’s always Sanders, but he was never anything more than a protest vote against the party machine’s determination to hand Clinton the ticket, and with an investigation in progress against his wife for financial irregularities that ran a college into the ground, he’s probably still have his hands full. He a socialist, and that tends to not do well with the middle America they have to take to stand any chance of winning.

Don’t get me wrong, if Clinton or Obama don’t go for it, there won’t be any lack of candidates to run in the Democrat primaries, but again, if the situation so favours Trump, you’d have to ask yourself about how politically acute such people are to think they might have any chance. The more capable ones will stay out of it, because they know even if they get through the primaries and win the party ticket, having the stigma of being a failed presidential candidate is also usually a ticket to political oblivion.

We are looking three years ahead, and that’s more than enough time for a new relatively unknown figure to emerge from the Democrat congressional ranks.

A bigger consideration here, and again it’s dependent on how much circumstances are in Trump’s favour, is who’s going to contribute millions to what will most probably be a failed campaign? My feeling is anyone going up against a Trump, will end of fighting against a strong candidate with little or almost nothing in terms of financial resources, which are vital when you’re taking a run at the presidency.

After Oprah Winfrey’s stirring speech at the Golden Globes awards ceremony condemning rape and sexual molestation in the show business industry, many liberal and entertainment bosses with deep pockets said they’d contribute to her campaign if she decides to run against Trump. Well, that sorts out the finances for her, doesn’t it? But there may be one or two presentation problems with her as a candidate which would be tougher nuts to crack.

The only hope they have of winning in 2020 is appealing to the rust belt and coal mining states they totally ignored the last time around. They’re going to have to dial back on the east coast/west coast whippy dippy stylish policies and go back to basics, as Trump did. That also means fielding candidates the people of those communities would feel comfortable inviting into their homes. Call me cynical, but I think that’d be a role too far for someone with her checkered past.

Oprah is on camera admitting she’s smoked crack cocaine and wishing for the death of elderly white people. Add in the fact that over the years, she appears to have invented five or more different back stories, but would no doubt have no problem inventing a sixth if it gave her a better shot at the crown. If rumours are to be believed, and they do seem persistent about her, is that there’s a certain thread of sexual lewdness running through them all that manifests itself as a willingness to play on both sides of the fence.

On that front, all you need to know about her is plainly visible in the body language of the picture above. Who’s procuring for whom there? She and her longtime best pal Harvey are practically drooling all over that little girl, but if the Dems can’t find anything better, then run with her.

Even for a political party, a near death experience can be quite rejuvenating.


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18 Responses to “Oprah for president.”
  1. Timbotoo says:

    The optics, as they say, of that photo are quite devastating. From right to left procurer, victim and predator. It won’t go away.
    The consequences of not planning succession in a political party can be seen in Venezuela, when the two parties used to sharing turns fielded irrelevant candidates, opening the door for Chavez. The Dems deserve all they get, good and hard.

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  2. Pointman – given the number of laws, and regulations that have the force of law, I’d think that nobody could expect a clean bill of health when undergoing an in-depth investigation by a team of lawyers. It’s thus pretty certain that Mueller will find indictable offences for anyone he turns that magnifying-glass on. It’s also pretty certain he will find evidence of Russia trying to meddle in the US politics, since AFAICT they try to meddle with all countries, and I don’t expect the USA to be exempt. He’ll also probably find links between Trump’s team and some Russian meddling, since they would be an obvious target. What I don’t expect him to find is that those members of Trump’s entourage were in any way unpatriotic, though of course there’s always a spin available.

    Maybe worth pointing out that my US family are Democrats and seem to be among the 5% who believe all the bad stuff about Trump, and can’t see the resurgence of business and that most people are already better-off. I’m wondering how they’ll do on the tax-cuts. I suspect that 5% is actually larger than you’d hope. Given that the media is wall-to-wall anti-Trump, and jumps on anything that can be portrayed as a mistake whilst keeping quiet about the Obama-era problems, people who support what Trump is doing probably keep a low profile.

    Trump uses the Art of War, and keeps his enemies from knowing what he’ll do next. I’d suspect that rather than starting investigations on Democrat irregularities this year, those investigations will have been ongoing ever since Jeff Sessions got into office. That magnifying-glass works both ways.

    By the next election, the Blacks and Hispanics who were told that Trump would be really bad for them will have found that they’ve got a better standard of living. Of course, keeping people poor gives political power – they will vote for someone who says they’ll make things better. First time through I was enthusiastic about Obama because he promised change, not because he had a darker skin. Shame he didn’t deliver. When you increase the tax burden and regulatory burden on businesses, it’s pretty obvious they won’t do so well and that employment will go down. Naturally, this hits the coloured population harder. This isn’t a race problem, but one of culture, attitude, and education. Individuals can and do shine no matter what race, when they have the right attitudes to work and have managed to either get an education or have taught themselves from books (or the net). It will likely take a few more generations before people get equality of opportunity, but culture takes a while to change. Where you need metal-detectors in schools to stops kids stabbing each other, it’s a cultural problem.

    Funny thing is that Trump is more a “man of the people”, in that he’s often not Politically Correct and uses crude words. Real people are often like that in private. I wouldn’t get on with the bling he likes, but again that’s only a bit of eccentricity. As regards mental state, I’d pin him as somewhere mild Aspberger’s, which is actually what is required for the complex job of being President. He’s probably not naturally outgoing, but has learnt it as a way of trying to connect with other people. As a learned response, it won’t come across as natural, but that’s about all. He’ll make cock-ups now and again on the emotional responses, since he’s looking at things logically. It’s pretty unlikely to find all the desired characteristics of a President in one person anyway, so some failings should be expected.

    For Oprah, I don’t see the technical competence necessary to run a country. She’ll need to choose her advisors very well, since they’ll be doing the real work. Can she find those competent people? I’m not particularly worried about her having had drug experiences, or being not totally clean sexually. That’s a problem politically, of course, since we require our politicians to be squeaky-clean on everything (and Winston Churchill wouldn’t pass muster nowadays for being a functioning alcoholic). The question I’d ask would be whether she could do the job effectively, but you can’t be certain until they’ve got the job and make cock-ups. High risk of cock-ups, I’d expect, since she’s been dealing with emotions so far and the job needs cold logic and hard decisions.

    At the moment, I can’t see a better alternative to Trump for the States. Much the same for the UK, where May is the only real available choice, for Germany where Merkel (despite the problems) seems to have no credible alternative, and in France where Macron was by far the best of the choices available. Macron does seem to be sorting out the tax-codes here in France and making the country better for business, though, where others haven’t dared. A bit Trumpish, really.


  3. philjourdan says:

    I throw this out before commenting – https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/11/the-doj-and-fbi-worked-with-fusion-gps-on-operation-trump/

    The left is convinced Trump is crazy. Mostly because he is not them. But he is a genius. They call him all sorts of things, but the fact is he is his own man. Not a conservative (hardly a republican), and most assuredly not a denizen of the swamp.

    Like any decent chess player, he is not looking at his current move. He is looking at 6-12 moves down the road. So the first year made it appear he was a pin cushion for the left. And that is fine by him. He does not care about the current move. Just the next 12 moves.

    And they are coming. Hillary will not run. By 2020, she will be striking a deal to stay out of jail (and she will get it – even Trump is not going to put them there). This year, the story linked to above will also start to come out (but the end game is still 3 years away). The Mainstream media will not cover it. But as more folks are indicted and head to trial, and eventually prison (Comey will do prison time), it will be covered. But the MSM, trying to protect its side, will downplay it and hide it. And many more will be left asking “Why are they not covering this?”. So in their attempt to protect their side, they will alienate the rest of the nation even more.

    Those who are calling for Sessions resignation have no clue of the importance he plays in all of this. While the lightening is striking around the Russian-Trump collusion (with no actual hits), Sessions is quietly gathering evidence of the real dirt and crimes that will come out and will be prosecuted.

    Trump has outmaneuvered the clowns on the left because they wanted to believe their own lies. It is one thing to tell lies. But when you start believing them, you are in trouble. And while they have been convincing themselves of their own lies, Trump has made sure that the truth will come out. At his own time and place. He is not going to play a hole card for PR. He is going to play it for effect (specifically the 2018 elections and more importantly the 2020 election).

    I have been watching Trump for a year and half now, laughing mostly as he plays the opposition like a harp from hell. He has far exceeded my expectations. And continues to impress me with his manipulation of not only the press, but the left.

    I do not know his exact moves. I am not that smart. But I see them in retrospect. I saw it after the primary when he dispatched 16 opponents. And in the election when he took care of Hillary.

    And I see it with every tweet he sends out. While the left is focusing on the tweets, his loyal troops build the case that is going to set back the democrats just as the republicans were 40 years ago.

    The next democrat president in (probably) 2024 will not come from the swamp. It will be a governor (not Mcawful – he is going down as well). An outsider. It is going to take a long time before the swamp denizens are trusted by most of America (the rabid left will continue to worship their fallen criminals).


    • richard says:

      I liked Pointy’s article, and you have made it better!! I enjoy reading good commentary,
      and find it rarely here in the USA.


  4. Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:
    Keep in mind that Pointman is viewing from across the pond. (He always seems to have a very clear view, too.)


  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    I seemed to have missed the Oprah thing. Yes, I knew she existed but I thought of her as a daytime TV presence. That doesn’t make her any less eligible as a possible President than Hilary Clinton.
    What I do understand is that she is a black women who has become a billionaire in the entertainment business which is enough to show her as hard, tough, and intelligent. I don’t think she will commit to running until a year before the next election as she assesses her chances. Nor do I think she will assign much credence to the waffle from the desperate Democrat apparatus that failed again and again with Trump.


  6. Power Grab says:

    I feel so sorry for that young woman in the photo up top. Among other scary things, the arrangement looks a lot like the situation where you take your infant for a well-baby checkup, and they tell you to hold them down so they can give them shots. /shudder/

    It looks like Oprah is holding the young woman’s hand down so she can’t slap someone’s face….

    A Chinese lady told me that it was really Madame Mao who came up with the Cultural Revolution, where they sent the intelligentsia out to work themselves to death on farms in the boonies.

    Another story I’ve heard is that, in Indian country, when they were ready to torment a victim to death, they gave them to the squaws because they would resort to more cruel treatment than the men would.

    I am having trouble thinking of an instance where a “queen bee” sort (an all-powerful woman), when left to do whatever she could devise, ever did anything to raise up other women. Why would you do that for your competition? Young, beautiful women are competition for a powerful woman, aren’t they?

    Not naming names here, but I can easily see where a powerful woman would demand that all other women cover their beauty (if they had a protector/husband) … or relegate unprotected women to abasement so their lives would be ruined, if not actually snuffed out. That would surely cut down on temptation if one’s husband had a wandering eye.

    I’m glad that photo came to light. Powerful people are usually so adept at portraying themselves as something other than a predator (or enabler of a predator)…


  7. hoppers says:

    If Trump makes it to 2020 everything will have changed beyond all recognition. Here’s hoping.


  8. AndrewZ says:

    Pointman, you speculate that Obama might run for a third term. But the Twenty-second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States declares that “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice”, so it shouldn’t be possible for him to ever become President again.


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Andrew. I was under the impression, perhaps mistaken, that the rule was no more than two terms in succession.



      • AndrewZ says:

        All the sources I’ve seen online suggest that it is two terms in total and the text of the Amendment (as quoted in my previous comment) seems pretty clear on that point as well, so I’m pretty sure Obama can’t run again.


      • philjourdan says:

        You are correct. It is 2 terms or 10 years (hence why LBJ could have run again in 68 but chose not to).


  9. AndrewZ says:

    “We’re back to traditional politics”

    I’m not so sure about that. The road to Trump began with what social critic Christopher Lasch described as “the revolt of the elites”. This is the process by which certain influential sections of American society – academia, the national media, the entertainment industry and some politicians – began to reject American culture and identity and look down on the rest of society with increasing contempt.

    Widespread opposition to this revolt emerged in the late 1990s when the internet gave ordinary citizens the means of organising and spreading ideas on a national scale. It also allowed people who doubted the competence, honesty and good-will of the elites to discover just how many others felt the same way. Suddenly, control of the national media no longer guaranteed control of the nation’s cultural and political narratives.

    Therefore, the reaction against the elite is not a populist revolt but a counter-revolution. The Trump slogan “Make America Great Again” was so effective because it expresses the counter-revolutionary goal of restoring something that has fallen into disrepair.

    The first large-scale political expression of these values was the Tea Party movement. It was polite, moderate and worked within the political system. In return, it was relentlessly slandered by the media, harassed by the IRS and duped by mainstream Republicans who only pretended to care about limited government. This experience taught the counter-revolutionaries that being polite and moderate is for losers.

    So, by 2015 there was a large, angry and highly-motivated political movement in the United States that lacked a name or a leader. It was a ready-made base for any politician who could fill that vacancy. Fortunately for America, the first one to spot the opportunity was a trash-talking salesman from New York and not a genuine extremist who might have turned it to more sinister ends.

    However, for Trump to be accepted as leader of the counter-revolutionaries he had to show that he was one of them. He had to match their anger and their contempt for the elite. He had to show that he was really willing to fight. Most importantly, to seal the deal he had to provoke the media, Hollywood and academia into treating him as the enemy. It worked, but it took real courage to gamble all his future prospects on the success of such an unorthodox political campaign.

    This struggle between elite revolutionaries and populist counter-revolutionaries is still the most fundamental division in American politics and the final outcome is not yet in sight. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both represented the elite faction. The other contenders for the Republican nomination lost to Trump because he directly addressed this fundamental division while they based their campaigns around secondary issues.

    But what this most closely resembles is not traditional American politics but the traditional British politics of working class vs ruling class in which the side you are on is defined by a mixture of social status, economic position and cultural identity. Up the workers!

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  10. Pointman says:

    Oprah awaits ‘call from God’ on POTUS run. Does SHE have a ‘mental illness,’ Joy Behar?.




  11. Pointman says:

    Trump Blasts Oprah: “I Hope She Runs So She Can Be Exposed Like The Others”


    The only other 2020 rumoured runner is “Creepy Joe” Biden. What a dream ticket that would make …



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