The point at which the grownups have to step in.

Silence is one of those things you don’t hear much about. For a lot of people, it’s unbearable, so they make lots of useless and strident noise just to fill it, but the vast majority of people who’ve got better things to do with their life quickly tune them out. It’s a signal to noise ratio thing. You naturally listen to the noisemakers for a certain amount of time out of a sense of common politeness, but after a while and after failing to discern any coherent signal coming out of all that noise, you just tune them out.

A judgement has been made – the noisemakers are more into style than substance, and whatever the issue is that they’re being so passionate about is largely an irrelevance to most ordinary people’s lives. We’ve all met the types. They’re easy to spot. Forever screaming criticism from the sidelines without offering a single practical solution to whatever problem, real or imagined, that they’re being so vocal about.

People listen, indulge them for a while and after that ignore them because they’re seen as not being important to an ordinary person’s life. Essentially, you know they’re spoilt brats who’d run a mile from being made responsible for anything. Being a vocal armchair critic is so much easier.

The point about the noisemakers being ignored by working people while they get on with their lives, is that it leaves a vacuum which is pandered to by thick politicians, because they interpret the silence on the sane part of the sane segment of the population as conferring some sort of tacit approval on whatever patently idiotic policy will tease a few votes out of the noisemakers who despite all the noise, tend to be too lazy to get off their arse to actually turn out for a vote but are great at protesting whatever the result of their non-participation in the democratic process has produced, because it gives them a chance to act out like the irresponsible brats they actually are.

It’s a sort of parent child relationship with the noisemakers being thought of as the children stubbornly digging their heels in against ever growing out of adolescence, and the rest of us grownups who know the world will never work according to their fondly held delusions, because it has these variables called people in it, some of who don’t give a shit about any of your grand theories about how virtuously you think everyone else should be acting.

The vast majority of people are decent, but there’s always a certain percentage of animals in the population who know how to take ruthless advantage of the fashionable opinions of liberal white trash self-emasculated by their own conjured up guilt they’d like everyone else to take a full body bath in. Like all predators, the animals go for the weak, never the strong, and play on the cupidity of such idiots like virtuoso violinists.

But when you see brutality, barbarity and a raucous chorus of open the city gates and welcome the barbarians into our midst, you have to step in. Sweden has already fallen to an invited in rape culture, Germany looks to be tottering on the brink of going the same way. Mainland Europe is in a war. All the red flares are going up into the night sky and being ignored, but as usual it’s the hardy natives offshore of the whole invasion who’re making a stand.

A president more concerned about transgender toilets in the schools we entrust our children to than any real problems. An establishment rush to grovel down before a minority religion that says it’s okay to beat women and mutilate the sex organs of girls before they’ve even reached puberty so only a man can enjoy an orgasm during the act of sex. I don’t care what particular religion it is, it’s wrong. Wrong is wrong.

Bending the knee to cultures that haven’t moved an inch in six centuries while in the meantime we’ve put men on the moon and are now looking at Mars. Forbidding people to show signs of their Christian faith while bending over backwards to accommodate barbaric rituals and mores that properly belong in the middle ages. Even the mother church in Rome represented by a shameful apologist arsehole has started to grovel.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know I write trying my best to be honest; showing both the joys and the scabby bits of the world and occasionally of me. Perhaps inadvisably so. It’s a conversation with you and I’ve no idea of you. I’ve no defined image, no figure of you beyond a mind’s eye thing – it’s just me talking into the void and hoping.

You may have a really good swinging dick or a come to me fragrant vagina, your ass may be black or white or any of those hotly-disputed shades in between. I don’t give a damn about the gender of whom you choose to take to your bed nor which church you attend. I really don’t.

I choose not to be shoe horned into all that identity bollocks politics, so I try to speak across those artificial boundaries and directly to the sane, and so many people in the aforementioned categories fall into that group.

The time has come; patience has been exhausted.

Enough is enough. You want that broken dysfunctional world that’s been broken for centuries, then bloody-well relocate your asses over there. We’re happy with this one. We are in a war and you better sort out which side you’re on; the noisemakers who support people putting heads on fences or the sane decent people of civilisation.

A deliberately leaked conversation with president elect Reagan was about the embassy hostage crisis with Iran at the arse end of the biblically weak Carter presidency. What was he going to do about it? “I’ll give them five days, and then we invade.” The hostages Carter had been agonising about for months were freed within twenty-four hours of Reagan’s inauguration.

Bullies respond to nothing but greater force, and then they grovel at your feet like the cowards they always were. That’s all they understand. The only thing the thickos understand. You indulge them, they’ll fuck you over even more.

When the silent majority have spoken in their election booths, no amount of screeching, wailing, rending of garments or pulling your hair out by the noisemakers is going to reverse that. That is the essential difference between the ephemeral and the more considered mentalities in our societies. The former are mayflies, quick to become impassioned about something and just as quick to forget about it and move on to a new issue to become inflamed about, while the latter are very slow to forgive.

Whatever happened to the thousands who turned out in Copenhagen to save the Earth? They’ve disappeared and there’s no trace of them now.

Whatever happened to those who knew it was all just a cynical scam and fought against it through all those wilderness years? We’re still here, and we’ve not forgotten the excesses of that time, nor the guilty individuals who were perpetrators of those excesses. The unforgiving angel of revenge is coming at you, and we all know how good that dish tastes. Our day has come, and we will eat that dish with relish.

One good hard jerk on the reins will always civilise the noisemakers, because they have no stamina and it reminds them of where their money comes from.

I see celebrities saying terrible things against democratically made decisions and by implication the people who voted for it, and add them to my personal shit list. When I hear them stand up in front of a crowd and talking about blowing up the White House or reading aloud an ever so sensitive poem about President Trump committing incest with a daughter, a Jane Fonda line has been crossed and there’s no way back from that one.

From then on, whatever movies they are in, I won’t go and see. Whatever music they’re making, I won’t buy it. Whatever product they’re endorsing, I cross off the shopping list. Whatever show they’re invited on to promote their latest money-spinner, I won’t watch. Whatever the bloody thing they have any involvement with whatsoever, it will never have any access to my wallet or my household. Ever.

I’d encourage you to do the same.


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20 Responses to “The point at which the grownups have to step in.”
  1. G S says:

    Hey Pointy….I love you man!

    Great blog.


  2. jdseanjd says:

    Please bear in mind, Pointy, that ISIS are Western mercenaries, paid largely by Saudi & Qatar, fighting ostensibly for oil & geopolitics, but more for Agenda 21 depopulation & Totalitarian World Govt. The extremist Wahabi philosophy has been exported from US & UK protected Saudi since the second world war via hundreds of Madrassa schools worldwide. ISIS is more to do with Rothschild/Brit Empire ambitions of world domination, via the totally corrupt US Empire, than it is to do with Islam.

    A book I recommend: Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr.

    John Doran.


    • catweazle666 says:

      If I were you, I’d check the functionality of your tin foil hat, John.


      • jdseanjd says:

        Read the book, spot its faults, come back to me & demolish it, if you can.
        Here’s another book to aid your education: The Creature from Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin. The sneaky set-up of the Fed in US, the Banksters plan for global domination, the scam of fiat money from thin air, at interest & the “Green” warming/climate scam.

        Griffin’s free & valuable newsletter is:

        To me it’s obvious that “The War on Terror” is a false flag op by the globalists to the same ends as the “Green” scam: depopulation, de-industrialisation, the destruction of nations & a World Totalitarian Govt.

        This might give you some clues:
        Click on Quotes.

        Do please try & keep your cheap childish snide to yourself, catty, & come back with a grown-up comment, or two.
        John Doran.

        BTW, top article, Pointy. Thanks.


      • catweazle666 says:

        “To me it’s obvious that “The War on Terror” is a false flag op”

        Heh, “false flag op”…

        Yep, a tin foil hatter!


  3. catweazle666 says:

    Can’t fault any of that, Mr. Pointman sir.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. johnbuk says:

    Yep, and we’ve got the Oscars soon – more luvvies scrambling over each other to demonstrate their supposed moral superiority..


  5. Annie says:

    Well said Pointman!


  6. ed balczun says:

    You are on the money, Pointman, great article.


  7. johnrmcd says:

    No arguments, mate. I have been arguing with my local dickheads here in SE QLD for years. And encountering the conviction that they are always right.
    Remember; never forgive, never forget.


    • johnrmcd says:

      I remember, back before the end of the 20th century, having a beer with a Japanese geologist in a pub in Far North QLD. He was only young, and he asked me if we would ever forgive Japan for WW2. My response was: I was only born in 1942, so I do not remember those things. But I figured my people would forgive, but maybe never forget.
      That seems to be true … so far.


  8. Blackswan says:


    In the 1970s when we were all young idealists, we too lived in an illusory bubble, the difference being … we simply grew up, and the bubble popped.

    Today the radio was playing John Lennon’s “Imagine” that was once something of an anthem, and I found myself listening as though I’d never heard it before …

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people living for today
    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people living life in peace, you
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one
    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    This is Yoko’s poem that so inspired Lennon’s creative juices … “Imagine the clouds dripping. Dig a hole in your garden to put them in.”

    Really. That’s it? How could anyone have taken these people, their brains fried by psychotropic drugs, seriously?

    Looking at those Lennon lyrics today it jumps off the screen as a Manifesto for the EU and the Marxist UN’s Globalist policies.

    Get rid of religion and thus any moral consequences, leaving a void to be filled by… what? Agenda 21’s aim of banning private property (no possessions), redistributing the wealth of nations. Dissolve borders, destroy nationalism, denigrate patriotism (nothing to kill or die for). Live just for today (to hell with tomorrow and its consequences), blend tribes, cultures and religions … Bingo! … welcome to the ‘brave new world’.

    In the ‘70s Americans and their Allies were traumatised by losing another generation of our young men conscripted into a foreign war … Vietnam.

    After WW2 Australia had conservative Liberal Govt for 23 years but in 1972 we voted for ‘change’, plunging us into political and economic disaster as the corrupt Marxist Labor Party began (and continues) to periodically sweep us into a failing economy of generational debt and a toxic social vortex.

    ‘Imagine’ the ‘idiot footsoldiers’ of the 21st century ever growing up? If only.

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Truthseeker says:

    For those of you who are unsure of why the zealots need to be fought at every turn …

    For me it is not about religion, it is about zealotry. All zealotry is evil and the path you take to get there is largely irrelevant.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. jdseanjd says:

    My comment “held in moderation” at 6.37 pm? not your normal policy, Pointy.
    sometimes TPTB do this when I post stuff they don’t like. 🙂
    Cheers, JD.


    • Pointman says:

      My apologies, but blogging is not a 24/7 thing for me and believe it or not, even I need sleep occasionally and that does include rearranging the tin foil about my bed. I’m sure there are sites which will immensely benefit from your theories and have a faster response time, so I suggest you repair to them.



  11. asybot says:

    A another good book to read is Jan Kozak’s book: “And not a shot fired”. Eyeopener, it explains how our bureaucrat”s position over the years since WWII has always been a serious detriment to our system of freedom.


  12. bushkid says:

    Thanks Pointy, yet another exposition of what should be the bleeding obvious to our putative “leaders”. Your point about the sane among us usually being far too busy working (to support the screechy, shouty, splodey ones) to comment or make sufficient representation of our point of view to those putative “leaders” is spot on. Of course the pollies listen to the noisy ones, who then don’t exercise their right or civic responsibility to vote anyhow. Dumb buggers they may be, but they’re cruelling the pitch for the “silent majority”.

    And yes, a good solid smack in the mouth usually shuts up most bullies. It’s with sadness that I can foresee a future here in Oz where even ageing and retired former soldiers will have to stand up and put our “faces” on again, even we girl-soldiers along side our men.


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