The Madrassa mindset.

We’ve all watched with disgust ISIS and their forebears the Taliban blowing up sites of immense archaeological significance. In the main, the people committing such vandalism are the lineal descendants of the civilisations which built those very monuments in the first place. They tend to blow up the big bits left over after they’ve looted and sold off the more portable bits to support their barbaric cause.

To some extent, it’s understandable since the only education so many of the perpetrators have had was in what’s called Madrassas. All that happens inside a Madrassa is endless memorisation and repetition of the Koran, with only a token nod to learning anything else. The world revolves only and exclusively around the tenets of the Koran and any dissent is punished by the whole pack turning on you because you’re committing blasphemy.

As an educational institution, it represents nothing more than the complete victory of fanatical theology over any kind of preparation to live in the secular world of the twenty-first century. The net result has been the stifling of innovative thought in the Arab world for the last five hundred years. Apart from advances in art, literature, astronomy and architecture, classical Arabic culture also produced ideas such as a positional number system, algebra and so many other innovative insights – in its heyday it more than matched the culture of the ancient Greeks.

The tragedy is that just when we were having our Age of Enlightenment, they were regressing backwards to what can only be called theological barbarism. A few parts of the Arab world, most noticeably Turkey in recent times, resisted this trend. We in the West have this unconscious assumption that as the years roll along, we become somehow more culturally advanced, the corollary being that it would be impossible to retreat back to some pre-enlightenment middle ages run by an unquestionable theocracy.

Developments of late make me think it’s time to consider if that latter idea still holds true because there are some striking parallels.

I suppose the first would be outraged demands to pull down symbols and statues of our cultural heritage. The most stark and yet the saddest is a vigorous campaign to have the statue of Cecil Rhodes removed from the front of Oriel college, Oxford. He’d been a student at Oxford and bequeathed a large chunk of his fortune to the college which created the Rhodes scholar scheme, enabling poor and not so students from all around the world like Bill Clinton to have an Oxford education. It’s an irony that one of the leaders of the vandalism campaign is an African Rhodes scholar who otherwise couldn’t afford Oxford.

A woman is fired from her job because she’s a Christian who insists on wearing a small silver cross around her neck.

There are many other examples of such cultural vandalism, but a Dutch art museum to its eternal shame taking it upon itself to retitle the paintings of the old masters to avoid giving offense is pretty indicative of the mindset.

It’s an almost hysterical outrage that people born hundreds of years ago are innately evil because they somehow don’t conform to the perfect moral code we’ve evolved for ourselves since their bones long ago turned to dust. By destroying their images and works, it will be as if they’ll never have existed for future generations. All that will be left is the one true word.

Even worse than the vandalism of historical objects, is the complete intolerance of any viewpoint that might contradict any tenet of a moral absolutist worldview. There is only one correct view on any subject, and I’ll not only hate you if you say otherwise, but do my best to ensure you can’t be heard either.

This attitude is most prevalent in colleges and universities. People are scheduled to appear at debates but because they might be speaking against the politically correct side of the question, they are disinvited or the whole debate cancelled. The whole intention is nobody should ever have to suffer a moment’s intellectual discomfort listening to an alternative viewpoint in their most formative years.

It’s bad enough when the topic under discussion is weighty, but when you hear somebody like John Cleese say he’s been advised not to appear at universities unless he wants a lot of hassle, it shows the spiteful venality. It’s not as if he’s some raging fascist, quite the contrary. It’s just that he might offend someone in the audience by telling a joke.

The Guardian recently announced a change of policy – they’d disable comments under controversial topics from now on. It’s a bit of a joke really, since they don’t publish controversial articles simply because they’re a consensual monolith on any subject, as we climate skeptics well know. What was really being shut down was any right of rebuttal via a comment under the current Pravda article. Dissenters will not be heard and as a result I rather suspect their click rate will plunge accordingly.

The actor Damian Lewis agreed to turn up at a school in his area of north London to turn on a laser light show. Immediately a campaign was started to ban him from supporting a local school because he’d gone to Eton, an expensive private school. The list of petty exclusions of non-believers is endless. Only the right people are allowed freedom of speech.

The mainstream media of course have a share of blame but it’s sometimes hard to discern if they’ve any belief in the process of cultural lobotomy and radicalisation, or are just after a good controversial headline and therefore ready to publish the minority views of any unrepresentative bunch of maniacs just to stir up some sales.

Yes, the people normally demanding we turn backwards to extremist views and behaviour are minorities, but the point is that they are achieving their goal of creating a narrow madrassa mentality in the West at the cost of our cultural heritage and liberalism.


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17 Responses to “The Madrassa mindset.”
  1. Blackswan says:


    The anti-Cecil Rhodes brigade might as well be wearing Brown Shirts because denying the facts of history is akin to the burning of books that 1930s arsonists of the Reich didn’t like – and Pfffft!!! to Mike Godwin, just a Texan lawyer who thinks it’s perfectly appropriate to liken Donald Trump to Hitler, so he’s a bit too selective in his insults to ever take seriously.

    Like Bill Clinton, three Australian Prime Ministers have been Rhodes scholars including the current incumbent Turnbull, one-time Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, whose predictable enthusiasm for emissions trading and carbon pricing grows unabated.

    Australian Foreign Aid donates millions of dollars to hundreds of Indonesian Madrassa schools that ensure small children can recite the Quran perfectly (while not understanding a word of Arabic) and yet who remain completely ignorant of a world outside of their village or province.

    Curiously, one of the recipients of such an ‘education’ was a little boy legally adopted by an Indonesian family and whose name was Barry Soetoro. This likely little lad, as a young man, was granted an American government scholarship to study in California as a “foreign student”, listed as – Nationality: Indonesian. Religion: Muslim. Today, as POTUS, young Bazza declares “the Muslim call to prayer is the sweetest sound on earth.” (Explains his perfect Arabic pronunciation).

    So Madrassas aren’t a complete waste of time and money for everybody after all.

    I was about to repeat what my history schoolteacher told us about Napoleon’s artillerymen using the Great Sphinx for target practice and shooting off its nose, but it seems that isn’t true at all – just a story invented for the tourist trade.

    This error has persisted in spite of the fact that the truth can be readily found in such common reference sources as the Encyclopedia Americana> (Danbury, CT: Grolier, 1995). vol.25, p.492-3 under “Sphinx”, which states: “Over the centuries the Great Sphinx has suffered severely from weathering…Man has been responsible for additional mutilation. In 1380 A.D. the Sphinx fell victim to the iconoclastic ardor of a fanatical Muslim ruler, who caused deplorable injuries to the head. Then the figure was used as a target for the guns of the Mamluks.” In the book The Egyptian Pyramids: A Comprehensive Illustrated Reference (Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1990), p.301, the author, J.P. Lepre, adds the fact that, in addition to the 14th century damage, “The face was further disfigured by the eighteenth century A.D. ruler of Egypt, the Marmalukes [Mamluks].”

    Oooops – so it was another “fanatical Muslim ruler” after all. No wonder Islamic Egypt didn’t want to own the fact that such destruction was at the hands of their own.

    Our hallowed halls of academia have indeed degenerated into political tunnels of ignorance wherein students are not permitted to see, hear or voice any dissenting opinion … on anything deemed “inappropriate” and which threatens the institution being showered by government grants of taxpayer largesse. Journalists and editors, themselves graduates of the mushroom tunnels, find nothing untoward about these same policies in Media-land so … business as usual.

    Great points for discussion but increasingly, only in the Fifth Estate.


  2. I don’t think you’ll get many dissenting comments under this one!

    I feel a moral obligation to say how much I agree because politically I’m either light years away from you or at 180°, or both. In the past I’ve sometimes found your articles inflammatory and inviting unpleasant (mis)interpretation. Not so in this case.

    There’s one respect in which your madrassa comparison fails. There’s no Koran, no hymnbook from which the New Unenlightened are all singing. Identifying what it is that motivates them and holds them together is an urgent task.


  3. hunter says:

    Wow, you have pegged it. Here in the USA nearly every local news outlet has disabled comments on their articles. The impact, whatever the intent, has been to suppress discussion of the news of the day. The mind numbed closed minded faux progressive mentality behind this great suppression of the public square is going to cost us all. Thanks for a clear warning about this. Not to mention that you have also answered a question I have had about how the climate consensus mania has managed to fester so long.


  4. Pointman says:

    A while back, I banned a creature called William Connolly from ever commenting on this blog. Such decisions are always a judgement call but a friend today pointed me to a disgusting piece by the creature crowing over the death of Prof. Bob Carter.

    I feel my instincts were very accurate. He’s the exemplar madrassa mentality.


    ps. I won’t give you a link to the piece. Since I wouldn’t give him the steam off my piss, why should I give the vile creature a click from this blog?


    • Blackswan says:

      Reminds me of that ‘award winning’ cretin at the UEA, Phil Jones, who declared in a Climategate email that the untimely death of Prof John Daly was “cheering news”.

      Daly fought the good fight every inch of the way in discrediting the climate fraudsters of Jones’ ilk … no wonder they were glad to see the end of him and his work.

      Vale John Daly. Tasmania is proud of you, our adopted son.


  5. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on CraigM350 and commented:


  6. David Richardson says:

    Totally agree Pointy. As we have said before the opposite of diversity is university.

    One of the most amazing “global warming” examples of this stupidity has got to be the treatment of the french Weather Presenter Philippe Verdier back in the Autumn. He writes a book saying he thinks that AGW is overstated (doesn’t say it doesn’t exist), is first suspended, then sacked.

    This of course is all in the city of Paris where less than a year before thousands marched to proclaim “Je suis Charlie” after the Charlie Hebdo attacks and killings.

    You couldn’t make it up.


  7. Stonyground says:

    Excellent post, these are indeed quite worrying developments. There are some stirrings of a kickback against the offenderati, lets hope that it grows into something worthwhile and makes a difference.

    I do have a slight problem with this:

    “A woman is fired from her job because she’s a Christian who insists on wearing a small silver cross around her neck.”

    This story was seriously misrepresented by the news media. She was in breach of workplace rules on jewellery in general and seemed to think that she should be a special case. Otherwise spot on.


  8. Stonyground says:

    I thought that this sums up the problems in the universities:


  9. erny72 says:

    Hi Pointman,
    hit the nail right on the head again.
    I’m not sure if this is OT, but I reckon it demonstrates yet again the political correctness of the times.

    Now, if I were a voter in the US I would consider giving my vote to Donald Trump, he does manage to run business quite well, so he’s probably the least useless candidate for POTUS (particularly when judged against the likes of Hilary Clinton), but peace prize nominee?
    The bouquet of PC bovine excrement begins to assail the senses more strongly however when reading some of the other nominees in the running for this years Nobel Politics Prize. The list includes the Pope (probably because he’s decided lobbying on behalf of the gullible warming gravy train is the catholic church’s priority, rather than addressing pedophilia within the ranks), a wrinkled old has-been actress (Again I suppose because Susan Sarandon is a mouthpiece for Gullible Warming) and a traitor (Presumably because Snowden dobbed in the NSA for spying on some European politicians who are very politically correct after all)

    So whoever wins it in 2016, you can add their name to the list of waste of space arseholes who won a prize for being politically correct, while simultaneously being worse than fricken useless; like Barack Obummer, the EUssr, IPeCaC & the Goreacle, Yasser Arafat, the UN HCR, UNICEF, Jimmy Carter, The UN & Kofi Annan, UN peace-keeping…
    I do wonder what is in the water in Oslo that makes the Nobel politics prize committee so brain damaged though. Maybe it’s because they’re mostly former Norwegian politicians?


  10. diogenese2 says:

    It is a beautiful irony that this lifelong warrior for the sexually persecuted is now on the receiving end of passionate zealotry by his own ideological descendants. I bit hard for someone who has put himself on the line many times and got some kickings for his pains, but after all the overthrow of the parental order is part of his own psyche. He is being rejected, not for his ideas, but for what he is – the symbol of the radical past. He is Dorian Grey finally looking at his portrait.
    He is suffering the fate of the teacher at the hands of the pupils as in “Zero de Conduite” and Giles Coopers “Ungman, Wittering and Zigo”.
    He has discovered the truth – to quote Cooper ” Authority is a necessary evil, and every bit as evil as it is necessary”


  11. BrianCarter says:

    Dear Mr. Pointman,

    Regarding “classical Arabic culture”

    With all due respect, the only thing arabs invented, was Islam. Algebra and positional notation goes as far back as the Babylonians.

    To quote Enza Ferreri: “The word “algebra” stems from the Arabic word “al-jabr”, from the name of the treatise Book on Addition and Subtraction after the Method of the Indians written by the 9th-century Persian mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, who translated, formalized and commented on ancient Indian and Greek works.”

    All al-Khwarizmi did was a build a compilation of stolen works from conquered Greeks and Indians. At least he gave credit to the original authors.

    So called “arabic” numerals were actually Hindu in origin. al-Jazari, the great muslim inventor made some clever Rube Goldberg inventions, but no contributions of any kind to technology or engineering.


  12. asybot says:

    I doubt that the words “tolerance”, “assimilate”, “acceptance” exist in the Koran. And as someone else mentioned, the legacy of Arabian culture like math, buildings and art were largely stolen from cultures they conquered. Remember the fact they destroyed ( and are destroying) every house of worship built by the people they defeated and promptly build mosques on top of them. FE the mosque in Istanbul is built on a cathedral as are many other sites that are now tourist attractions!!!. They are not at all a people of science, they are despicable in every way, and to me a death cult. They will never assimilate into our culture and until the west starts realizing this as soon as possible, we will be overrun. As I went through school in the 60’s we were still taught history and geology ( very closely related and intertwined). But try and find that curriculum anywhere in high-schools. The tactics they are using right now is well thought out and I wonder [ I have never been a conspiracy adherent until recently but after reading and researching the Fabian society, a book ” not a shot fired” (Jan Kozak) ] how much of this has been planned.


  13. Blackswan says:

    “Must die harder: Seven Taliban militants are killed when explosive belt detonates during a class on how to be a suicide bomber.

    – A senior Taliban commander was demonstrating how to handle explosives
    – The safety demonstration was to show recruits how to build suicide vests
    – However, the commander accidentally detonated the device prematurely
    – Only two of the suspected terrorists survived the blast in the Madrassa

    When it comes to Madrassas, there’s sometimes an upside.


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