France decides. Le Pen or Merkel’s poodle?

Parce que Je parle Français comme une vache Espagnol, quelques photos …



Britain before brexit.


Britain’s attitude to EU after brexit.


EU after Brexit.


Paris before and after its recent makeover.


But this is how a Parisian Gendarme always looks.


Rumours of riots in Paris every night for months are totally untrue. Everything is fine.


French women before the mistake.


The mistake itself.


French women after the mistake.


But they’re still allowed out at times.


The choice is between Le Pen and Le Prick.


Q. Which one would you rather not have to deal with? A. Okay, I’ll go along with the joke – le Prick. Q. Why?


A. Because of his good looking wife. See, us Russians do have a sense of humour.


Hammer, nail, head …


But Merkel and Macron would be equal partners leading Europe.


Yes Mistress Merkel.


All she’ll need is a leash around his neck.


The French have nothing to fear after Frexit.


Go on France, vote for Le Pen and then …


she’ll lead you out from under the Boche’s thumb, otherwise known as the EU.


Take back France for yourselves.



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13 Responses to “France decides. Le Pen or Merkel’s poodle?”
  1. 42david says:

    Well done Pointy. I hope the French show the same wisdom as the Brits and give the Fourth Reich the French equivalent of the archers salute. They must have one surely.

    The more I delved into Macron the less substance he seems to have and the worse France would be off under Merkel [and that is not a typing mistake]. It seems his only plus is his attractive wife.

    Even down here in Oz the media are playing up the polls coming out in Macron’s favour. It seems they have learnt nothing from “The Donald’s” election and the polls preceding that.

    LePen may go a fair way to alleviating the current Islamic problem in France but she will have her work cut out – particularly as she will no doubt incur the displeasure of Brussels and Merkel..


  2. Pointman says:

    Since this picture seems to have gone viral, shall we have a caption competition?


  3. philjourdan says:

    Le Pen’s Merkel quote is one of the best of all time! Alas, real French folks migrated to America years ago. You are left with the wimps.


  4. Siamiam says:

    But I want to go out and meet people. Please.


  5. 42david says:

    “Oh I did so hope the glass slipper would fit”.


  6. peter Hewlett says:

    You promise not to fart again, You have been at the garlic, I can tell!


  7. rapscallion says:

    What? Didn’t you f*ck us enough in 1940?
    Jahwohl, but zis time ze British are not coming to liberate you!


  8. Pointman says:

    The Germans take over control of France, but this time without even expending a single bullet.



    • philjourdan says:

      I would have phrased it as “without any violence”, because the cost to Germany will far exceed the cost of WWII. Greece is an easy bailout. 70 million Franks are a lot more expensive.


  9. dadodeaf says:

    “According to the Institut de Recherches Economiques et Fiscales in the first round of the presidential election 55 percent of voters supported a market-hostile collectivist course — from the nationalist Marine Le Pen, the Gaullist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan to the socialist Benoît Hamon, and communist Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In other words: More than half of the French voters want France and Europe to move away from a free market economy, preferring an interventionist-collectivist type of economic order.”


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