Angela’s Ashes.

The EU is now patently a failing project, and that event can largely be laid at the door of one person – Angela Merkel. A sequence of serious misjudgments on her part the first of which was having the arrogance to assume that the people of the member states would not notice its creeping transition from an economic union to a political one, and if they did wouldn’t particularly care.

What was worse, the member states elected Euro MPs who actually had no say in proposing, formulating or approving legislation. They were just window dressing, passengers on a gravy train who got to rule nothing. That was to be done by unelected, unaccountable and unfireable committees of bureaucrats who turned out to be compulsive obsessives in wanting to control every aspect of everyday life, from what kind of lightbulbs you were permitted to use to what legally constituted a sausage.

Needless to say, this petty stomping on the cultural mores of each country inevitably got up everyone’s nose in the end, and was compounded by the quality of people whose appointment to power she forced, because make no mistake, when you pull away the fig leaf, Germany runs the EU.

The worst of these appointments was Jean-Clàude Junker who apparently apart from having his first scotch of the day with his breakfast, is ignorant, dictatorial and needlessly abrasive. Of course, being the ex-prime minister of a postage stamp-sized spot on the map like Luxembourg, he has wide experience of the nuances of bigtime politics with countries of 60 plus million people, which is to say none.

He may be the most prominent of the type, but he’s a perfect example of the arrogance of people appointed rather than elected to power who know they can’t be voted out. The pervasive feeling was a United States of Europe was being formed on the sly and it was going to be ruled by an unelected elite who absolutely knew what was best for us common folk.

The next disaster she pushed through was the admittance of the southern states into the Euro currency. This should never have been allowed to happen until they’d moved onto a much stronger manufacturing base. The concern was that their economies were simply not fiscally strong enough to withstand an economic downturn, and despite what a lot of innocent cherubs may think, such downturns will always happen. When the inevitable recession hit, it would be the stronger northern economies who would have to save them by shovelling bucketful’s of loans to keep them inside the zone.

This is precisely what happened, and to keep them afloat they are now in servitude to Brussels for the next two decades or so and are suffering horrific youth unemployment rates of 25% or more. The tragedy is that some of those young people will probably never have a steady job in an economy that will be perennially struggling to make repayments of loans to the EU. Those countries are now in all but name vassal states of the EU.

It was precisely this line of practical thought that made Britain steadfastly refuse to join the Euro, and that decision has been well and truly vindicated because that’s exactly what occurred. At the time, Britain was roundly condemned as being a bad member of the EU club, but the reason Britain is the financial powerhouse of Europe is it knows a bad investment when it sees it.

Angela’s next blunder was to invite one and all war refugees from the Arab world into Europe. Come one, come all, and they did. As it turned out, the vast majority of them weren’t war refugees or not even economic migrants; they were welfare refugees and the bottom scrapings of the barrel in the Arab world, which is why no other Arab country would touch them with a barge pole.

What they actually were coming for were the generous welfare cheques handed out by the Germans and Swedes. Of the million or so comfortably ensconced in rent free hostels in Germany receiving generous benefits, apparently a whole 54 of them have so far managed or should I say bothered to get a job.

Unfortunately the problems with such a massive influx of shiftless foreign people doesn’t end there. They also brought with them a rape culture, a complete disregard for women, never mind their rights. Sexual assaults on women and children, both female and male, have gone through the roof.

It’s got so bad, that swimming pools have banned migrants from them or instituted men only and lady only bathing times. The worst example of this attitude to western women as being seen as whores who could be groped and raped was the new year’s eve attacks on women in Cologne.

Social media reported it straight away, but it took the mainstream media who were well aware what had happened, a week before they were shamed into even mentioning it. This was self-censorship at its worst, and the irony of the whole situation was the Mayoress of Cologne even suggested a new dress code for German women.

Sweden, who got the rest of the welfare seekers, went in the space of a year from being the most sexually liberated country to the rape capital of Europe, and the media there are also afraid to say anything lest they are accused of being racist. There are now sharia no go areas where any Swedish woman enters at her own peril and in some small towns, police have cautioned them about being out after dark.

Add in the worrying fact that ISIS has used the influx to infiltrate terrorists into Europe whose job is to kill as many people as possible before they’re gunned down, and they’re perfect visitors – thanks again Angela.

What was known as the Schengen agreement, which allowed free passage across borders within the EU without being stopped and your papers being examined is now history. The border guards are all back in place to keep out the immigrants – they’re Germany and Sweden’s self-inflicted wound and are not going to become anyone else’s.

Her final and I think her greatest blunder was Brexit. She led the chorus of how disastrous a thing it would be for Britain to leave the EU. There were veiled threats from all sides about no trading agreements, tariffs being imposed, the Thames running red with blood and the death of the first born.

She was joined of course by every bleating establishment figure and organisation in Britain and a Remain vote seemed a certainty. Instead, people here voted to leave and pretty much over how we were to be ruled and whether we should accept floods of shiftless foreigners whose major pastime apart from living on welfare was predatory sexual assaults on women and children.

Since only 4% of firms in Britain export anything to Europe whereas they’re heavily dependent on exporting to us, talk of embargoes was a bit of a joke. One can imagine companies like BMW and Bayer switching to flog their products to countries like Albania or Macedonia.

There will be a trade deal with the EU, but it’ll be Britain calling the shots, because that’s what happens when the world’s fifth largest economy negotiates with a community whose growth rate is just above Antartica’s.

In mainland Europe, these arrogant blunders by her and the EU are pushing politics in the same direction in nearly every member state; the resurgence of ultra nationalist or nakedly fascist parties.

That’s what’s rising out of Angela’s ashes.


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31 Responses to “Angela’s Ashes.”
  1. Martin A says:

    ..the arrogance to assume that member states would not only notice its creeping transition…

    Fixed, thank you Martin


    • tarran says:

      Another typeo

      He may be the most prominent of the type, but he’s a perfect example of the arrogance of people appointed rather than elected to power who knows they can’t be voted out.


  2. Jim Self says:

    Good stuff! Thanks!


  3. gwaigau says:

    Again spot-on Pointman. Thanks


  4. gseine says:

    ‘despite what a lot of innocent cherubs my think’, …..may?
    ‘Shengan agreement, which allowed free passage across borders within the EU with being stopped and your papers being examined ‘….without being stopped?
    Great article tho….gs

    Fixed and thanks Gseine. I seem to be having a typo fest on this piece.


  5. Erny72 says:

    “…When the inevitable recession hit, it would be the stronger northern economies who would have to save them by shovelling bucketful’s of loans to keep them inside the zone…”

    I read this week about the imminent collapse of Deutsche Bank, with ‘assets’ (debt) worth about half the GDP of Germany. So when the Northern economies go tits-up, who is going to bail them out?

    …Good thing Britain never joined the Eurozone.


  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    I agree and think the collapse will come suddenly. Noting that Switzerland recently withdrew its request to join the EU.
    There may be smaller conglomerations forming, basically for protection, such as the scandinavian countries, Finland with the Baltic countries and Poland, and Hungary and the eastern end of the EU. Will the Netherlands and Belgium look to the UK? And what threat will the Scottish Nationalists have then?


  7. David says:

    Viewing the situation from “Down Under” and therefore not directly involved in the catastrophe that is the EU it seems the Fourth Reich is doing no better than its predecessors. The upside is the collapse is unlikely to cost the 60 million dead that the last one did.


  8. Blackswan says:

    Pointman, (great header photo of a truly miserable bitch)

    As the daughter of a committed Marxist/Leninist, Angela Merkel had Socialist ideals fed to her with her mothers’ milk, though her father Horst Kasner, went so far as to move his family into East Germany from the West.

    As a student activist Merkel was secretary for “Agitation and Propaganda” in the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ) youth organization at the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin.

    Belatedly, Merkel claims that her “FDJ role at the academy was more that of a cultural secretary and that her duties included buying theater tickets and organizing book readings.”

    Yeah, right.

    Did Merkel, not the sharpest tool in the shed, think the United States of Europe with an influx of ‘refugee/migrants’ would become the economic powerhouse that the immigrant nation of the United States of America became? Or other wealthy immigrant countries such as Canada or Australia have become?

    Dummkopf Angie! She never reflected on what had become of the true indigenous populations of those countries, now struggling for relevance as minorities in their own lands, plagued by alcohol and drug problems, angry and resentful of their dependence upon the largesse of a multi-billion dollar housing and aid industry, most of which is lost in the graft and corruption of its administration, the most needy rarely seeing their standard of living change for the better.

    Any objection to UN/EU diktats is labelled ‘fascist’ or ‘racist’ or xenophobic, when in fact, it’s nothing of the sort.

    Fascism is anti-democratic and authoritarian, robbing the People of a voice in the administration of their countries’ affairs. That is EXACTLY what the EU and Merkel have delivered … Fascism masquerading as Democracy.

    People resisting these Marxist influences are the true champions of free-speech and Democracy, fighting to preserve their rights as Free people – they aren’t the Fascists at all.

    Merkel, just another witless foot-soldier who has self-immolated on the altar of Marxism, sadly taking the best of Europe with her as she turned a vibrant melting pot into a seething cauldron of fear, resentment and economic uncertainty. Angela’s ashes indeed.


  9. Climate Otter says:

    Pointman, if I may, I’d like to post a portion of your entry over to Deviantart (where I normally argue the skeptic side of climate change). I will of course link back to your page.


  10. beththeserf says:

    Sadly the platonists still rule in the universities, trickle down into schools
    and via journalese graduates become gatekeepers of the medja.The
    long war against open society never ends…constant vigilance and all that.


  11. NZPete says:

    Pointman, at the risk of being labelled a smart arse, I note the following typos:
    (happy for you to not post this comment if you prefer)

    5th paragraph
    “elected to power who knows they can’t be voted out.”
    should be “who know” (people who know)
    10th paragraph
    “What they actually were coming for was the generous welfare cheques”
    should read “were the generous”
    11th paragraph:
    “Sexual assaults on women and children, both female and male, have went through the roof.”
    should be “…have gone through the roof”.
    13th paragraph
    “…a week before the were shamed…”
    should read
    “…a week before they were shamed…”

    Great article. Right on the button. There is another woman who IMHO is deeply flawed; God help western culture if she gets into power on the 9th November.

    No problem Pete and thanks. I knocked the piece out on Friday and it didn’t get much in the way of a proof read, and it shows.


  12. Tucci78 says:

    I first came upon Pointman‘s opinion pieces by way of Anthony Watts‘s climate-and-science Web log (Watts Up With That?) since the first news of Climategate exposure on 17 November 2009 as the “climate consensus” quacks were at last exposed through their own e-mails, their doctored datasets, and an exemplar of their alleged global climate models.

    Since that first month, I’ve been following Pointman‘s prose to elucidation and enjoyment, to my thanks and benefit. Nice job.


  13. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Pointman, for pulling away Angela’s fig leaf!


  14. John McDougall says:

    Another cheer from the other end of the world. You put into words (possibly not perfectly proof read, but then, who cares?) things that people like me have been saying for decades.
    Well done, sir!


    • Blackswan says:

      Sadly for Hungary (and the rest of Europe), Viktor Orban’s referendum on migration failed due to an inexplicable lack of citizens bothering to turn out to vote on the matter.

      With Hungary’s history of savage invasion for centuries, haven’t people learned anything?

      The 13th century invasion by Genghis Khan’s Mongol hordes killed HALF of Hungary’s then population and the only reason it ended was the Great Khan died and the invaders packed up their kit and went home to vote for a new leader.

      Sheesh! Even wild Mongol tribesmen knew the importance of a bloody vote!!!

      We fail to teach our children history at our peril.


      • asybot says:

        I have the feeling that most Hungarians knew the way the vote would go but sadly thought others would vote. Having followed the process there I think Orban will call another referendum or go ahead no matter what, as you I was floored by the turn-out.


      • Blackswan says:

        asybot … we saw that with Brexit didn’t we? Remainers assumed they would win so they didn’t bother turning up to vote, then bleated it was all so unfair.

        In Hungary’s case perhaps the reverse was true – people simply assumed the immigration issue was a no-brainer and the veto on EU diktats would win.

        It’s the West’s complacency that will do us in if we aren’t careful. The younger generations take so much for granted, their sense of ‘entitlement’ stunning in its ignorance. What’s the bet that it was older Hungarians who turned out to have their say? They well remember when freedom for them was only a dream.


      • FrankT says:

        Perhaps my people believe they are a defeated people with no spirit left. I hope not.


  15. Blackswan says:

    It’s isn’t only “the Secretary for Agitation & Propaganda” who is collapsing into a pile of pale grey ashes ….

    ‘Merkel MUST GO’ Germany in FLAMES as furious locals torch cars and attack mosque

    HUNDREDS of furious protesters heckled Angela Merkel in Dresden just days after police cars were set on fire in the city and bombs exploded outside a mosque.


  16. Melissa says:

    A great point made by Douglas Murray was that while the southern states of the EU are running 25% youth unemployment, Merkel promoted the influx of migrants as required to fill jobs in Germany.


  17. Blackswan says:

    “It should come as no surprise to anyone that Angela Merkel is pushing for Germany and the whole of the EU to support Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, siding with the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey…in what has all the makings of the next Great War.”

    In the same week that Putin mobilises 40 million Russians into an emergency response/evacuation drill it’s small wonder that …

    A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry said earlier on Wednesday that, “at the moment, I know no one, neither in Berlin nor anywhere else, who has such proposals.”

    Also in that same week, with European vessels crossing the Mediterranean to transport Africans from the Libyan coast to Italy (11,000 in 48 hours), Merkel’s Marxist dream seems to be unravelling at an accelerated rate.


  18. Blackswan says:


  19. budbromley says:

    Reblogged this on budbromley and commented:
    Really good article. Describes the real status of the crumbling globalist collective ideology.


  20. John Burnett says:

    Much of the well informed commentary on Brexit addresses the economics but as Pointman has shown it is about power. The British voted against the EU because they recognised this. Basically sovereignty is about where the buck stops and where the buck stops is where the power lies to respond to disequilibria, in other words to persist. Because of its monolithic structure the EU is unable to exercise appropriate responses to disequilibria and cannot therefore persist in a changing environment. The stresses on the euro is a good example of this dilemma.


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