The Sultan of Washington.

There’s a view in certain political circles that the common people are just cattle – as long as they’ve the illusion of having some say in whatever direction you wish to herd them, they’ll be docile and pliable. To some extent, that’s true. Problems arise when whoever is doing the herding starts taking their obedience for granted and their contempt for them becomes all too obvious. It’s where the pampered political elite lose touch with what Marx termed the Lumpenproletariat or proletarian rabble, and the fireworks begin.

When that disconnect happens, people start doing things like storming the Winter Palace, dumping shipments of tea overboard or attacking the Berlin wall with bulldozers borrowed from the nearest building site. You see, politics is about society and society itself is all about cooperating with a bigger organisation because there is a very real expectation of benefits to be had in return. Play the game, you get rewarded. Once that implicit contract is broken, you’ve got a revolution on your hands because people realise they’ve got nothing to lose and perhaps a traumatic event might just improve their lot.

The President of America has apparently set course into those dangerous waters.

He was elected on a wave of euphoria but is arguably the weakest and most ineffectual leader America has had since Jimmy Carter. Apart from the colour of his butt, which apparently in the mainstream media means he’s above criticism, the parallels are uncanny. The foreign policy is the sort of joke you’d expect from a leader who’s widely perceived abroad as a weak sister. Push him, he caves every time.

For example, Putin has gobbled up the Crimea and is fixing to do exactly the same with the rest of the Ukraine, but no worries, he has no further territorial ambitions after that. In response, the President’s glove puppet foreign secretary Kerry told Africa’s leaders they must discourage their starving poor from farming. I’m sure there’s a subtle rebuke to Vladimir there but somehow it escapes me.

Gospodin Putin, the Africans are starving, we must get out of the Ukraine! It doesn’t work for me but you never quite know with those Russians.

Domestically, the situation is worse. In the midst of the worst recession in living memory, he’s enacted rafts of legislation the effects of which are to strangle jobs for the common man. Detroit has shrunk to 20% of its former population, what law enforcement officers remain there caution against visiting unless it’s absolutely necessary. In response, El Prez is stepping up foreign aid while his own peons now have to buy compulsory insurance. They’re not too happy about that either, since suffering anything other than a sprained wrist will soon drain all your coverage when dealing with the most expensive heath care system on the planet. Even vampires are more reserved in their blood sucking.

On the plus side, he did sink 500 million dollars into Solyndra, though sink would appear to be the operative word on that investment. I wonder what half a billion dollars might have done for Motor City but I suppose the helpful spin on that particular disaster is the guys handling Solyndra’s bankruptcy are probably classified as having green jobs.

The only hope for the American working man is Thomas Jefferson’s foresight in deliberately drafting the constitution in such a way as to forever pit the power of the federal government against each state’s innate right to its own sovereignty. It’s their state blocking suffocating federal legislation which is now the only thing protecting jobs in mining communities in places like west Kentucky.

If you’re getting the impression he’s a disaster, don’t worry, Oprah says he’s a fine president, so that’s okay, innit?

His problem though is once you get outside Washington, Medialand and the stylish east and west coasts, most ordinary Americans are very disillusioned with him, to put it mildly. While nothing but Hoover villages blossom between those two coasts, he’s cruising through the end of his presidency on the golf course while wifey poo borrows airforce one for those little impulsive shopping trips to Paris. Shop till you drop Michelle, and let them eat cake in Detroit.

The finishing stretch of a two term presidency is always dangerous, if only because whatever policies are set in place don’t have to be lived with by the current incumbent thereafter. A capable president lines up a safe pair of hands to build on his accomplishments, a weak one casts around for something, anything, which though it might not be of any real use to the average American, he’ll be remembered for as a great humanitarian, and that’s precisely what Obama like Carter before him is doing.

It’s always the weak presidents who worry about their “legacy”.

After a lot of false starts, he appears to have settled upon the modest goal of being remembered as the saviour of the planet. You can’t fault him on the ambition front, though I’d have thought sorting out something a tiny wee bit smaller might be more in line with his proven capabilities. Perhaps unfucking the traffic mess on the west 610 loop in Houston. It’s truly dreadful. Anyway, he’s decided to cap America’s carbon emissions and tragically for once having decided to show some assertiveness, I rather think he’s about to be remembered for something altogether different.

Attempts to curb America’s carbon emissions have an interesting history, if you’re a connoisseur of Houdini like escapes from tight political situations. The essential problem with it is not passing the legislation, which would be simple, but rather appearing to be doing something while actually doing nothing, because everyone knows it’d be economic suicide. The trick is to fail in such a manner as to be able to lay the blame squarely on someone or something else, and get away out of there with your skirts clean.

The first attempt at a binding treaty was Kyoto. President Bush heavily influenced which representatives were sent to negotiate an accord. Unsurprisingly, he top loaded the whole delegation with rabid warmistas. They could be relied upon to agree to anything no matter how excessive, or its nuclear impact on American industry. What they scurried back to Washington with their tongues hanging out for approval was such a weapon of mass economic destruction, it narrowly failed the congressional ratification vote by the slender margin of 95 to 0. It’s not often you see such a bi-partisan vote on Capitol Hill. In point of fact, I can’t actually recall that ever happening before. Possibly on the 8th of December 1941.

The next attempt was to bypass Congressional approval by massively expanding the remit of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It was payback for those generous financial contributions towards his run at the presidency. The cunning plan was to staff it with warmista head honchos who’d crucify heavy industry on a cross of a million regulatory thorns sneaked in through the back door.

That foundered not least because the apparatchiks were a select bunch of arrogant idiots who presumed nobody would notice what they were doing. They appear to have just spent time communicating with green NGOs through illegal back channels, or pretending to be in the employ of the CIA, while swindling the organisation out of the odd million or two.

The bullet through the back of the head on that plan was the individual states enacting their own legislation to block the EPA’s directives. Yes, I know we’re into a whole new and unreal space here but thank God for Jefferson’s prescience. The subsequent legal hand bagging between the government and the state legislatures could be relied on to jam the whole issue up for years, and it has.

The latest initiative by Prez Obama is to agree something direct with the UN and browbeat other countries into signing up as well. Given that he can’t browbeat Putin out of the Crimea, I’m at a loss to understand how he’ll force countries like China or India to abandon their growth path into industrial giants. I can’t see Congress swallowing it either, if only for survival reasons. At the moment, the idea is obligingly being floated by a political lapdog masquerading as a serious newspaper in New York city. Perhaps it’s just a toe in the water, a tester to see if it can be snuck past Yamamoto’s sleeping giant without awakening him.

So there you have it America. You now have a Sultan who’s decided it’s easier to rule by diktat rather than go through that tiresome process of dealing with the elected representatives you’ve wasted your time voting for.


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17 Responses to “The Sultan of Washington.”
  1. John says:

    absolutley on the nail.


  2. philjourdan says:

    Your sentiment, as you said, is shared by many outside the beltway of DC. But I find it refreshing that there are some in other parts of the world that do not have stars in their eyes and mush in their brains when it comes to the great pretender.


  3. stan stendera says:

    Actually the Kyoto treaty was not the only unanimous vote recently. One of Obama’s budgets was rejected 97 to zip by the Senate. Also, if my failing memory is correct, there was one vote against the Declaration of War for WWII. You’re also all wet in saying Obama is the worst President since Carter. He’s now running neck and neck with James Buchanan for worst of all time. Buchanan is widely given credit for causing The War Between the States.

    Note: I’m not sure of the spelling of Buchanan????


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Buchanan is right.
      Quote “In his final address to Congress, Buchanan argued that while the states had no legal right to seceded, the federal government had no right to prevent them from doing so.”

      There, that settled it, no one dared secede.

      Curiously I note for whatever it is worth that Buchanan, Carter and Obama all belonged to the Democrats.


    • philjourdan says:

      You got the name correct. But I disagree. Buchanan was merely incompetent. He was not smart enough to know the things he set into motion (actually, most did not see them coming). There is a difference between ignorant mistakes (Buchanans) and imbecilic narcissism (youknowwho).


  4. DirkH says:

    One objection. If Putin needed territory, he could have Kazakhstan in a week, or whatever.
    Crimea is Putin’s only warm water port, He needs it to be able to threaten American carrier convoys. (the Russians developed Shkval explicitly to threaten American maritime hegemony)

    Putin is not interested in the trainwreck that is Ukraine. But he also wants no NATO troops at his border.
    The West has in 1990 promised to not expand NATO one inch eastwards – those were the words.

    Then, NATO expanded by gobbling up 10 Eastern European states. And erecting missile defenses in them.

    And you think the Russians are expansionists. Here, you have swallowed your own regime’s propaganda hook, line and sinker.


  5. Blackswan says:


    I came across this article from almost five years ago written by columnist Andrew Bolt … on the “Age of Seeming”.

    “THE AIDS ribbons were the first red flag of this Age of Seeming – this great explosion of public sanctimony.

    For a long while, no celebrity dared turn up at a big do without wearing that loop of red ribbon to show they cared.

    Was a single AIDS patient actually saved by this flaunting of compassion?

    Don’t be silly. These ribbons were for advertising the wearer’s good heart, not the sufferer’s weeping sores.”

    It seems to me that Brick OBummer epitomises this “Seeming” characteristic; seeming to care about the health of the poor, seeming to have concerns for the environment, seeming to act on national security and border control, seeming to take effective action on foreign policy – when the truth of the matter is ample demonstration that his entire administration has been one long charade of sound bytes for the evening news bulletins.

    No doubt he has an agenda, and he’s been very good at it – stalling and crippling a great economic powerhouse of democracy.

    He’s a lucky dude, no doubt about it. “Seeming” apostasy could have got him the death penalty in 23 Muslim nations around the world. But then, when you have an agenda that guarantees the rise of the Islamic State, all is forgiven.


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Government by press release? Someone called Mussolini tried that. I wonder how it worked out in the end?


      • Blackswan says:

        It seems others believe there is an Islamic agenda afoot …..

        Clare Lopez spent two decades in the field as a CIA operations officer; was an instructor for military intelligence and special forces students; has been a consultant, intelligence analyst and researcher within the defense sector; and has published two books on Iran.

        “The administration’s plan, I believe, is to remove American power and influence, including military forces, from Islamic lands,” Lopez asserted.

        Does Obama think if we leave the Mideast the jihadis will then leave us alone?

        “I don’t know,” she said. “I can just see the pattern that is enabling the rise of Islam, empowering the Muslim Brotherhood domestically and abroad, alienating and distancing ourselves from our friends and allies and debilitating the American military.”

        “I can see what he is doing; it seems to be a clear agenda. It is clear that is what he is doing.”

        Has anyone else noticed how haggard and ill OBummer is looking lately? His skin is unusually sallow and blotchy; his hair becomes greyer each week; his features are gaunt and his clothes (even that offending beige suit) simply hang on his boney frame. He needs a new tailor and a make-up artist if he wants to appear more convincing on the evening news bulletins.

        Right now he looks like he needs a new dealer or a bed in a rehab clinic or, better still, a new job.

        Il Duce was effectively sorted by the Italians in the end – appears to me that OBummer is bringing his own hank of rope and a lamp-post to the party.


    • dellwilson says:

      “No doubt he has an agenda, and he’s been very good at it – stalling and crippling a great economic powerhouse of democracy.”

      Spot on, but D’Souza’s theory of Obama’s motivation resonates with me. Not muslim. Not green. Not socialist/communist. He’s motivated by anti-colonialism and the U.S. is the modern-day colonial power to him. He doesn’t want America to be exceptional; he wants an America that is merely a peer to the third world.


  6. nofixedaddress says:



  7. durango12 says:

    Maybe you think you have given Obama both barrels Pointy, but I live here and I can tell you that it is far worse than you have depicted. There is lawlessness, overreach, and outright suppression of dissent.

    But what I want to tender here is a way of understanding the man. He has been characterized as narcissist or solipsist. But he is really the world’s first real Hegelian head of a powerful state, and as such he at opposite poles from a Tolstoyan. The Hegelian views the march of history as an inexorable result of the struggle between forces in dialectical opposition. The latter understands that human heroism and nobility often makes the difference. A Hegelian will not intervene because that is to disrupt the arc of history. That this seems alien to America is understandable since there is no shred of Hegelian impulse in the American character. That this man’s worldview is thus defined should not come as a surprise to anyone, given that Marxism was originally anchored in the idea of history as “science” according to Hegel. But none of the communist leaders were really Hegelian. He is.


  8. dellwilson says:

    Pointman, You began this post like you think America is ripe for revolution. Here in the Southern states where support for Obama is weakest, the feeling is resignation, not revolution. It’s really like we’re all holding our breath, Republicans and Democrats alike, for 2016. I think the Democrats want him gone for various reasons depending on where onefalls on the spectrum and Republicans want him gone for the obvious reasons. But it feels to me everyone is just hoping Congress won’t screw things up worse for the next couple of years and hoping maybe visionary leader steps up. I wouldn’t expect to see more swords than plowshares anytime soon.


    • durango12 says:

      Right. This is not the same country as 1775 or even 1861. A half century or more of developing dependency, inconclusive foreign adventures, lousy education, and a rampant self indulgence has erased much of what was the American character.


  9. Rastech says:

    Hold out for visionary leaders, and you get a Napoleon Bonaparte dumped in your lap.

    If your ‘leader’ isn’t the Law, you end up in a World of hurt (that’s what the Rule of Law is all about).

    America has forgotten the meaning of Thomas Jefferson’s words:

    “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

    As have the rest of us.

    The deranged fool in the White House obviously didn’t attend any Law lessons or read any Law books, while getting his Law Degree.

    The books probably didn’t have any pictures in them, and weren’t published by Marvel.


  10. gary turner says:

    Good article and well argued. I tweeted and G+d it.


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