You’re just tourists in our jungle.

The leading skeptic blogs have once again done very well in this year’s Bloggies, so my heartfelt congratulations to the winning sites and all you pointers and setters out there for giving them your vote. If you don’t happen to know what the Bloggies are, they’re kinda the internet equivalent of the Oscars, but awarded to various categories of internet blogs. If you don’t know what a blog is, don’t worry about it, sit back, have some nice music, you’ll soon get up to speed.

In the run up to it, all the bloggers get into a frenzy of primping and preening their blogs, and even catch up with that huge moderation queue which they’ve allowed to slip totally out of control. It’s the last best hope of freedom for those poor half-crazed comments which’ve been chained up against the wall of the spam dungeon since well before Copenhagen. That reminds me, I should don the old hazmat suit and pop down there for a quick clear out. Meh, can’t be arsed wading through that amount of schlock.

What makes this year’s results particularly pleasing is that after WUWT last year running away with the best science blog for the third year in a row and therefore winning it outright, the organisers of the competition in my perhaps cynical opinion, abolished any categories they thought a global warming skeptic site could possibly fit into.

The same year, one of the more dreadful alarmist sites, SkS, which I think of fondly as standing for Skank Science, withdrew its science spot nomination which I’d campaigned so vigorously for, citing vague concerns about vote rigging. I hate to say it, but they’re finally starting to wise up but that was always intended to be a win win situation for the skeptics, whatever they did.

The problem with voting, like data, is you have to actually get control of it before you can homogenise, normalise and by diverse and magical means produce a 97% in your favour. They were going to lose badly, knew it and slunk away with their tail firmly tucked between their legs. In passing I’d have to concede that’s a tricky thing for them to do, especially when their dress preference apparently runs to wearing rather butt hugging Sturmbannführer jodhpurs.

Anyway, despite all the category gerrymandering, the skeptics yet again romped home in whatever categories they chose to contest. That leaves the embarrassed organisers of the competition the straight choice of every year chawing down on the same old shitburger of grudgingly awarding the prizes to the skeptic sites or abandoning running the competition all together.

Let’s face it, a supposedly internet wide competition to recognise the best of the best blogs and which doesn’t have a best science category, is bloody silly.

It’s the sort of ludicrous situation you get into when you’re trying to exert control over something which is basically beyond your command. The climate skeptics, like a lot of dissident groups who have been barred any representation in the mainstream media (MSM), long ago decamped to the internet. We got here first, we know so much better than the legacy MSM how it works and it’s our turf.

The desperate manoeuvres of the people behind the Bloggies to avoid acknowledging a popular but unfashionable dissenting opinion are just the politically correct establishment frantically zig zagging around but knowing that at the end of the day, we can mobilise the troops to concentrate on any particular candidate in any given category. You may own the MSM, but we ragged guerrilla fighters own the internet.

Every category the skeptics triumphed in could be dropped from next year’s competition and we’d simply pick other categories and own them too. Give up running the awards, and we’ll simply run the competition ourselves, and that’s not me volunteering by the way; running the Pratties once a year is about all I can handle.

It’s called internet democracy, it works, it’s honest and more importantly, it’s the shape of things to come.

Congratulations and well done to Rog at Tallblokes, Nigel et all at the GWPF, Steve at Climate Audit, Tony at WUWT (a double first), Jo at her place and Kate at Small Dead Animals.


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9 Responses to “You’re just tourists in our jungle.”
  1. flyingtigercomics says:

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics.


  2. JoNova says:

    Pointman, all the more amazing about the SkS choice to pull out of the category was that skeptics were split four ways, and if SkS had garnered support from media fans like Revkin, Monbiot or just the run of the mill Fairfax reporter or The Conversation propaganda site, surely they would have been able to pull in quite a few votes. After all, SkS are touted as the leading site for The Convinced. They could have funneled from all the alarmist blogs, yet even so they pulled out.

    I guess they know their numbers better than anyone…


  3. ossqss says:

    Obviously there are far less of “The Convinced” out there than meets the keyboard.

    Even the casual observer of climate knows something is wrong when every aspect of their lives is assaulted by the alarmists daily in a contradicting manner. The climate skeptic in every one of us will ultimately raise an eyebrow sooner or later. I call it the spock effect. It too is real, fair, and unstoppable.

    Thanks for the read !


  4. Steve C says:

    “in my perhaps cynical opinion” …

    I’d have called it a downright realistic opinion, but either way I suspect a lot of right-thinking people are sporting a big, evil grin just thinking about how it panned out for ’em. I know I am. And I didn’t even get round to voting this year (I’m practicing for the May European elections!).



  5. pottereaton says:

    97%? That’s not so great. Hell, Saddam used to get 99%. Now there was a man who knew how to ” homogenise, normalise and by diverse and magical means produce” the desired result. Not only that, the 300 people who voted against him were probably dead within a week.

    Congrats to Jo and Roger et al.


  6. hoppers says:

    Real Climate, SKS etc etc forgot (or never understood) the first and most basic rule of the blogosphere.

    Blogs are meant to be FUN


  7. Rick Bradford says:

    *You may own the MSM, but we ragged guerrilla fighters own the internet.*

    Yeah, I like that — the MSM is a kind of Potemkin village for politically correct thought, but where people actually live (the Internet), different realities are to be found.


  8. jaymam says:

    I have just discovered this very important climate reference site. On it is a comprehensive list of our warmist colleagues, which I have archived in case they see it!


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