Well, at least one of the bastards is behind bars.

It’s been a very big week in the war against climate alarmism. FOIA revealed the password, which now gives access to all the emails contained in the CG2 release. Given that the archive contains something like 220,000 emails, you can expect a bit of a lull on the blogging front, simply because there’s a lot of reading going on, rather than writing.

Given such excitement, it’s easy to understand why the other big news event of the week barely got a mention.

That was Mr. Chris Huhne starting a prison sentence. If you perhaps don’t know his name, he was the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Under his direction, the UK adopted massively expensive renewable energy policies, which have pushed nearly a third of households into fuel poverty. Just recently, pensioner organisations have estimated this Winter’s death toll among the elderly will top 26,000 people by the end of March, simply because they can no longer afford heating or are self-rationing it down to dangerous levels.

Of course, there will be other cold-related deaths, mainly amongst the sickly and the young. It’s always the young, sickly and old who die first. Even though we’re living in the twenty-first century, it’s all a bit medieval retro.

In addition to the preventable deaths, there’s the misery and suffering being endured by families, because the choice between food or fuel is a no brainer. Lives, especially young ones, are being blighted across the whole country.

The government, with Mr. Huhne personally leading the charge, were and are still determined to save the planet, and in the face of that great and noble goal, killing their most vulnerable citizens can be safely ignored. It must have been nice to grow up rich and to have never seen the needy day.

Given the stark brutality of what can only be termed his crimes against humanity, you’d be forgiven in thinking that was the reason for him going to jail. You’d be disappointed.

He’s in prison because he was found guilty of a charge of perverting the course of justice. He’d browbeaten his wife at the time into taking his penalty points, when he’d been caught by a speed camera. It didn’t help their subsequent relationship much, when he dumped her after 25 years of marriage and four children, to shack up with some apparently reformed lesbian half his age. You couldn’t make this sort of stuff up. They live in their very own very privileged bubble.

Right up until the first day of his trial, he’d lied to his party, supporters and the country; protesting his innocence and blaming it all on a vindictive wife. He entered a plea of guilty straight away. True hypocrisy in action.

The green alarmists causing deaths and misery all over the world, will get away without any punishment. There will never be any Nuremberg trials or dragging them up before tribunals in the Hague, but there should, because they have real blood on their hands.

Nearly every man jack of them will never see the inside of a court of law, but I do not intend to let them rewrite history in arrears. I won’t let them slide away so easily. Some stuff is unforgivable and should never be allowed to be forgotten either.


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The real bastards.

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10 Responses to “Well, at least one of the bastards is behind bars.”
  1. Retired Dave says:

    Spot on Pointman.


  2. Manfred says:

    You aren’t alone Pointman. There are many including myself, who will ‘not forget’. Beginning with the idiot politicians from both sides of the spectrum, their utterances are forever recorded. They will be held to account and the defense ‘we never knew’ will not hold. It will be ‘denier-esque psychology in reverse! I also possess personal correspondence with two Ministers of Climate Change that echo the usual meme and clearly identify happy complicity with bureaucratic ‘advisors’ coupled with a suspension of independent intellect, not to mention a variety of emails from MSM individuals ranging from a banal ‘expression in interest and surprise’ in the idea that there could possibly be science that disagrees with the CAGW meme to the one word ad hominem response email ‘idiot’ from a well known radio presenter.

    No I will not forget. The dossier grows daily ever thicker.


  3. Pointman says:

    They’ve got all the power, massive financing and advantages, we’ve got nothing, bugger all nothing, but we’ve got all the daring and agility. We’ve got the real guts as well.



  4. Latimer Alder says:

    It mayn’t have registered very much outside of UK, but there was much national rejoicing at Huhne being banged up here.

    Please find a link to one of our more scurrilous (but acccurate) political commentators.



  5. NikFromNYC says:

    “The green alarmists causing deaths and misery all over the world, will get away without any punishment. There will never be any Nuremberg trials or dragging them up before tribunals in the Hague, but there should, because they have real blood on their hands.”

    Don’t discount the new kids on the block yet, the generation who suffered state school indoctrination with the philosophy of Al Gore, all quite specifically tied to a 100% certain prediction of a future temperature bursts and crazy weather, especially now that new Team papers are becoming so delightfully blatant in their data torture such that laypeople can immediately understand their debunking. This took me ten minutes, and pretty much explains to anybody that the raw data does not possibly build a hockey stick except as a silly artifact:

    The youth backlash will be extreme when also supported by wrathful college graduates who are suffering massively inflated student loan debt that bought them degrees in pseudoscience instead of critical thinking.

    Skeptics can mostly now just play jujitsu as the team of hoaxers makes more mistakes.

    Related to climate alarm is a great professionally produced documentary on highly functioning psychopaths and neurotic voters who support them is called “Fishhead” and is available in full, here:

    A current cause of inertia in getting universally liberal scientists and moderate voters in general to consider the skeptical argument is how Republicans have merely added skepticism to their usual litany of anti-science conservatism (stem cells, neuroscience studies in human volunteers, creationism, etc.).

    You are one of the few, almost only skeptic who thinks in terms of the strategy of winning, as Watts buries good material in massive archives of thousand word essays full of wacky looking graphs, and data muncher Steve Goddard keeps posting pictures of nazis and aborted babies each week. I’m not yet 50 and am very much not retired and though I took eight months off, full time, to blanket every 2010 era alarmist news story with infographics of simple data, it’s back to real work for me and a bit of cheer leading.


  6. Streetcred says:

    ” [ … ] he’d lied to his party, supporters and the country; protesting his innocence and blaming it all on a vindictive [ … ] ”

    We have a redhead female here in Australia that fits that description … and long may SHE rot in infamy once we have booted her fat ass out of the prime minister’s office.


  7. A.D. Everard says:

    Well said, Pointman. Yet if they are not dragged out and made to face charges or justice (in any form), how will the world learn from this experience?

    We seem destined to repeat our mistakes, which is bad enough, but here will we not even try? If these people get away with it without so much as a slap on the wrist, it will be a crime added to their massive crime.


  8. Chuck Nolan says:

    Pointman it seems a shame but I believe soon the UN and all those that follow them will simply say ‘well maybe we were wrong about CAGW and that’s no big deal because we still need green energy and no more dirty coal, right kids?’ And the children of the world will say ‘yes we can’.

    We are so screwed.


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