A journey up the river and into the Heart of Darkness.

A few blogs back, a commenter asked me about the image I used as a graphic in comments and as a thematic livery for this blog. I told them it was Mr Kurtz from Joseph Conrad’s short novel, the Heart of Darkness, which was faithfully and incisively transposed from colonial Africa in the nineteenth century, … Continue reading

About writing.

I do the thinking thing very well. For so much of my life and for so many things in it, I think very carefully before I leap and I’m good at it. Over the years, people have learnt to trust and depend on that and because I love them, that’s something special I can do … Continue reading

Words, ideas, primary sources, history and a bit thrown in about writers.

I write and I read books. Either of those activities will inevitably lead you to think about the nature of the written word. Up until quite recently, it was the only way your thoughts and ideas could survive your death without any sort of distortion. Nobody was half-remembering, interpreting what you said or bending it … Continue reading