Know your ultimate enemy : the dream.

It’s about having an honest conversation. That’s what I’ve come to think blogging is. Yes, you can muck around showing how slick or amusing you are but unless you’re genuinely trying to talk to one or two other human beings out there, who perhaps may only exist in your mind’s eye, you’re just adding a bit more … Continue reading

Know your enemy : Kamikaze politicians, environmental organisations, greedy pigs, celebrity prats and the penultimate enemy.

Before the final and to my mind the most important article in this series, I thought I’d roll up the remaining parties into one piece, since most of them I’ve already covered in some depth in other articles, the appropriate links to which you’ll find at the bottom of this page. The Kamikaze politician is a … Continue reading

Know your enemy : the “green” politician.

Any time you make an assessment of a situation or a group of people, you have to be aware that it will have a certain shelf life. Things change, situations evolve and new factors appear as time moves on. Of all the groups I’ve looked at in this series, that consideration applies to politicians the most. … Continue reading

Know your enemy: the establishment journalist.

The origins of journalism go back a long way. For most of agrarian history, there were individuals who travelled from settlement to settlement, mainly trading goods but part of what they did was bring the news of what was happening in those distant lands twenty or more miles away. Beyond the news, some of their … Continue reading

Know your enemy: the environmental regulator.

If you work in an industry and gain a reputation for being one of the more knowledgeable people knocking around in it, you’ll eventually be asked to attend external meetings to discuss things like standards or simply to represent the particular sector you are working in. They’re usually useful if only because you can share … Continue reading

Know your enemy : the alarmist scientist.

I’d like to preface this piece by saying there are a number of scientists doing significant work in the field of climate science whom I deeply respect. They have all along raised the balanced doubts about the supposedly “settled” science and I’ve no doubt taken some easily avoidable professional damage for doing so. I don’t … Continue reading

Know your enemy : the climate activist.

In the context of this series of articles about getting to know the opposition, I think it’s important at an early stage to get a realistic view of what we’re actually dealing with when it comes down to this particular category, because so many of the people who fall into the other categories I’ll be covering … Continue reading

Know your enemy : the foot soldiers.

We wretched dissenters from the climate orthodoxy have been placed under the psychological microscope several times in the last year or so. Since the studies, and I use that word advisedly, were conducted by featherweight academics with warmista rap sheets as long as your arm, the results as you might guess have not been too flattering. … Continue reading