How to hunt somebody down on the internet – Part 1.

What I’m going to show you here requires no technical skills – anyone with a basic knowledge of surfing the net can do it. What is does require though, is some imagination, patience and a degree of persistence. It’s totally legal and is not hacking, though it uses some of the techniques of the reconnaissance … Continue reading

En passant moves of a minor imp of Satan.

There are some disagreeable things one is obliged to do as a climate skeptic blogger and they’re mainly needed to keep a finger on the alarmist pulse. A very important one is to not only read the propaganda output from the alarmist organs of dissemination, or should I call them organs of disinformation, but to … Continue reading

The Climate Wars and agent Deep Woolabra Wonga.

I think it’s about time I finally told you I’m running an asset deeply embedded inside Big Green. Running is probably the wrong word; it’s more a partnership by now. They operate under the codename I gave them of Deep Woolabra Wonga, not only because they’re submerged deep in the flock but also as a hat … Continue reading