London’s burning, an alternative viewpoint.

You know what you do when one or two hundred kids in hoodies turn up in your high street and start looting it? Nothing. That’s what you do because you’re helpless. There’s only one of you and the police force you trusted are nowhere in sight. Yes, you’ve called them but you’re just another one … Continue reading

The times they are a changing and a righteous kill.

Militant Islam directed at the West, was actually a change in policy. It grew out of the complete failure to politicize the populations of the Arab world. For decades, attempts had been made to topple the totalitarian regimes that ruled with a fist of iron and had not improved the lot of the common man … Continue reading

Why Multiculturalism failed.

Multiculturalism has not only failed “utterly”, it has created a climate in which Racism can flourish, which is the complete reverse of what it was supposed to engender. The central and fatal flaw at the heart of it was a misapprehension of what a culture actually is. It is not a certain style of dress, … Continue reading