Climategate 3, the goon squad and going nuclear.

One of the climate establishment’s new coping mechanisms in handling what is effectively the third release of the climategate emails, is to put pressure on the people who were sent the decryption key, rather than looking for the identity of the leaker. The leaker goes by the name FOIA and the establishment in this case are the … Continue reading

Climategate 3. FOIA’s accompanying email.

Since I put up the email from FOIA that accompanied the second climategate release here, I thought I might as well be consistent and put up the email that accompanied the third. It makes for interesting reading, if only as a basis for some intriguing speculation. Pointman. ************************************************************************** Subject:  FOIA 2013: the password It’s time … Continue reading

Climategate, a crisis of conscience.

Sometimes in a life, you have to look at where you are and what you’ve become a part of, through the very best and the most innocent of intentions, and you don’t like yourself. It’s not somewhere you ever wanted or intended to be, but it is what it is. That’s where you are. Everyone … Continue reading