Quid pro Joe comes through for all his pals.

We’ve all heard the saying – power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It actually restates a more quintessential aspect of corruption itself – that’s to say, corruption corrupts those about it, but corruption at the very top corrupts all those below it. We’ve all seen the truth of both observations in business and personal life … Continue reading

About the controlling and the controlled.

Yesterday’s piece was entitled “Banks collaborating with the regime”. Perhaps provocative, but most certainly true, though it does leave a slightly misleading impression of what’s actually going on behind the scenes. No one person at board level suddenly decided they hated Mike Lindell or to freely give the secret police the details en masse of … Continue reading

Reading the entrails.

Like most Trump supporters, I long ago stopped listening to fake news and the social media platforms, because I just lumped them all together into one great huge steaming glob of dinosaur shite, like a BC big job miraculously preserved from the age when lizards ruled the Earth. Something to be ignored while occasionally being … Continue reading